Thursday, July 26, 2012


SCHOOL...bullies..drugs...snobbery..mediocre books..mediocre is less and less about educating and more about focusing kids which are considered human resource..into the labor market.   It's about cramming us into a career, training us for the labor market and not about this educating us or just using us as human resources? 

  everyday theyre waking little kids up to go to school..get on the bus..and getting them to do your work.   we're all waiting for the factory whistle..i mean the bell so we can eat our wonderbred milk bullshit.

woohoo recess i get ten minutes of fresh air.... have you seen the shit they give these kids for toys.. here jenny..this is fun!

a lot of kids who go to school don't get a fair shot...they get picked on..they come from poor supportive unnourturing backgrounds..they don't do well at school..and school does nothing for them, and then they go to work for minimum wage...a lot of colleges don't do anything for students except pile on the debt...even graduates end up working minimum wage positions. all of us are not educated equally..I thought there was equality in this country yet not all of us are educated equally.  some get a better education than others.  some of us were read to as children, read at an early age others were put in front of Barney while mommy and daddy threw whiskey bottles at eachother...and these kids can barely read...if they fall behind thats ok.  they'll ring up your groceries for 7 dollars an hour.  Education quality isn't even equal.  You have elite private schools for the wealthy while public schools are full of drugs, bullies, fast food in the cafeterias with teachers that pass out work and tell the students to do it and that's the extent of their teaching process.  This makes a lot of kids just do work and they never learn a thing.   This isn't teaching or learning.  What compounds this is when it's crammed into a school schedule early in the morning when some kids are exhausted or they have a shift of work when they get out. Meanwhile the rich have all the time in the world to focus on the material.  A working student may have a 6 hour shift after school while a wealthy student may spend that 6 hours working on a project. One kids can focus on being top of the class the other pinches pennies.

focusing us on a career path

 this just in.... fuck playskool!toy vacuum cleaners...what a fucking disgusting criminal company...we're in bad hands people if some adult is telling us vacuuming is sure by age 13 we'll be totally addicted to cigarettes yeah they used to make candy ones too..toy vacuums candy cigarettes gee whiz whats next toy guns..oh wait....smoking fuck it it's cool is coffee right...that ensure that were fast workers is would think the fda or somebody would not allow such blatant manipulation of kids ..but then again they allowed candy cigarettes, candy cigars, candy flavored tobacco products candy flavored boozes and beers to be sold for years...they still allow it. theyve let these fucking thug lowlife companies hustle kids for centuries..lets impair them with booze and get them jacked and rushed on stimulants..just get those models in our movies adds and tv shows to always be drinking a starbucks coffee. there was a toy we played with during recess where you had 60 seconds to get these shapes in a corresponding hole...if you fail it ejects all the pieces in your face..thats not fun. what kind of assembly line bullshit is that?! get all these pieces in the corresponding hole within the time limit..if you dont it throws them back into your face.  meanwhile theyll get the teletubies to tell thekids happiness is in some vallium valley..toy guns?  here little billy when you grow up you're going to get us our OIL!  all you have to do is risk being crippled or murdered.  .they short change these people starting at an early age..a lot of these kids don't have any options they are molded for a specific career.  "here's your toy gun, you're super hero comics we're going to mold you into a soldier!"maybe you didn't want to be? oh well we need boots on the ground out there because that land over there is rich. maybe these asshole adults can make a little toy oven for the kids so they come pretrained for the fast food rackets. fast food is easybake OOooo and yummy its sugary and shitty but love it..these are the things they give us for recess?  for recess we get shit that pertains to work..but its fun right? learning isnt a waste of time but sitting in some fucking place 40 hours a week being spoonfed companybullshit isnt exactly learning...tolerating bullies and dealing with peer pressure is so unhealthy. they can shove a bunch of propaganda down your throat or teach you to crunch numbers...after highschool it dawned on me how much of my fucking time was taken up by the school week...from age5 to 18..theres a free world out there. there are people golfing while im in fucking class..outdoors with all the time in the world.  i would look out the window during class. .. it was a waste of my dragging my sleep deprived ass out of bed to be in a hostile environment where assholes are revered...where kids are mocked and harassed.. putting up with that to read some cheap bullshit novella that I could pick up for 4 dollars at the fucking drug store and read in 2 days...going somewhere against my will to do reports on things im dispassionate about. instead of some report on fucking carl sandburg how about a report on how the bullies in class are racking up Marlboro miles and company credit while smoking in and around school and purposely trying to push that shit for the about a report on present day labor racketeering in our home know... IMPORTANT THINGS...the fact is finding things out on your own is much richer learning experience..not just cramming in facts because oh no if you don't bust your ass they'll fail you..what an assholish style of learning..WORK WORK WORK if you don't do it..then you've failed at it.. apparently learning is work right? learning is gratifying its enlightening this shit they are pulling in school isn't learning..its just fucking work exactly what are they teaching and what aren't they teaching.  who are they teaching and who are they just getting work out of.  the most arrogant hostile bullies all about selling shit and undermining learning itself where regarded as cool in my high school.  they harassed other kids..pushed drugs..and made other groups of kids into their followers.  what exactly are we learning from that type of environment?

 sadly the con operation carries on in college...where everything is overpriced. where the students are aggressively solicited to. where the book racket rips off the student. they release a new edition every year despite the fact that major changes in the field only occur every ten years.. regardless the professor will assign questions from the most recent edition. so thats the one you have to buy... the current edition is roughly 200 dollars while the year older edition is 7 you pay 200 dollars for the book and sell it back for 10...their goal isnt education..its making money through education while training people for should be called occupational training not "Education"... theyll give gang bangers a free ride if they can dunk a ball...if they can mke the school money they can be the most crooked fucks in the world the school will overlook it..theyll assign them tutors that give them answers for their exams and give them chances to fix their academic record with remakes or extr credit not offered to reguluar students...thats horrifically college has numerous fraternities dealing drugs that they get from inner citygangs...theyre also engaged in prostitution with sororities, gambling, drug dealing..oh well the school's party reputation is good for enrollment....there are African Americans that want reparations for slavery.,.that was 200 years ago..i want my fucking reparations from last fucking week

. some people learn while in these schools...but a majority do not because of bullying...peer pressure..stretched too thin etcetc some people think they are dumb or dunces or bimbos when they have a brain just as capable as the experts and geniouses..unfortunatly they have mental chains.that they recieved from peers and family and they are purposely dumbed down so that they end up busting their ass for minimium wage or trying to "get by on their looks" when they were just as smart as the fucking bmw driving doctor. oh well guess that life wasn't for them...before you send them somewhere to learn 40 hours a week you might want to make sure eachone has an equal shot. the rackets surrounding the school industry are ridiculous...back to school clothes supplies...businesses soliciting on and around schools my school had pepsi machines in it..nice stimulants thatll get our asses up..yum yum sugar oh and caffeine how have company book publishers ripping off the state by overchrging for text books..its a BIZ NESS

...back to my experiences.. i essentially went somewhere 40 hours a week to watch kids get bullied for being poor..bullied for being fat..bullied for being gay..bullied for being nerdy....bullied for being ugly...bullied for being 'uncool' etc etc. and those good kids go to school because they e have to..who forces someone to be somewhere where they re tormented? is that to ensure that theyll tolerate abuse once in the workfield.ith in them subservience? ..after years of that its probably normal by the time some manager starts doing it. and the bullying doesnt cease after elementary becomes more would think the bullies would be identified and dealt with..but no these people go on bullying even in colleges..its disgusting...what a waste of my fucking rather be somewhere less fucking dysfunctional than this shithole, but i suppose thats what private schools are for..fucking public schools are the lowest of the low. what do you fucking expect its free right.   every week i had to watch the thugs in school give someone a beating after school...if they didnt win one then theyd jump the person as a gang. every class some poor kid got harrassed while many teachers wouldnt do anything then we'd move along to worship shakespear. fuck that trash what will they be doing in 100 years spending a month marveling over a fucking VHS tape..."this month we';ll be discussing and analyzing gone with the wind a genius work."..waste..of...fucking..time. you know what it boils down to. if you dont work on this bullshit that you don't even care about your future will be in jeopardy.  so lesson is to put effort and do work on things you don't care about dot dot dot or else.  then we move on into the workforce and thats how we've been trained. if you dont DO THIS SHIT that's dull and unrelated to anything important YOU WILL FAIL..instead of saying the kids are failing or flunked just fire them.  "sorry billy you're fired..all those Fs means you're fired"

.no child labor in this country?..what a fucking lie. there was child labor for centuries in this country..they didnt do shit about it..they allowed companies to work kids for hundereds of years.  this mandatory schooling in this shitty places where they shove propaganda down your throat and people are harrassed and worked everyday 8 to 3 is supposed to be an improvement?! maybe it is but that's only because things were allowed to be that much worse prior to this shit.  ...not going to school is also is LABOR..they focus on physical and mental LABOR. .i want my my time was taken without my consent...but i suppose as a kid i didnt know any better right. as a kid i wasn't given the right to decide whether or not I wanted to or not right? no the people pushing toy vaccum cleaners, candy cigarettes are the ones who are looking out for our best interests.   hell when you work and people take your time they at least compensate you with money.  lets face it the real deal with school is because all these fucking parents in our society are working so much they barely have time to raise and educate their own fucking children.   so let the factory do it right...have your lunch break when you hear the whistle and play with your toy vaccum cleaner on your 30 minute break..i mean recess then it's back to the grind.  poor kids, this idea that these adults know whats best for these kids is such bullshit.some of us are their fucking livestock..more of their profit..believe me they abuse that trust...were just human resources to these pricks..they give them toy vacuum cleaners for fucksakes. candy fucking cigarettes..candy drinks with caffeines..then once high school's ignorant cool mentality sets in  it's marlboros and starbucks lattes that are cool. no fucking thanks im tired, my body is tired from getting dragged here everyday i dont need some speed to keep me focused.  this is still the same shitty country that it was.. kids working as grease monkeys in factories they just changed the fuckin' laws.  these companies were paying kids to work and they worked the shit out of training them to work in it any better? I wonder. what the fuck are they teaching them? to work.

 filling them up with propaganda...?  school every single day then homework then work..then the weekend oh wait THERES A FUCKING WORLD OUT THERE...jesus christ. monday through friday in one place in the same seat the same schedule...what a fucking rut. what are they doing? breaking in horses for fucksake?   what a rut i need my coffee break..i could use a soda..then when we grow up its time for a beer right?  fuck that.  is the state even teaching us with these public schools or are companies? last time i checked they were the ones publishing the books. weren't these companies using us for labor a hundred years ago oh wait that's what they'll be doing as soon as we get out of this school.  they care a hell of a lot more on focusing us on work and using us as a human resource than on educating anybody anything..their goal is not to educate but rather to train us for a field.  they consider us HUMAN RESOURCES.thats not someone's fucking crude resource.  .they want to focus those human resources on work and if they take after a particular field they will further train them on how to work within that particular field..they are not educating people.. .its all about getting us to work.  they are so fucking hell bent on it they give kids these fucking toy vacuum cleaners...toy guns...toy fucking erector billy work in a fucking assembly plant. we'll educate you on how to construct things because we need mechanics..we never really educated you but we did teach you how to be a mechanic now didnt we. as i said they are focusing us on career paths and this is not really educating us on the ways of the world. the public schools in this country are not about education. theyre ignorant restrictive cheap environments that occupy a huge portion of one's time and energy. and half these teachers are assholes to the kids they are supposed to be educating and half these kids are assholes to other kids...guess what..theyre THE what i say or you will fail..if you act up we will put you in a fucking dunce hat. they used to use public humiliation on students as punishment.  good god i might as well be in a fucking concentration camp but hell at least here they give us 30 minutes to buy somthing to fill our bellies so they can keep us alive to use  us for another day..i mean jesus tap dancing christ this place could be so much better than this bullshit. can you imagine if there was a country that had schools that actually educated the people...educated them at their own pace so that everyone could learn..schools where people would voluntarily attend.instead there are kids trying to escape who try to sneak out who pretend to be they implement all these measures roll call...hall moniters can you imagine schools we would voluntarily attend instead of this horrible shit they've got us cramming in..holy shit that would be the day. until then ill push around my toy vaccum cleaner and chew my bubble gum tobacco.

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