Thursday, July 26, 2012


SCHOOL...bullies..drugs...snobbery..mediocre books..mediocre is less and less about educating and more about focusing kids which are considered human resource..into the labor market.   It's about cramming us into a career, training us for the labor market and not about this educating us or just using us as human resources? 

  everyday theyre waking little kids up to go to school..get on the bus..and getting them to do your work.   we're all waiting for the factory whistle..i mean the bell so we can eat our wonderbred milk bullshit.

woohoo recess i get ten minutes of fresh air.... have you seen the shit they give these kids for toys.. here jenny..this is fun!

a lot of kids who go to school don't get a fair shot...they get picked on..they come from poor supportive unnourturing backgrounds..they don't do well at school..and school does nothing for them, and then they go to work for minimum wage...a lot of colleges don't do anything for students except pile on the debt...even graduates end up working minimum wage positions. all of us are not educated equally..I thought there was equality in this country yet not all of us are educated equally.  some get a better education than others.  some of us were read to as children, read at an early age others were put in front of Barney while mommy and daddy threw whiskey bottles at eachother...and these kids can barely read...if they fall behind thats ok.  they'll ring up your groceries for 7 dollars an hour.  Education quality isn't even equal.  You have elite private schools for the wealthy while public schools are full of drugs, bullies, fast food in the cafeterias with teachers that pass out work and tell the students to do it and that's the extent of their teaching process.  This makes a lot of kids just do work and they never learn a thing.   This isn't teaching or learning.  What compounds this is when it's crammed into a school schedule early in the morning when some kids are exhausted or they have a shift of work when they get out. Meanwhile the rich have all the time in the world to focus on the material.  A working student may have a 6 hour shift after school while a wealthy student may spend that 6 hours working on a project. One kids can focus on being top of the class the other pinches pennies.

focusing us on a career path

 this just in.... fuck playskool!toy vacuum cleaners...what a fucking disgusting criminal company...we're in bad hands people if some adult is telling us vacuuming is sure by age 13 we'll be totally addicted to cigarettes yeah they used to make candy ones too..toy vacuums candy cigarettes gee whiz whats next toy guns..oh wait....smoking fuck it it's cool is coffee right...that ensure that were fast workers is would think the fda or somebody would not allow such blatant manipulation of kids ..but then again they allowed candy cigarettes, candy cigars, candy flavored tobacco products candy flavored boozes and beers to be sold for years...they still allow it. theyve let these fucking thug lowlife companies hustle kids for centuries..lets impair them with booze and get them jacked and rushed on stimulants..just get those models in our movies adds and tv shows to always be drinking a starbucks coffee. there was a toy we played with during recess where you had 60 seconds to get these shapes in a corresponding hole...if you fail it ejects all the pieces in your face..thats not fun. what kind of assembly line bullshit is that?! get all these pieces in the corresponding hole within the time limit..if you dont it throws them back into your face.  meanwhile theyll get the teletubies to tell thekids happiness is in some vallium valley..toy guns?  here little billy when you grow up you're going to get us our OIL!  all you have to do is risk being crippled or murdered.  .they short change these people starting at an early age..a lot of these kids don't have any options they are molded for a specific career.  "here's your toy gun, you're super hero comics we're going to mold you into a soldier!"maybe you didn't want to be? oh well we need boots on the ground out there because that land over there is rich. maybe these asshole adults can make a little toy oven for the kids so they come pretrained for the fast food rackets. fast food is easybake OOooo and yummy its sugary and shitty but love it..these are the things they give us for recess?  for recess we get shit that pertains to work..but its fun right? learning isnt a waste of time but sitting in some fucking place 40 hours a week being spoonfed companybullshit isnt exactly learning...tolerating bullies and dealing with peer pressure is so unhealthy. they can shove a bunch of propaganda down your throat or teach you to crunch numbers...after highschool it dawned on me how much of my fucking time was taken up by the school week...from age5 to 18..theres a free world out there. there are people golfing while im in fucking class..outdoors with all the time in the world.  i would look out the window during class. .. it was a waste of my dragging my sleep deprived ass out of bed to be in a hostile environment where assholes are revered...where kids are mocked and harassed.. putting up with that to read some cheap bullshit novella that I could pick up for 4 dollars at the fucking drug store and read in 2 days...going somewhere against my will to do reports on things im dispassionate about. instead of some report on fucking carl sandburg how about a report on how the bullies in class are racking up Marlboro miles and company credit while smoking in and around school and purposely trying to push that shit for the about a report on present day labor racketeering in our home know... IMPORTANT THINGS...the fact is finding things out on your own is much richer learning experience..not just cramming in facts because oh no if you don't bust your ass they'll fail you..what an assholish style of learning..WORK WORK WORK if you don't do it..then you've failed at it.. apparently learning is work right? learning is gratifying its enlightening this shit they are pulling in school isn't learning..its just fucking work exactly what are they teaching and what aren't they teaching.  who are they teaching and who are they just getting work out of.  the most arrogant hostile bullies all about selling shit and undermining learning itself where regarded as cool in my high school.  they harassed other kids..pushed drugs..and made other groups of kids into their followers.  what exactly are we learning from that type of environment?

 sadly the con operation carries on in college...where everything is overpriced. where the students are aggressively solicited to. where the book racket rips off the student. they release a new edition every year despite the fact that major changes in the field only occur every ten years.. regardless the professor will assign questions from the most recent edition. so thats the one you have to buy... the current edition is roughly 200 dollars while the year older edition is 7 you pay 200 dollars for the book and sell it back for 10...their goal isnt education..its making money through education while training people for should be called occupational training not "Education"... theyll give gang bangers a free ride if they can dunk a ball...if they can mke the school money they can be the most crooked fucks in the world the school will overlook it..theyll assign them tutors that give them answers for their exams and give them chances to fix their academic record with remakes or extr credit not offered to reguluar students...thats horrifically college has numerous fraternities dealing drugs that they get from inner citygangs...theyre also engaged in prostitution with sororities, gambling, drug dealing..oh well the school's party reputation is good for enrollment....there are African Americans that want reparations for slavery.,.that was 200 years ago..i want my fucking reparations from last fucking week

. some people learn while in these schools...but a majority do not because of bullying...peer pressure..stretched too thin etcetc some people think they are dumb or dunces or bimbos when they have a brain just as capable as the experts and geniouses..unfortunatly they have mental chains.that they recieved from peers and family and they are purposely dumbed down so that they end up busting their ass for minimium wage or trying to "get by on their looks" when they were just as smart as the fucking bmw driving doctor. oh well guess that life wasn't for them...before you send them somewhere to learn 40 hours a week you might want to make sure eachone has an equal shot. the rackets surrounding the school industry are ridiculous...back to school clothes supplies...businesses soliciting on and around schools my school had pepsi machines in it..nice stimulants thatll get our asses up..yum yum sugar oh and caffeine how have company book publishers ripping off the state by overchrging for text books..its a BIZ NESS

...back to my experiences.. i essentially went somewhere 40 hours a week to watch kids get bullied for being poor..bullied for being fat..bullied for being gay..bullied for being nerdy....bullied for being ugly...bullied for being 'uncool' etc etc. and those good kids go to school because they e have to..who forces someone to be somewhere where they re tormented? is that to ensure that theyll tolerate abuse once in the workfield.ith in them subservience? ..after years of that its probably normal by the time some manager starts doing it. and the bullying doesnt cease after elementary becomes more would think the bullies would be identified and dealt with..but no these people go on bullying even in colleges..its disgusting...what a waste of my fucking rather be somewhere less fucking dysfunctional than this shithole, but i suppose thats what private schools are for..fucking public schools are the lowest of the low. what do you fucking expect its free right.   every week i had to watch the thugs in school give someone a beating after school...if they didnt win one then theyd jump the person as a gang. every class some poor kid got harrassed while many teachers wouldnt do anything then we'd move along to worship shakespear. fuck that trash what will they be doing in 100 years spending a month marveling over a fucking VHS tape..."this month we';ll be discussing and analyzing gone with the wind a genius work."..waste..of...fucking..time. you know what it boils down to. if you dont work on this bullshit that you don't even care about your future will be in jeopardy.  so lesson is to put effort and do work on things you don't care about dot dot dot or else.  then we move on into the workforce and thats how we've been trained. if you dont DO THIS SHIT that's dull and unrelated to anything important YOU WILL FAIL..instead of saying the kids are failing or flunked just fire them.  "sorry billy you're fired..all those Fs means you're fired"

.no child labor in this country?..what a fucking lie. there was child labor for centuries in this country..they didnt do shit about it..they allowed companies to work kids for hundereds of years.  this mandatory schooling in this shitty places where they shove propaganda down your throat and people are harrassed and worked everyday 8 to 3 is supposed to be an improvement?! maybe it is but that's only because things were allowed to be that much worse prior to this shit.  ...not going to school is also is LABOR..they focus on physical and mental LABOR. .i want my my time was taken without my consent...but i suppose as a kid i didnt know any better right. as a kid i wasn't given the right to decide whether or not I wanted to or not right? no the people pushing toy vaccum cleaners, candy cigarettes are the ones who are looking out for our best interests.   hell when you work and people take your time they at least compensate you with money.  lets face it the real deal with school is because all these fucking parents in our society are working so much they barely have time to raise and educate their own fucking children.   so let the factory do it right...have your lunch break when you hear the whistle and play with your toy vaccum cleaner on your 30 minute break..i mean recess then it's back to the grind.  poor kids, this idea that these adults know whats best for these kids is such bullshit.some of us are their fucking livestock..more of their profit..believe me they abuse that trust...were just human resources to these pricks..they give them toy vacuum cleaners for fucksakes. candy fucking cigarettes..candy drinks with caffeines..then once high school's ignorant cool mentality sets in  it's marlboros and starbucks lattes that are cool. no fucking thanks im tired, my body is tired from getting dragged here everyday i dont need some speed to keep me focused.  this is still the same shitty country that it was.. kids working as grease monkeys in factories they just changed the fuckin' laws.  these companies were paying kids to work and they worked the shit out of training them to work in it any better? I wonder. what the fuck are they teaching them? to work.

 filling them up with propaganda...?  school every single day then homework then work..then the weekend oh wait THERES A FUCKING WORLD OUT THERE...jesus christ. monday through friday in one place in the same seat the same schedule...what a fucking rut. what are they doing? breaking in horses for fucksake?   what a rut i need my coffee break..i could use a soda..then when we grow up its time for a beer right?  fuck that.  is the state even teaching us with these public schools or are companies? last time i checked they were the ones publishing the books. weren't these companies using us for labor a hundred years ago oh wait that's what they'll be doing as soon as we get out of this school.  they care a hell of a lot more on focusing us on work and using us as a human resource than on educating anybody anything..their goal is not to educate but rather to train us for a field.  they consider us HUMAN RESOURCES.thats not someone's fucking crude resource.  .they want to focus those human resources on work and if they take after a particular field they will further train them on how to work within that particular field..they are not educating people.. .its all about getting us to work.  they are so fucking hell bent on it they give kids these fucking toy vacuum cleaners...toy guns...toy fucking erector billy work in a fucking assembly plant. we'll educate you on how to construct things because we need mechanics..we never really educated you but we did teach you how to be a mechanic now didnt we. as i said they are focusing us on career paths and this is not really educating us on the ways of the world. the public schools in this country are not about education. theyre ignorant restrictive cheap environments that occupy a huge portion of one's time and energy. and half these teachers are assholes to the kids they are supposed to be educating and half these kids are assholes to other kids...guess what..theyre THE what i say or you will fail..if you act up we will put you in a fucking dunce hat. they used to use public humiliation on students as punishment.  good god i might as well be in a fucking concentration camp but hell at least here they give us 30 minutes to buy somthing to fill our bellies so they can keep us alive to use  us for another day..i mean jesus tap dancing christ this place could be so much better than this bullshit. can you imagine if there was a country that had schools that actually educated the people...educated them at their own pace so that everyone could learn..schools where people would voluntarily attend.instead there are kids trying to escape who try to sneak out who pretend to be they implement all these measures roll call...hall moniters can you imagine schools we would voluntarily attend instead of this horrible shit they've got us cramming in..holy shit that would be the day. until then ill push around my toy vaccum cleaner and chew my bubble gum tobacco.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

my father used his medical license to supply drug dealers with pharmaceuticals

he used to claim that me and my sister suffered from chronic migraines...we did not...we never recieved any codeine for these headaches as well...instead my father sold the codeine to drug dealers. these dealers would then crush it and say it was cocaine to keep people off the trail as a powder it was a powder people thought it was from south amerca when it was really from a doctors office two miles away. he wrote so many prescriptions his practice finally came under he posed as a junky..assumed an addicts identity and claimed all those scripts were for himself...he lost hs medical license but did not go to jail..he was a tricky fuck..and made a lot of criminal connections across wny..on paper he was bankrupt but he hadtons of cash and paid the right people. he made partners with chinese criminls in the restaurant biz who to the best of my knowledge delivered it in adays this typeofcrime is known about..this was in the early to mid 90s prior to the widespread abuse of hydrocodone and is very much like hydrocodone was essentially passable as co-cain visually and was populuar on the still is..and has a moderately high street value..its too bad.fredsjunky routine was all bullshit,,howtheseinvestigaters fell for it baffles me...but he put on quite a show..making deliberate public displays of drunken spread word around town that he was an addict..such as collapsing in a crowded restaurant on a friday night..gettingup and making a scene.or meeting with legitimate patients.disheveled with stubble etc etc it was quite the performance. meanwhile my mother was giving the cash to friends of the family through."antique buys' hundreds of dollars for wooden chairs that were worth nothing then selling themback when she needed the cash..'trading' "collectibles" with complete bullshit worths..theywould use the buy to launder the exchange. then she would sell them for a profit to account for the drug money which was made from selling drugs not because her chair increased in value. these antiques were worth jack shit recorded estimates of pieces ranged from 20 to a thousand dollars depending on the 'condition' which they interpreted for themselves. completely just pretending to be antique trading when it was moving drug cash...sorry dad but fuck those creeps

Friday, July 20, 2012

were not allowed to be nude outside but the mob can massproduce porn(warning graphic)

we arent even allowed to be naked outside..lets chase the squirrels and put pants on dogs asshole is offensive! meanwhile the mob is allowed to make the most fucked up porno and massproduce imagesvideos of women being throat fucked.literally gagged and choked by a penis

not all porn is bad...but ive witnessed a side of the industry that is cruel unusual shocking and disturbing..where models are pushed, smacked, fucked roughly...why the fuck would you be into that..why the fuck would you sell that as sexy...and also

what is the deal with this sadomasochism shit!  who fucks somebody while they are bound and gagged or handcuffed..what kind of sick shit is this!? its like im watching a fucking murder..that shit is scary as hell...can you imagine raped women having to see that shit...bound women..fucked roughly..ive seen mainstream porn sites with those types of videos... its legal for the mob to make all that horrendous torture shit and mass produce it all over the web making sex into some form of hellish torture meanwhile its illegal for you to go outside what the fuck..i was watching some video of them gagging some woman on a penis..ive seen enough really..that porno industry is fucking awful..not because sex is dirty and bad and we should all do it in the missionary position or else those molestor priests will shame us or whatever the fuck they do..believe me religion is just as fucking industry wants you addicted to sex the moral authorities want you're sexual nature suppressed..left or right both sides are fucking cruel and is fucking disgusting so is religion and that celibacy preaching lust is a sin bullshit..

the porno industry is mob and they are doing some pretty fucked up shit to people..and get this ITS LEGAL meanwhile IT AINT legal for you to be NUDE what kind of crazy as fuck backwoods nazi system allows pimps to film their hoes getting fucked by 20 different men and thats ok but its not ok for someone to be naked and to be outside in baffles the human body really that fucking offensive..oh dear the dogs balls are showing lets lop them off..thats much more civilized..i swear to god some of these rules are so fucking insane..lets get a sweatshop to make clothes for the animals..i mean come on everytime i see the cat's asshole i have to splash holy water on my brow and pray to jesus to get the devil out of me..its that offensive..really have you ever been walking down the street and a fucking squirrel..a fucking NUDe squirrel jumps out of the bushes and runs right in front of you...ugh! what the hell..lets get some sweatshop to make little squirrel clothing and you can put adds for fucking mcdonalds on them so the next time a squirrel jumped our of the bushes ..oh thank god its naughty parts are covered up and OOOooo its in a flashy little walmart suit..i dont know what the fuck is going on in this country but the people arent allowed to be outside naked..arent we old enough to decide on the fucking laws..i think its safe for us to be allowed to be naked for fucks sake!.meanwhile this whole penis gagging throat fucking vinny butafookoo is doing on maybe should not be legal.  the manner in which some of these people fuck in this porno is so fucking disgusting.  they fuck these women way too hard and they hate fuck them.  they gag them on their penises until masquera is running down their face..what in the fuck! thats legal for them to do that and then to fucking film that...but nudity is illegal. what kind of backwards fucking shit is going on here.

people being gang banged simultaneously in every orifice..leathers and whips..until its fucking horrendous..they torture people sexually ...its fucking disgusting....they make videos simulating rape..pimps pissing and defecating on women..their 'hoes'their 'bitches'to degrade them..women that they fuck which they fuck way to hard way to fast..they call this "piledriving" "jack hammerings" um no concern for how it feels to the woman..but most of these pimps dont care about that those women are their "cum dumpsters"..they put gag balls and do all sorts of horrific shit..they mass produce that atrocious smut legally..the types of porn they make are atrocious..i have seen some offensive shit as well as cruel and unusual shit they do to these women. they fuck them way too rough.. the mob can make that porn but if im nude outside then thats crude?! ..what a fucking INSANE system.. sorry let me put on my sweatshop made billboard..what the fuck government?! things are ass backwards out here..theres nothing wrong with sex but the sex industry is fucking disgusting..that industry thrives and makes fucked up abominations of sex...but watch out for harmless baffles me. theres nothing wrong with sex..all kinds of sex etc etc. but there is somthing seriously wrong with this mob controlled sex industry..they treat the women like shit..they handle them roughly..and they make all kinds of sex abominations..its fucking disgsuting watching some 200pound mob soldier making some coked up women gag literally gag on his penis forcibly holding her head on it./i dont know what the bdsm shit is..but its fucking atrocity...the gov allows that shit...they allow that fucked up cruel and unusual shit..but not nudity!? its like theyre tolerating somthing extremely offensive like women being treated like sex objects and pimps doing fucked up degrading abusive things while fucking but regarding an inoffensive thing like plain old nakedness as offensive.. look at what happens regarding nudity...gangstas can rap about how cool pimps are and how great dope is and the mob can deal sex 24/7 and the police dont do anything..this guy is naked and he gets tazed..kneed in the ribs...3 cops..for this onefuck. why is nudity even an issue here..what kind of dark age is this?! NUDITY IS ILLEGAL! BUT THE GOTTIS..THEY CAN MAKE VIDEOS OF WOMEN BEING SLAPPED AROUND DURING ANAL SEX! SNOOP DOGG AND THAT OLD PIMP HUGH HEFFNOR CAN LOUNGE AROUND IN THEIR SLEAZY SILK ROBES SURROUNDED BY their sheSLAVES..BUT WE CANT BE FUCKING NUDE!!!!im right somthing is going wrong here. im not against clothes,clothes are awesome...back when i was going through puberty. i definatly would not want the wholeworld seeing my random boner while sitting in class.... .but nudity should not be illegal..howstupid..why is that should be an option.. its not offensive for a dog to be nude or a fucking bird..but if its a human...then its a fucking insane who made that law? louiss the 14th? did the pope come up with that shit? because idont exactly remember voting for such a stupid fucking law...

nudity not ok

sex in leather with nipple clams and a whip...and a cain while someone is handcuffed to a bed..ok

the united states..ladies and gentlemen..dont be naked outside but its ok when these creepo mob fucks fuck this woman who just turned 18 literally like they are punching a punching bag. i swear some of the porn ive seen has given me erectile dysfunction its so fucking awful..nd the fact is there is so much of it all over the web..there are millions of these fucking sites and its just click yes if your are 18 or no if your aren't..gee whizz thats a hard safe to yes if i am no if im not...they have sex cartoons on a lot of these pages...i think their target demographic might just range from 25 to 12....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

gang rapist pimp thug dope pushers using white man's burden

there are gangs and criminal organizations that claim they have a humanitarian end fight poverty and people fall for it because these gangstas stole decent identities they may rob someone and if they are white they may claim your people robbed us for hundreds of years..slandering the person and adding insult to injury essentially blaming whites who have also suffered from discrimination...poverty.. and slavery for slavery. that is ignored and they are persecuted because they are white..and also robbed these gangs are extremely racist and then preach against it. one racist black told me whites are responsible for all of slavery for all of history...nevermind the egyptians enslavement of the jews...slavery in china..ancient maya etc,no its all white peoples fault. fact is a lot of these blacks own slaves today..their bitches and hoes. that they claim theyare educating when theyare robbing and hustling them..their idea o0f educating is brainwashing and dictating

Sunday, July 15, 2012

ihave readers in russia///how awesome is that

russia...iloveyou. let me tell you peoplefirstly how awesome and impressive you peopleare to people are geniuses regarding how fucked up this country actually is. problems like censorship of the press occur here in this country...yet this country criticizes russia for that shit.companies own people. there are churches involved inbrainwashing..these problems arent in the ussr they exist in the usa...some of us are oblivious. ...from sputnik//to the antanov andtyphoon submarines..your country wows me,you people make incrediblee stuff..i am as amazed by your country's achievements as the usas..i never bought into the evil empire bullshit..i think you people have very relevant important things to say about capitalism and problems within the usa that evil doers in this country try to drown out...then they blame their evils on you. they try to get us to not listen to you guys like you're the enemy... when we couldbecomrades. your country has been so slandered to us in the west and im sure you have problems but the west is shit too. we have gangs,monopolies,organized crime,inequalities etc etc the usa is very fucked up as well.. russians enlightenus. iwasnt raised during that red scare i was spared a lot of bullshit...still iven seen numerous films where russians are the bad guys..its fucked up..these charactures of russians..films portray you as these heartless tyrants..just look at rocky4.its absurd. thats not how russian/soviet people are. i think both of our countries should criticize the injustices going on in both of our countries..i hope your country does a better job handling crime than this one..i hope your government doesnt label freedom fighters as criminals or something fucked up or oppressive like that...from what i hear there is a large russian mafia..the us is crawling with crime...there are literally millions of gang members in all us cities...these thugs work with organized crime families that work with numerous corrupt organizations that do business in the us..thiscountry..has one hell of a corruption problem..i hope your country is doing better. cops are killed in this are hooked on drugs workers are traded like stock..monopolies are out of is scamming people..pimps are adored by the rackets in this country..they put degenerate thugs on stage like people to be worshiped...its a mess.the country cant even control the streets. they have a thousand of these thugs and cartels in every town..raping..pimping..dealingpoison..attacking the homeless for christsake..forcingthem to do free labor because they have no safety on the streets. this country is so fucked up

retail stores using gangs to keep their workforce in line

using bloods and crips to intimidate workers into working harder for protection...often forcing workers into working off clock and togive their pay back to theircompany throughservices that they dont need...such as healthcare services or insurance companies...daycare name it they tell their workers where to take their money..which they spend on other companies that are connected with their employers the money they work for goes right back to the business they worked for..these thug coworkers often try to introduce drugs to the workers that they prey on to make faster workers out of them. they may pimp them on the side...then their pimp can say they whore themselves to support their drug addiction..which the pimp forced on them...the fact is thesethugs are essentially slave masters///they are the drones that keep the hive working tirelessly. they are the finger breakers..the crack dealers...the dope pushers...thepimps,often their victims spend every single waking second working..while these gngstsdont work at robbingthem..they hustle people while they hang in their slums ..they work out or study..the people they threaten work with little to know reward and dont even get the pay they earned..soomehustlers actually try to make people stupid..literally countering their intelligence to better exploit them..they lounge in their slums then find a homeless person toextortby thretening them

Monday, July 9, 2012

i had friends in high school that made fun of the mentally retarded

what the hell is wrong with us?  my friend laughed his head off mocking the special ed kids.laughing at how they walked and moved..often imitating them./meanwhile he is able bodied.. only now i understand..' how fucked up and how much pain those'retards'must be facing.everysingle fucking day. theres nothing funny about it it's actually mortifying... sounds pretty obvious. but not back then.

...but i come from asshole land a hugely insensitive background with lowlife peers pushing drugs and teasing people. kids that talk aboutbhow great shitty gangsta rap is. gangsta rap..mocking the retarded hailing cheap beer and eating up asshole gangsta pimps on the radio. im from a degenerate delinquent mob run shithole. kids that make fun of other kids for being retarded or for being poor or uncool should be SUSPENDED. thats what happens in this shitty fucked up country..these schools are warped.  .kids making fun of retarded people. what the fuck!?  but it's not just us.. howard stern did did comedy central...its utterlydisgusting.seems this behavoir is prevalent in america. stern would laugh at real life mentally retarded people he would have on his show...he also mocks pill popping drunk strippers and porn stars..its fucking horrendous.... those are the types of atrocities that happen in this for the retarded or brain damaged they are segregated from the rest of us..given blocks and coloring order for us to understand these diseases without being spoonfed bullshit from some company book we need to be with these people ...we need to interact with them..not segregated from them...the scary fact is they are just like us only suffering horribly..the fact that groups of kids mock,tease,and stereotype these people is essentially as cold hearted as hitler youth beating down jews..but more disturbing why are adults in the media getting us to laugh at these people...howard stern. well what can you expect from that fucking sleeze bagretarded people as butts for jokes..from somthing about mary, private parts, tropic thunder..there are many more examples..this is what these adults are producing for us..movies teasing..mocking the retarded. what kind of warped shit is that?! howard stern . he had "retarded jeopardy" featuring real life mentally retarded people. in school kids made fun of these kids used retard as a derogatory insult.and hollywood encourages this shit..//these are grown adults making fun of retarded these stupid movies.and shows I go into it further in another one of my posts called "comedy thats so insensitive its tragedy".what in the hell.they should be hung for that shit. howard stern is such a scumbag mob fuck and he frequently used retards for cheap laughs on his e show..from retard jeapardy to hi pitch eric to "beetle juice"  .that shit trickles down.I watched howard stern's e show in high school and laughed at that trash...and we took part in that fucked up inhumane behavoir..i had a manager who made fun of anther retarded employee..the culture and society im from is fucking degenerate and delinquent.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

the energy crisis

companies want to squeeze out the most productivity out ofbtheir underpaid they encourage the use of stimulants to make peoplework faster on the job..because when they run out of energy while on the clock thats a crisis...despite the fact that the stimulants make them crash later..who cares their shift is over at that they are taking energy from the when they arent on the clock to make them work faster while on the clock..they dont care if the stimulants make themexhausted thats when their serfs are offclock. coffee in the morning cigarette breaks...caffeinated beverages...however cigarette smoking is deemed somewhat counter productive because workerscant peform the laboras hard with emphasema..or with tar buildup...these people arent sitting in cubicles..they are constantly unloading boxes stocking shelves and serving the dirtbag ceos invented these little shots of speed. called 5 hour energy. cigarette breaks are generally 15 minutes so they made this shit to substitute cigarettes because cigarettes effect aerobics and smokers get here comes 5 hour energy ..its a shot of speed no crash is bullshit..they will lie directly to your face. that no crash line is a 'nosugar crash' there is a crash from the stimulantherbs. the people they survey and test work for the company..sort of like those models on tv claiming a supplement helped them lose weight when they dieted and excersized during the before and after photos...these businesses are extremely fraudulent... for underweight overworked people this shit might as well be as potent as crack. what is the fucking rush in this country..its utterly insane. its inappropriate to drink shots of vodka on a break but its okay to take shots of this other drug..that speed is just as bad as a shot of alcohol...however that one is conisderedacceptable...because the speed makes them work faster and blocks their bodies fatigue...then offclock they pass out. this same shit is done in 3rd world countries...they chew coca leaves and make them work...if someone is under rested and overworked this is a cruel and callous solution for their fatigue

the disgusting healthcare industry

from elderly people sitting for hours in their own excrment...patients being molested..psych patients being tortured...thugs hired as staff and nurses..doctors lining their pockets you know what they are giving the elderly for their pain..pot.. i can godown the street and get pot for 10 dollars right now...but im sure 'medical marijuana is sold at a much higher price'what will the healthcare gangsters come up with next,,,hell give them some malt industry. the reason they give them dope is because it makes them content with the volatile environment they are in...makes them 'clam up' clam baked...happy as aclam..all clammed up. then it makes them lose their memory...makes them forget what happened to their entire social security check...but then that is just diagnosed as alzheimers. lets go to the gas station and get them 40ozs of malt liqour. we'll say its 'medical malt liqour and charge 400percent more than what its worth..healtcare its overpriced and cheap. there are people under the impression that the healthcare industry is doing research on marijuana to see if it has any medical uses to treat diseases..essentially what theyve done was take marijuana and put it in pill form. so now people can pop more more ash or conveinent...when they use it to 'treat' diseases its just like booze numbs someone if they are in chronic pain. people who are under the influennce of healthcare pr have the impression theyre researching marijuana and prescribing it to cure disease..its not curing anything it merely makes the patient high so that they cant feel their pain..these arent miraculous developments...meanwhile they produced marijuana pills aka marinol which will no doubt be a hot commodity. healthcare is cheap but they drain bankacounts for cheap surgeries but guess what..if someone's life is on the line..then they can charge that life savings..they bill the shit out of them. then these asshle doctors that took asacred oath are driving large..while draining peopleslife savings for treatments peoplecould be doing themselves.however these asshols print these medical books in their own convoluted latinized bullshit to make it out of common people's comprehension...theres nothing complicated about it... hollywood portrays these doctors as life savers on er and graysanatomy...its complete bullshit. they arent heros. these abusive nurses are paid to lift a spoon to someone's mouth...somebody who is utterly terrified of them. then they walk around in their crip blue scrubs like they are saving people. ive witnessed how roughly they handle eldry people behind closed doors..dragging them into bathrooms while they scream bloody murder...demeaning them for having an accident...pulling their pants down and aggresively..roughly wiping them for losing their bowels...staff kicking open their doors while they are sleeping. they are so doped from those pills they cnnt even make comprehensible speach..thats no how are they supposed to tell people they are being abused? ever see that commercial with the egg being fried...this is your brain on drugs...they deliberately give them overdoses until there jaw is agape and drool is running down their mouth. then they claim thats just senility...or..insnity plastic surgery is another prime example of how so called experts exploit their patients...essentially charging to deform people with low self esteem and poor self image..leaving them totally deformed...women who want abnormally large breasts and lips etc etc have negative self images brought on by cruel peers and hollywood..which wants them to be barbi dolls..these people are easy prey for plastic surgeons. a doctor should know what is and isnt women abnormally large breasts..deforming their faces..isnt healthy..i thought these doctors took an oath? turns out those deformities finance their Mercedes payments..for every one deformed person...burnvictim...they save theyre are 10 people who they give nosejobs to...100people that they stuff with silicone they will squeese as much out of you as possible..thts what the constrictors symbolize...your life is on the line..sotheyll squeeze out eveything with that fear of death

Oppression of jews in this country

bigots and supremacists in this country have many criminal conspiracies blaming the worlds problems on rich jewish bankers. jews are mercilessly stereotyped on television..and supremacist power groups are adamantly racist towards jews. christian whitepower power islam groups beat on the jews.these american nazis are just as intolerant towards jews as the nazis...they look at jewsas peopleto rob...and these lowlifes are often associated with the christian church. comedy central mocked t he something to laugh at it doesnt get anymore sadomasochistic than that ive heard thse lowlife delinquent racist thugs claiming that the holocaust was a about disgusting. it seems like nazis are still holding power...and in america! these christian mobsters will assault jews harrass jews then tell their victim 'you killed our lord' many of them are black power fucks who say this stuff as christians then say more slanderous things as muslims...both christian and muslim "you killed OUR lord?" firstly...notheydidnt this is a common con artist tactic they attack someone then they say its somthing that person did to them..theycover their tracks..playing 'offense' they assault someone then get offended by them..offense is the best defense for these sociopathic violent scumbags.. they are the ones abusing people not the other way around...these criminals know this..its apart of their sociopathic manipulations the jews didnt kill jesus...thats antisemetic propaganda these christian mbsters that preach their shit are generally sexist,racist,classist theyre carrying out inquisitions and pogroms today in america..its ironic because when you look at black power its a racial supremacy movement in which theyre all raising their fists in the air in unison just like nazis and they DO GO AFTER JEWS...hmmm kind of a coincidence right? i have read their propaganda its all about how jews are rich and jews rule the world..its not some white supremacist that writes this shit its some crip or blood..its very odd. they preach that stuff and people in the ghetto listen. theyll preach that the cia is spreading aids to kill the black man etc etc or that the government deals crack when thats what theyre doing and yes they attack jews with racism and god knows what else

Friday, July 6, 2012

the black panthers in buffalo

the black panthers break down into the bloods and the crips..basically obstructing people by getting in their blood and crippling them..meanwhile for public relatins they claim to be fighting for racial equality and that they are trying to 'educate' people...nope they may find a white person..rob them then say your people robbed us for thousands of years..white man's burden shit..a common socipathic criminal tactic//offense is the best defense..they assault someone..violate them then act offended by that if their victim had done somthing wrong to them.. some fat cats, aint white and they aint in washington 'schoolin' they may call someone white trash, honkey, cracker, if that person responds with nigger then that person who did not start it is them the bad guy these drug dealing,slum lord..pimps rule with an iron fist thats what that fist stands for panthers stalk..they find white kids in the city and they assume different identities to seem decent then they threaten,follow,and harass them 'gang stalking' the bloods and the crips work together..their common enemy is the law their objective is to kill juste police..meanwhile they cause some pc fiasco because of rodney king..preaching to us to be sensitive when they are literally working on killing us!