Sunday, June 30, 2013

US propaganda

I just watched the movie "Devils Double" an apparent portrait of Uday Hussein one of Saddam Hussein's sons.  This movie's depiction of Uday is so ridiculously two dimensional.  His character is the most megalomaniacal, masochistic, cruel, and narcissistic depiction of a human being possible.  It's utterly ridiculous.  I've never been to Iraq..I'm not an Iraqi.  Iraq is over ten thousand miles away from where I live.  So I wouldn't presume to know what life in Iraq is like.  I've never met Uday Hussein. Is this filtered through the media.  I mean what if Uday was just apart of the leadership of an "enemy" country.  They show Uday reveling in horrible torture, raping young women, acting like a spoiled buffoon.  Quite frankly the portrayal is kind of over the top.  I mean hell they should dedicate a scene to him murdering a nice fluffy kitten you know to get an emotional response out of america's youth.  we killed these people.  they hung saddam.  they better have been these horrible monsters theyre portrayed as..if they aren't we the people are in some fucking trouble.  The movie spends a lot of time showing graphic torture..its horrifying they show it they dont censor it..there is a long scene of uday fucking a young girl.showing Uday groping and raping her after picking her up.  did this happen!?  or is this the ol child molester in a dirty van public menace that horrifies americans with children.  They spend time showing this torture and sex up close.  they take time.  It makes us uncomfortable its disturbing stuff and then we are shown the high pitch laughter the stupid behavior the goofy overbite smiling..  Is this how the actual Uday Hussain was?  I don't know.  They spend time to make fun of his overbite. It's childish.  does it evoke images of that ol wicked witch with a big wart on her nose..this overbite they fixate on it.  But that's how a lot of Americans are treated like children when spoonfed this over the top Hollywood bullshit from the family if it's credible as if it's realistic as if it's honest.  If it isn't we've got major fucking problems. Is it propaganda? do us companies profit off of this war and make films like these simply to ensure the american peoples support?  It is to justify what the government did over there?  In the movie the people of Iraq are hopeless disparate at the drop of a dime they can be murdered along with their families.  They are forced into a fanatical patriotism.  Something we sure know about.  But oh thank god we freed them right?  Unfortunately folks actual reality differs from the reality hollywood claims to be true.  Our country murdered these people..  It's ok our country didnt assasinate a country's leaders and invade it no no they "Freed it" from the evil grip of their demonic oppressors.  I don't know what to believe.  This shit is through the looking glass..they do hire play writes to make these films.  I know how this shit works.  They make the guy into a public enemy and they exaggerate how nerdy he is..

yeah im real sure this what Uday Hussian was like(sarcasm)  maybe for the dvd they can add in a ten minute scene of him murdering a know to educate america's youth.
I'm not a citizen of Iraq..I never lived as an Iraqi under Saddam's leadership,  So how the fuck would I know what it was like..after seeing a stupid fucking movie?! I'm not an iraqi..I don' wake up every day and go to work or school under the iraqi get glimpses of it through this medium from these characters how depressed Uday's mistress the characters talk about how hey would shed every drop of their blood for iraq... Uday's ferraru,,his palaces his army of mistresses his armani suits and rolexes..but these are 15 to 20 minute this life in iraq?! is this how Uday and the people of Iraq are?  I'm questioning this because the media is very crooked at times.  They have gangsta spokesmen rapping to kids about how they need to buy their cool sweatshop garbage and fuck themselves up on cheap booze and dope...portraying gangsta pimps as cool.  They sell sell sell non stop everychance they get shamelessly.  Do they also make propaganda?   This movie is supposed to be realistic.  But it's hollywood I'm going to make an educated guess.It's la la land.. im sure their job is to make him appear as evil as possible.  It makes you wonder if Hitler or Stalin were the tyrannical monsters our country portrays them as. They make them out to not be human. They are human.  literally in some videogames and movies the evil dooers are depicted as monsters, demons, zombies.  Slander it's a powerful tool...they spend a lot of time concerned about "public opinion" our it constantly regulated and influenced to ensure that its favorable?  I want to know what's really happening..what's really going on. I don't want to be lead to conclusions that are not true..but hey welcome to america. 

consider the propaganda film Armageddon made pre 9-11.  A great terror threatens the world an asteroid headed for earth..a disaster big blockbuster big budgeted hollywood spectacle..made into a propaganda film...Independence Day anyone? heres the premis an asteroid is about to destroy earth but nasa rounds up a team of american oil drillers who save the day by flying to the asteroid and drilling a nuclear bomb into its core and blowing it up...thats right american oil world with nuclear bomb.does  america save the world with its nuclear arms or control it.

Next on the list of US propaganda is the remake of "Red Dawn"  In this movie North Korea that country with an 8 billion dollar GDP, struggling with extreme poverty due to economic sanctions..a country that has a 50 year old airforce, navy, and with mass starvation...takes over and successfully invades the united states. North Korea takes over and occupies the United States.  Again North Korea's entire GDP is 8 billion dollars while our military budget alone is 400 billion dollars.  But hell it's the red scare its time for hollywood to make American's hysterical.  How would North Korea even occupy the united states.  its absurd. its utterly ridiculous, but there are people that are so dumbed down they see this on the big screen and honestly become scared of north korea as some sort of legitimate threat to the "free world"  It's that 60 fucking year old cold war. Lets face it....the media is fucking stupid..."Red Dawn" This shit is fucking stupid.  Hey hollywood could you actually make something plausible..something in a real world not your red scare paranoid utterly untrue wholly impossible flick that is supposed to scare us of a north korean invasion. The cold war is still going on I guess because theyre still making cold war propaganda.  Is the korean war over or are the powers at be still hell bent on winning it that's why there is this uneasy peace with soldiers glaring at eachother across the parallel aimed at eachother.  it didnt end there is a hiatus and they raise new generations to prepare to fight it.  Cold war propaganda has spanned the generations from the 50s to the 80s..The country has invested billions in fighting it..created these hi tech things like stealth bombers and nuclear powered submarines.   It's not over and theyre bringing it up for again for the next generation...perhaps we dont live in different times from 1950 when the country churned out this cheesy red scare propaganda perhaps we just live in those times further along...further down the line.  Thats why we see reddawn a movie that came out in the 80s remade for a new generation. now that the USSR is out of the picture is this country now finally able to move in on that other half of korea..that territory that Japan lost after the shit was nuked out of them? korea was once japans but after japan was defeated their territories were no longer theirs so the winners russia and the usa both tried to take them as their own...not leaving the koreans alone or letting them establish their own country but ..they did the same thing with berlin. they fought over the winnings. and the two winners of world war 2 russia and the usa both went after Korea as if it was their own. Is it a coincidence that we are in still Afghanistan because we have been fighting for Afghanistan for 30 plus years...thats right when the CIA armed those militants it was to fight and kick out the soviet the soviet union has crumbled and afganistan is ours for the taking..its this simple the soviets wanted it we kicked them out now we're taking it.   im not saying north korea isnt oppressive I have seen documentaries but just because somthing is a documentary doesnt mean its the end up assuming a lot..I don't speak the language..when osama gives his speeches about death to the infadels i dont even know what hes saying or how hes saying it.  north korea does look like a hell hole absurd orwellian dictatership thats the way our culture looks to many of them...but our media making a film about them invading and occupying us is just equally absurd. Time for America to save them right?  Don't worry people of North Korea America will save you soon enough and before you know it you'll be free to make minimum wage wear sweatshop clothes with advertisements on them and to buy all the chicken mcnuggets the factory farm can make..walmarts gangs can patrol your streets.  I mean if north korea is truly as bad as it's portrayed by the media then we should have been over there years ago.  They talk about brainwashed people a cruel dictator, starvation, and work camps...what the fuck are we waiting for..liberate those people.  whats the wait?  but for some reason I still have this feeling that I'm just watching slander produced by a country that is not giving me the whole side of the story.  Capitalists hate communism.  They are seriously threatened by it because the core of Marxist doctrine is about freeing the exploited underclasses of capitalism. the proletariat. the rented classes used for their labor..overworked and underpaid by people wealthy off of them. no wonder these rich fucks are so threatened by it. free the proletariat?! No way right? capitalist pigs need to exploit those human resources..those poor huddled masses build up the rich.  They're live stock for fucksakes. Theyre bonded by supply and demand.  This country..the mobs in this country...corporations and industries operating legally in this country have been exploiting lower classes for centuries..CENTURIES.  Communism This system really is opposed to it and north korea happens to be a communist country.  I'm not saying communism is good or right..I think these communists are a lot like fucking capitalists.  And both sides dont want the whole world to know just how alike they really are. that one system claiming to be better is infact no different than the other. but they make valid points when they address the corruption of eachothers nations. the media is so often full of shit its hard to know for's a propaganda film: rocky 4..where they portray the russian as a cold emotionless killer..a stereotype of a soviet. Again dehumanizing as if these people somehow feel less because they are brainwashed..they show rocky training in nature earnestly to avenge his murdered friend.. meanwhile they show the russian in an advanced training facility specifically to show him taking steroids...those soviets are dirty cheaters!!!!..yeah its the soviets that use steroids to win:

right lance? its the soviets using steroids..oh and thanks i almost forgot about the discovery channel for a millisecond..thanks hero.
ivan drago the russian boxer is so dehumanized..he is portrayed as smug as cold and as a monster..he almost fits the stereotype of an aryan nazi..seemingly convinced of his own superiority. he murderors rocky's friend apolo at the beginning of the film..time is spent showing rocky at apolo's funeral.  this is a tale of how the plucky rock "avenges" Apollo and defeats the insurmountable russian the war on terror this same old tale of avenging...those victims on 9-11 we must avenge them!  I agree we must but what if our own country was behind it?    if it was an inside job however..wouldnt truly avenging them result in our terrorist government labeling us terrorists?  then this film actually has the nerve to preach peace at the end with rocky's speech despite making a complete villain out of the russians..they show his trainers shouting with clenched fists..yeah peace is what's wanted after you've been beaten of course.  
The final possible propaganda film is Marvel's "The Avengers"  A film basically aimed at children and sadly some adults in which the united states military forms a special unit of superheros to save the world. Basically they defend the united states against an invading army of monsters when they aren't selling fast suvs and fucking bubble gum...  One of the members is "Captain America" whose costume resembles a football outfit but with an America flag motif.  He is a super soldier. 
I'm sure the movie is raising legions of young males who want to grow up to be these heroic characters..they are never portrayed as negative they .  Again these heroes are fighting to defend the people's freedom from a tyranny that is hell bent on taking the people's freedom. Yeah sure america. Their base of operations is a flying aircraft carrier.  The US military is the heroic force behind the avengers..their military planes their flying aircraft carriers their super soldiers are saving us from evil monsters.  Yeah sure...just who are the evil monsters...? the japs? the germans? the reds? the soldiers of competing superpowers... terrorists us other human beings.. monsters. monsters are often the targets in shooter video games..whether they are deformed zombies that look like bombed out peoples or aliens or killer fucking robots or demons from hell...bang bang bang wipe out dat vermon boys! "theyre vermon that needs to be exterminated" are the good guys protecting us from monsters?  not from where im sitting.  Back to the avengers  This film targets very young audiences and I'm sure it makes an impression on this country's youth. Hollywood's propaganda is absolutely criminal.  It entirely misinforms the public..rattles the saber, and exploits its audience.  I cannot believe so many americans buy into this shit.  This country is at war with Iraq and so Hollywood slanders the Iraqi leadership...I mean hell what if we toppled a good country?  Because I don't know..I don't assume I know things about life in Iraq because of a stupid fucking hollywood not an iraqi citizen..ive never even set foot on that country's soil..all i know is what we get through the media and a lot of the time the media is quite the vile thing. .  Hollywood still produces educational entertaining important films but it has another side to it that is producing propaganda advertising and exploiting its audiences.  They show North Korea invading us as if it could happen.  There are only 24 million North Koreans..meanwhile there are 300 million Americans.  How exactly would they occupy us?  We have over 10,000 nuclear weapons. ten thousand thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that could wipe korea literally off of the map...oh no! oh no they might have developed half of one! If North Korea even has one which is unlikely the most they could possibly have is 10..those are atomic bombs meanwhile the usa has hydrogen bombs which are hundreds of times more powerful than atomic bombs.  Yet American's are scared of North Korea.  North Korea is equally warped with its leader preaching to the people we will fight the invaders in a glorious battle and remain the glorious nation we are..we will defeat them gloriously and bla bla bla. what the fuck are they preaching..It's such warped reality it sickens me.  It's delusional to think that North Korea could take over the united states yet Hollywood is portraying it as if it could happen...perhaps many americans are just as deluded as the north koreans. In case you missed Red Dawn hollywood produced the videogame Homefront about North Korea invading and occupying the United States..incase you missed that there was the motion picture "Olympus has Fallen" about a North Korean terrorist seizing control of the white house and taking our president hostage. Now is north korea going to invade us...or is that what we are going to do to north korea?  from what ive seen of north korea its an awful place..but thinking that they could take us over...thats fucking delusional.  Hollywood heavily influences younger demographics they do not have the real world experience and they are spoonfed this shit from the media without being able to cross reference what they just watch with any data regarding the real world ..which of course reveals that its utterly fiction claiming to be based in our world over and over again.  they trust the media at that age.  They are under the influence.  This propaganda it counters our intelligence.  It is retarding. People who trust it believe in lies. Sometimes the corrupt aspect of our media gives people a false perception of what's going on in our world  This isnt just merely entertainment it is criminal.  It is pathological lying.  I wonder when the country devises these horrific depictions of the enemy's country do they draw inspiration from our own backyard.  Brainwashing propaganda, oppressive disparity..fervent fanatical patriotism..suppression of the human spirit..slavery...are they projecting this country's faults on the enemy . I guess America allows our media to delude its target audiences.  Me, I'm not buying into this bullshit.  I am above the influence.  Who knows perhaps Iraq is that bad..perhaps Uday hussein is that evil, but as I said the movie shows such an over the top 2 dimensional portrait of the man.  A monster. ..but if he isn't then its pure slander. ..and it seems to me every enemy nation's leadership Hitler, portrayed as a monster ... were they I wonder..theyre are monsters here...working in checkout lines and micromanaging people....I doubt the official story or the things we are told to feel about these people are country was at war with...naturally our country was at war with them they arent going to say anything good about them thats just common sense but ive been raised to believe that this country wouldn't do such a thing..that this country is above that. Why should I be worried about Uday Hussein when there are thousands of fucking cruel gangsta thugs in the city I live in.  When Young Buck is on the big screen rapping.  Their is scum worse than the caricature of Uday Hussain selling for companies in this country.  They portray Uday as a monster...while in some video games monsters like 50 cent are portrayed as heroes..50 cents "Blood in the sand" .In military video games they portray enemy soldiers as monsters LITERALLY as zombies, as killer robots, as demons as aliens.  It dehumanizes the enemy... The fact is real monsters are out there on American streets gang raping women and muscling people.  They work in gangs and and jump and exploit people on the streets everyday.  Real monsters are judges and politicians who turn a blind eye to these fucking awful streets when theyre on their way to their suburban micro mansion.  They make people their bitches. ...There are real rapists in the military using their authority to rape and silence female soldiers with intimidation..police getting away with brutality...police and thieves scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition... Maybe we know all too well the vile scum this caricature of Uday Hussein is because we have to deal with that scum all the time in this if this country breeds it. the fact is this country produces so much misinformation so much propaganda you have to dig through it to find the truth.  That's oppressive.  That's tyranny.    Propaganda in kid's comic books is nothing new.  its a tried and true formula.
be an american hero kids!  get those "Evil dooers"  if only this country's had such pure motives.  are the evil dooers  just countries that are disobedient when this country makes its demands.  while the media takes real evil dooers and shows them as cool:

drug dealing pimps who are thugs to us..trying to push their shit on us. he tells kids to smoke weed everyday in his "music" smoke weed..EVERYDAY jesus christ thanks salesman..that wont burn me the fuck out or anything..but hey it makes me easier to rob when im high right?
yeah being  apimp is just so cool and a drug dealer..yeah we should idolize that fucking scum while they push drugs on masses of kids brainwashing them into worshiping their lowlife degenerate asses
yeah we know eminem you'll shoot us..we get it..get back to rapping about killing faggots and bitches. yeah the evil dooers are these Uday Hussains..maybe they are maybe they aren't but why are so many evil dooers right here being glorified by the media?!

these thugs are glorified by companies put in car commercials put in movies where they pose as heroes..poets..despite the fact that they are evil dooers all about fucking people up with drugs and selling them and robbing them and abusing many americans and ruling the streets of this country like their own dictaterships..its that one dictatorship ten thousand miles away that's got to go right? not the ones right down the street...not the fucking holy kingdom of walmart...  when they say bring those boys regard to the troops it means we need them fighting here

this is propaganda. thats not good.  kids are raised on this type of shit..then 9-11 happens and its time for us to be the great hero..enlist and what? get shot at so some prick can fill up his Cadillac Escalade for a bargain .. who caused 9-ll again? hey im all for truth and justice superman but is DC comics?

this is how dc comics portrays the mentally ill

DC's portrayal of the "schizophrenic" joker..he is often shown as a monster..with sharp teeth and red eyes. in one comic book he goes into a dialogue about beating a puppy to death with a kitten..he says all thats left is brains and fur.  these comic books are read by kids mind you and this is how they portray people diagnosed as mentally ill. "Oh no mommy the crazy man wants to kill my puppy..crazy people scare me!"  yeah they arent brainwashing children to fear people who are force drugged, shocked till theyre retarded confined day and night in a sensory deprivation environment and utterly hustled into betraying every rational thought every gut instinct of theirs... yeah those people are "DCs"  monsters.  these vicious stereotypes propagated by these stupid fucking propaganda books are as vicious as any racial ethnic stereotypes which are no longer acceptable in society. guess they still get away with bigotry when it comes to mental "defectives"  As scholars have long argued, governmental and medical institutions code menaces to authority as mental diseases during political disturbances.[5]:14 Nowadays, in many countries, political prisoners are sometimes confined and abused in mental institutions.-wikipedia
So if the super soldier is the hero in american propaganda who is the villian...the "insane" who have defective political views..they claim that the soviet union had political dissidents labelled insane and put in psychiatric facilities where they were abused.  funny i just read an article about occupy protesters  who were arrested and taken to bellevue psychiatry hospital...somthing tells me that shit is happening right here in america. judging by these portrayals of the insane in these "DC" comics as villains and cruel monsters.  while the heroes are super soldiers.  fucking government propaganda..they're influencing kids with it. 'comic shows..thanks america thought you were better than that...boy was i fucking wrong.

I'm not afraid of "terrorists"

You know what's quada isn't terrifying

This is terrifying:

66,000 civilians murdered in Hiroshima by the United going to school....CIVILIANS.... these people were indiscriminately killed good bad they were all killed as the enemy.  people who were going to school or work during morning rush kill as many of them as possible...people living their lives when out of the blue they were viciously killed by the united states. all of those people one bomb.  they never gave them a chance to fight for what they believed in or for bloody hell give them a chance to fight! thats war..this..this is extermination...slaughter..this is lower than war..this atrocity this abomination is genocide..this is a war crime.... what kind of country does this? perhaps this was a demonstration to the rest of the world...of america's power//  the usa says these people were training to resist the us troops. they said they were fanatical because they were training to resist an invasion meanwhile the us preaches the same exact fanatacism. if you watch the movie red dawn they feature high school kids they encourage to train in the woods and fight the soviets if the russians ever invade.....yeah its the japs who are fanatical because their nation was telling them resist the usa..but when america encourages the same thing its just awesome..its heroic..its the right thing to do..americans are fanatical...yep..its true...hard pill for these assholes to swallow....americans are so fucking fanatical...but no not here..not in this country right this country is better than those other countries its kicked the shit out dawn...lets get high school kids to become a resistance to save america from that evil USSR... this is the shit they killed the japanese people for..could they have won the war without doing this?.....maybe..maybe theyre not that clever they can simply mass kill all the japanese people from dropping a bomb from miles ahead a bomb they developed using a german scientist's research....yeah thats one way to win a war..which is the way they decided till the japs surrendored...thats how the us wins wars...justified killing because theyre guilty of fanaticism meanwhile they practice that same fanatacism here.  those people they worked in the factories and worked for the emperor the us military considered them apart of the japanese "war machine"..and they were murdered...this is what it boils down to the USA said if you don't surrendor we will mass murder and destroy all your major cities one after another till you're all dead...killing the japanese people  in a methodical calculated premedidated manner..they were working in factories producing weapons for the war effort...and thus their deaths are publisized as justified as necessary as somthing to good guys do to save the world..meanwhile rosy the riveter is back at home churning out tanks doing the same thing...its almost like these nations are USING many of the people and if these human beings happen to be on the enemies side..they will mass murder them all before lunch time..... the fact is these generals are not against killing civilians.   they aren't...its EVIDENT in their record of past theyre not exactly above doing somthing like 9-11...if it gains support for their brutal are these people?. if we were facing down an invasion the generals would have 15 year old pilots doing kamikazee missions as some last ditch effort to keep their power...believe me theyd be telling every little old lady to make improvised explosives and bestow their suicide bombers with the highest honors....theyd have 8 year olds marching around being taught how to run under a tank and detonate themselves..why? because they want to hold onto their riches and their power..and a lot of the people are merely for their own shows how little the system values the lives of human beings when this is the type of shit ordered.

this is what they do to us to win their wars. these arent just"japos" the "enemy" thats what the US does to your fellow humanbeing...LOOK! at what they do to human beings!   these people didnt die in an flash ..not an instant which is the LIE they told the american these people they lost their skin they died slow torture their fucking faces melted off and they staggered around in fallout...while it rained black toxic radioactive rain on them..yes the land of the free unleashed murderous hell on those civilians. this was an extremely disgusting and awful way to win it's war. but hey victory by any means I guess..because to the victor goes the spoils right..

that red scare doesnt terrify me..what happened to this kid does:

 This is a kid who was born with defects and deformities caused by Agent Orange..the toxic chemical the united states blanketed vietnam with during the vietnam know to win the war..chemical warfare?  hundreds of thousands of people have been born seriously mutated because of agent orange. yeah the united states sure "saved" these people from communism. look at how the usa helped these people from the evils of the red know what they say in the military..."Better dead than Red..."
This is how our country "saves" people.  these atrocities..these are ATROCITIES they were done by this country.  How many people have to be brutally murdered before people realize this country isnt on humanity's side.  this isnt a great nation...this isn't the greatest thing in the history of man the greatest nation on the face of the earth...this isnt a country saving the world...its not..that isnt reality...babies...children they murdered kids.  they bombed them because they were apart of the "enemies" nation..i guess "if you're not with us your against us"  isnt exactly a new thing.  this country kills children.  all this patriotic bullshit all this nationalism

..I'm not a pacifist im not opposed to war or violence im opposed to this kind of war.  this isnt civil war.  when innocent children end up causalities..this isnt war this is massacre...human beings should go to war if their rights are threatened if they are persecuted or enslaved or abused..then yes war is necessary for the people...war is natural..this is just grade A usa beef giving anyone not kissing the kings ring know how the usa wins its fighting fights dirty thats how it wins...chemical bombing...years of sanctions to win through attrition...torturing the enemy or anyone on the enemy's side..lying to the people to gain support..the USA is the dirtiest fighter on the will poke eyes..knee groins...focus on the kidneys...kick the guy when hes down and then when the fight is over he'll act like hes heroic..and virtous..and honorable

these are targets in videogames a popular "zombie" shooter.  has you shooting people that look like these bombed deformed if theyre monsters

these games thrusts a fun toy gun into your hand and has you shooting these bombed deformed people under the guise that theyre "zombies" this type of shit as kid's entertainment is of course ok in a country like the religious bullshit and gangster rap verbal assault on every radio station...for some people its just entertainment they arent on the recieving end of a lot of shit they are oblivious of and they read me like a fucking deluded whacko..they don't know half the shit that goes on in this country because they live a sheltered existence in their own little bubbles..they go to walmart and the shelf stocker is curteous and polite as he recommends some great savings and that hottest new cd the kids are raving about for little timmy's birthday and the american mother walks out thinking the world is zippity doo da meanwhile she bought a lamp and socks made in a sweatshop compound thats basically modern day slavery...while she thought the smiling friendly assistant who makes other employees his bitches was a life saver and a funny nice guy and buys some videogame for the kids thats violent but what the hell..its not that bad..meanwhile the villians in the thing are civilians that are put down and the focus of the game is not exploration or discovery or interaction but systematically killing the enemy in waves while she grabs a cd made by an ex pimp about how cool gangstas are and how crazy his hoe is
This is terrifying:

The police officer that beat this woman's head in claimed she fell..he was put on leave and she never got a dime

This terrifies me: 
the cops beat this bum to was caught on camera..but you know can knock em around and file into the report they were high on somthing and deranged and they bit one of the officers and bla bla bla..meanwhile what happened was 4 cops beat his head in kneed him in the ribs while tazing him...guess "he shoulda knowed his place..." the cop that killed him showed his fists and said "you see these..these are about to fuck you up" nice tough guy..thats the caliber of the these us police officers..real heroes on TV..turns out if the police arent hiring theyd be breaking fingers for the Bonanos or maybe breaking your legs for not paying your protection money.....but it gets worse...Judge...JUDGE william adams was caught on camera beating his teenage daughter with cerebral palsy with a belt because she downloaded a song over the internet..while her former slave owning mother chanted in the background in her texan twang..."stop crying and TAKE IT LIKE A WOMAN!" to shame her you know because when youre viciously whipped by your parents you're the guilty party for know whats terrifying not some masked man making grainy videos about blowing up some building but rather a country that has industries that amassed fortunes off of shit like this:

a country that would promise immigrants from europe freedom and keep them crowded in tenements:
giving them a slave wage working them in factories all day, working their children, giving them back barely enough to get by without starving.  breaking up their unions..keeping them on clock 18 hours out of the day while the bourgeois owning these industries sat in the lap of luxury. they tried drafting the irish in new york in the 1800s and they rioted so the united states sent a battleship up the coast of manhattan and fired on them.

a country that would kick peoples off their native lands..make them march miles in the winter till they were collapsing. putting them in christian schools erasing their cultures their way of life and putting them to work on reservations

a country that would invent this:
is this horrendous horrific shit considered an achievement in this country? ive seen the aftermath im not sure this thing is so fucking awesome.  powerful?  it seems kind of destructive?  the minds of those japs the potential of those people was powerful and this bomb destroyed all that..  perhaps this is the opposite of powerful.

who would invent such a thing...the type of people doing this shit

these terrorists aren't even given a trail..they are tortured...sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation water boarding and emotional abuse is used..they are tortured. you can seriously fuck someone up with sleep can cripple someone...they torture people TO DEATH...what are we to believe this torture is humane?  what the fuck..should we be afraid of terrorists? are they even those who attacked us on 9-11? no...not at all..its blatent...but those "truthers" are the us hordes targets...depicted as Charlie Sheen me crazy for doubting the official story...which the government does... when you hear about the usa detaining people without trail and putting them in torture centers for being considered enemy combatants..thats terrifying...and basically who determines if these people are sent to a torture center...i guess theyre shaken down and cross examined and those who arent kissing the troops asses who arent on the side of america are potential enemy combatants

Maybe the usa just doesnt like these rag tag fighters because they bombed the USS cole and they don't want us military bases in their me crazy but i don't think we should be afraid of these men at all. we should be afraid of this country, this government that time and again commits a horrible atrocity. hiroshima and nagasaki the united states killed over 150,000 civilians..195,000-430,000 Vietnamese civilians were murdered during the vietnam war and thousands more future generations from agent orange.  100,000 civilians were killed during the iraq war.  2000 civilians killed during the 9-11 attacks is a relatively small job for these people. its nothing compared to what theyve done. of course they would do it.  do you even know what this country has done. i mean these people had nuclear weapons aimed at every major russian city full of MILLIONS of people..those aren't reds or commies those are people..US.. and these generals and the u.s. military were seriously ready to to annihilate them all. even if that meant our own deaths from a russian retaliation.these generals didnt care they were in bunkers.  .meanwhile they told us to hide under our direct that fear and helpless of those frightened kids under their desks at those reds... as if that would protect us from a nuclear explosion. meanwhile their base of operations is two thousand feet under a mountain. they tell us to hide under our fucking desks!? not for this kind of war.  not for another century or millennium.   These killers don't care if they murder children..they don't care if they murder vietnamese children or iraqi children they don't care if they take away an american kid's father or mother working in the trade center.  they don't care about us.they see a lot of us a resource for them to fucking fish in the ocean like coal...spies would call civilians they recruited or extorted or forced to spy or to divulge information about the enemy as their ASSETS..for them human beings are still live stocks to work and to profit off of.  no different than when they were hauled off a boat sold on the streets and worked on the different.  we are their supply to demand.  they would draft us to do their fighting  now adays minimum wage is so low the cost of living is so high we are enlisting to afford a future to get out from working for some shitty corporate business coughing up a minimum wage for using us all day and brainwashing us with their corporate this better than a draft?! just sink the up the price of tuition and detonate a landmark and get my generation to volunteer for that shit...and hell now that there isnt a draft it wont be so obvious that so many were allowed to dodge it.... young americans dying and killing for these rich fucks driving their gas guzzling SUVs..their cadillac escalades.   They dehumanized the japanese..called them yellow japos.....stereotyped them..and they fucking blew them away..killed their kids oh well it was just some know shoot some human being kid..nah nah nah just shot a "jap".  they fire bombed cities of civilians then nuked them. cities full of civilians..the japanese war machine? meanwhile theyve got all the civilians in the us working in factories for the us war machine..but its ok when they murder hundreds of thousands of civilians working in factories because they were apart of the "japanese war machine" like it was it was a justifiable act.   fuck their tyranny..i see it and it's tyrannical..its so bloody obvious.  they are ruthless.  these rulers have bad hearts.  they aren't sick..they aren't "insane" theyre fucking bad people.  wake up and witness this fucking horrible shit because this is what's being done to us...oh they say it's not us well the human species shouldnt be divided because of race or lines on a fucking map...gooks are micks we're the same fucking species!  when they bomb the shit out of those "gooks" theyre killing us! some people don't see it that way they just see it as killing "gooks."  they can try to make us blind to that by exaggerating our differences..those are homo sapiens..those are our relatives. they fucking mass murder them!  that's us theyre killing...don't you people get it! they mass murder... US/  they kill us over there they kill us over here.. thats what they did on 9-11 they killed us!  they don't make a distinction if it's to win their war with the arabs that are blowing up embassies and the uss cole then fuck it..they'll kill us to rally us behind the cause.  they kill us..then they point to their enemies and say thats who did it and we go off and kill the enemy of our enemy.  sometimes i feel like we should be fleeing this fucking country.  how can you wave a flag.."pledge your allegiance"..theyve got children pledging their allegiance every want me to pledge my allegiance to you everyday..without knowing what you've expect my allegiance for my to ally with you after hiroshima and nagasaki after that! after two hundered years of slavery after you kicked the natives off their lands...after you renamed us at ellis island and moved us into slums to work day and night for your rockefellars and your not quite sure i should pledge my allegiance.  who do you care about your fellow human beings or just another fucking nation. stockpiling weapons to kill masses of us again.  they have a nuclear bomb they have weaponized viruses and automatic weapons...this is not good for us and it's only going to get worse..if we don't take a stand for what's right.  are we going to stand by and watch as it gets WORSE...WORSE.  you believe these fucks are force drugging people. They kill us and then tell us to be peaceful.  it's outrageous.    you people out there need to be outraged by this shit.  were given the choice to elect the rulers they select..its outrageous.  it's time for us to lead.  we don't need someone leading us and dragging us through these fucking atrocities...then talking to us as if we're children..explaining to us all that vicious disgusting murder was for the greater good...that it should serve as a reminder for us to be peaceful...ugh!  fuck that!  we're missing out people we're missing out on our inherit right to rule and control for ourselves..meanwhile this is the horrific shit we have to tolerate and live with. were supposed to be scared of some old resistance fighter in a know those nuclear bombs these scumbags have in their missle silos..their thousands of tanks...attack helicopters..battleships..their millions of automatic weapons and explosives. their armies of troops that don't practice their own moral judgement and just follow orders when theyre told to go torture some guy whose head they hunted..their weaponized viruses and poisons...those are a little bit more terrifying than any of those fucking "Terrorists"  who should you really be afraid of? when i was in highschool i wrote a paper which supported the use of the atom bomb...I was in support of the war in vietnam and very much pro government...but i was not exposed to this sort of stuff..i didnt see it from the side of the japanese people..i didnt fathom the brutality of those acts the horror..the sheer horror of the aftermath of that bomb...people with their faces melted off..their skin hanging off...and they went ahead with this bombing knowing that they would kill kids..their were thousands of schoolchildren in those cities on their way to school. i mean jesus christ that takes a cold heart to order that shit...i just couldnt do win..its all about winning right. win the big game dont be a loser...i dont see this as a war is won when both sides eventually come to terms and negotiate with one another and make peace..not when cities of civilians are mass murdered to cripple your opponents war effort.  but eh war is hell they is dire it is life and death maybe ive got my head in the clouds maybe im an idealist but those werent japs they were killing those were human beings.  you know it brings me to tears sometimes to see interviews with old old men who still cry to this day with their faces burned off.  and to think after the usa does this to those people they are told sternly now it is time for that peace or is that conquering? after they kill your families, poison you burn your entire city to the ground you are the one that needs to be peaceful!? when i wrote my essay in support of the atomic bomb.what the fuck did i know back I know how brutal how cruel how vicious those acts were. civilians were a strategic target.  they were deliberatly slaughtered.  i dont know anymore if this country is right...which is why i question the official story of 9-11. because i dont know anymore..i dont think i know like i did when i was just a teenager.  this country has done brutal brutal brutal things...9-11? what's that compared to hiroshima and nagasaki? its a relatively small job.  they have demonized these terrorists these resistance fighters and are currently torturing them in brutal ways.  people don't understand that sleep deprivation can cripple someone..that smearing feces and degrading them etc etc can destroy the ego the self esteem of someone and have them hating themselves so on and so forth. and who knows what else they are doing when they outsource torture to these black sites. who knows what kind of shit they are doing to people to win this war..who knows what they did to us to gain our support to win this war.  the way i see it is what kind of tyrannical force would kill its own people to gain support for a war..would massacre them sacrafice them so to speak but then i see hiroshima and nagasaki and what kind of government would bomb children....burning their flesh off cancering them..then real fear sets in not of terrorists but of my own government. this government that allows the media to churn out all this fear and terror of crazy people..those psycho those maniacs those and this is their term "mental defectives" to defect does that mean taking "the enemies" side..oh and when someone is regarded as mentally defective it means that they are incompetent and thus subject to "treatment" without the ability without the right to say they can give you overdoses of drugs that make you sick..they can detain you in a treatment facility for as long as they want..they can shock your brain until you're convulsing and vomitting and retarded..and because you are defective you don't have any choice. these "treatments" are court ordered to deal with those defectives.  believe me there is a side to this country that a lot of citizens do not see or experience. people stripped of their rights and crippled behind closed doors, abused by staff, persecuted called kooks, lunatics, whackos, nutjobs, basketcases, psychos, maniacs, goes on and on. and you hear about the troops using emotional abuse in these torture facilities in gitmo and abu ghraib where they bring out female troops to point and laugh at the stripped prisoners penises. where they smear them with feces and tell them "your people are filthy and uncivilized"  it can batter someone emotionally.  kill their self is disgusting. its just like breaking someone's fucking legs with a sledge hammer only your doing it on the inside to their feelings. this is all to protect us..meanwhile the gangstas that rob, assault, and threaten abuse and extort us that run these streets like a prison yard rap on the radio..that sing about how great their drugs are and about how cool being a pimp is and how anyone who doesnt think so is a bitch that needs to get smacked. yeah theyre really protecting us by torturing those resistance fighters....i mean oh no what if those people are just fighting for their homes.we dont know. the news doesnt explain this shit they glorify it in between their rampant advertizing. what IS going on in that part of the can't know until you've been there. until you've mixed with the people, spoken their language, and heard their side.  but oh no im sure thats "fraternizing with the enemy" im sure unless you're spying on them then you are being "Defective" maybe being a defective is a good thing..maybe its the right thing to do.  the one thing i have heard is that they want US military bases off of their land..that Iran ousted the Shaw..the Shaw which was living in a palace, bathing in milk for his skin's health while his people starved..

Tales of ECMCs psych ward..a "healthcare" facility

The first patient they put me with in the small bare room with two beds was 200lbs of muscle.  He started drawing obscenities and graffiti over my bed, asking me questions about myself.  Then he started calling me bitch.  He put on my shirts and laid in his bed with a smirk on his face like what was i going to do about it. it was like schoolyard bullying.   he came over to my bed and put his arm around me and started trying to tickle me. "why you so serious" i didnt want the guy touching me. then one of the nights he walked over to me while i was sitting in the chair on my side of the room doing a crossword puzzle put his crotch in my face pulled his pants down and put his penis directly in my face then he said "come on you know you want to."  I left the room.  when i came back he started a verbal argument got in my face while he was shirtless and pulled back his fist like he was going to hit me but stopped before hitting me. everyday he would take of his shirt and make poses with his muscles trying to intimidate me. the problem was the drugs made me feel exhausted like extremely exhausted and the combination of the stress was making me feel internally racked. i told them about all this and the nurse rolled her eyes said there werent any other rooms open. they didn say anything to the guy and they were rude when i told them about it.  i wanted to sleep i was so tired to but i was frightened to so i crumpled up and felt total shock from sleep deprivation.  i was with this guy for a week and on a huge dose of medication.  i felt my stomach give out it made me so weak at one point. i was exhausted but afraid to sleep.  i started feeling incontinent and had to run to the bathroom in which i would have long liquid bowel movements...just streams of water coming out of me.  the tough guy started saying to me you're such a bitch i bet you piss sitting down.  i felt so weak after those two weeks on the ward. literally like the strength had been squeezed right out of me.  then they painted the halls and the room i was in...painted them bare in mind the windows were sealed. there was no circulation and i was in this place 24/7 all week. maybe you have not been stuck in a wet painted sealed room all day. i started to feel high in the head..nauseous this in combination with the medication.  the staff would slam open the doors in the morning.  it was a terrifying shock. i would be passed out from the heavy doses of medication then BAM.  im talking slamming these things open.  i jumped out of bed when they did this and my heart was pounding in my chest.  then they came in with mops and buckets and dumped cleaner on the floors and cleaner on the counters. god how i needed a breathe.  when i told the staff at the desk about the patient i was with being violent swinging his fist at me the woman literally rolled her eyes to me and told me "well we cant change any of the rooms right now." i told her he was violent coming over to my bed touching me wearing my clothing..she wasnt concerned at all she talked to me like i was an annoyance and she did not care in the slightest. real nice staff.  the place was so ghetto.  the cleaning staff would slam open the doors in the morning it made me lurch awake/  i just sat there shocked with my heart pounding.  before i was put on the psych unit they had me on the geriatric unit for two nights before a bed opened up.  i witnessed the staff handling the elderly patients roughly talking to them rudely and commandingly.  it was abusive.. im not a criminal. im not a bad person. i dont know why this was done to me...i dont deserve this shit.. but the fact of the matter is im willing to go through all this treatment all these theraputic services take all this medication pay these doctors and agree with everything they say because i never want to be back in a place like that.  how this is good for people i dont know. i spent my days looking out a sealed window at a parking lot.  i felt so debilated after a month waiting to be discharged when i was finally released it felt like i was never back to my old self anymore. i had become used to being on edge..used to being around aggressive strangers.  one of the patients said what the fuck are you looking at when i just made eye contact with him another patient swung a pool cue at me while we were in the recreation room and stopped inches from me..he swung it full swing like a baseball bat. it made my heart lurch and then i felt sick and weak from the drugs toll. it was a sudden shock that my body just couldnt tolerate from being so exhausted from the the slamming of the doors it was a sudden shock inside it was like racking my body.  they encouraged me to research my "illness" and they gave me things to read. the more I read the crazier it made me feel about myself.  after 6 months of involuntary outpatient treatment every day of the week where everyday the topic was the illness i became focused on this disease. it was their obsession and they wouldnt let me forget it. as if it defined me. I had it..right and now they were literally communicating it to me..i guess mental illnesses are communicable diseases..all this stuff about how it made my life a challenge all of these things...all of these problems and symptoms i never i need drugs to balance my insane mind when they make me lose my feelings literally.they keep me numb..they block dopamine receptors as in pleasure fresh air the pleasure from it gets blocked and you wonder why people get depressed on these drugs..  they tell me things like i had the disease and i didnt even know it. i used to feel quite sane and normal after all this shit im a mess physically my self esteem is fucked from being made into a bitch and i doubt my better judgement.  the medication would make me vomit and give me diarehea and like clockwork everynight at 4 am a horrible burning would start in the core of my chest and it would last for about an hour until it became so intense i would vomit.  my vomit had this horrendous chemical taste from the medication and then it was time to go to day treatment at 7 am. i was so exhausted i was dragging my feet literally.  in the mornings i found an old abandoned stairwell in the facility walked to the very top and slept in the corner on the floor. i was so tired it felt like life and death.  one morning i went inside one of the counselors cars and slept in the backseat before he came down and pounded on the back window.  "what are you doing!" like i was a crazy man. sorry buddy my body desperatly needs sleep not to sit in some room while these counselors persuade, convince, and pressure how insane i am.  whats insane is this brown chemical vomit im puking up every night..what is insane is how this drug hits me like a freight train and i dont fall asleep or go to bed anymore but pass the fuck out and wake up feeling like i spent the entire night getting tanked.  but i didnt say that i went back to day treatment. one thing they had plenty of was coffee..i didnt want to make myself anymore strung out then i was. the medication made me so weak and so rired i wasnt about to do more drugs to make myself jittery and wiry no i had to find ways to sleep.  it was a horrible experience..and ive seen people who are permanently trapped in those facilities people being shocked in those places with no homes with no decent human contact.  they look like theyve been retarded. they dont blink or swallow or have any recollection of their past lives.  after they get shocked they have vomit on their chin..its god awful.  i never want to be one of those people so I agree to the medication even though it makes my entire body feel like shit. even though it exhausts me.  and in order to be considered mentally well and healthy you have to go back to work and work on the body is weak and tired but i work. at the end of the day i feel drained but at least im on the outside and not stuck in some small room with a thug making me his bitch.  hospital..its probably worse than a fucking prison.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is considered music in this country

Tbese are lyrics from a popular eminem rap song:

"Bitch I'ma kill you! You don't wanna fuck with me
Girls neither - you ain't nothing but a slut to me
Bitch I'ma kill you! You ain't got the balls to beef
 .. I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (cause why?)
Cause Shady, will fucking kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (why?)
Cause Shady, will fucking kill you..

Bitch I'ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I'ma conceal you
In a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you"

These drug dealing pimps assault people with words, threaten people, and batter people..the government allows this they protect is as the freedom of speech and they trademark proof these records.  A spokesperson for eminem's record company once had to address an audience that wanted eminem censored for his vicious hate speech..his constant threats towards homosexuals which he refers to as faggots..his music which was often about murdering his girlfriend which was traumatic for battered women to hear...the record company sleezebag said that once elvis was considered offensive...what the fuck is wrong with the media

there was a time when they censored every god damn fucking was all this artificial fake ass leave it to beaver bullshit..there was a time when it was considered offensive to say pregnant on the fucking they either don't allow anything but they allow this horrible criminal shit.  its not ok to show a woman's nipples but when eminem raps play it over and over market it at middle schoolers and high school sell that record rife with messages about how drugs are great and anyone who doesn't like gangsta should be brutally murdered...that makes sense doesnt it?

  gangster rappers aren't poets they aren't artists theyre fucking street level thugs, pimps, and dope pushers...a pimp rhymes fuck with suck throws in the words my bitches and bing bang boom turn on the drum loop and shout into the microphone.  its a hit...fuck em. anyone could make this garbage the fact is they are choosing to play criminals..thugs that prey on people.  they are deliberately choosing to air that.  this fucking trash in this country is marketed at kids..teenagers.  these songs play during school dances and concert events aimed at kids...its fucking disgusting..but this is normal in this country.  this type of vile shit is normal.  snoop dogg raps about giving a woman an overdose and fucking her.  dmx raps about raping and robbing..former crack rock dealer jay z has an ongoing relationship with president obama who even quoted one of his songs..jay z, snoop dogg, eminem, dmx, dr dre.they all rap about murder and dealing drugs. People assume these threats are aimed at other gangstas when in actuality the threats in these songs are aimed at regular people and the general public who get threatened everyday by these gangstas who have crews of thugs out there on the streets robbing threatening pimping and dealing.  When eminem says bitch ima kill you he isn't beefing with some other gangsta he's sending a message out there to all those people these thugs batter and exploit.  People who don't like their music, who are disgusted by criminal culture and these people are regarded by these criminals as "bitches" for they "bitch" about what these criminals do... so naturally these murderers rhyme about killing anyone who is a "bitch." This shit plays in this know i wonder what doesn't play while they're airing gangster rappers.  its such disgusting degenerate shit. who decided that these lowlife fucks are the ones the nation's young adults should be listening to?..that these are the fucks deemed cool.  they play eminem's singles all the time and say go our kids and buy the record. kids think eminem is cool and he talks about popping vicadins and then drinking a bottle of vodka like that's cool.  is it a coincidence he's named after a childrrn's candy that looks like pills...m and m minis were once sold to kids and they came in these little pharmaceutical bottles.
and anyone who knows anything about the sleeze bags that deal this shit talk about their drugs like its fucking candy.."dude you gotta try the yellow ones oh man pop the pink ones theyare the best man!" these drug companies want people associating this shit with candy they love the dealers getting people hooked on the shit..when someone abuses prescriptions they call it "self medicating"  by the time the target market grows up these pills are candy for adults..its a treat right.  this marketing is disgusting..fucking drug dealers (legal and illegal)  dont they fucking put their pot in fucking brownies..yumm.  and big corporations do the same shit with candy flavored tobacco products..chocolate cigarettes candy flavored booze and beer which are all still fucking legal in this country even though these drug dealers are blatantly trying to target kids. eminem raps about how smoking weed gives him rapping skills how wonderful exctasy feels...try it man its sweet like candy dude...they want junkies that they can beat on..pop this shit like it's candy..chug this shit like its candy. its sherbert vodka its lemonade beer swill it like its fucking snapple until it kicks in all at follow eminems example and try a pill with it. theyre fucking people up.  once they get these people on a substance they abuse them.

yum m and m minis

here is some music by nine inch nails:

"There is no you
There is only me 
There is no you
There is only me 
There is no fucking you
There is only me
There is no fucking you
There is only me"
That's great isn't for all those people in abusive relationships being dominated by an abuser or a pimp.they really need to hear these creeps screaming into the microphone "there is no fucking you" then snarling "there is only ME!" this music does wonders to your self esteem..crank it up and tune in and in no time that ego will disintegrate 

here;s an inspiring little ditty by "drowning pool":

 If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
You're gonna get knocked down...


Yeah, that's the only thing here that's left for you.
Yeah, that's the only thing you're ever gonna fuckin' do.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before.

So take some good advice,
You better stop and think twice,
Before you take your first step,
Out that door.

So if you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down.

Wow how fucking motivational...They aim this shit at battered women and abused kids.  who puts these assholes on the air?  bigger assholes?  the shit this country plays  i wonder if nazi germany was churning out shit as bad as this fucking garbage. this country defends these criminals and thugs and allows them to air this music because it's "their freedom of speech." never mind the fact that it verbally abuses thousands. thats right when a criminal shouts hate speech at a target market that's protected by the government but when I say this is a fucking horrible country that has committed atrocities for centuries im labelled a terrorist.
 maybe we should hear records made by the victims and not their oppressors.

here is a katy perry song calling people gay...she has another song calling some target demographics bitch

I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You don’t eat meat
And drive electrical cars
You’re so indie rock it’s almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like boys
You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like
No you don’t even like…

[Verse 2]
You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal
You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal
Secretly you’re so amused
That nobody understands you
I’m so mean cause I cannot get you outta your head
I’m so angry cause you’d rather MySpace instead

. what is this horrible shit? katy perry who is produced by drug dealer gangsta pimp snoop dogg..lets listen to what "art" snoop dogg is making... this is what the land of the free is playing:

" Kick off my feet and count my cheese
Snoop this ain't the XLF, this the P-I-M-P
Look, she think she burned out
Wait until I put her on the fast track and have her turned out
[Verse 3: Tray Deee]
Lil pretty skinny ass bitch, but she gotta monkey
I know she suck dicks cause her lips nice and puffy
But she got the wrong thought, kinda got me turned off
Must be why she sweatin me, the ectasy she gon off
For realler, ho don't know i'm bout that scrilla
I peel her like a sunkiss for comin wit that dumb shit(stupid bitch!)
I keeps the P.I., poppin fa sho
Other suckas tend to love em, we just cop em and blow
Hos come, hos go, hos runnin ya slow
So keep her foot up in her ass, unless a dick in her throat
Main grew bitch will go what I make ya do
And keep ya eyes on my Stacys while i'm lacin you"

For anyone who doesn't know the lingo pimps give prostitutes cigarettes laced with pcp.  Yes when a man Loves a woman why those are just we just "cop em and blow" what he means is abuses them verbally and physically addicts them to dope and pushes them around selling them..and by blow im pretty sure he means delivers blows to their heads..yeah thanks you "P-I-M-P" hes proud of that go on beating up women and selling them...Snoop dogg sings about the hardships of the hood as if he's the victim. these rappers always work this angle..that they're poor and impovershed and thats why they lead a life of crime and thats why theyre vicious brutal thugs..its like the bully that says they bully because theyre the ones who are insecure..nevermind the fact that theyre going around making people insecure its they who are..bullshit...i guess were getting "played" by these thugs like our heart strings are a fiddle to pluck..working us for our sympathies. see i sympathize with poor people trapped in the ghetto but i dont sympathize with this disgusting evil pimp piece of shit known as snoop dogg...meanwhile he talks about abusing women and pimping them. oh snoop grew up poor in the ghetto boo hoo..he had no choice but to deal drugs and strong arm those women he calls "hoes" let me get out the worlds smallest violin. problem is half of mainstream america doesnt know exactly what the fuck he's talking about. pimps are modern day slave owners many of the women don't choose the life of a prostitute that's why it's so easy for these thugs to find weak skinny hungry women that they can drug up and strong arm and threaten and rob and sell.  snoop dogg performed at my university and they paid him out of student tuition.  a state school paying a pimp drug dealer to perform.  This country reveres criminals. this country is worried about gays getting married but not drug pushing abusive pimps performing at schools.  just what kind of bullshit do we have to put up with in this country.  take Australia. snoop dogg was denied entry into Australia.  BRA-fucking-VO. other countries won't even let this guy on their america he's on stage plugged into industrial speakers.but then again this country is a disgusting shithole..jesus christ I almost forgot..what was i thinking. this country is so bad this shit they play on the radio should come as no surprise. this shit is considered music in this country. what in the fuck.

Friday, June 7, 2013

how the land of the free treats civil protest


im going to go ahead and suggest that our "first responders" are not the heroes they are portrayed as on tv..these occupiers are protesting inequality in this were the civil rights protesters...racial it's economic inequality..inequality hasn't gone anywhere. economic inequality is the backbone of this country.  the homeless used to be arrested for "vagrancy" where they were shipped to labor camps and forced to perform labor for nothing...  what an understanding country.  the european immigrants who came to this country locked away in third class worked for practically nothing and were crammed into dilapidated tenements..their children were worked..they were treated like shit by the upper class...the rich that worked them day and night paid them a few cents spit on their kids and said "fucking mick runts!"  and of course the africans who were stolen from africa and sold in chains on the streets to an upper class that bought caged starved raped human beings ...separated families and saw nothing wrong with this. just how evil are these people?  who would buy someone to serve them? just how evil is that? well they still fucking do it. I'm baffled by it..its so evil why would someone even want that..but they do and they like it. the africans suffered the same type of persecution as the irish who were told they were inferior because of their ethnicity. they believed this and it made them full of shame and humble...the rich are shameless..the poor are full of shame. the rich are so shameless they might as well wipe their asses with silk. have you seen the fucking houses these people live in..the cars they drive ..the service they demand. they are fucking shame less.  the richest 1 percent in this country owns 90 percent of the wealth..meanwhile millions of Americans work all of the time and struggle to get by. it would seem that wealth is not distributed fairly in this country...the people protest this and they are assaulted by thugs in riot gear with battons and pepper spray. nothing has changed in this country. the law doesn't want wants obedience.  the law isnt fighting for justice rather its upholding law and order to maintain the system. a system which is rife with inequality. these police arent justice theyre fucking security guards they crack down on protests that get disorderly because fucking dunkin donuts almost got its window smashed..because the new york tribunes newspaper stand got knocked over...uh oh signs of disorder time to brutally attack people who are already abused by by the system in order to maintain this fucking order.  they arent justice theyre fucking insurance for the system.  this law and order isnt justice...but what the fuck do these cops care they follow orders! they dont follow theyre fucking heart. they are concerned with keeping lower classes in line.    they are in place to suppress revolt. why do these occupiers give a shit about the police's pensions?!..they get rewarded for their brutality.  They aren't sweating under managers for minimium wage, riding the bus and sleeping in some ghetto apartment.  They're buying new cars living in suburbs.  They aren't whipped at work they have interesting jobs in the real world not some corporate microcosm super store.  They know this and that's why they follow those orders.  They know they get rewarded for taking these orders and they brutally attack freedom fighters.  TRAITORS.  the fact of the matter is the rich ruling class cannot spend all of its time ruling the people. thus they created government. they select and elect the officials to govern the people on thier behalf. the government controls the people for the rich because the rich don't want to spend all of their time controlling the people. that's a lot of they just create and pay a government for doing that. if the people steal from us put them in jail...maintain the infrastructure and if the people revolt sick the police on them. one of government's major duties is to suppress revolution and that is why you see them crushing this near revolt in new york.  the fact is these occupiers are young underpaid second class citizens fighting for their own liberty.  they are getting hit with battons, sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray, and detained. I say swing back. some of them were taken to psychiatric wards.  thats right in many oppressive countries political dissidents are labeled as insane. I guess america isn't above that shit.  so they get taken to those places detained held without any idea of when they'll be released and force drugged..while they are told how fucking crazy they are. did you know psychiatrists once said runaway slaves suffered from a form of mania the cure was to "whip the devil out of them" and remove their big toes to keep them from being able to run.  what a lovely country....our police don't keep the streets safe..they DO NOT..that is a fact.only in upper class neighborhoods are the streets safe.  they dont even stop gangs from raping and dealing even in their prisons..and thats the way they like it they can toss a political prisoner to the homeboys to ass rape and make their bitch.  they don't protect us atall but what they do is maintain law and order...they keep disgruntled people from uprising or rebelling or changing the world for the better.  the fact is the rich have millions of underpaid overworked desperate workers and they don't want that to when these people demand more.. a fairer economy their attempts at a peaceful revolt are met with the 1960s african americans fighting for racial equality protested peacefully as well..they were beaten, vicious dogs were sicked on them..they were arrested.  it seems that in this country civil protest just makes you a big soft easy target.  if these protesters had battons and  they were hitting the police like the police are attacking them you can bet that the police would open fire on them.  if there ever was a true uprising with rioting in the streets and upheaval im sure the police would switch the tear gas with nerve gas and do to americans what saddam hussein did to the kurds. im sure it would be in the name of defending america..they would slaughter all those revolutionaries and it would be in the name of defending the free world.  those protesters would be shot with machine gun fire from black hawk helicopters..the police would have their sharp shooters dropping them like flies. just like the new york draft riots when the country sent its own battleships to fire on new york because the poor irish immigrants were rioting in response to the draft.  seriously if a revolt ever took place they would be mercilessly killing us.  im sure any people who say people should riot against the system are listed as terrorists and in this post 9-11 world.. subject to detainment and torture without trail.  the fact is african americans had to fight this country for racial equality they fought for it all across america en masse with boycotts and riots...if people want economic equality they have to fight for it.  minimum wage is disgusting..its a slave wage.  there are millions of impoverished americans working this slave wage and they are the backbone of this country.  these rich companies don't buy us anymore they rent us...but its the same master slave bullshit.  you should see how these managers treat employees how hard they work them and how little they get at the end of the day.  these people paid these wages  they ring up the cash registers they stock the shelves, they repair the cars, they serve the food, they wash the dishes, they clean the floors, they empty the trashes, they pump the gas, they cook the food, they scrub the toilets the floors, they make the beds, they vaccum the rooms, they do all this fucking labor for a slave wage..what alternatives do they have..its that or starve or be homeless in this civilized nation...they bend over backwards to serve often rude people. they serve people making four times as much.  and the people they support these companies with their business..its convenient for them.  the inequality is profit for those assholes..its money in their pockets. the customer is not always right.  that isnt equality. their should be equality between worker and customer but not in this country. in this country the worker is the customer's servant and the customer is the one who is ALWAYS right.  what kind of subservient brainwashing is that.  these positions are so easy to refill and there are so many desperate poor people lined up in this market that workers who don't break their ass or act perfect are at risk of being fired.  its considered healthy competition because these people must stay competitive or else they risk being fired because the market likes to compete these poor people against one another while on the they compete to work as hard or as fast as the fastest working employees in order to ensure their own job security.  this isnt healthy but its considered healthy competition by the classes that are reaping these markets and exploiting this labor. nevermind the 40 year olds with worn out knees and backs who drink 5 cups of coffee just to keep up...who need stimulants like caffeine and nicotine and these 40 oz energy drinks just to keep up at a competitive pace. thats real fucking healthy...but hell once you are on the clock you are expected to race while doing everything..chop chop be speedy gonzales...drink your coffee and nevermind your exhausted body hurry up or else you'll be out on the street..ah what a wonderful system.   its no wonder people are pissed off.  these occupiers start protesting and they get attacked and mocked. the police get sicked on them.  its outrageous.  the fact is these police are suppressing a just revolt.  they dont care about justice they are just maintaining law and order.  they want those underpaid overworked people to be obedient and to go on sucking it up and living desperate while bending over backwards.  they want those people to be thankful...thankful for not being detained somewhere or thankful for not being beaten thankful for not being tortured. and YES the united states does torture...perhaps america has not seen people restrained and given over doses on psych units or someone that gets passed around a prison raped and attacked while the guards watch....just look at abu ghraib..this country tortures. wake up.

  the rich despise these occupiers because they aren't in line with the status quo .they openly protest these conglomerates and these corporate giants that are reaping the most profit off of all.  these companies that abuse who are very rich off of profits.the fact is they aren't going to cut in on their own profits and pay their workers more if they ever raise minimum wage the price of living will increase.,.the price of their products will increase as wont come out of their own the time government  increases minimum wage the prices have already been inflated so no real profit goes back to the worker.... thus they pay their backbone of workers jack shit always...theyre just waiting to raise minimum wage never to increase the standard of living but for inflation to reap any profits the worker might have received from the increased wage. they call this progress in this country.

 the law seems to be maintaining this system after watching them crush protest after protest from g20 to the occupy movement. minimium wage is so low that going to war is considered an opportunity for us..the young lower middle class americans out there..hell the army pays 2 dollars more all you have to do is dance while someone barks orders at you... while your life is on the line.. but fuck it even that is better than minimum wage for walmart...the fact is minimum wage pays so little there is nothing even left to if you want to go to school in order to move up in the world the fact that the military will pay for your tuition really gets us willing to risk our nice...gee whiz desperation really works for these people you can get people jumping at a chance to be in the army. all you have to do is keep them good and desperate. gee whiz ill be able to have a future if i join the military all i have to do is risk everything.  this country doesnt give a shit about the bill or rights thats just a symbol that they parade around as if they came up with the idea.  they had that bill of rights hanging on the wall when they were splitting up chained families when they were unloading the irish off the bowels of some ship and sizing them up at ellis island to determine their worth... and then selling them to these upper class monsters.  it was hanging on the wall while they were whipping niggers and spitting on micks...telling the little women where they belonged and working those runts those mick children in factories.   they claim that theyre just...that they abolished slavery meanwhile they went on segregating blacks pushing them to the back of the bus treating them like a second class..jim crow laws..yeah they "freed" them but they continued treating them like slaves..but hell theyre free men now in america without a penny in your pocket means you're not fucking free..."congrats youre free now git to work"  whats ironic is slaves lived for free but they weren't that theyre free they aren't living for free.  whoopty fucking doo bravo america wave you flag a little bit more.  i have lost all confidence in my government and country..once you get to know its history once you see how it allows its market to operate.. they act like this country is grande because all those kids they were formerly using for labor are now in cheap public schools that are teeming with drugs and abuse and bullies. where theyre taught skills like how to read and crunch numbers and are filled with propaganda where they are molded for the job market into model candidates for exploitation.. oh bravo america you stopped using child labor by cramming all those kids into an institution where they have to go often against their will so that you can discipline them and train them for labor.  hell at least you don't let the teachers hit the children anymore or sit them in the dunce chair...oh school what a great institution where social stigma is used as punishment and drugs are regarded as cool..where the halls are monitored and the kids names are filed away in roll call to keep them from escaping.  hell if youre going to pay us a slave wage why not go back to slavery cause thats what you're doing.  but hell it seems so much cleaner today doesn't it.  bravo they pay their slaves 4 cents in a world where everything costs something and they call them free/ but oh I forget how much worse they were doing things before...christ at least we have four hours of free time out of the least we aren't covered in scars from whips..but they whip us in other ways nowadays yes we have scars but they are internal..what am i thinking being so cocky to these tyrants considered how extremely horrible theyve been in the past? you have people downing stimulants at the expense of their have women selling their bodies trying to make extra cash...we are worked to the point of exhaustion and the environments are oppressive but jesus these tyrants used to do things even worse! i mean thank goodness we have homes that we pay for and we arent in some slave shack.  i mean they were doing things much worse with their "human resources" people protest poverty and an unfair economy that is likened to fuedalism and what the hell?! they get arrested, hit with battons, tear gassed, and pepper sprayed.  what the fuck. that is the exact opposite of an appropriate response. you would think the president would be rushing to meet these people to talk with them...nope they point their guns at these people..this country isnt exactly sensitive.  they used to round up the homeless and put them into forced labor camps. they used to sick dogs on people during their sit ins and they hit them with fire hoses. they used to keep us packed away in 3rd class quarters work us for 16 hours a day without any minimium wage laws and kept us cramped in tenements in the cities slums...these rich megalomaniacs were walking all over us...gave us a whack with their cane if we walked too close to them.  we responded appropriately we rioted we revolted thats why things are better because we changed them for the better..we fought for our own rights not the fucking government...the government didnt fight for us..we fought for our own rights and we changed the way things were. the government doesn't fight for us. if it did things wouldn't be like this..we had to fight to change things for the better for ourselves and we improved conditions for ourselves, but if we stop being vigilant things will go right back to the way they were.  the government isnt defending us  it isnt our buddy..its not fighting for truth and justice and the good of humanity.  we should not forget just how bad things were merely a century ago...are we that naive taught in public schools these days do we know just how bad these assholes treated us...they dont exactly teach that.. is that so long ago we forget that it was actually so.things are still bad today..thats why people are protesting and just like always the good all government is there to crush the rebellion.

 to think this country is actually acting like a moral authority in the world.the entire world is terrified of this country this monster that stockpiles all  kinds of all these weapons from nuclear warheads to weaponized viruses fucking toxic gasses and fucking lead.  this country's military budget is 400 billion..North Koreas gdp is 8 billion and this country is making propaganda movies about north korea taking us over and kids and idiotic americans are buying into that red scare shit. im not afraid of north korea..i feel sorry for it..its probably about to get taken over.  hell those north koreans are human resources to these conglomerates...this company i mean this country might as well take it over right..who is going to stop them..those commies they believed in a classless society!  they were demonized by this country generations were raised on propaganda that they must beat this tyrannical country the "USSR"  but when i check out the latest videos on youtube of police spraying peaceful protestors in the face with mace and hitting them with battons turns out the real tyrannical country isnt that evil soviet union..that country that believes in workers rights.  those types of concepts threaten this country. no the real tyranny is right home.

you know they say never forget regarding 9-11...oh i never will forget. i will never forget how this country treated my these upper class lowlifes talked and treated us.  "back you mick dogs!" "you filthy mongrels..cover your mouth when you talk to me you filthy gutter rat"  sending us to wars..sending us to die in wars.."well who cares if they die in a war theyd just be in a bread line."  they had us locked away in 3rd class life boats for food..and when we finally arrived in this great new world we were promised they processed us at ellis us new names. sizing us up based on our weight our health our skills and unloaded us like livestock into new york...where they worked us day and night under grueling conditions then tossed us two fucking pence and we slept without heat without water in some fucking tenement crammed ten of us to a room..and they called us free we were living just as bad as those niggers down hear a lot about the horrible conditions slaves dealt with down south that is the exacttype of shit 3rd class europeans dealt with up north..we were segregated just like blacks only by our class.  .then they send us to die on the battlefields to keep the south from succeeding..they drafted us while the rich could merely pay a fee and avoid the draft entirely. what country makes these sort of laws?  the rich are except from the fucking drafts. they tell us fight for your country when this country gave us nothing but took so much from us. i wont forget my heritage..i know what my people dealt with when they were promised freedom..we're dealing with the same shit today. we are still struggling with this inequality and injustice in this country..STILL!