Saturday, September 8, 2012

Problems with Milk, Meat Problems With Veganism..problems with food

I have witnessed how they treat dairy cows on these factory farms..and it is FUCKING's enough to make me hesitate before buying milk. I've seen them chain their head to a post while hooking machines up to their utters until the utters become swollen and pumped some cases there are traces of blood in the unpasteurized milk. They do hormone treatment on these animals giving them hormones to give them massive bulbous teats that the animals strain lugging's to make them produce more milk...they feed them gruel..the animals are miserable..many have to be invitro fertilized with a stud or prize bull in order for the calfs to be healthy enough to live another generation. all living things have inherent rights..i dont think there is anything wrong with killing other animals to eat..thats our right...but let's call a spade a spade..this's fucking disgusting. The problem is..with a vegan my opinion is that human beings were meant to eat meat. There is a reason we have eyes at the front of our head..canine teeth..there are amino acids in meat that allow for higher brain functioning. We need meat its in our fucking biology there's no fighting it. I don't think there is anything wrong with killing an animal in order to eat it...but before I kill an animal it should at least have a life...not be living in misery on these fucking thug operated farms full of some companies growth hormones, standing in it's own shit...with its head chained to a post while a goddamn machine pumps its tits with chicken farming a lot of these animals carry diseases and parasites that end up in the meat...because they're packed into warehouses by the thousands standing in their own shit..fed shitty food..and they have weak immune systems from their shitty conditions. So it concerns me because it's our food..and the quality of our food affects's not because i hate the idea of killing animals...that's life. We need blood, we need meat, we are omnivorous, but we have had diets of meat for millions of years we need the protein and the amino acids to be stronger than the competition out there. That meat keeps us strong and sharp so the lions and wolves don't rip us apart..I don't want to abandon it because of my principals..because if I stop eating it that's not going to keep every moron thug from the ghetto from eating it. If I stop eating meat the meat industry is going nowhere. The wealthy they eat higher grade meat, organic meat, or even their own stock..these animals are healthy..they are free range..meaning they aren't chained up in warehouses or corrals and thus have healthier blood and less they could give a shit about our supermarket meat those masses of chickens in those warehouses are for the masses. It's a problem being pulled in two different directions...I want the food but I don't want to support these scumbags that sell us their blood for our sweat..especially when on both ends we're getting the shit end of the stick. Meats's delicious...but when you've seen how these animals live and how they are's fucking cruel and unusual and that's the food we get so there's just little respect for life. It's packed into a can or plastic wrapped for our money. The cheaper the animals live the more profit they make when they sell them. these animals...they don't have mothers or fathers..they dont have lives..they don't even have anywhere to go///most of these warehouses don't even have windows..they've never even seen the sky or felt the sun or wind...Theyre treated like products. They sit in those warehouses overcrowded..shitting, sleeping, about deprivation...born and not once ever being outside..who cares theyre meat right? fuck that mentality. It's not very rich meat....they're kept in those conditions while receiving hormones or being bred to produce more body mass then they're about being in fucking hell. True they live without having to worry about predators...those that don't get sick..However, theyre so miserable they attack each other and sometimes themselves..that's fucking miserable..that's like when you have these people locked up in psych wards who cut themselves they're so fucking deprivated...back to the chickens..they live in this shit then they get it. Then we buy it,fry it, and try it...the problem is there isn't much choice. We spend our time and energy working...we need convenience it's not convenient we don't have the time. So we purchase the chicken and cook it because we can't go out there running around catching them ourselves...right?! I'm sure if any of us did those hate groups mocking the vegans would have us hauled off for animal cruelty for cooking pigeons. Seriously, there's so much rigidity with the system. I don't approve of it but what else can you do. I guess cook it right so it doesn't make you sick and try to enjoy it as much as possible. That's pathetically feudal...really it is...we should catch our food and "process" it ourselves..if we're skinning and cooking our own animals you can cut biology from the school schedule..we won't have to learn that from a fucking book anymore and this bankrupt shithole state can put that money towards catching crack dealers and pimps or something. It sucks not liking the meat industry but liking their "product" How is killing a squirrel or a crow or pigeon or even a dog animal cruelty yet when some corporation does it by the thousands then that's not animal cruelty? If you kill it and it's to eat it..that's not cruel. Keeping an animal chained to a post..feeding it gruel..while you hook a machine up to it..while keeping it in a box...come on that's fucking cruel. You let them make a business off of that?! That's about a stones throw away from slave farms, fucking serfs on their plantations. We were once livestock too. The Hypocrisy here is frustrating. A man was charged with animal cruelty for planning on eating his house cat...animal cruelty? The feds might want to check out the fucking supermarket..there are literally pieces of animal corpses out there\..fuckin' aisles of them!...why don't you charge those monopolies with animal cruelty government. Instead this poor son of a bitch who was going to eat his cat was turned into a public enemy and a laughing stock. There are kids right now dealing drugs in schools..they get a slap on the wrist...this poor guy was going to eat a cat..and the mob fucks out there were saying have him committed lock him up..heres my point.. EITHER CHARGE BOTH OF THEM FOR IT OR NEITHER OF THEM..I'm fine with either one...just because it's a cat...I don't understand we have starving people all over the fucking place but when their are too many animals at the SPCA they put them down and throw them out...isn't that a waste..aren't their skinny ass people working for bread who need the meat. But stupid bullshit seems to be the norm in this country. Eating cats isn't considered acceptable..but some fucked up domesticated bird is perfectly normal...I digress. I'm serious though people could eat those SPCA animals...hungry people..but no standards are so bizarrely rigid. What's normal giving them fucking broth and coffee if they accept JESUS. Those people shouldn't have to go anywhere for salvation at all. It shouldn't get to that fucking point...and nobody is saving their asses anyway. They give them 10 cent piss and size them up for under the table labor then act like they saved the world. Fucking give those people roasted cats from the SPCA...but no they execute the cats put them in a biological waste box and throw them out...then the bums get broth for their bones...nice one country...regarding the problem of starvation did you know that supermarkets actually throw away food prior to it's expiration date...they literally pay employees to dump it down a drain..milk, orange juice, eggs, yogurt, cheese, cookie dough, ice cream, fuckin' jello's not even expired yet..3 days before expiration...instead of giving it away they would actually just pay employees to dispose of it....back to the factory animals they're pushing up front... I feel bad for these creatures yet my body needs the meat. By not eating meat you are fighting the meat industry but also a piece of yourself. We have canines...we have eyes located at the front of our heads for hunting...However, after seeing such conditions on these dirt cheap factory farms I can understand why you wouldn't..and the more power to these people taking on such a noble stand. There are bad people out there calling them fags and natural freaks and animal rights nuts bla bla bla. They're even churning out vegan stereotypes as if the scumbags that propagate that shit have shit that doesn't stink. They're just attacking those people on behalf of the companies that despise the negative publicity deriving from how they do their business...and Vegans talk about it...they don't just talk about it they boycott animal products. The treatment of those animals is so bad human beings..meat eaters are refusing to buy it. That's decent.. Factory farming disgusts generates biological devalues life..its fucking stupid not those Vegans out there who actually take a stand and who apply their principals..that's truly a noble thing to do.

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