Tuesday, July 1, 2014

the ins and outs of the US war machine..and some sense on things

why does the usa invest so heavily in military spending?....the usa invests heavily in its military...it invests in military technology....innovations in weaponry and massive scale building projects for nimitz aircraft carriers intercontinental bombers....computer guided icbms...etc etc the united states invests hundereds of billions in its war machine...through research....with big budget hollywood propaganda..and yes on the production costs of running its massive militaries....why invest in the means to wage war? because it profits off of war..that is why it invests in the means to make war. not to fight for freedom or to save the world from the persecution of nazis or commies..it makes an investment in its capability to make and win wars...because it profits off of war

the usa invests so heavily in its military because it profits off of war.

thats it..period..that is the bottom line

it doesnt invest those billions in education..improvements in healthcare because their is no profit in raising the standard of living many of its own citizens..it doesn't profit of enlightened kids recieving real educations..thats even somthing it may try to prevent when it wants to use many of its citizens as livestock or expendible recruits or modern day slaves...how the usa makes money is through conquering....pillaging..and controlling other nations through force..so it invests heavily in the military...

why does the us invest so much in its military?...because it profits off of war...thats what the investment is for..its not because the military is important in protecting democracy or because the world is so full of conflict zones and after world war 2 the usa ended up with bases everywhere...good god its not to keep the peace or for defending freedom...  its simple an investment is made because a profit is expected...you invest in somthing to make money off your investment...you invest in somthing for returns..you gotta spend money to make money... the united states invests in the military...it spends on the military because those nimitz fleets and stealth bombers and m1 abrahms tanks and nuclear rockets bring returns..the us invests in the military more than the general public is even aware of...the entire space program..the mission to the moon...the launching of satellites that wasnt about the wonder of the great blue yonder and crossing the frontier for all mankind..that was an investment in intercontinental ballistic missles...military satalites gps mapping systems and hell put an american flag on the moon when your done as a nice propaganda piece...hollywood is an investment in the military..the media is a military investment...there is further military spending even beyond the astronomical military budget...our military budget is greater than the combined military budget of the world and even then its larger because there are investments in the military that arent counted. now how do you get returns with an army? well a war machine is for waging war? so we've gone from the villages of france to the jungles of the east..now were in the desert....the usa spends about two decades investing in war..gearing up for its war..then it starts the war...profits off the war and is on to investing for the next war...every usa war is a crusade...a crusade for freedom and liberty from the tyranny of the kings...to free the slaves...to save the jews and stop the evil nazis..to stop the red menace from spreading...to save the world from genocide and to make sure foreign aid goes to the right people...or to save the world from terror....every american war is a crusade because a crusade isnt just a war it is but its given a noble cause so that the people give it support..thats how crusades work...the war of independance wasnt for liberty or independance of the american commoners...any european immigrant was treated like a dog and worked to the bone and thoe africans were brought here in chains to slave away...the civil war wasnt to free the slaves but so the north could claim the south....like the crusades when richard the lionheart galloped off with his men to fight the arabs then looted and pillaged back across europe his war was soley for profit but he gave it a glorious cause and thus the crusade was invented...a war that has a juste cause..to spread the love of christ to free the people from those evil arab tyrrants...the war on terror is precisely a crusade..it is a war about pillaging and conquering but its sold as somthing juste and virtuous..and we've got old king george up there waving his bible and pointing to the wreckage of the trade centers where all thats left is a steel girder bent in the shape of a cross...time for the crusade against terror. we'd like to think we live in modern times but the western kingdoms are still at it with their crusades...while the ol dungeons of spain for giving excorcisms are guantanimo bays for giving those herretics some hell fire

when the usa is done with one war it moves right on to the next one and starts gearing up for its next conquest.  the usa waited to enter both world wars in order to ensure that it would come out as the victor...so it sat by and let its allies fight it out till they were lesser powers then steps in at the last minute to be the conqueror and come out as the strongest nation in the war....whether its taking lands from the indigenous populations with wars against the tribes...or showing up to hawaii or japan with a blockade of battleships and taking over or having a treaty signed...whether its taking over the lands of former empires that it defeated..whether its japan's korea...or germany or afganastan its next war after world war 2 was taking the scraps of the empires it defeated but alas it had to compete with those pesky soviets who were also going after those lands...so it races with the russians as the most powerful war profiteer...and it wins...however no war occured because the us doesnt go up against an equal when it wants to profit through war...you know it doesnt pick on someone its on size..it likes to go after the little guy up turn him and get his lunch money..so hes frustrated because the only nation he cant push around is russia...so he gangs up on him with every other nation under his control...stockpiles his weapons and pressures his only rival to back down...and to quit taking on his game...so russia folds and the usa is in afganastan and after that northern half of korea those two territories that russia had its eye on...now the usa wants a piece of that lunch money...so that it can invest further in its military you know so it can tell europe what to do..I mean hell europe was destroyed by world war 2 america hardly got a scratch and guess who was the only one left standing..america..so guess whose calling the shots now..so the usa invests in 19 aircraft carriers despite the fact that there is no enemy on that scale in existence why..because combined the EU has 6...theres no major competitors left in the world..guess what the USA can take what it wants..it can do what it wants..it can murder 3000 of its own citizens and broadcast it and drape its flag everywhere....whose going to stop it?  the usa invests in its military because it profits off of war...not because it fights the good fight...

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