Sunday, July 15, 2012

retail stores using gangs to keep their workforce in line

using bloods and crips to intimidate workers into working harder for protection...often forcing workers into working off clock and togive their pay back to theircompany throughservices that they dont need...such as healthcare services or insurance companies...daycare name it they tell their workers where to take their money..which they spend on other companies that are connected with their employers the money they work for goes right back to the business they worked for..these thug coworkers often try to introduce drugs to the workers that they prey on to make faster workers out of them. they may pimp them on the side...then their pimp can say they whore themselves to support their drug addiction..which the pimp forced on them...the fact is thesethugs are essentially slave masters///they are the drones that keep the hive working tirelessly. they are the finger breakers..the crack dealers...the dope pushers...thepimps,often their victims spend every single waking second working..while these gngstsdont work at robbingthem..they hustle people while they hang in their slums ..they work out or study..the people they threaten work with little to know reward and dont even get the pay they earned..soomehustlers actually try to make people stupid..literally countering their intelligence to better exploit them..they lounge in their slums then find a homeless person toextortby thretening them

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