Friday, July 20, 2012

were not allowed to be nude outside but the mob can massproduce porn(warning graphic)

we arent even allowed to be naked outside..lets chase the squirrels and put pants on dogs asshole is offensive! meanwhile the mob is allowed to make the most fucked up porno and massproduce imagesvideos of women being throat fucked.literally gagged and choked by a penis

not all porn is bad...but ive witnessed a side of the industry that is cruel unusual shocking and disturbing..where models are pushed, smacked, fucked roughly...why the fuck would you be into that..why the fuck would you sell that as sexy...and also

what is the deal with this sadomasochism shit!  who fucks somebody while they are bound and gagged or handcuffed..what kind of sick shit is this!? its like im watching a fucking murder..that shit is scary as hell...can you imagine raped women having to see that shit...bound women..fucked roughly..ive seen mainstream porn sites with those types of videos... its legal for the mob to make all that horrendous torture shit and mass produce it all over the web making sex into some form of hellish torture meanwhile its illegal for you to go outside what the fuck..i was watching some video of them gagging some woman on a penis..ive seen enough really..that porno industry is fucking awful..not because sex is dirty and bad and we should all do it in the missionary position or else those molestor priests will shame us or whatever the fuck they do..believe me religion is just as fucking industry wants you addicted to sex the moral authorities want you're sexual nature suppressed..left or right both sides are fucking cruel and is fucking disgusting so is religion and that celibacy preaching lust is a sin bullshit..

the porno industry is mob and they are doing some pretty fucked up shit to people..and get this ITS LEGAL meanwhile IT AINT legal for you to be NUDE what kind of crazy as fuck backwoods nazi system allows pimps to film their hoes getting fucked by 20 different men and thats ok but its not ok for someone to be naked and to be outside in baffles the human body really that fucking offensive..oh dear the dogs balls are showing lets lop them off..thats much more civilized..i swear to god some of these rules are so fucking insane..lets get a sweatshop to make clothes for the animals..i mean come on everytime i see the cat's asshole i have to splash holy water on my brow and pray to jesus to get the devil out of me..its that offensive..really have you ever been walking down the street and a fucking squirrel..a fucking NUDe squirrel jumps out of the bushes and runs right in front of you...ugh! what the hell..lets get some sweatshop to make little squirrel clothing and you can put adds for fucking mcdonalds on them so the next time a squirrel jumped our of the bushes ..oh thank god its naughty parts are covered up and OOOooo its in a flashy little walmart suit..i dont know what the fuck is going on in this country but the people arent allowed to be outside naked..arent we old enough to decide on the fucking laws..i think its safe for us to be allowed to be naked for fucks sake!.meanwhile this whole penis gagging throat fucking vinny butafookoo is doing on maybe should not be legal.  the manner in which some of these people fuck in this porno is so fucking disgusting.  they fuck these women way too hard and they hate fuck them.  they gag them on their penises until masquera is running down their face..what in the fuck! thats legal for them to do that and then to fucking film that...but nudity is illegal. what kind of backwards fucking shit is going on here.

people being gang banged simultaneously in every orifice..leathers and whips..until its fucking horrendous..they torture people sexually ...its fucking disgusting....they make videos simulating rape..pimps pissing and defecating on women..their 'hoes'their 'bitches'to degrade them..women that they fuck which they fuck way to hard way to fast..they call this "piledriving" "jack hammerings" um no concern for how it feels to the woman..but most of these pimps dont care about that those women are their "cum dumpsters"..they put gag balls and do all sorts of horrific shit..they mass produce that atrocious smut legally..the types of porn they make are atrocious..i have seen some offensive shit as well as cruel and unusual shit they do to these women. they fuck them way too rough.. the mob can make that porn but if im nude outside then thats crude?! ..what a fucking INSANE system.. sorry let me put on my sweatshop made billboard..what the fuck government?! things are ass backwards out here..theres nothing wrong with sex but the sex industry is fucking disgusting..that industry thrives and makes fucked up abominations of sex...but watch out for harmless baffles me. theres nothing wrong with sex..all kinds of sex etc etc. but there is somthing seriously wrong with this mob controlled sex industry..they treat the women like shit..they handle them roughly..and they make all kinds of sex abominations..its fucking disgsuting watching some 200pound mob soldier making some coked up women gag literally gag on his penis forcibly holding her head on it./i dont know what the bdsm shit is..but its fucking atrocity...the gov allows that shit...they allow that fucked up cruel and unusual shit..but not nudity!? its like theyre tolerating somthing extremely offensive like women being treated like sex objects and pimps doing fucked up degrading abusive things while fucking but regarding an inoffensive thing like plain old nakedness as offensive.. look at what happens regarding nudity...gangstas can rap about how cool pimps are and how great dope is and the mob can deal sex 24/7 and the police dont do anything..this guy is naked and he gets tazed..kneed in the ribs...3 cops..for this onefuck. why is nudity even an issue here..what kind of dark age is this?! NUDITY IS ILLEGAL! BUT THE GOTTIS..THEY CAN MAKE VIDEOS OF WOMEN BEING SLAPPED AROUND DURING ANAL SEX! SNOOP DOGG AND THAT OLD PIMP HUGH HEFFNOR CAN LOUNGE AROUND IN THEIR SLEAZY SILK ROBES SURROUNDED BY their sheSLAVES..BUT WE CANT BE FUCKING NUDE!!!!im right somthing is going wrong here. im not against clothes,clothes are awesome...back when i was going through puberty. i definatly would not want the wholeworld seeing my random boner while sitting in class.... .but nudity should not be illegal..howstupid..why is that should be an option.. its not offensive for a dog to be nude or a fucking bird..but if its a human...then its a fucking insane who made that law? louiss the 14th? did the pope come up with that shit? because idont exactly remember voting for such a stupid fucking law...

nudity not ok

sex in leather with nipple clams and a whip...and a cain while someone is handcuffed to a bed..ok

the united states..ladies and gentlemen..dont be naked outside but its ok when these creepo mob fucks fuck this woman who just turned 18 literally like they are punching a punching bag. i swear some of the porn ive seen has given me erectile dysfunction its so fucking awful..nd the fact is there is so much of it all over the web..there are millions of these fucking sites and its just click yes if your are 18 or no if your aren't..gee whizz thats a hard safe to yes if i am no if im not...they have sex cartoons on a lot of these pages...i think their target demographic might just range from 25 to 12....

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