Friday, July 4, 2014

some insight on slavery's ins and outs

slave traders make their slaves pay for things like food, necesities, shelter, medical care etc etc while these things are entirely free for a master.....they then take the money the slave paid for the food then use it to pay the slave who makes the food...then they take that slaves pay when he buys food and gives it to the slave who puts unloads and stocks the food or the slave who transports the food or the slave who grows the food...etc etc this is known as recycling

charge a slave to eat then pay another slave with that money and keep recycling it around and around..but your unaware because this economy likes to go around and around like a laundry machine

free masters
when they eat they eat for free...but they dont let a slave eat unless he has money and as i said they then take that money and use to it to pay another slave for their work so that they can redeem their work for food or shelter or clothes or whatever...gasoline...a haircut...anything and the slave trade a slaves currency is recycled in an endless have money you have to spend it...then you have money and you part with it're always working to make it because you dont really have it at all...even when a save your money it is inevitable saved to be spent whether its on an education your kids education moving to a better neighborhood...for a rainy is just recycled from one slaves pocket into anothers then back

a slave is charged to eat while a free master just eats..and that slave is forced to work in order to have the pay to eat...once he pays to eat that pay is given to another slave who is forced to work as their pay...recycling...ahhhh they love that concept dont they. its such a great thing in this society like its a noble thing...

look at it this way say you have slaves working on a plantation so master implements the corporate policy that slaves who get such an amount of work done get a bead...and that bead can be exchanged for an extra bit of food at the end of the day...thus the slaves who work hard get that extra bead and get more food..the rest who don't or cant work hard still but dont quite make the cut but they worked their hardest for the reward regardless....nothing is really given because the slaves who get the most labor done who burn the most calories require that extra ration anyways to keep up their productivity but the bead system is masters form of "motivation" he determines that his slaves need to be motivated..i dont know why maybe it occupies their minds maybe it ensures higher yield maybe it weeds out the slaves who can't make an extra bead and only the survival of the fittest survive...well lets replace the plantation with a factory or a corporate store and say instead of the bead its a raise maybe its only an extra 50 cents an hour its that bead that ensures that extra bit of the crop to keep you going doing whatever your doing...

how does master get everything for free while we work to pay for things well when master wants money he pushes a button and literally prints much as he wants..when we need money we're told to go work for it..

the master slave society is a society where one group of people literally lives off of group doesn't have to do anything for everything the other has to do everything or else they'll have group entirely lives off of the slaves...they are regarded as a form of property they live only for themselves a slave's live is nothing to them while a slave lives all for is so astronimcally unequal..when they say everyone is equal in this country it is an utter white wash...a massive lie that brainwashing that is the american dream

the slave trade is also not exclussive to a wealthy class over a poor class their are slave traders who are poor who milk a slave who works all the time to make money...they literally live off that persons income..and although they arent earning any money they are free while the person the golden cow they milk has about an hour out of the day when they are truly free....but hey theyll say on the corners in gangs that white devil is a rich old slave master that should feel remore for what hes people have done and pay us.......slaves come from all kinds of socioeconomic backgrounds and they exist within our society throughout many different fields..they are someone's slave...take sex traffic slaves when hollywood and the news are through people will assosciate every lowlife creep hooker as a slave...well their are women who are forced into prostitution and treated like dogshit..."bottom bitches" then there are women who choose it because its good money for them to try to hook men on sex and entice and addict them to it....these women will manage those bottom bitches abusing them getting them to spend their pay on drugs to keep them high..on stupid clothes at affiliated mob businesses...but never on themselves....people who take part in making slaves and owning slaves and working and using slaves come from all races..all classes..all backgrounds

the slave trade is literally the selling back and forth of human beings between masters...a crime family may trade a slave to the government....or vice versa..the person isn't freed once changing hands they are merely worked as a slave in a different way in a different field

say some gang bangers have a hoe they use as a slave and they keep her high so she cant think and shes worked on speeds uppers downers and threatened and she runs to the government..the government doesnt free her or persecute her masters but merely puts her in rehab where she is told she needs to be work to be clean and she is billed for the treatment and told to work it off by being a slave for walmart..the government didnt free her but when a junky slave walked in it was like a fish jumping into their boat....say a slave owned by a family is tired of the abuse at home so runs off to live in the ghetto because its all they can afford...the family then trades them off to the slum lord who runs the house...slaves are traded and theyre never free..they are made a slave and kept as slaves..

today's american economy and is not one that has abolished slavery but rather it is the fruition of an entire history of slavery....the only people who believe slavery was abolished are slaves...slaves are owned by crime families...these people are aware of the slave trade and take part in it but slaves aren't even aware of the slave trade it makes them easier to traffic and in the dark..gets them to voluntarily live a life of slavery keeps them easier to manipulate by masters who pose as friends or liberators who can better decieve a slave if he simply is not aware he is just being traded through the slave trade..this is one of the reasons slaveries abolishment is so publicized...and impressed upon slaves..mainstream family friendly corporations take part in the slave trade...families do...the media is involved in it as is the is not somthing done by mexican smugglers in some gritty world where border patrol agents are hot on the trail of the people smugglers...nope it is as usual for mainstream companies and businesses like it always was when people were casually bought right off the hasn't changed much and those industries that got so rich off it have evolved into today's corporations

when you hear of the atrocities and cruelty.."barbarism" that goes on in the rest of the world like forced labor farms...people being mutilated for talking back to their masters in africa...or people being worked like peasants..that brutality exists here right here in america it is just done in different "Cleaner" ways so that this country can say it is better than the rest of the world..more civil..than parts of the world where those atrocities are apparant..they go on here when you here of chinas dystopian government where dissent is suppressed..that is happening here...freedom of speech does not exist for everyone in this country..some people dont even have the freedom of speech in this country because they say things the government doesnt like..this is no different than communist is just as bad..when you hear about propaganda films made by nazi germany those exact things are made here by this country to this day..there are millions of american made triumph of the wills...when you hear about people traded like cattle and brutally abused by their "handlers" in africa that goes on here right down the street..but the cattle are verbally abused or tortured with things like sleep deprivation extremes in temperature and forced drugging....when you hear about saddams police stations where torture occurs in the backrooms...that is how this country keeps people in line from gitmo to the electro shock wards in the hospital basements for all those "defectives"

this country likes to proclaim itself as better or more than the rest of the world when it is just as barbaric as the 3rd world..just as oppressive as those dictaterships..just as bad to live least for a slave...this is a slave master's paradise..but the US has publicity its attracted immigrants for years claiming that this is the land of opporutnity a place to strike it rich a place where they can have liberty and be unoppressed and they move here get treated like shit..made into an underclass and worked for a cent a day in a factory...anyone who believes this country is wonderful clearly hasn't been brought here in chains...and these kids who are from the smallville pleasant ville who think because theyre white..that they come from the suburbs arent slaves have been sheltered and once they get out there in the real world theyre walked on so easily for being so polite and impressionable and being so deluded that this is a hunky dorey idealic world...its not theyre lied to be their government preyed on by companies and seen as prey for hustlers...they think they live in a better time one where slavery is abolitioned..the draft no longer exists..but no this is the same world its always been its just further down the line

Thursday, July 3, 2014

how the mob and the government work together

There are many things that happen in this country that the government wants to avoid getting it's hands dirty doing.  extortion...the use of involuntary labor...intimidation and abuse of the slave labor...the mob does for the government what the government doesn't what to be seen doing. the mob uses intimidation...torture...and traffics if the government did this it would seen as just another regime out there...which it is but it would rather not be seen doing that to avoid upheaval and blow back so it relies on the mob which it allows to exist and operate to do its dirty work...while the government does the mobs cleaning...keeping its operations in restraurants and corporations..bars..and neighborhoods looking legitimate while handling the mobs junkies...and bums...see bums are people who dont work because they dont want to work for the they end up bums..and junkies are people the mob abuses with substances for being out of "control" or for standing up for themselves...slipping them them overdoses...knocking them up with high balls etc etc till theyre strung out and junkies..the government cleans up this trash for the mob..they are essentially the mobs garbage men...taking the mobs trash to rehab detainment facilities where theyre "Cleaned up" which means raped by staff...kept in restraints as well as further abused on substances with force drugging with pharmaceuticals
if the government was caught using slave labor it would be seen as tyrannical...both sides claim to be fighting eachother both sides claim to be just..the president is after those crooked organized crimnal enterprises at war with their trafficking operations their drug operations and their criminal operations in the movies and news etc etc meanwhile the mob is at war with those pigs those government suits...they arent at war with one another it is an illusion they are both the ruling bodies in the country..think of the structure of our country like a diamond...there is the pyramid of the overworld like a triangle that heads towards the base then heads into the underworld

say the godfather of the mob is the president...he resides in the underworld where he rules..he has his generals which his captains swear allegiance to and the capos have their soldiers

that literally is the terminology when a mobs structure is discussed

while in the overworld the president rules in the white house...he is the godfather...he has his advisors aka his Consliglieres his GENERALS...his CAPTAINS...his SOLDIERS

the underworld is in is the black market...a black site is a military site that doesnt exist it cannot be seen etc etc like a black op it goes on but it never happened nobody knows about even the members involved are ordered to not talk about it..its in the dark in the is the black market within the united states it exists but you dont see it during rush hour...when you are at work 9 to 5 or in bed after the late night show from 11 to 6..those of us who have been out there during all hours are aware the black market exists all over the place in is right off the street..right inside where you get morning coffee at the drive thru right down the block...this is why your favorite retail outlets all sell sweatshop clothes and gangster rap cds...those who have stability and are sheltered are not aware how many desperate americans are treated by those family friendly hard theyre worked etc etc how theyre mistreated..extorted..and threatened by other employees on behalf of the company for any mutinee any insubordination any contempt for the mistreatment...the american black market is in the black..people are aware of crime but they dont understand that it is in operating enterprise working on behalf of companies managing labor..hustling labor extorting labor forcing slaves into making protection payments and working at a sweatshop pace for the company because they dont want to be hurt...people dont understand their are vacant houses and crack houses and houses where gangs rule with weapons stashed etc etc...houses where people are tortured in basements etc etc these are black sites...the usa uses black sites for torture all over the world including in the homeland...when torture has to be done again to keep the blood off their hands they hire another government or say a gangster to perform the torture for them....these houses are driven passed it is not registered what goes on in these places by the average sheltered american swimming in the mainstream.

see it as the president is god in the heaven overworld and the godfather is satan ruling in the say the president's police have someone bad mouthing the government a dissident saying the nation lies and is corrupt...they take that person who is bitching and have the underworlds police..the gangs make him their bitch...gang rape..and punish that bitch....then say those gangs have a hoe who is out of line who back talks and is out of line and out of "control" and says shell report her gang owners to the police so the police take care of her for the gangs and detain her in a rehab facility or a ward....generally both victims are raped the gangs of the underworld take care of the overworlds dissidents and the police of the overworld take care of the underworlds upstarts...they scratch eachothers backs...while the mob's junky bum that washes up is criminalized by the police not the gangs or mobs that targetted him...dissidents are "black" listed...put on the black list means potential torture in a black site..they are on the black list to be taken to a black site.....governments all over the world use torture to suppress rebellion and prevent a mutiny of the underclasses..these disgruntled people are often renting black sites...dirt cheap apartments in bad parts of town with thugs for roomates. they have no security...perhaps a flimsy lock on the door and they are easily extorted into a company plan protection put work into the property...and to whip themselves into working to the point of exhaustion for wherever they work.  these slaves are villified by the company as well as the mob who tells the general public they are users, violent, sociopathic...on the verge of snapping..irresponsible..and untrustworthy..often these people are exhausted because they are tortured with sleep deprivation in the black site with bangs....gansgter music the banging of pots are pans or are afraid to go to sleep because they are on guard.  those black and blue bags under their eyes are said to derrive from drug use..not from sleep deprivation and being overworked in an involuntary manner..other black sites are prisons....psychiatric wards..and rehab clinics where gangs or abusive staff torture batter emotionally and physically rape and sexually abuse and degrade their target who has been blacklisted...the general public has vague ideas about what happens in these places but not the clear concsise connection of the dots..when they read about staff raping or abusing a patient...they hear about it as an "isolated" incident and the person was fired...when they hear about prison rape it is often depicted in film as criminals preying on other inmates and it isnt understood these thugs are allowed and encouraged to rape particular targetted inmates....

if you dont understand this look to the movie scar face where a hit is put out on the inmate "revenga" who is a communist and he is shived by the hero tony....the mob goes after anyone who goes after the government....those are regarded as "bitches" and the government goes after anyone who goes after the scratch my back ill scratch your back..meanwbile their victim gets knocked back and forth by them

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

how china is rising

history repeats itself...china is getting rich and growing powerful by doing what america did using masses of slave labor....allowing industry to have dominion over the serf...working them like a outcompeting the rest of the world with its poor huddled get rich and powerful that is and always has been america's objective...that is china's...their objectives are not to treat everyone equally...or to prevent uphold human civilization and to go after crimes against humanity but to become richer and more powerful...the way theyve done this is by exploiting human "Capital" they....
do this by working many desperate people very hard and giving them bare minimium so they can survive to do it another day...slavery in the west prevailed both north and south...southern slavery was deemed barbaric by the north while the north was taking over the south...but northern slavery involved taking a second class..a segregated class of those dog micks or wops and working them 16 hours a day..working their children and giving them enough to fill their bellies with gruel and pool their money so they have a tenement to pass out in and not freeze and to make the environment so brutal with their thugs on the streets and so inhuman with people turning down the starving and beating them that they have no choice but to go back and do it again and put up with the wage and the pitboss managers....slavery existed in the north and the south as a huge institution that made this country wealthy and powerful because europeans flocked here in a great exodus hearing the promise of freedom..of liberty..of opportunity...of rights and they were attracted to lady liberty's torch no different than bugs to a bug zapper.. but we dont hear about slavery in the north of europeans because the north won the civil war and it chooses not to teach that sort of thing..the usa was a fledgling nation but it imported millions and millions of capturing them in africa...or by lying to them in europe and getting them to come here voluntarily...then it took those poor huddled masses and worked them to the bone discriminated against them and persecuted them relentlessly to become as rich and as powerful as still does this to people in the country to this day and allows its captains of industry to do this..but your saying to yourselves they abolished slavery we arent all slaves today...they stopped child labor and created regulations and so on and so forth well allow me to explain as master gets richer and richer off of his slaves he can afford to give them a bigger and bigger their standard of living goes up gradually as they make their master wealthier and wealtheir....their is diversification a master by promote one slave because he's adopted his ethos is a loyal slave a good earner who will agree to keep his fellow slaves in police enforce master's be a leader who is there for the other slaves to strive to be like and to increase their own productivity by following him or her willingly or not..he reports on other slaves etc etc..a right hand that master is super rich he can afford to pay his slaves a little extra so they can pay him right back through one of his institutes so that they can become educated and provide a specialized service for their master...slaves will not only work for a little extra money or to get out of the fields but also for more freedoms this is all incentive for their loyalty devotion and to carry out their master's work even if that means cracking his whip on their own becomes a symbiosis..they
care about the security and the stability of the master slave system because its granted them rare spoils
 so they defend it...maintain it...and prolong it through their own corruption. thus the corrupt are over the non corrupt...which is tyranny and tragedy that the worst of us or not only impeding our species progress but raping and pillaging the world and its ecosystems as well as doing horrible unspeakable things from hiroshima to nagasaki to 9-11...the worst of us are over us.  the worst of us are given rewards..leverage..the well as being made examples that we should follow...those who have been granted their freedom and more rewards from their masters are unwilling to sacrafice what theyve been granted to do the right thing..they have been bought and don't care about the tyrannical conditions or the abuse of the slaves...bla bla bla theyre above it. its not their problem but because they are corrupt they will of course side with their master and put down that slave rebellion or insurrection and take part in bonding..capturing..or abusing a slave because they have freedom and wealth and wouldn't risk it for the world. thus for their own security they provide the master slave system more of its security...and they will profess that freedom does exist in this country using themselves as examples and convince slaves that they are free that they have to again follow their example and follow the leader and work hard invest in school become more valuable and skilled and thus they will be free..they proclaim everyone is equal here despite the fact that they have more opportunity....more wealth resource more time...are not persecuted or mistreated ..etc etc they will tell their slaves that they need to work harder if they want freedom and the good life merely increasing their slaves productivity when for many slaves their is no way out and what applies for someone else is not the universal standard in this country we are not treated equal..given equal opporuntity..or equal advantage...and people with freedom and wealth may have not even risen out of slavery but never were slaves but they take part in molding and controlling slaves..they may even share a percentage of the profit off of slavery...that can also be one of master's incentives to have people enforce his master goes public and offers shares of his operation..makes partners with other people...

china is doing this with its own population of has a vast pool of human resources which it is promissing a new better way of life..freedom..and a higher standard of living while it works them like slaves and pays them very little.......its oppressing dissent in the culture...the
 benefit of wage slavery for a master is not only that it is not regarded as slavery merely because the slaves are compensated with pay but it can get a slave to whip his or herself because they cannot afford to get fired..they have no other options..they dont want to be eaten alive by the deliberatly corrupt and dangerous streets of the they voluntarily work like the compensation is merely to keep them alive so that they can come in again the next day and the next and the next and keep making their master money.  this is why masters would allow a portion of crop for their slaves and house their slaves in shacks and let them sleep...this isnt out of charity or love for them but because he wants them alive to continue their work as slaves on his plantation.this is why master pays his slaves....but he pays them bare minimium so they have just enough to stay alive on...

the practice of slavery should be reserved for those who devalue life...encourage ignorance..use cheap dirty tactics..people who fix fights
do the wrong thing for their own personal gain..etc etc..those are people who should be low as a slave in our society..however those are the very people who have their own slaves and the human species species suffer...ecosysttems suffer..resource is wasted...or spent on abominations
creativity is destroyed unless of course the art is to hail master or his cultures or his artists are bought and pimped or censored and attacked....used as a commercial
delusions like religion and ignorance is prevailant society devolves into the streets of our own country where there are horrible people preying on their fellow man..where we have modern human beings who don't even know what they are..that don't have any answers to any questions like why we are here....what are we..what happens when we die..its a dark age..and for a master a dark age begins to stagnate so it requires a rennaissance where other cultures and civilizations are studied and used to inspire innovation..invention..and progress in the stagnating rotten melting pot of the master slave society..but masters need new weapons of war to bolster their own power and to keep their operations running more efficient or more productively so he draws inspiration from cultures that were free..wherethe arts and sciences were known where the people had answers and developed and created
...were the people themselves were gods compared to these other cultures from the greeks are studied and honored to advance the master slave society because it naturally stagnates. it consumes demands of the stifles..suppresses and brainwashes and retards so many of its begins to need a way to keep itself from rotting...say for example the environment is polluted drastically....natural resources are consumed till they are rare..thus master encourages slaves to persue the sciences provides more profit for alternative fuel innovations...looks to other cultures for ideas of new engines..the answer for these masters is to not stop the master slave society which has produced environmental destruction and consumed all resources but to innovate and change to go forward and prolong the lifespan of the destructive culture that created these problems....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the ins and outs of the US war machine..and some sense on things

why does the usa invest so heavily in military spending?....the usa invests heavily in its invests in military technology....innovations in weaponry and massive scale building projects for nimitz aircraft carriers intercontinental guided icbms...etc etc the united states invests hundereds of billions in its war machine...through research....with big budget hollywood propaganda..and yes on the production costs of running its massive militaries....why invest in the means to wage war? because it profits off of war..that is why it invests in the means to make war. not to fight for freedom or to save the world from the persecution of nazis or makes an investment in its capability to make and win wars...because it profits off of war

the usa invests so heavily in its military because it profits off of war.

thats it..period..that is the bottom line

it doesnt invest those billions in education..improvements in healthcare because their is no profit in raising the standard of living many of its own doesn't profit of enlightened kids recieving real educations..thats even somthing it may try to prevent when it wants to use many of its citizens as livestock or expendible recruits or modern day the usa makes money is through conquering....pillaging..and controlling other nations through it invests heavily in the military...

why does the us invest so much in its military?...because it profits off of war...thats what the investment is for..its not because the military is important in protecting democracy or because the world is so full of conflict zones and after world war 2 the usa ended up with bases everywhere...good god its not to keep the peace or for defending freedom...  its simple an investment is made because a profit is invest in somthing to make money off your invest in somthing for gotta spend money to make money... the united states invests in the spends on the military because those nimitz fleets and stealth bombers and m1 abrahms tanks and nuclear rockets bring returns..the us invests in the military more than the general public is even aware of...the entire space program..the mission to the moon...the launching of satellites that wasnt about the wonder of the great blue yonder and crossing the frontier for all mankind..that was an investment in intercontinental ballistic missles...military satalites gps mapping systems and hell put an american flag on the moon when your done as a nice propaganda piece...hollywood is an investment in the military..the media is a military investment...there is further military spending even beyond the astronomical military budget...our military budget is greater than the combined military budget of the world and even then its larger because there are investments in the military that arent counted. now how do you get returns with an army? well a war machine is for waging war? so we've gone from the villages of france to the jungles of the were in the desert....the usa spends about two decades investing in war..gearing up for its war..then it starts the war...profits off the war and is on to investing for the next war...every usa war is a crusade...a crusade for freedom and liberty from the tyranny of the free the save the jews and stop the evil stop the red menace from save the world from genocide and to make sure foreign aid goes to the right people...or to save the world from terror....every american war is a crusade because a crusade isnt just a war it is but its given a noble cause so that the people give it support..thats how crusades work...the war of independance wasnt for liberty or independance of the american commoners...any european immigrant was treated like a dog and worked to the bone and thoe africans were brought here in chains to slave away...the civil war wasnt to free the slaves but so the north could claim the the crusades when richard the lionheart galloped off with his men to fight the arabs then looted and pillaged back across europe his war was soley for profit but he gave it a glorious cause and thus the crusade was invented...a war that has a juste spread the love of christ to free the people from those evil arab tyrrants...the war on terror is precisely a is a war about pillaging and conquering but its sold as somthing juste and virtuous..and we've got old king george up there waving his bible and pointing to the wreckage of the trade centers where all thats left is a steel girder bent in the shape of a cross...time for the crusade against terror. we'd like to think we live in modern times but the western kingdoms are still at it with their crusades...while the ol dungeons of spain for giving excorcisms are guantanimo bays for giving those herretics some hell fire

when the usa is done with one war it moves right on to the next one and starts gearing up for its next conquest.  the usa waited to enter both world wars in order to ensure that it would come out as the it sat by and let its allies fight it out till they were lesser powers then steps in at the last minute to be the conqueror and come out as the strongest nation in the war....whether its taking lands from the indigenous populations with wars against the tribes...or showing up to hawaii or japan with a blockade of battleships and taking over or having a treaty signed...whether its taking over the lands of former empires that it defeated..whether its japan's korea...or germany or afganastan its next war after world war 2 was taking the scraps of the empires it defeated but alas it had to compete with those pesky soviets who were also going after those it races with the russians as the most powerful war profiteer...and it wins...however no war occured because the us doesnt go up against an equal when it wants to profit through know it doesnt pick on someone its on likes to go after the little guy up turn him and get his lunch hes frustrated because the only nation he cant push around is he gangs up on him with every other nation under his control...stockpiles his weapons and pressures his only rival to back down...and to quit taking on his russia folds and the usa is in afganastan and after that northern half of korea those two territories that russia had its eye the usa wants a piece of that lunch that it can invest further in its military you know so it can tell europe what to do..I mean hell europe was destroyed by world war 2 america hardly got a scratch and guess who was the only one left guess whose calling the shots the usa invests in 19 aircraft carriers despite the fact that there is no enemy on that scale in existence why..because combined the EU has 6...theres no major competitors left in the world..guess what the USA can take what it can do what it can murder 3000 of its own citizens and broadcast it and drape its flag everywhere....whose going to stop it?  the usa invests in its military because it profits off of war...not because it fights the good fight...

Friday, June 20, 2014

fucking BULLSHIT from the left as bad as bullshit from the right

So I had a real mind blowing conversation with some vegan hippies I got to know running a co op or an intentional community that i thought Id investigate for some material and to get the inside scoop and just what the fuck a co op is...and basically i met people as fucking detestible as right wingers that are fanatical patriots and blood thirsty for war and in love with jesus and gay bashing and having their way with people...well the far left is just as bad.   instead of  being blood thirsty for war they are grotesquely passive...its the inverse of behavoiral control one side wants to sick you on the enemy the other side doesnt wants you passive and declawed and self no all violence is bad...even when its in self defense..."turn the other cheek" like that big easily whipped pussy Jesus and forgive the people who torture and murder you that is ..."the higher way"

so im talking to this vegan bitch who exudes an air of smug authority and i tell her i agree the meat industry is horrendous..they treat living beings like products and the quality of the food suffers as does the quality of our own livesssss because we arent killing our food but being i say yes i think the meat industry is bad so bad i entertained the thought of boycotting meat but human beings are large semi predatory mammals i think its in our nature to eat meat...and she says to me..."human beings arent animals..theyre MORE than that." uggghhhh!!!!! see the problem is vegans arent about boycotting meat theyre about selling veganism and their own brands of food.
how fucking stupid can you get having an open mind around these entertain their ideas but they dont even breath any life into your facts...we're fucking APES people...we are isnt LESS to be an animal...we are ANIMALS you fucking idiots that is so masively simple and yet its not understood...but no the same bullshit from the right comes out the mouth of the left...were "spiritual beings" so her guru rich boy snob who has traveled the world on his fathers dime starts preaching to me as a matter of fact..."I dont think human beings even HAVE to eat".....human beings dont have to EAT?!   oh we can get our sustinance through manna and meditation channeling soul energy and living off of pot resin...yeah we need to hollow ourselves out inside...but he declaress as if he is wise and knows somthing that ignorant people like me dont know and that i should take his sage advice that human beings actually dont have to eat...yeah its a fucking conspiracy...eating is a ruse...its bad for the I tell him see we have these things called mouths and theyre full of these things called teeth for biting and chewing and there are these organs called stomachs that are in us and they digest food to keep us alive and all those things point to the contrary.  to which he becomes offended claiming i dont have an open mind and i should be careful not respecting other peoples beliefs I could get my ass kicked.   when Im pretty sure this hustler who tries to present himself as a model of virtue and decency is just looking at me and trying to hollow out his voodoo doll./

the right wing wants your mind boxed in the left wing wants it wide open...both sides are fucking lowlifes pushing their lifestyles on other make their true believers

and to top off the night one of the hippies gets up and declares i cant wait till im 80 years old because im just going to do heroin....right wing left wing theyre fucking disgusting people on both sides..both sides use brainwashing..

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

does the occupy movement target its own members?

the occupy movement is obsessed with raising minimum wage...well ive worked a lot of minimium wage jobs and although id like a hell of a lot more pay and cannot tolerate busting...literally breaking my back and busting my ass for rude degrading managers that dont even let you break for 15 minutes even when you are on break without putting a company slogan or directive in your face...i cant tolerate 40 hours of that every week for 220 dollars....220 dollars somthing people making in a day for a less demanding job..yeah thats fair..fucking ridiculous..then again ive worked amongst some of the most arrogant ignorant corporate suck ups that dont give a shit if the company is bad..that hustle on its behalf..that mistreat their fellow coworkers and that dont really have a very demanding experience while working for the store..but of course these people are somehow noble because they make minimum wage and look like theyre really busting their ass. these people will assume the role of the boss when dealing with other employees will insult and put their coworkers and police them then suck up to malicious corporation behind the business.  you know what occupy i dont give a shit if these assholes only make minimum wage. these people give shitty service and are rude and demanding of customers...then when they assume the role of customer they behave the same way to the person working that happens to be serving them.  if some schoolyard bully who is part time gangsta graduates with his D average and only gets paid minimium wage when he isnt selling his bitch or shaking someone else down i dont give a shit if he makes minimum wage...then again their are people who have potential who are decent who cant even afford a living being worked far too hard by these companies fgor far too little..of course they are the voice of the movement but who is really profitting off of their cries...let me tell you handing yourself over full time to a company that treats you like shit that overworks you and brainwashes you its fucking awful....the problem is these corporations work some of their employees arent under the same demands as some of these work horses that they make out of their fellow employees these employees that "own" or "pwn" as they call it their fellow employees do not deserve an increase in their wages.. .  some people they shouldnt just make more than minimum wage they shouldnt even be in those places in the fucking first place.  regardless occupy movement are you merely looking for sheep to make into your own sheep with all this preach preach preach about spiritualism and loving islam and being a fucking budha who doesnt want to crush an ant because taking life is bad karma or whatever fucking nonsense insane bullshit spiritualism they pawn off as wise when they get some high enough to listen to them...fuck not going to tolerate that delusional brainwashing bullshit but hey man not being tolerant is being bad! according to these occupy fuckers your supposed to have an open for the bullshit theyre pushing..and if you don't tolerate it then you are an intolerant know it all or some other line of bullshit... poor people are noble and righteous...yeah right.sure they act like they are purely on the grounds that theyre poor when theyre running in mobs or being pimps pushers and thugs but hey its ok its cause theyre poor..some are but ive met quite  afew who are not but who wear the fact that they are poor like a badge of honor when they arent being belligerent hustlers.  these people will sit with the homeless to try to sell them some crack or manage them and if you look at them with disgust its..."oh excuse me dees be real people they aint just trash we actually communicate with these people we aint a snob like you!"  there are thugs on the street jumping frail homeless people maliciously attacking them saying things like "you my bitch if you dont carry this crack around up your ass from one neighborhood to the next ill stick you with an aids infected needle! cuz you my nigga now hoe!"  then they get caught and they look sheepish and rap to the world "Yo the streets is hard we be just trying to make a buck!" feel sorry for us..meanwhile theres someone staggering around out there with their teeth knocked out.  you shouldnt tolerate bullshit. thats exactly what the bad government and dirty corporations expect of you if the occupy movement expects that as well than what the fuck kind of revolution is that?

you want to know whats revolutionary occupy dont say "raise the minimium wage for us!" you say "FUCK YOUR MINIMIUM WAGE JOB! stick it up your fucking ass we dont need to be floor moppers and shelf stockers and dish washes! go fuck yourself!" you be the clods we'll be the can have your fucking time wasted for 8 dollars an hour kissing peoples asses when you arent scrubbing cheese off some pan and we'll sit in our corporate towers and collect our fortunes off your asses!"

Friday, October 11, 2013

so i went into a "Vape shop" the other day and checked out e cigarettes

"We got all sorts of flavors man MountainDew vapor...Koolaid vapor..rocking raspberRY!"  yeah theyre not trying to get kids on this shit i thought...koolaid flavor!?  or maybe theyre just trying to target my own innner child.  anyways i went along with the sales routine..."so this is safer than tobacco right no tar no carcinogens?"  I asked.  "Absolutely" the kid said...when actually vaping may be just as toxic with chemicals in their vapor such as glycol and propylene. GLYCOL and PROPYLENE..does this help smokers...the guy was really into getting people crazy about "vaping" it rocks man! try a pretty sure they want "vape" addicts so they can cash in on all these flavors of theirs.  im sure they got people vaping like fiends coming in everyday for a new bottle..oh today ill try peach flavored gel..tomorrow itll be "smurf piss"  ha ha how quirky with those names how edgy.  he says to me im not sure how "smurf piss" tastes but ive heard its excellent...excellent he burns and has a plastic like taste..this is fucking great right. yeah man its SAFE..according to my burning throat and the film on my teeth it doesnt feel safe.