Monday, May 13, 2013

police come up with crackpot theory. the Sandy hook shooter was gunning for "points"

I did some research into the sandy hook massacre because I wanted to know why thihappened.  why would someone kill innocent children?  The newtown police department has come up with the brilliantly idiotic theory that the shooter was a "deranged videogamer"  who made himself a score sheet and who chose the elementary school in order to rack up the most points. He had a spreadsheet this they believe was to keep track of points and that he killed himself because they came up with the ridiculously insane theory that he thought that if the police killed him that he would lose his points...i don't know who is crazier the shooter or the police that came up with this theory. I've played video games for a long time, and this is absurd. Points have not been relevant in video games for a long time...a long long time.  we're talking 20 years..there are a lot of video games requiring you to kill..mostly in a context where your life is endanger and you have to kill enemies or monsters before they kill you. there are no points, points are gone..theyve been gone for a while.  a more plausible explanation arose when I read that the shooter attended sandy hook elementary where he was bullied and beaten extensively and his mother said that it changed his entire mood and made him very unwell.  I took part in teasing because of my own insecurity and I was occasionally teased and I've witnessed bullying that was sickeningly harsh and kids bullied the harshest really must be tormented. I wasn't picked on often but when I was it hurt and some kids were picked on constantly, all of the time humiliated threatened degraded..just the majority. I don't know how they dealt with it.  I don't know why this happens in our society, but bullying can get very vicious and it happens starts in 1sr and 2nd grade and it gets worse.  the shooters mother said he came home with bruises all over his body and she was furious with the school.  the columbine shooters were bullied so was the virginia tech are we seeing a trend here or are we still considering this he was so crazy and so brainwashed by games and so deluded he was trying to accumulate points..thats the fucking motive?! when im guessing most of the games he played never even had a point system to begin with. I'm still not any closer to knowing why this horrible shit happened.  What what wrong in his mind to decide to take out his rage on those kids, but he was abused by kids as a kid so perhaps he did not see them as innocent.  That's my best explanation   I think besides looking for some scapegoat to pin the blame on..gun control or videogames we need to address the real problem.  If kids are bullying and harassing and beating other kids in schools whether its in grade 3 or grade 11 their parents need to be brought in and told to start punishing their kids and correcting that behavior.  That behavior which is often regarded as cool or popular in our society needs to not be tolerated    Why did you raise a kid that acts like this etc etc?.  Some bullies have an air of superiority over their victims and they degrade the person they stalk and bully.  Bullying isnt trivial. it isnt harmless and a lot of people aren't aware of how extremely abusive it can get.  Recently a kid known as "the star wars kid" who was recorded unknowingly while he played with a lightsaber and had it put online and subsequently became a laughing stock because it was so ridiculous was told by bullies that he was such a loser that he should kill himself.  It's so callous regarding someone else's feelings that it's disgusting.  What's wrong with kids that do that?  In school I witnessed a kid get harassed for his english accent.  People mocked his voice in class, called him "Pip" and threatened him when he stood up for himself and they harassed him within minutes of his first day up until his last year.  Welcome to america I guess.  This kid failed his classes and sat alone, became dejected naturally.  When you look at virginia tech bullying even goes on in college, and I also witnessed bullying while I went to college and had extremely immature roommates that bullied and made fun of other people's roommates ..the immaturity goes on all the way up in college...I wonder do these bullies go on bullying for their entire lives?  The problem has to be addressed.  Bullies want to make their victims feel inferior and they want themselves to feel superior and they take it to disgustingly extreme degrees..and then horrible shit like this massacre happens and the innocent are the ones caught in the crossfire.  I think bullying needs to be addressed and stopped at an early age..nip it in the bud.  these kids and perhaps their parents need to have their behavior corrected before they just go on repeating this degenerate behavior all the way up until college.  As I said it is widely accepted and tolerated in our society,  when i was in high school a lot of the kids who were thought of as cool picked on the losers and we all laughed along and sometimes even took part in it to be accepted by that callous popular cool club that bullies everyday.  Bullying is unacceptable since when did it become so cool?  I've seen kids picked on for their hair, for their clothes, for being poor, for being gay, for their race, for being fat, for their gender, for their ethnicity, for being skinny, for being shy, for what movies or music they goes on and on.  Our society is very flawed..its so backwards merely 40 years ago people were outraged at blacks wanting to attend all white schools. and today's times are no less ignorant when bullying is so widely accepted. when these cool kids try to mess other kids up it becomes a problem for everybody because when you look at columbine and virginia tech the victims snap and we get caught in the crossfire.  I was disgusted to see bullies wearing abercrombie and fitch teasing poor kids for having clothing bought at kmart. they were teased for the brands of their shoes and the brands of their shirts and pants because they were from k mart.  meanwhile the bullies  they were the ones considered to have cool clothes and the kids who couldnt afford those clothes were mocked and the families in the middle had kids that begged for those overpriced shitty clothes just so they wouldnt get picked on too.  bullies bully for many different reasons. these horrible atrocities should make us demand that it stop..instead we are debating the finer points of gun control and video game violence..and mental illness the entire point is being missed. as i said columbine, virginia tech, and now newtown all were perpetrated by people who were extensively bullied. that should be where the attention is, but the news isn't really addressing those important issues. maybe we have a society that doesn't want to change.  bullying can cause mental illness when you have people ignoring you treating you inferior telling you you're such a loser that you should kill yourself than you very well might become depressed especially if you believe what these people say about you.  seriously these bullies tell kids "kill yourself're so pathetic and ugly you fucking suck."  its not just fun and games or teasing or razzing it gets malicious.   bullied kids need lawyers.  bullies can make it impossible for kids to learn..they alienate kids..they turn school which is should be a kids opportunity to learn and to become successful into a place where he or she is persecuted, degraded, and destroyed on the inside.  ive heard bullies bullying girls calling them "dumb bitches" "oh your such a dumb blonde ditzy bitch you women are so hysterical and're bubble heads all you care about is looking hot"  these same bullies threw water on the girl they were harassing during biology and she left the classroom to cry while they laughed.  sexism, racism, classism...theyre bigots. theyre corrupting influences on other kids and hell if they bully other kids should be removed from those environments.  they obviously use schools as places to oppress other take them out of school and put them in a work camp..I don't care..put them in a school for bullies..the bottom line is don't let them run the many schools they do.  whether its the suburbs or the ghettos its the same got white preps mocking kids for not having abercrombie and fitch you go to the inner city you got black thugs mocking kids for not having have gangs of bullies that a lot of the student body worships as cool who beat on other kids and who are into bad shit like, pot, dope, cigarettes..cocaine whatever they say its cool because they party with it and they tell other kids under them that its cool.  theyre horrible that are smart that are above their influence who dont fall in line with their clothing trends and their attitude trends become targets for bullying..mocked for being nerdy or for being uncool.  bullies are extremely vicious.  they cannot get away with beating someone bruitally to such a degree or else its assault and battery although they still do beat on many they try to beat them to death on the inside..they really do and this is horrible it makes people unwell and this fucked up shit happens.  its too bad our schools could be a hell of a lot better without this sort of business going on and when some of these kids snap they deliberately lash out in the schools.  gun laws... video game violence..gunning for points because he was so crazy he thought he was in a game or some bullshit give me a fucking break.   how are they trying to prevent these incidents from happening? are they trying to prevent them by stopping those individuals from becoming so jaded and so angry by keeping them from being bullied..or are they merely trying to stop them from getting guns and carrying out those acts because i see victims on both sides of these fucking horrible events.the shooters and the shot.  you dont need to put them on medication if you prevent them from becoming don't stricter gun laws if they aren't so furious they don't have the motive to engage in these massacres..problem solved.  it's not videogames turning kids into stupid is some of this conjecture. how hysterical are these postulations.   happy healthy kids dont suddenly become mass murderers because of a fucking videogame.  its like saying maybe its all that sugar that's out there.  maybe that sugar is causing these disasters.  give us a fucking break.  lets get to the root of these fucking problems and not allow the media to have a circus,

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