Thursday, July 3, 2014

how the mob and the government work together

There are many things that happen in this country that the government wants to avoid getting it's hands dirty doing.  extortion...the use of involuntary labor...intimidation and abuse of the slave labor...the mob does for the government what the government doesn't what to be seen doing. the mob uses intimidation...torture...and traffics if the government did this it would seen as just another regime out there...which it is but it would rather not be seen doing that to avoid upheaval and blow back so it relies on the mob which it allows to exist and operate to do its dirty work...while the government does the mobs cleaning...keeping its operations in restraurants and corporations..bars..and neighborhoods looking legitimate while handling the mobs junkies...and bums...see bums are people who dont work because they dont want to work for the they end up bums..and junkies are people the mob abuses with substances for being out of "control" or for standing up for themselves...slipping them them overdoses...knocking them up with high balls etc etc till theyre strung out and junkies..the government cleans up this trash for the mob..they are essentially the mobs garbage men...taking the mobs trash to rehab detainment facilities where theyre "Cleaned up" which means raped by staff...kept in restraints as well as further abused on substances with force drugging with pharmaceuticals
if the government was caught using slave labor it would be seen as tyrannical...both sides claim to be fighting eachother both sides claim to be just..the president is after those crooked organized crimnal enterprises at war with their trafficking operations their drug operations and their criminal operations in the movies and news etc etc meanwhile the mob is at war with those pigs those government suits...they arent at war with one another it is an illusion they are both the ruling bodies in the country..think of the structure of our country like a diamond...there is the pyramid of the overworld like a triangle that heads towards the base then heads into the underworld

say the godfather of the mob is the president...he resides in the underworld where he rules..he has his generals which his captains swear allegiance to and the capos have their soldiers

that literally is the terminology when a mobs structure is discussed

while in the overworld the president rules in the white house...he is the godfather...he has his advisors aka his Consliglieres his GENERALS...his CAPTAINS...his SOLDIERS

the underworld is in is the black market...a black site is a military site that doesnt exist it cannot be seen etc etc like a black op it goes on but it never happened nobody knows about even the members involved are ordered to not talk about it..its in the dark in the is the black market within the united states it exists but you dont see it during rush hour...when you are at work 9 to 5 or in bed after the late night show from 11 to 6..those of us who have been out there during all hours are aware the black market exists all over the place in is right off the street..right inside where you get morning coffee at the drive thru right down the block...this is why your favorite retail outlets all sell sweatshop clothes and gangster rap cds...those who have stability and are sheltered are not aware how many desperate americans are treated by those family friendly hard theyre worked etc etc how theyre mistreated..extorted..and threatened by other employees on behalf of the company for any mutinee any insubordination any contempt for the mistreatment...the american black market is in the black..people are aware of crime but they dont understand that it is in operating enterprise working on behalf of companies managing labor..hustling labor extorting labor forcing slaves into making protection payments and working at a sweatshop pace for the company because they dont want to be hurt...people dont understand their are vacant houses and crack houses and houses where gangs rule with weapons stashed etc etc...houses where people are tortured in basements etc etc these are black sites...the usa uses black sites for torture all over the world including in the homeland...when torture has to be done again to keep the blood off their hands they hire another government or say a gangster to perform the torture for them....these houses are driven passed it is not registered what goes on in these places by the average sheltered american swimming in the mainstream.

see it as the president is god in the heaven overworld and the godfather is satan ruling in the say the president's police have someone bad mouthing the government a dissident saying the nation lies and is corrupt...they take that person who is bitching and have the underworlds police..the gangs make him their bitch...gang rape..and punish that bitch....then say those gangs have a hoe who is out of line who back talks and is out of line and out of "control" and says shell report her gang owners to the police so the police take care of her for the gangs and detain her in a rehab facility or a ward....generally both victims are raped the gangs of the underworld take care of the overworlds dissidents and the police of the overworld take care of the underworlds upstarts...they scratch eachothers backs...while the mob's junky bum that washes up is criminalized by the police not the gangs or mobs that targetted him...dissidents are "black" listed...put on the black list means potential torture in a black site..they are on the black list to be taken to a black site.....governments all over the world use torture to suppress rebellion and prevent a mutiny of the underclasses..these disgruntled people are often renting black sites...dirt cheap apartments in bad parts of town with thugs for roomates. they have no security...perhaps a flimsy lock on the door and they are easily extorted into a company plan protection put work into the property...and to whip themselves into working to the point of exhaustion for wherever they work.  these slaves are villified by the company as well as the mob who tells the general public they are users, violent, sociopathic...on the verge of snapping..irresponsible..and untrustworthy..often these people are exhausted because they are tortured with sleep deprivation in the black site with bangs....gansgter music the banging of pots are pans or are afraid to go to sleep because they are on guard.  those black and blue bags under their eyes are said to derrive from drug use..not from sleep deprivation and being overworked in an involuntary manner..other black sites are prisons....psychiatric wards..and rehab clinics where gangs or abusive staff torture batter emotionally and physically rape and sexually abuse and degrade their target who has been blacklisted...the general public has vague ideas about what happens in these places but not the clear concsise connection of the dots..when they read about staff raping or abusing a patient...they hear about it as an "isolated" incident and the person was fired...when they hear about prison rape it is often depicted in film as criminals preying on other inmates and it isnt understood these thugs are allowed and encouraged to rape particular targetted inmates....

if you dont understand this look to the movie scar face where a hit is put out on the inmate "revenga" who is a communist and he is shived by the hero tony....the mob goes after anyone who goes after the government....those are regarded as "bitches" and the government goes after anyone who goes after the scratch my back ill scratch your back..meanwbile their victim gets knocked back and forth by them

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