Sunday, July 8, 2012

the energy crisis

companies want to squeeze out the most productivity out ofbtheir underpaid they encourage the use of stimulants to make peoplework faster on the job..because when they run out of energy while on the clock thats a crisis...despite the fact that the stimulants make them crash later..who cares their shift is over at that they are taking energy from the when they arent on the clock to make them work faster while on the clock..they dont care if the stimulants make themexhausted thats when their serfs are offclock. coffee in the morning cigarette breaks...caffeinated beverages...however cigarette smoking is deemed somewhat counter productive because workerscant peform the laboras hard with emphasema..or with tar buildup...these people arent sitting in cubicles..they are constantly unloading boxes stocking shelves and serving the dirtbag ceos invented these little shots of speed. called 5 hour energy. cigarette breaks are generally 15 minutes so they made this shit to substitute cigarettes because cigarettes effect aerobics and smokers get here comes 5 hour energy ..its a shot of speed no crash is bullshit..they will lie directly to your face. that no crash line is a 'nosugar crash' there is a crash from the stimulantherbs. the people they survey and test work for the company..sort of like those models on tv claiming a supplement helped them lose weight when they dieted and excersized during the before and after photos...these businesses are extremely fraudulent... for underweight overworked people this shit might as well be as potent as crack. what is the fucking rush in this country..its utterly insane. its inappropriate to drink shots of vodka on a break but its okay to take shots of this other drug..that speed is just as bad as a shot of alcohol...however that one is conisderedacceptable...because the speed makes them work faster and blocks their bodies fatigue...then offclock they pass out. this same shit is done in 3rd world countries...they chew coca leaves and make them work...if someone is under rested and overworked this is a cruel and callous solution for their fatigue

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