Monday, May 27, 2013

you have to pay for everything in this country RANT

food, clothing, forks. spoons, healthcare, education..paper to wipe your fucking ass..its fucking ridiculous.   you spend your time and energy giving your work to a company they give you money and because the people have no time or energy left to hunt or grow their own their own industries make their own products and goods they take their money back to the companies they work the companies get their work and their money.  we have to pinch pennies to pay for every last little thing while these rich people are rolling in money they get everything like its free.  basic necessities like food are under lock and key.  what a fucking degenerate they'll want to charge us for water..Nestle's CEO says water is not a human right and is pushing to have it privatized..whats next fucking clean air! will they charge us little canisters of that shit... this country charges the people for their food. theyve also turned the people's food into corporate controlled products. its outrageous. i dont even think the fucking cavemen the savages charged each other to fucking EAT!  if you don't want to make minimum wage in this shitty country you have to buy yourself the education and training in order to get access to field that isnt a complete and total dead end.  in order to buy yourself a better future after basic expenditures you basically have to work two to three minimium wage jobs just to afford this training for further work.  basically guaranteeing that all your time will be spent working and the fractions of free time will be on eating, sleeping, and grooming.  this country isnt a is what controls this country.  MONEY that's all that matters here.  there are people with shrunken stomachs sleeping in alleys on the coldest nights and they die out there because they don't have a fucking they get thrown out. human beings are worthless in this country..thats what free people are in this country theyre free meaning they aren't worth anything. we might as well have untouchables like the Indian caste would think our hearts would have more push or pull than our fucking wallets..but nope we live in this capitalist shithole.  this country and its rich are at war with other ideologies other ways of life.  they are threatened by other IDEAS...communism, anarchism, socialism...anything that suggests another way of life..a threat...different values and these rich fucks are at war with the mere idea of it.  you know why some people work two three jobs busting their asses just to not have to sleep in a dumpster and they get paid peanuts while the people running and owning those companies that exploit that labor have two, three homes...everything at their fucking finger tips meanwhile these workers are working ALL OF THE TIME.  minimium wage IS a slave wage. you work a 40 hour week and afer taxes you get 270 280 is such disgusting exploitation..40 hours of hard labor and you are compensated with are paid for a full week of hard labor what is nothing to the upper classes.  that money is chump change to them.,.thats what they spend on a new golf bag and a putter..thats a week of intensive labor.  theyre kings in castles and they have people under them who work ten times as hard and make ten thousand times less.peasants.yes peasants in this day and age MODERN PEASANTS.meanwhile they do 1 percent the amount of work and make a hundred thousand times the you think theyre going to change that position.  theyre the kings in this neofeudal system.  you have to pay for education in this country...that's how fucked up this country is.  you would think education would be deemed so important that everyone should be educated not talking about shitty public schools that teach kids to read write crunch numbers and regard propaganda as you would think that everyone should be educated equally but i guess only some of us get to go to harvard. the fact is minimium wage jobs are grueling and shitty and who in their right mind would put up with so much strenuous work for so little?  well what are your options? starve in the gutter? gee whiz so what choice do people have. and when they don't have options management can treat them like shit demand a shitload out of them because they have no choice..they need the job they don't want to be fired they can't afford that and thus they are easy to saddle and ride everyday.  not to mention these companies keep a record of their employment history so if they get fired theyre less likely to be hired by the next shitty corporate business. unless of course after being fired once they are now eager to break their backs and scared after spending some time out there in the world thats below the world that is below the poverty line.  this country sickens me.  believe me the only reason these people are working these minimium wage jobs is very real desperation because the streets in this country are horrible..were talking about places were people get brutally beaten raped stabbed with dirty needles..attacked in their sleep etc etc this shit happens all the time out there and when it happens to broke poor people its like nothing happened..there might be some paper work over it.  people they work their asses off and they get paid jack shit. they don't choose that kind of screw job its their only option and thats the way this market likes it..thats what this country considers healthy. how else are they going to fill these stores with servants.  who in their right mind would want to work somewhere and have to serve these snobs when they aren't toiling away?  what snobs want this market the way it is. they want poor people serving them with a smile and busting their asses.  thats the american market.  theyve got sweatshops overseas and right here at home theyve got people serving them.  how fucked up is that shit?  this is feudalism. you don't want that kind of life well you better go to school and work on developing a skill so cha ching you're considered rarer in the market so your value will go up..we're the ones on sale in this fucking country..we're free..sure free for these corporations to my ass...schools take peoples savings..what options do you have to pay them to get into a field that doesnt fuck you and throw you a dime at the end of everyday while your back and knees and kindeys get more and more fucked up.  they've got a price on everysingle fucking thing in this "free country"  if you have cancer they'll save your life so that you can pay them for the rest of it...if you dont pay them theyll let you die. you have to pay to pay for medical aid.  its fucking outrageous.  you have doctors driving BMWs while sick people who need our love and help and support are dying of disease and going broke just to pay those assholes.  fuck this shit.  I honestly think life in the wilds might be less savage than this cold hearted system.   why aren't people practicing their own medicine for eachother...ill tell you why no fucking time theyre all working..why don't they have their own markets..their own trades there own gardens..cause theyre all at work for that fucking paper that they just print in sheets..that worthless fucking paper people starve without that money people die and kill sure if the people started using their own currencies and what not that would be some form of treason right uncle sam?  put this topic in your fucking PRISM database.  why do people flock to these companies who the fuck wants their products?  I would rather have my OWN FOOD MY OWN CLOTHING shit I caught and shit I grew and shit I made...but no i have to pay for all that shit and at the end of the day becausde i dont have time im getting worked and after i pay for that shit its not even mine..its a cheap sweatshop made billboard its a shitty sugar drink laced with caffeine and god knows what else...i put somthing in my body and its some conglomerate's product. its entirely out of my hands its just in and on my fantastic how independent are we? dependent for every fucking thing because we dont have enough fucking time.

. thanks system..go spread freedom to afganastan get those people working minimium wage for their fucking mcdonalds chicken mcnuggets soon enough. confiscate those goats and mules they have just wandering around in their cities and put their kids in public schools and get them wearing nike made sweatshop billboard shit.  go and ruin another piece of this earth and hell while youre doing it do it in the name of "freedom"  bad fucking people like this shit the way it is and they run this shit for'd wonder don't these people have compassion but then again last week they just dropped a fucking bomb and blew off some child's arm and that was just another incident of collateral damage. The fact is this is a very "savage" country people starve in it's cities.starving people on the streets get attacked in this country..gangs eat them alive try to get them collecting cans or selling their bodies or breaking into vehicles and homes if they don't they get jumped and stuck with a dirty needle or some other fucked up assault.the streets aren't even safe in this fucking country and i think that's the way the powers that be like it..the land of the free? we're all locked up at night in our own homes those of us living in dangerous neighborhoods we have to buy deadbolts and bars for our own windows because our own lives are in danger meanwhile in the suburbs these pricks have so much shit pure riches they have home security to keep it that way this place is so fucking awful everything is under lock and're not safe out there you need a place so you can lock your fucking doors so that you can sleep somewhere where you wont get assaulted in your sleep...and when you buy that home or apartment make sure to invest in security,  the streets aren't safe but the fucking stores are. im sure all the murderers and gangstas and thugs are sleeping safe and sound..theyre dreaming up new rhymes for their gangsta rap songs about how cool they are for pimping beating on people and pushing poison..those are the fucks these companies portray as cool and play on the radio meanwhile we're all working trying to keep ourselves safe..  we can get robbed on the streets but no one gets away with robbing the fucking stores no one robs anyone in the suburbs.....our streets arent even fucking safe..our streets arent safe our fucking apartment complexes arent safe but if a starving bum so much as tries to steal a package of junior mints from the fucking store youll have him locked up in no people on the streets arent safe but every suburban asshole is nice and safe with their private security system in their king sized bed.  what have they got to say "hell bums if you want to sleep safe you gotta afford a slum and that means you need to work all the time for minimium wage..then you wont get stabbed in your sleep or harrassed by passing motorists..ive got to get back to a round of golf now."  why just cant the police seem to get these fucking thugs off the streets...but hey what the fuck no big deal the company's love em..  hmmm we're not safe but the fucking super stores are..great thanks america.  thanks police good to know your watching out for us(sarcasm).people work their asses off in this country just to have enough to fill their empty stomachs...on the other side of the fence this country is dropping bombs hitting women and children..blowing thier arms and legs off destroying's a very savage country. agent orange?  I wonder dont these people have compassion? but then I look at the pictures of vietnamese people who were made mentally retarded and deformed because of all that agent orange this country's military sprayed on the jungle...chemical warfare anyone?  I say this country is savage but that's not the right term...just look what this country did to the "savages" the native americans.this country's truly free living people..they rounded them up.  put them in bible schools and work camps, discriminated against their peoples ways...made them into serfs like the micks, and the wops, and the polocks, and the niggers.  those native peoples..the natives of ireland or africa or america..their ways are gone. theyre in a fucking history book. there is a sketch of what they were. people are hungry in this country..there are large demographics that don't starve but they go hungry and they work because they're so hungry they need to break their backs for minimium wage just to afford somthing to eat.  it's disgustingly degenerate.  this system is just as loathsome as fuedalism just as dark as the medieval ages...i suppose this is an improvement right?  i mean what were they doing one hundered fifty years ago? linching people and fucking whipping them....when the irish arrived in new york people threw rotten food at them and said go back paddy! they were expected to work for free or next to nothing. they worked them in textile mills with a pit boss manager that worked their fucking kids and they huddled together in tenemants...10 people to a room just like africans down south crammed into some slave shack. this country loved cheap labor they still fast or ill fire fast or ill whip you..its the same fucking methodology.  the irish were considered third class citizens segregated and condescended to and were the blacks..Today this country isn't much better...maybe it's cleaned it's image up for the mainstream while it sells sweatshop made shit in all it's stores that have underpaid employees put it on the shelves and ring it up..while the counry bombs the middle east so that it can own those oil reserves.  This country has cleaned up its image in the mainstream but lets not bullshit..this country dropped the atomic fucking bomb twice.  They scorched peoples flesh off...women children..civilians..they mass murdered them. Im not sure people realize the brutality of bombing until you actually see it up close and these fucks ordered strikes in which they knew kids would die. lets not beat around the bush they ordered that and then they ordered it again.  We've got some malevolent people ruling this country.  Look at agent orange..they dumped that carcinogenic poison on vietnam..causing thousands of birth defects and cancer cases...chemical warfare.  Oh but that's ok all those atrocities were to fight communism.  i suppose if they retard the children of the enemy or kill them then they cant carry the message right.  better dead than red i suppose.   All that was justified because it was to destroy an ideology that threatened the rich.  communism a classless, moneyless society? pish posh...not in this this country the third classes work off their asses and they don't get life boats.  in this country class can define who you are. in this country class and money are very important things especially to the rich and when other ideologies and systems come along they try to destroy them.  they go to war with them. they don't care if people who don't work starve or if their bomb dropping blows off some kids arms.  they don't give a shit.  theyre ruthless.  i wouldnt exacly call this country civilized.  there is law and order basically to keep the classes in line preserve the system and to keep those who profit off of it in power...yes there is law and order, but this isn't civilized. one last point..enough of this "God bless the troops"  "The troops are heros" bullshit.  It's brainwashing..all those kids raised in front of GI JOE think the US Military are a bunch of heros spreading freedom throughout the world.  The troops aren't heros..theyre people with really big guns enforcing american law and order in foreign countries.  They aren't heros they don't do anything heroic.  They shout at people, raise their guns to them..if you've seen clips of soldiers driving in iraq they hit other motorists and drive without any discretion..they detain people at the drop of a dime.  They are in those countries setting up their own governments and making US puppet nations.  And don't give me this...we were attacked bullshit.  That's not why our troops are in Afghanistan.  We should all know at this point that 9-11 was an inside job.  The troops aren't in afghanistan because america was attacked..theyre there to wave their Assault rifles around and set up their own government regardless of what the locals want.  Any opposition gets labelled terrorist and taken to abu ghraib or Guantanamo bay where this country has them tortured...more atrocities..these aren't people plotting another attack these are people that simply want the US off their land.  These aren't heros.  The troops aren't fighting for our freedom because a lot of us don't fucking have any.  They're fighting for the rich's freedoms..the upper class's freedoms.  This country was built on slave labor and to this day it's economy runs on sweatshop made shit stocked by minimally paid peoples...and the middle classes fucking love it.  They want those people paid next to nothing to ensure cheaper prices for themselves..they love the fucking sweatshop made shit it's inexpensive..they love the war in the middle east because it means cheaper gas in their fucking fuel tanks so they go out and get themselves a fucking flag to hang on their porch and it's god bless walmart and home depot because theyre doing a great job keeping things cheap.  Meanwhile the real rich assholes in this country want control of that oil because its an ever growing precious commodity and they want that in their vault so they can sell it so train a bunch of kids hungry for pay that is a little bit better than minimum wage to go over there and "secure" it.  or some of those really deluded kids theyve got convinced that theyre saving the world like the greatest generation or whatever bullshit theyre selling them.  they go over to protect the freedoms of the rich not my freedoms   the rich have liberty in this country.  they have people in their pockets they are extremely free and they need these kids to go kill and conquer so that they can go on having those liberties etc etc most of the troops know its bullshit that its just a job but theyre still propaganda spewing douche bags and theyre over there not to fight for liberty and justice or to avenge anybody who died on 9-11 but to get fucking paid.  they'll detain, kill, and torture people they don't know. people they don't know to be guilty but who they torture just because they were given an order follow the orders and you get fucking heroic.  and of course theyve got pictures of all these soldiers up on the wall at walmart to honor remind all of us who are working for 7.15 an hour with a half an hour unpaid lunch break busting our asses at a sweatshop pace to thank all those gun waving fucks for keeping this system enforced.  wow thanks a lot guys..if your job is to defend us you might want to go after the actual people who killed us on 9-11.  it should be common knowledge by now that the event was an inside job there are only ten thousand smoking guns in the media leading up to 9-11.  people who are oblivious of this really should look up 9-11 in the media prior to the attacks and cease their ignorance. from the simpsons, comic books, movies the attacks were blatantly foreshadowed. BLATENTLY. but the government doesn't address fact they pretend it doesn't exist.  what the fuck do they care they killed 2000 of their own citizens in order to gain support for this middle east campaign. they didnt want another vietnam, vietnam was an unpopular war with the people.. in order to justify this imperialism they needed something like pearl harbor..something the country would rally behind. god do you remember that patriotism that followed those attacks..rows of american flags on every house, congress singing god bless america on the steps of the house of congress...what a fucking charade.people were mourning america..ITS US WHO DIED ON 9-11 NOT AMERICA..but hell its a flag wave a thon..these shameless politicians using those deaths for propaganda. what assholes..24 hour news coverage beating the war drum. in order to gain support for the military and the "mission"  Their great story of revenge.  They needed to justify their invasion of iraq and afganastan.100,000 iraqi civilians dead..gues what they killed a lot of innocent civilians on 9-11 and they avenged them by killing a lot more innocent civilians in iraq.....iran is probably the next victim.  the rich invest in oil it means they invest in raising lower middle class kids for conquering countries that have oil.  this country maintains its supremacy as a global super power by taking precious commodities from weaker nations..oh how heroic what would we do without america..america freed the world from nazi oppression and invented the bill or rights and the constitution and bla bla bla The US constitution? its a piece of fucking paper..thats all it is.its a symbol. in reality it doesn't mean much on the streets of america..this country that had child labor, exploited immigrant labor, slave labor..that has a minimum wage that is so disgustingly low it deprives millions of freedom rather it allows them to get by minimally so that they can go on working for those companies because those companies demand that they do much more than they get paid for. thats how they profit off of those human resources..they do it in china with their fucking sweatshops they do it in america with the labor in the stores..everybody knows it and yet nobody cares. as i said mainly because the middle class and upper class like it that way.  and they delude those workers that they should be thankful for their freedom and bless those troops for protecting them.  give us a fucking break and not one for a fucking cigarette to keep us working real fast like speedy gonzales...yum yum nicotine!  the bill or rights isnt defending anybody neither is the constitution..those symbols are sitting in a fucking museum while everyday millions of Americans are exploited by corporations.  There is massive inequality in this country like their ALWAYS was..its SOCIOECONOMIC..this country thrives on that the 1800s if you were an immigrant you were a dirty mick..get back to the third class decks you filthy mick and make yourself useful "sir yes sir sorry sir"  fucking 50 years ago if you were a black kid trying to go to an all white school it was mobs of these scumbags jeering children.  if you wanted to eat in a white restaurant the fire department..oh those heroes of ours sprayed you with a fucking fire hose! they police those heroes sicked their dogs on you!  today its the same oppression if a homeless person walks into a bar in these mob cities its get the fuck out of here you crazy bum or ill have you arrested for acting looney regardless if they were or not.   The fire department those first responders oh what heroes...except when blacks wanted equality..jesus christ those tough guys were taking orders for the mob...and im not talking about the italian mob but this american united we stand group these people that know the stores they go to use exploited labor but they love the cheap prices and love it..those people are a mob. people that shout at little black kids on their way to school.  theyre the fucking mob.  they aren't tony soprano theyre average people..nice and inconspicuous while they try to get by walking on their fellow man.  theyre fucking nice wholesome christians.  they believe america is their holy land they don't care about its injustices they don't care about the atrocities it commits they are LOYAL conservative lowlifes because theyre getting somthing out of all this oppression.  America is their holy land.  Theyre living the american dream getting products for cheap..they get people to serve them they have cushy jobs in teaching or management or fucking preaching and theyre living pretty decent in america.  Theyre comfortable in the middle class meanwhile the lower class is breaking its back everyday on the job for next to nothing..but whatever it stretches the middle class american's stretches the upper class's dollar as well.  they want poor people to work very hard at a job that doesn't reward them or even fairly compensate them for their labor.  this country doesnt seem to know how to get by without a large base of slave labor.  for centuries they were using immigrants from Europe and Africa as slaves.  They walked on these people they used the living shit out of them.  They beat them, whipped them and in many cases to this day they still do this.  Using gangs and thugs to threaten coworkers that if they don't work harder they'll "git smacked yo fo bein a bitch!"  the industry loves these gangsta fucks...go to their stores and they're selling their's just the coolest isn't it fucking drug dealers and abusive thugs..gee whiz thats just the coolest hippest music around right? according to the industry yes it is.  they love these gang banger fucks first they deal to labor force to keep them nice and speedy with those crack rocks, those meth amphetamines those ices and speeds you know the caffeines on the streets..makes them work like its a fucking race.  or you know makes them dependent on the job so that they can buy more once they hook them..and once theyve got some junky working they can beat the shit out of the person and they don't have anywhere to run "Bitch you go to the law he gonna lock yer high ass up..he take you to rehab in cuffs bitch!"  So they work like mules..drug mules and they work very fast and very hard fueled by drugs.  The company profits off of having them as an employee then they pay their fucking minimium wage to their fucking abuser who probably owns them and keeps them in some fucking shared subletted apartment or if they go to independent route they end up under a slum lords roof who also demands that they fix up the place while theyre renting it while the gang watches over the property..bottom line this is the reality in america.  you got thugs out there on the streets hustling for companies, using drugs or threats of violence to make people work extremely hard while on the job.  but i mean what the hell..those people don't fuckin like it they can get a lawyer right?  they just better somehow save that minimium wage if they choose not to buy the peanut butter every week they can just eat the bread and with that extra 3 dollars everyweek they'll be able to afford a lawyer in no time right?  companies love making junkies..they work really hard and really fast and theyre desperate..desperate to turn their lives around, desperate for drugs, desperate because theyre scared. you know these corporate rehab centers take these people in and teach them "You have to WORK to be clean"  these people are burned out starving beat shithole situations..lets help them out you have to work...they go on "if you don't WORK you'll be dead on the streets."  so we'll help you out and get you a minimum wage job somewhere.  These companies love drugs..the employees who aren't affected by street drugs are expected to down that coffee everymorning to get their old bones moving then they get two fifteen minute breaks often for smoking a cigarette to you know keep up the pace.  "go ahead go smoke your cigarette you're starting to slow down so you need a break"  the break isnt exactly for them. its so they can do a stimulant and come back and keep up the "productivity"  as i said these companies profit off of these employees because they work them so hard. theyre literally squeezing profit out of each employee. even if an employee finishes all their duties they are told by management to always find some work to do while they are on shift and management patrols the stores looking for employees that are not constantly at work.  its insane..its nazi.  management also found that you can give them coffee and cigarettes while theyre at work and work them really hard and guess what when they come down and their body crashes thats when theyre off the you can increase your servants productivity while theyre on the job by just taking energy from them when theyre off the job.  hell if its a mother who has kids to feed whatever by the time the coffee she drinks at the beginning of her shift the 3 cigarettes and sodas she had during her break finally wear off shes done for the day and guess what all those stimulants really drag the body down and these people collapse until of course the next day when its time for that nice cup of coffee to get them moving again. so you can really crank your employees up and give them extra energy on the job just by taking it from them when theyre off the they pay them for that? whatever its a free country they choose to drink coffee those who cant keep the pace up get in other words drink that coffee or else youll be slow all shift.  what a lovely industry.  they love drugs dont to speed you up beer to slow you down its no wonder every fucking store has a know any people management might have to watch out for you know people who have "delusions of persecution" well just give them 600 miligrams of this and they won't feel much of anything after that.  some of these people you go to block their receptors because theyre just too smart and they need to know their place is the back of the line the back of the bus...etc etc give them some anti psychotics and they'll have trouble thinking clearly when you abuse the shit out of them..hell just tell them it was all in their head those drugs make them sloppy intoxicated and exhausted and delirious at the high doses they prescribe its like shooting a fish in a barrel.  yes they do love abusing drugs and abusing people through drugs hell and for those people who are real "paranoid" those people that dont want any caffeine or nicotine or alcohol hell call em paranoid schizophrenics and don't give them a choice whether or not they're going to be drugged or not..hell our pharmacists declare that it's for their own good because theyre a danger to themselves and yes just like when a pimp gives his bitch a crushed pill in her drink these companies also love forced drugging.  America loves cheap abusable make the people desperate theyll put up with the abuse..hell its either work or you'll be out on the streets getting eaten alive by our gangs. so you have no choice but to work for where you going to go oh by the way we demand a lot from our employees so if you dont want us to fire you you better bust your ass everysingle second you're here..oh all that for a minimum wage.  is that any different than slave labor..perhaps its a little bit cleaner.  you can get them to work really hard by threatening to fire them rather than whipping them.  hell people dont have any choices they are burdened i need a car i need a place i have a mouth to feed etc etc etc i have to work..when you're at the bare minimium what's below you is the under world a world the world of the homeless a hugely abused demographic in this country people who are assaulted in their sleep..people who get held down in alleys and have thugs stick a needle in them. people who get told by the thug on the street to chug 40 oz of malt liqour or else theyll get their teeth smashed in..then after they chug it they get cracked in the face anyway. these are people who get told they have substance abuse problems and thats why theyre on the streets...not that the streets eat people alive no no..those people let their addictions get the best of them. people who are down on their luck and meet someone who offers them a cigarette as a friendly gesture..a cigarette they laced with pcp or angel dust..people who sleep two hours in an alley but get woken up by a gang of thugs throwing rocks at them only to stumble into the daylight where its safe and try to sleep on a bench only to get told by a police officer get moving you're making the city look shitty. people that go into soup kitchens desperate for food and are given coffee and thin soup and then sized up for their labor where people find out their backstory and see if they have any skills to see if theyre any use..people who are migrant laborers who work for free...who paint houses and sleep in their owners garages or under their porches people trafficked by churches that claim to be helping them..yeah thats what is below minimium wage..its horrific the streets of this awful country are horrific enough to horrify someone into smiling when their boss treats them like shit and enough to make them work to the point of exhaustion each and every shift and enough to make them hail the fucking company because that minimum wage keeps them off the streets...sure when they have two or three minimium wage jobs all they do is work..sure the toll is on their bodies and they have essentially no life..but hell they aren't prematurely dead on the streets. they arent a shriveled up bum who cannot think coherently because of the brain damage from the alcohol and all those other poisons that float around the street that get pushed on those people.  whatever those people get labelled as junkies or crazy and trafficked into centers and guess what in those places they get abused.  what are the going to get a fuckin unless they want to get shocked they best get can collecting.  DESPERATION that's good for productivity i guess. keeps people in line.  oh god bless this free country right with it's disgusting has people that don't even get to decide if someone is going to electroshock them but hell those troops are out there fighting for our freedom right?  these barbaric streets, these slums, these underpaid exploited workers are products of a bad country not a good one.  it seems almost controversial to even say it.  this is a bad country, the united states is not a glorious country it's a bad one...yes it's true. after all that propaganda crammed into our heads as kids in school it really is hard to believe but it happens to be true.  This is a bad country.  its disgusting..there is no equality...there are no rights for many people..its prisons are overflowing with thugs.  they play gangstas on the fucking radio let them perform on tv for kids.  the country lies to people.  its streets are so dangerous so violent it should be a national outrage but it's's accepted because that's the way this country wants it.  this isn't even a free country.  you people hide behind locked doors, your fucking identity isnt even buy a computer and hackers enter your life and rip off your bank account information or study everything about you on fuckin facebook..its disgusting. there is so much crime in this country it forces people to live locked up.  they need to buy protection for everything security for any investment.  the streets aren't even safe. the fucking streets aren't even safe.  its absurd what kind of civilization is this? how fucking brutal is this civilization or just another wilderness.  and people go hungry because the people who get food are the ones deemed worthy of it.  those who are worthy of it are those whose bodies are working and thus they are worthy of food because their body works for the company thus they are given enough to afford it because they are considered worthy of food.  people starve out there its so fucking disgusting. is there enough food are their too many people? why does this happens because human beings are just a commodity...human resources. there are millions of us to compete for those minimium wage jobs and their are plenty more lined up behind us and those not in line get nothing and those are the people who starve. minimium wage employees make so little after their expenses all their profit goes to basic necessities like food. so work to pay for their own food to work another day. slaves were fed a portion of the crops for free because they received no compensation but master wanted them to live another day..his slaves were an this system any different..we buy our own meager portion of the crop out of our own pocket to work another day.  we have the choice? that or starve..dig through the is under lock and key in this country. if not having enough food was the problem we wouldnt throw out so much fucking food stores literally dump food that has been damaged or is about to expire one after the other down the drain. it doesnt go to the employees it doesnt go to charity it gets thrown out.  but hell there are so many lies to sift through because of all the misinformation in this country it's ridiculous.  as i said this is a bad country.  from its richest communities to its ghettos. i am disgusted by these estates with pools and private tennis courts just like im revolted by the slums.  gangs and thugs ruling those ghettos ripping people off and rich elitests with all the spoils in the world pampering themselves..thieves. thieves rule in this country.  hell if this country wants steals it.if it needs its cotton fields picked it steals a couple million africans but it tells its little people thou shalt not steal that when they steal its evil. they tell us thou shalt not steal..never rip the businesses off..they steal everything but we should never steal from them. and those of us who try to get a piece of the profit back.  shop lifters bank robbers they get their years taken from them..they get raped in the ass locked up fined given records etc etc...the country steals but when it tells its little people that when they steal it's fucking evil..and they mean it.they will torture them for stealing from it. as i said no one gets away with stealing from the companies and banks but the people get robbed all the fucking time..they have to pay the company for protection.  the people get robbed all the time by the predators that flourish on America's streets. hell these thieves go to prison they get a gym and use their muscle to rob people in jail...but the bank robbers the shop lifters those are the people the system wants to get fucked in the ass.  the thieves on the streets jumping people and pushing dope and forcing bums to steal for them when they finally end up in jail for one of the thousand things they do..they get a free work out they meet up with other national criminal groups and they end up with credibility on the street for doing time...some of them even get vocational training. the system doesnt mind these thugs they steal from other people..people in the neighborhood people on the streets...they prey on nobodies so they can fucking sing about it on the radio. theyre preying on people but whatever hell the fact is they create a demand for protection and security and if it werent for them those people wouldnt be buying ADT security, norton antivirus buying gates for their doors and bars for their windows etc etc.  in a decent country the people in a neighborhood should be allowed to fucking kill those gangsters and those thugs..but no no the system doesnt want those little people ever having the law in their own hands.  so they bar themselves away bar up their windows and their gates and triple latch their doors and sleep uneasily while the thugs on the streets just outside their windows play gangsta rap  in the streets and talk about beating someone down..they must tolerate it..people in this country must tolerate people that prey on them.  hell if they kill them then they go to would think a free country would have people in it that have the law in their own hands but no...nope. those thugs the terrorized people of their communities deem as worthless are valuable to the system.  these thugs on the streets get away with hustling and robbing and extorting people on a daily basis but no one ever gets away with robbing a bank. seems that the system isnt watching out for people in the community but the fucking banks and businesses are well protected. we don't have our own laws in our own fucking hands no the system is the law..these gangsta thugs jumping people and pumping iron all day so they can hit women and push dope and threaten people in the communities...they should be fucking killed by the community that wants peace.they should be killed and fucking cooked and eaten..thats rights have a fucking BBQ  but no the little people have to be civil around those uncivilized fucks... the middle class doesnt have to put up with thugs controlling the fucking community. they can afford their own homes in safe neighborhoods they don't pay a slum lord who is apart of a criminal when they do work on their homes its generally to increase the value of their own property..they don't work for nothing on a place that isn't theirs because they were told to by the slum lord...but the lower classes the minimum wage paid employees they don't have the option where to fucking live.  this country protects its banks but it doesnt even let its communities do what's necessary to protect themselves.  It's like those poor neighborhoods are shitty for a function...keeps people from living cheap..keeps people in those neighborhoods paying for their safety working against their will because they aren't even safe in their own homes.  There are literally millions of drug dealers and thugs in this country.  They have their own music.  Their own movies.  What fucking country celebrates it's fucking drug dealers.  Jay Z?!  The guy socializes with the president.  He pushed crack rock in the projects.  Snoop Dogg and Dr dre telling kids they should smoke dope every single day.  Pimps and pushers.  Its fucking sick.  They play these criminal fucks at school dances.  They used to play notorious BIG puff daddy and tupac during  school dance.s great so they can exploit these demographics of high school kids.  This country loves these thugs, fucking loves them.. gives them starring roles.  Just like the days of Al Capone this country glorifies and celebrates these menaces that prey on the rest of us.  What kind of sick fucking shit passes for entertainment in this country.  I was listening to a DMX album he was rapping about breaking into someone's house, raping their daughter then killing them.  Eminem raps continuously about murdering his girlfriend.  They all rap about beating faggots.  They have an entire rape culture and these fucking lowlifes have a nice big FBI seal of protection on their cds.  They market these thugs to kids.  What kind of degenerate shit is this?  I was listening to Nine Inch Nails the lyrics in the song we're "There is no you, there is only me!"  This is what the lead vocalist shouts at the listener. What kind of dominating shit is that.  even fluffy pop kelly clarkson sings to her audience "Dumb + dumb equals you."  I'm sure to a demographic of girls that get called bimbos "dumb blondes"  This shit is trash.  These are lyrics from an eminem song:

Bitch I'ma kill you! You don't wanna fuck with me
Girls neither - you ain't nothing but a slut to me
Bitch I'ma kill you! You ain't got the balls to beef
 .. I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (cause why?)
Cause Shady, will fucking kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (why?)
Cause Shady, will fucking kill you..

Bitch I'ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I'ma conceal you
In a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you

Bitch refers to a male or female.  Pimps call the abused hookers that they beat on and sell bitches they also call men that they can strong arm bitches as well. Threatening someone threw song..bravo this rap shit sure is poetry isnt it.  In criminal circles a bitch is someone who "talks back" or "bitches" aka "complains when they get extorted or told to work so that they can pay the thugs that threaten them.  Naturally they threaten to kill those bitches. This guy eminem is in commercials he performs for the troops he is celebrated and he's a fucking thug degenerate lowlife..but what passes in this country is fucking ridiculous.  It's controversial to teach kids evolution but it's not controversial when this shit is played to audiences of them.  No one cares these thugs make slaves they call them their bitches.  They get away with it even in prisons.  Why wouldn't they do it on the streets.  They threaten to kill their bitch if they don't get to work and to work hard to bring home that "bacon" that "cheddar" that "honey"  There are people in this country who break their fucking backs at work and these street thugs take the money they make.  These people end up skinny and the criminal community spreads by word of mouth "Dat bitch be smoking all their money on crack"  Slandering their victim and covering their own asses.  What kind of country has so many of these fucking thugs..plays them on the radio..sells their cds for them starring roles in movies where theyre portrayed as heroes?  A very bad one I guess, but saying this country is bad is probably bitching about it right?  You know the troops play this fucked up music when they roll into towns in iraq on their tanks..with their fucking guns..flexing their muscle terrorizing the locals.  I saw a documentary and they played "Let the bodies hit the floor" on their tank's speakers.  I wonder how this makes civilians feel when they are huddled in the corner to hear "let the bodies hit the floor!"  100,000 civilians died in the iraq war 4400 US troops died and all we hear is mourning for these people that signed up, got paid, and took those risks.  They mourn and mourn over these troop deaths when ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND innocent civilians were killed.  You don't hear about one of those not one!  The news doesnt report every night about two new civilians who were killed like they do when the troops are know why those casualties would start adding up in our consciousness.  They don't report it  who cares right.  Our country killed 100,000 people doing whatever the fuck theyre doing over there.  But americans don't need to hear about that because the national consensus is that we're doing a good deed over there right?.  I've heard reports of soldiers claiming they would purposely shoot civilians, soldiers crushing civilian vehicles with their tanks, soldiers hitting civilians with their hum vees.  Oh but theyre heroes right.  What if those people don't want those troops in their fucking countries..what the fuck are they going to do about it?  They don't have M16 carbine grenade launcher mounted rifles.  They don't have bullet proof jackets and armor plated vehicles.  What the fuck can they even do about it.  Nothing, here comes the war and there is nothing we can do about it.   But the rich in America wanted this war because middle eastern oil is a precious commodity and what's precious should be theirs right?  The fact is on both sides of the fence are these rich assholes with their palaces.  The people of iraq are in ghettos so are the american people..and they are the ones who die in this shit...poor kids signing up for a job enlisting because of who were lied to...iraqis who live in slums shot through their fucking dirt walls while theyre hiding on the floor..  The tycoons that control this oil shit are so fucking filthy rich.  Have you seen these scumbags in dubai with their gold plated ferraris their fucking platinum mercedeezs while they party in these resorts. Oh but those are the middle eastern countries where we see nothing wrong at all.  These fucks are disgustingly rich.  Theyre living it up.  In Iran the fucking Shah would bathe in milk while his people starved he lived filthy rich and when the people overthrew him Iran immediately became America's number one enemy.  When the people overthrow America's royal dictaters then we've got a problem with that country and those fucking people.  Those "revolutionaries"  It's okay in dubaii when someone where someone is so spoiled rich they are driving around in a gold plated Lamborghini.  That Royal Saudi Family, those princess that live in the lap of luxury while so many of their people are dirt poor..nothing wrong with that..that's the American way.  Theyve got them all praying in mosques with their Islam its a good ol holy land just like the US of A..they push the quran down everybody's throat we do the same thing with the bible. Saudi Arabia everybody goes to church they love the nobility..the US loves that fucking country..its just like home.  Maybe The Saudis did a little job for the US.and helped it on 9-11.The united states is allies with the united arab emerates, kuwait, qatar, and saudi arabia where people are filthy rich off of oil. meanwhile their enemies are the starving people of iran who took back their own country.

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