Sunday, September 30, 2012

peer pressure and organized criminals

peer pressure is a common tactic used by corrupt organizations that encourage kids in schools to gang up on odd tease others... essentially use it to hustle people...facebook is a prime example of peer pressure in which "in" crowds encourage kids to be cool go onto facebook and unwittingly sell themselves all over the entire web..assholes use facebook to sell budweisers and to solicit and pressure kids into being cool..the "college crowd" the "target markets" to drink and smoke etc ec...also if they dont use facebook then they arent cool or dont have friends etc etc....facebook is enormously dangerous and hugely profitable because millions MILLIONS of people log on and sign up and put themselves out there for every stranger to see for the world for their own business they find these people based on their likes and needs and crowds then solicit to them or hustle them.   facebook is not a good idea but thats the type of business making fortunes in this country..gangster rappers arent particularly good artists but thats the type of thing considered poetry in this country.  its not a good idea its a scheme and it seems those are generally considered cool...fucking smoking is a goddamn scheme but hell its the business booms and they sell it as if it is some genius invention.  heavy drinking is also considered cool getting yourself "wasted"  as its known is considered hugely positive by these bullies that pick on other kids for being different., is smoking as is stupid behavior .The thing a lot of people who use facebook are oblivious of is how many other people view their page who are not in their social circle..who are not their friends but who are looking to make a buck off of them.  and kids who don't even want to do it end up putting themselves up on facebook because of peer pressure..its like smoking its not even good for them but what the hell "everybody" is doing it right...

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