Friday, June 7, 2013

how the land of the free treats civil protest


im going to go ahead and suggest that our "first responders" are not the heroes they are portrayed as on tv..these occupiers are protesting inequality in this were the civil rights protesters...racial it's economic inequality..inequality hasn't gone anywhere. economic inequality is the backbone of this country.  the homeless used to be arrested for "vagrancy" where they were shipped to labor camps and forced to perform labor for nothing...  what an understanding country.  the european immigrants who came to this country locked away in third class worked for practically nothing and were crammed into dilapidated tenements..their children were worked..they were treated like shit by the upper class...the rich that worked them day and night paid them a few cents spit on their kids and said "fucking mick runts!"  and of course the africans who were stolen from africa and sold in chains on the streets to an upper class that bought caged starved raped human beings ...separated families and saw nothing wrong with this. just how evil are these people?  who would buy someone to serve them? just how evil is that? well they still fucking do it. I'm baffled by it..its so evil why would someone even want that..but they do and they like it. the africans suffered the same type of persecution as the irish who were told they were inferior because of their ethnicity. they believed this and it made them full of shame and humble...the rich are shameless..the poor are full of shame. the rich are so shameless they might as well wipe their asses with silk. have you seen the fucking houses these people live in..the cars they drive ..the service they demand. they are fucking shame less.  the richest 1 percent in this country owns 90 percent of the wealth..meanwhile millions of Americans work all of the time and struggle to get by. it would seem that wealth is not distributed fairly in this country...the people protest this and they are assaulted by thugs in riot gear with battons and pepper spray. nothing has changed in this country. the law doesn't want wants obedience.  the law isnt fighting for justice rather its upholding law and order to maintain the system. a system which is rife with inequality. these police arent justice theyre fucking security guards they crack down on protests that get disorderly because fucking dunkin donuts almost got its window smashed..because the new york tribunes newspaper stand got knocked over...uh oh signs of disorder time to brutally attack people who are already abused by by the system in order to maintain this fucking order.  they arent justice theyre fucking insurance for the system.  this law and order isnt justice...but what the fuck do these cops care they follow orders! they dont follow theyre fucking heart. they are concerned with keeping lower classes in line.    they are in place to suppress revolt. why do these occupiers give a shit about the police's pensions?!..they get rewarded for their brutality.  They aren't sweating under managers for minimium wage, riding the bus and sleeping in some ghetto apartment.  They're buying new cars living in suburbs.  They aren't whipped at work they have interesting jobs in the real world not some corporate microcosm super store.  They know this and that's why they follow those orders.  They know they get rewarded for taking these orders and they brutally attack freedom fighters.  TRAITORS.  the fact of the matter is the rich ruling class cannot spend all of its time ruling the people. thus they created government. they select and elect the officials to govern the people on thier behalf. the government controls the people for the rich because the rich don't want to spend all of their time controlling the people. that's a lot of they just create and pay a government for doing that. if the people steal from us put them in jail...maintain the infrastructure and if the people revolt sick the police on them. one of government's major duties is to suppress revolution and that is why you see them crushing this near revolt in new york.  the fact is these occupiers are young underpaid second class citizens fighting for their own liberty.  they are getting hit with battons, sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray, and detained. I say swing back. some of them were taken to psychiatric wards.  thats right in many oppressive countries political dissidents are labeled as insane. I guess america isn't above that shit.  so they get taken to those places detained held without any idea of when they'll be released and force drugged..while they are told how fucking crazy they are. did you know psychiatrists once said runaway slaves suffered from a form of mania the cure was to "whip the devil out of them" and remove their big toes to keep them from being able to run.  what a lovely country....our police don't keep the streets safe..they DO NOT..that is a fact.only in upper class neighborhoods are the streets safe.  they dont even stop gangs from raping and dealing even in their prisons..and thats the way they like it they can toss a political prisoner to the homeboys to ass rape and make their bitch.  they don't protect us atall but what they do is maintain law and order...they keep disgruntled people from uprising or rebelling or changing the world for the better.  the fact is the rich have millions of underpaid overworked desperate workers and they don't want that to when these people demand more.. a fairer economy their attempts at a peaceful revolt are met with the 1960s african americans fighting for racial equality protested peacefully as well..they were beaten, vicious dogs were sicked on them..they were arrested.  it seems that in this country civil protest just makes you a big soft easy target.  if these protesters had battons and  they were hitting the police like the police are attacking them you can bet that the police would open fire on them.  if there ever was a true uprising with rioting in the streets and upheaval im sure the police would switch the tear gas with nerve gas and do to americans what saddam hussein did to the kurds. im sure it would be in the name of defending america..they would slaughter all those revolutionaries and it would be in the name of defending the free world.  those protesters would be shot with machine gun fire from black hawk helicopters..the police would have their sharp shooters dropping them like flies. just like the new york draft riots when the country sent its own battleships to fire on new york because the poor irish immigrants were rioting in response to the draft.  seriously if a revolt ever took place they would be mercilessly killing us.  im sure any people who say people should riot against the system are listed as terrorists and in this post 9-11 world.. subject to detainment and torture without trail.  the fact is african americans had to fight this country for racial equality they fought for it all across america en masse with boycotts and riots...if people want economic equality they have to fight for it.  minimum wage is disgusting..its a slave wage.  there are millions of impoverished americans working this slave wage and they are the backbone of this country.  these rich companies don't buy us anymore they rent us...but its the same master slave bullshit.  you should see how these managers treat employees how hard they work them and how little they get at the end of the day.  these people paid these wages  they ring up the cash registers they stock the shelves, they repair the cars, they serve the food, they wash the dishes, they clean the floors, they empty the trashes, they pump the gas, they cook the food, they scrub the toilets the floors, they make the beds, they vaccum the rooms, they do all this fucking labor for a slave wage..what alternatives do they have..its that or starve or be homeless in this civilized nation...they bend over backwards to serve often rude people. they serve people making four times as much.  and the people they support these companies with their business..its convenient for them.  the inequality is profit for those assholes..its money in their pockets. the customer is not always right.  that isnt equality. their should be equality between worker and customer but not in this country. in this country the worker is the customer's servant and the customer is the one who is ALWAYS right.  what kind of subservient brainwashing is that.  these positions are so easy to refill and there are so many desperate poor people lined up in this market that workers who don't break their ass or act perfect are at risk of being fired.  its considered healthy competition because these people must stay competitive or else they risk being fired because the market likes to compete these poor people against one another while on the they compete to work as hard or as fast as the fastest working employees in order to ensure their own job security.  this isnt healthy but its considered healthy competition by the classes that are reaping these markets and exploiting this labor. nevermind the 40 year olds with worn out knees and backs who drink 5 cups of coffee just to keep up...who need stimulants like caffeine and nicotine and these 40 oz energy drinks just to keep up at a competitive pace. thats real fucking healthy...but hell once you are on the clock you are expected to race while doing everything..chop chop be speedy gonzales...drink your coffee and nevermind your exhausted body hurry up or else you'll be out on the street..ah what a wonderful system.   its no wonder people are pissed off.  these occupiers start protesting and they get attacked and mocked. the police get sicked on them.  its outrageous.  the fact is these police are suppressing a just revolt.  they dont care about justice they are just maintaining law and order.  they want those underpaid overworked people to be obedient and to go on sucking it up and living desperate while bending over backwards.  they want those people to be thankful...thankful for not being detained somewhere or thankful for not being beaten thankful for not being tortured. and YES the united states does torture...perhaps america has not seen people restrained and given over doses on psych units or someone that gets passed around a prison raped and attacked while the guards watch....just look at abu ghraib..this country tortures. wake up.

  the rich despise these occupiers because they aren't in line with the status quo .they openly protest these conglomerates and these corporate giants that are reaping the most profit off of all.  these companies that abuse who are very rich off of profits.the fact is they aren't going to cut in on their own profits and pay their workers more if they ever raise minimum wage the price of living will increase.,.the price of their products will increase as wont come out of their own the time government  increases minimum wage the prices have already been inflated so no real profit goes back to the worker.... thus they pay their backbone of workers jack shit always...theyre just waiting to raise minimum wage never to increase the standard of living but for inflation to reap any profits the worker might have received from the increased wage. they call this progress in this country.

 the law seems to be maintaining this system after watching them crush protest after protest from g20 to the occupy movement. minimium wage is so low that going to war is considered an opportunity for us..the young lower middle class americans out there..hell the army pays 2 dollars more all you have to do is dance while someone barks orders at you... while your life is on the line.. but fuck it even that is better than minimum wage for walmart...the fact is minimum wage pays so little there is nothing even left to if you want to go to school in order to move up in the world the fact that the military will pay for your tuition really gets us willing to risk our nice...gee whiz desperation really works for these people you can get people jumping at a chance to be in the army. all you have to do is keep them good and desperate. gee whiz ill be able to have a future if i join the military all i have to do is risk everything.  this country doesnt give a shit about the bill or rights thats just a symbol that they parade around as if they came up with the idea.  they had that bill of rights hanging on the wall when they were splitting up chained families when they were unloading the irish off the bowels of some ship and sizing them up at ellis island to determine their worth... and then selling them to these upper class monsters.  it was hanging on the wall while they were whipping niggers and spitting on micks...telling the little women where they belonged and working those runts those mick children in factories.   they claim that theyre just...that they abolished slavery meanwhile they went on segregating blacks pushing them to the back of the bus treating them like a second class..jim crow laws..yeah they "freed" them but they continued treating them like slaves..but hell theyre free men now in america without a penny in your pocket means you're not fucking free..."congrats youre free now git to work"  whats ironic is slaves lived for free but they weren't that theyre free they aren't living for free.  whoopty fucking doo bravo america wave you flag a little bit more.  i have lost all confidence in my government and country..once you get to know its history once you see how it allows its market to operate.. they act like this country is grande because all those kids they were formerly using for labor are now in cheap public schools that are teeming with drugs and abuse and bullies. where theyre taught skills like how to read and crunch numbers and are filled with propaganda where they are molded for the job market into model candidates for exploitation.. oh bravo america you stopped using child labor by cramming all those kids into an institution where they have to go often against their will so that you can discipline them and train them for labor.  hell at least you don't let the teachers hit the children anymore or sit them in the dunce chair...oh school what a great institution where social stigma is used as punishment and drugs are regarded as cool..where the halls are monitored and the kids names are filed away in roll call to keep them from escaping.  hell if youre going to pay us a slave wage why not go back to slavery cause thats what you're doing.  but hell it seems so much cleaner today doesn't it.  bravo they pay their slaves 4 cents in a world where everything costs something and they call them free/ but oh I forget how much worse they were doing things before...christ at least we have four hours of free time out of the least we aren't covered in scars from whips..but they whip us in other ways nowadays yes we have scars but they are internal..what am i thinking being so cocky to these tyrants considered how extremely horrible theyve been in the past? you have people downing stimulants at the expense of their have women selling their bodies trying to make extra cash...we are worked to the point of exhaustion and the environments are oppressive but jesus these tyrants used to do things even worse! i mean thank goodness we have homes that we pay for and we arent in some slave shack.  i mean they were doing things much worse with their "human resources" people protest poverty and an unfair economy that is likened to fuedalism and what the hell?! they get arrested, hit with battons, tear gassed, and pepper sprayed.  what the fuck. that is the exact opposite of an appropriate response. you would think the president would be rushing to meet these people to talk with them...nope they point their guns at these people..this country isnt exactly sensitive.  they used to round up the homeless and put them into forced labor camps. they used to sick dogs on people during their sit ins and they hit them with fire hoses. they used to keep us packed away in 3rd class quarters work us for 16 hours a day without any minimium wage laws and kept us cramped in tenements in the cities slums...these rich megalomaniacs were walking all over us...gave us a whack with their cane if we walked too close to them.  we responded appropriately we rioted we revolted thats why things are better because we changed them for the better..we fought for our own rights not the fucking government...the government didnt fight for us..we fought for our own rights and we changed the way things were. the government doesn't fight for us. if it did things wouldn't be like this..we had to fight to change things for the better for ourselves and we improved conditions for ourselves, but if we stop being vigilant things will go right back to the way they were.  the government isnt defending us  it isnt our buddy..its not fighting for truth and justice and the good of humanity.  we should not forget just how bad things were merely a century ago...are we that naive taught in public schools these days do we know just how bad these assholes treated us...they dont exactly teach that.. is that so long ago we forget that it was actually so.things are still bad today..thats why people are protesting and just like always the good all government is there to crush the rebellion.

 to think this country is actually acting like a moral authority in the world.the entire world is terrified of this country this monster that stockpiles all  kinds of all these weapons from nuclear warheads to weaponized viruses fucking toxic gasses and fucking lead.  this country's military budget is 400 billion..North Koreas gdp is 8 billion and this country is making propaganda movies about north korea taking us over and kids and idiotic americans are buying into that red scare shit. im not afraid of north korea..i feel sorry for it..its probably about to get taken over.  hell those north koreans are human resources to these conglomerates...this company i mean this country might as well take it over right..who is going to stop them..those commies they believed in a classless society!  they were demonized by this country generations were raised on propaganda that they must beat this tyrannical country the "USSR"  but when i check out the latest videos on youtube of police spraying peaceful protestors in the face with mace and hitting them with battons turns out the real tyrannical country isnt that evil soviet union..that country that believes in workers rights.  those types of concepts threaten this country. no the real tyranny is right home.

you know they say never forget regarding 9-11...oh i never will forget. i will never forget how this country treated my these upper class lowlifes talked and treated us.  "back you mick dogs!" "you filthy mongrels..cover your mouth when you talk to me you filthy gutter rat"  sending us to wars..sending us to die in wars.."well who cares if they die in a war theyd just be in a bread line."  they had us locked away in 3rd class life boats for food..and when we finally arrived in this great new world we were promised they processed us at ellis us new names. sizing us up based on our weight our health our skills and unloaded us like livestock into new york...where they worked us day and night under grueling conditions then tossed us two fucking pence and we slept without heat without water in some fucking tenement crammed ten of us to a room..and they called us free we were living just as bad as those niggers down hear a lot about the horrible conditions slaves dealt with down south that is the exacttype of shit 3rd class europeans dealt with up north..we were segregated just like blacks only by our class.  .then they send us to die on the battlefields to keep the south from succeeding..they drafted us while the rich could merely pay a fee and avoid the draft entirely. what country makes these sort of laws?  the rich are except from the fucking drafts. they tell us fight for your country when this country gave us nothing but took so much from us. i wont forget my heritage..i know what my people dealt with when they were promised freedom..we're dealing with the same shit today. we are still struggling with this inequality and injustice in this country..STILL!

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