Sunday, September 30, 2012

peer pressure and organized criminals

peer pressure is a common tactic used by corrupt organizations that encourage kids in schools to gang up on odd tease others... essentially use it to hustle people...facebook is a prime example of peer pressure in which "in" crowds encourage kids to be cool go onto facebook and unwittingly sell themselves all over the entire web..assholes use facebook to sell budweisers and to solicit and pressure kids into being cool..the "college crowd" the "target markets" to drink and smoke etc ec...also if they dont use facebook then they arent cool or dont have friends etc etc....facebook is enormously dangerous and hugely profitable because millions MILLIONS of people log on and sign up and put themselves out there for every stranger to see for the world for their own business they find these people based on their likes and needs and crowds then solicit to them or hustle them.   facebook is not a good idea but thats the type of business making fortunes in this country..gangster rappers arent particularly good artists but thats the type of thing considered poetry in this country.  its not a good idea its a scheme and it seems those are generally considered cool...fucking smoking is a goddamn scheme but hell its the business booms and they sell it as if it is some genius invention.  heavy drinking is also considered cool getting yourself "wasted"  as its known is considered hugely positive by these bullies that pick on other kids for being different., is smoking as is stupid behavior .The thing a lot of people who use facebook are oblivious of is how many other people view their page who are not in their social circle..who are not their friends but who are looking to make a buck off of them.  and kids who don't even want to do it end up putting themselves up on facebook because of peer pressure..its like smoking its not even good for them but what the hell "everybody" is doing it right...

Friday, September 28, 2012

the disgusting nature of strip clubs (obvious right)

these places are not some fucking pastime something every man has to do for his bachelor party or some bullshit..they are human trafficking crime managed shitholes

a lot of strip clubs have the policy looking but no touching the psychology behind this is to actually make the men want to touch even get them to buy dances or to get protitution services in the surrounding who touch these women get thrown out then propositioned outside if they are looking for some "real fun"...often times if men aarent buying the owners of the women in the box seats who are watching the crowds around the stage tell them to spice it up or comment that the stock is no longer so fresh...just like a meat market.  often times bouncers serve as pimps claiming to be protecting the girls from larger clientel who are too "grabby" when in reality they muscle them and deal them drugs..the drugs are to get their money back after they strip for it..thus bringing their paycheck back to their owners...drugs are a staple in the backs of these places, meths, cocaines, cracks, ices, heroins, pills...pills are populaur for their discreteness and a lot of the women have "psychological problems"  you would too if you were fucking owned by people...anyways they are purposely hooked on drugs byn the staff that "protects" them or guards them to get those dollars back.  after their strip shifts they then fuck customers that hang around looking for real action which they also try to offer drugs to to hook other people.  these places should be bombed off the map..raided by swat teams..made illegal..they arent just good fun theyre fucking sex industry scams. if someone asks you to go to a strip club: just say no...these strippers often profess adamantly with great conviction "im not a hooker"  bullshit thats what the muscle oh i mean the "bouncer" gets their feather weight ass to say to make us all think those places are innocent novelty places that men just need to go to.  ive seen these strippers and they are FUCKED UP...drug addicted with poor self esteem fucked up bodies from fake tits to premature aging...and serious scars emotionally and physically. they all have the same brainwashed idea that theyre going to be hollywood stars..that the stripping will afford them a new life..places like "Busty Hearts" whore these women and they hunt male clientel also from the "boxseats" watching how certain men react to the show.  seeing if anyone of them is watching a little too closely..its hugely illegal crime run bullshit. whats ironic is a lot of these bouncers that strong arm these women take "self defense" classes meaning they take them down by their hair, put them in arm bars, choke holds..they say its for handling the men which they do muscle also..but these guys are twice as deadly when handling malnourished women who are kept high all the time.  why do these women attack them because..they fucking HATE THEM. so these big mike tyson mother fuckers take karate and self defense and learn all these dirty tricks to keep those "hoes" down.


The mobs were raising massive amounts of soldiers in the ghettos to rule the country.  They were overflowing, swaming, pouring into other neighborhoods..bloods, crips...they boxed in gyms, hustled on the streets. While suburban kids were in schools these criminals were practicing murder on dogs. We were too soft like spartans about to conquer athenians.  We were reading harry potter they were having knife fights. They wanted to infiltrate the suburbs with dope and criminal culture.  They would introduce impressionable suburbanites to these at parties playing gangsta rap getting them high trying to get the women to whore themselves.  They were labor racketeering making drunks for can collecting, crackheads for digging through your trash to find your identity...they were taking over the country "one city at a time."   But these suburbs were no picnic either.  They were also involved in organized crime or paying it for protection.  They were engaged in white collar crimes trying to buy police, hustle other people, identity theft, and various types of fraud.  They took their dirty bank money and sprinkled it around for more dirty work.  The cities were dying, mob controlled, and crime ridden.  Monopolies were the ruling businesses, good citizens were targets. 

slave labor is not a thing of the past in this country

there are an enormous amount of slaves in this country owned by the retail giants, worked on farms, collecting cans, servents in abusive homes, cutting potatoes...trafficked by abusers working in labor
rackets..blinded with poisons like crack and booze put on speeds or caffeines...they do a lot of work for being lazy bums in the harshest conditions..they do so much can collecting for the stores then recieve a few cents for their entire days work...bringing in loads of metal and glass off the streets for these companies...then they spend it once they get it on the very store milking them for liqour to kill the pain to quench their thirst to warm them up in the cold to take the edge off whatever theyre slaves.  it is modern day slavery.  they sleep under porches in alleys paying protection to avoid being sicked by someone's rotweiller or pricked with an aids infected needle..they have no liberty...people take their dignity for a few cents making them dance for a penny. labor rackets private security cartels love destitute people that they can push around for the company.  little old ladies used as maids who get jumped at the end of the night used to carry drugs in their grocery bags get their food taken then when theyre sick from breathing chemicals on the job and skinny those robbers say theyre lousy drug addicts....there are abused women and children and men used as servents in their gang run communities ruled by slum lords or abusive partners that work them from home..disturb their peace,,threaten them...then tell them they need to go get a job to bring money back to the home to pay their master. slavery is at large in america but its glossed over..destitute bums are said to have destroyed their own lives battered women are said to have options....migrant farmers arent seen in the towns..potatoe cutters are in the back at night or there prior to any shift.  they make cents on the hour just enough to keep them alive..much like giving slaves a piece of moldy bread the drugs are used to keep them easy to hustle easy to keep from getting themselves out or going to the law.  many of these slaves are inf act scared of the police  who dont want to be caught on drugs or smuggling someones dope they run because if they get caught theyll be kept in jail fined and then when released punished by the very thugs whose dope they lost and made to pay another fine or lose a finger or get pricked with an aids infected needle...the monopolies have taken this capitalist market and made it brutal, desperate, unforgiving.  perhaps its always been...things like food shelter, healthcare, these shouldnt be commodities they are necessities. when they are commodities the people toil just to provide for themselves out of fear of starvation or being stuck out there in that concrete desert under the elements.  they work all their days , they sell their most personal possessions just to say a float.  they rely on coffees and cigarettes and scratch lottery tickets and dream of a way out...while their masters pump iron and hustle their tired bones.  slavery was abolished Lincoln would be rolling in his grave because its abhorrent out there..there are gangstas that manage these people take them for everything theyre worth, retard them then take that money and invest in opportunity for themselves..while good people are trampled and bad people are moving up in the world...NOT GOOD. who knows what evils some gangster with a degree will think up...who knows what scams or what complex hustles they will learn and develop.  trust me these people are not protected. they are the subject of bigotry and not so random random attacks.  the streets of this country are disgusting it keeps people extremely deseperate so if they have to deal with a slum lord they'll tolerate it because thats better than being out there where these gangstas and thugs get away with rape, murder, and heinous acts of cruelty.  they'll knock somebodies teeth out and call them stupid crack heads.  then when theyre trembling from the stress theyre always under people will judge them as disgusting drug addicts. there are people who will take someone's food if they bought it with food stamps saying..."this is our food we paid for it with OUR taxes..get a job!"  they get a job and these same people push them around making them their bitch working them hard never giving them a break..hustlers. they aren't in jails people theyre managing their human resources. yeah there is a slave trade in this country. mobs find poor people and try to beat them down into being their servants into feeling lowly and cheap. its beyond uncivilized in these communities and on these streets

Thursday, September 27, 2012

green movements as artifical as astro turf

"green movements"  idealist encouraged movements aimed at college students who want to help save the world..hijacked by pricks that could give a shit.  they profess that by using bicycles we can all reduce hydro carbon emissions, prevent wars over oil, and conserve our natural resources down...but

there is an ulterior motive to keep gas prices down for themselves when these professors encourage or preach these movements to ideal college students they are merely driving gas prices down for other more expensive demographics behind the wheel.  the idea is that by encouraging these students to be cyclists much like using hippies that they can massively reduce their own gas costs.  i agree we should all cycle..for the environment, for the world, for good..its doesnt pollute..its fun...maybe only old people should drive or the handicapped or people who absolutely have to or only in the winter..but in this country a wealthy class loves their cars and doesnt give a shit about pollution they do however dislike gas prices and thus adopt this green movement and preach it but dont practice it...they care about pollution in the sense they dont want to get sick from it so they drive around preaching for us to be green and eco friendly yet they are not..this is essentially manipulating these new age hippies by using them for their own means..pandering to them.. when before that those hippies were rioting on those campuses...not those facilities are maximium security anti riot facilities that pander to these crowds to exploit them for the economy when they were essentially against the corrupt economy..they dont like pollution because they want to make the world a better place for themselves while we're sucking on exhaust fumes and getting uv rays from this toxic wasteland cycling for them they are driving in cars..ub green folks

the idea is that the less student drivers the roads are theres and the cheaper there gas is. thats the bottom line.  they preach environmental awareness then drive around.  what they are really preaching is conservation of their own dollar.  they want gas prices cheap for themselves.  fuck it i still hate gas, i hate traffic, i hate pollution, im still going to cycle..this country should run on fleets of busses and people should share vans for carpooling but no these spoiled fucks all need their own cars to the point they idle in huge traffic jams.  to top it off there are a lot of people that have no business being behind the wheel of a car...these tailgater fucks...these truck drivers that go 100 miles per hour while changing lanes trying to disturb the peace and make the roads dangerous to "break up the herd" by careening through orderly traffic.  people should have the ability to report these people and have their licenses revoked immediatly to get them off the roads because they cause eratic driving in others. get THEM off the road those mamoth chrome rimmed suv driving pick up truck driving with the bully sticker and the chrome grill gas guzzler fuckers off the road...dont tell students that theyll save the planet by wearing themselves out because they wont..thats the truth you wont save the planet..because look at all those dirty businesses and companies and people fucking it on your bike wont save it...but thats what they tell you for dont buy into their bullshit.  recycling wont save the planet either...ive seen kids in 3rd world countries that are used to go through mounds of dangerous filthy garbage to collect trash for recycling..thats recycling folks...thats not saving the fucking planet thats just industry getting it's crude resources back at a very cheap price.  ever see those bums pushing carts with cans for those stores that give them a few pennies..that shit isnt saving the earth its MAKING MONEY FOR THOSE STORES THAT FUCKED UP THE PLANET TO BEGIN WITH

Spotlight on criminal media: South Park

south park encourages kids to laugh at things such as homosexuals, the holocaust, sadomasochism, and torture...the mentally tries to launder what it does by claiming its being satirical or ironic. but thats not what we were laughing at when i was a kid watching south park with my friends..they were poking fun of the retarded and gays and things like the holocaust..when they encourage its target demographics of kids in middle schools despite the M rating that these things are in fact funny...and supporting a culture of not some madd mother i dont care about joking and toilet humor but i cannot believe the shit these shows on comedy central have us laughing at..

the holocaust is perhaps one of thee most horrendous events in modern history killing 8 million jews almost the population of new york city...that is SO MANY PEOPLE! all of them experimented on, children
worked in factories, old ladies executed, gypsies and cripples considered defective and experimented these nazi assholes that made master races off of these "downcaste" peoples.its not a trivial issue..the gravity of those horrible events are not hitting home..they would take 5 jewish prodigies the davids the smartest, the fastest, the strongest, the wisest and take it all out of them put needles in their spines to get their mental juices..their testosterone glandes and put it into a nazi to make a goliath a progeneator..the one with the pros genes..they would then take that german super man breed him with all the poor german women to make their super hitler youth..this is fucked up shit its not fucking funny..then they disposed of those jews after working them..they robbed them of their talents made brain drugs and steroids and aminos...for armies...casting them down to build themselves up..the jews a...theres nothing funny about it yet..south park encourages immature kids that dont understand it to laugh at it..then when they exhibit this behavoir people are absolutely disgusted by them making public enemies out of these black SHEEP that emulate this behavoir because they are under its influences..then there are very real bullies that now its awful and do laugh at it... the holocaust is so fucking awful for the entire human race, society, civilization itself that the fact we have programs on networks like comedy central mocking the retarded in crank yankers and different races and being sexist and making these cheap horribly offensive cartoons that raise these fucking brainwashed youths is bad news..comedy central's chappelle show features a character called tyrone biggums who is a homeless crack addict that people laugh and mock...crack addiction isnt funny...the holocaust isnt funny...homosexuals are made to be mocked and laughed at etc etc...crank yankers mocks the retarded like south park does..they mock the fat the ugly..its gets to a point where it breaks down ino some very mean shit..and there are mean people that laugh at that who go into these highschools and start harrassing other people for being gay or fat or different and these types of networks advocate it..maybe you interpret the show percieve it in a different context but your not aware of the other contexts and shit happens under your nose...

the nazis got away with their crimes by claiming that they were putting down defectives, gypsies aka thieves, and jews which were the bad justify what they were doing and a lot of the common german people bought this...this was a lie..they were rounding up people people they could use to make master races..they needed those :"human resources" and they used them to death..that was how they escaped their post world war 1 depression by using up 8 million jews..working them to death and literally sucking the life out of them for their experiments with their fucking eugenics doctors.

nothing to fucking laugh atbut in this country you have black power fucks doing the same shit..bashing jews raising their fists in the air.instead of raising their hand out....people for america AFTER the sacrifices made to defeat the germans..they start doing it here...sounds crazy..but these black power fucks just like white power fucks saying the jews are rich bankers controlling the world or that the jews blew up the trade center..from these crazy making dope pushing slum lord crack dealing black power america beating on jewish peoples.."gimmy your money bitch! oh you wont cause you a covetous JEW!..they gay bash as well.." comedy central seems to work with this type of culture with chappelle show and twisted shit like south park...some of these black power fucks they say shit like the holocaust never happened!! there are fucks practicing genocide in africa today..then theyll say that never happened..good god people unite and stop these fucks....the gypsies werent bad people..they got gyped . .....those poor damned jews who are gone forever while south park is making stupid jokes off this absolutely hugely tragic event.  its fucking ass dont laugh at shit that you should cry at..who thought up that desensitization bullshit..who were the add wizards that thought it might be a good idea to fuck up how we're wired emotionally to make us what less self aware of the SHIT becase thats what they sell fucking SHIT...nowonder they make these fucking shows...our fucking history those poor people who died just so viacom could dance on their graves. they dont teach a lot of this eugenics shit to the mainstream but for some reason they do encourage us to laugh at gays and retards..they ENCOURAGE IT...  As far as im concerned thats almost as bad as what those nazis did.the holocaust isnt trivial... how dare they disrespect those people that were put through such hell..fuck them...fuck that show..fuck that business..what are they a monopoly viacom: mtv, nickelodeon, vh1, comedy central, fx, they have a thousand networks some are the only ones their market sees.  they used to put nickelodeon one channel down from mtv which was playing gangsta rap..videos about pimping and dope pushing. people still think that shits legitimate and they dont study the other contexts of the rappers music they get a nice friendly mainstream version of it then they think lowlifes like eminem and snoop dogg arent that bad..they would put nickelodeon cartoons on mtv..those poor people destroyed in those camps.but im sure being serious about stuff that viacom says you shouldnt be serious about is uncool...right...

thanks viacom..make some jokes about people dying from agent orange or the fucking nukes that were bully assholes..comedy central is basically taking the most horrible stuff on earth and encouraging uneducated people who dont feel anything real regarding those issues to laugh at them or for we're a laughing at atrocities i said they mock the retarded, crackheads who are homeless, mentally retarded people..they encouraged me to laugh at that shit and people blatently laughed at those characters for very cruel reasons and in high school people laughed at the retarded and the gay..are you seeing a correlation here...then when chappelle is done mocking a homeless crack addict he throws on some hip hop rapper who was probably in a gang that dealt crack who is supposed to be real poetic and cool..ive heard this black power shit straight from african americns and they preach some of thee most racist bigotry gay bashing, jew hating, criminal conspiratorial shit..the jews want to keep their money from the black man...then when they demand you pay them protection money and you refuse...your a covetous jew in love with money..a filthy fucking stereotype..but hey its uncool to call them water mellon loving niggers right but its ok for them to be power raises a fist white power same all for african american history and africasn american rights but this black power shit is all about heroin marijuana and crime..they act like black gangs are their people getting back in touch with tribalism..that their graffiti and criminal codes are ebonics and culture and they are extremely racist towards whites, women, gays...its fucked up..viacom loves eminem and hip hop groups..eminem a massive gay basher that had his publicist clean up his image to avoid negative publicity who then performed with elton john and said he was for gay marriage in a line in one of his songs just so mainstream america would hve a positive opinion of his shit..nevermind all that faggot bashing prior to that..that was 15 minutes ago so your probably already forgot it..these thugs they call men who are senstivie faggots that you gotta be cold hearted because they are thugs and they really do push drugs..they rape men in prisons and call the person they raped a faggot..they threaten faggots with a cross around their nexk.."you trying to ruin the sanctity of marriage you sick queer!" it goes on and on..people dont realize when eminem uses the word bitch he is often refering to a man...see they call faggots bitch as well..

yeah they got me laughing at gays and retards and im sure im the asshole but know this that was encouraged and they got kids going out there and gay bashing and mocking the retarded very mean spirited. why? i dont know when you hear about the mentally retarded being abused in care facilities or taken advantage of it gets worse..the hole gets a little deeper...south park also disrespects the elderly stereotyping them as clueless old codgers...i guess the lesson is dont listen to your elders kids theyre not cool keep tuning into our shit..we got all the hip hop hyper consumer bullshit you dont need but we'll make you want programming out boils down to this when viacom wants you to buy somthing and you'd rather hold onto your money because what theyre selling is cheap shit..why then you're probably being a "covetous jew"  seriously they dont like people that hold onto their money rather than buy their trash maybe thats why they dont take the holocaust seriously

how the elderly are ripped off by nursing homes

they cut very single penny they can when dealing with these people...they dont work right..who cares theyre "at the end of their rope"  that is the mindset of the people caring after them.  They feed them vitamin supplements not because theyre old and need them but because their diets are so poor from the low nourishment food..its cheaper to give them crap for food and a vitamin supplement then it is to give them actual they do that.  these people are senile, demented, and suffering from alzheimers because of things like marijuana or marinol being prescribed to treat glaucoma making them forgetful even when their check goes missing and staff takes it forgetful of abuse and always happy from the dope...real great "medicine"

some conditions are so bad the elderly can be extorted by their family that if they dont do things against their will or not talk when their pain pills go missing that they'll be put in a home.  if a patient is bad then they stool pigeon them by giving them exhausting doses of drugs which make them shit their guys out and then oh..."he or she is starting to go" and eventually they become even older...because they are now getting nothing out of their diets they lose all their teeth etc etc. this is punishment it is MURDER.  these places are given controlled substances all the time what they do with them we don't really know they just keep a log of what they do with them on accountable and fullproof...there arent any government authorities in these places ten eyars ago staff was taking their gold who knows how theyre robbing them..just because a few bad apples got caught you think the businesses that hired those people are cleaning up their act..its like taking candy from a baby...its a horrible waste of our oldest peoples..i dont care if they dont work or dont have any skill left...they could be teaching us from their life experience they could be coherent and there they could be living in communities until they die..they have time they could be writing books for us based on their life's experience instead their getting "stooled" and "rolled" and fucking fed horse pills to keep them out of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


wouldnt it be ironic if all these movies and bands and shows were ripped off from other peoples work and they have copywrite protection because they dont want to be ripped off...meanwhile theyre selling smoking to kids, drinking, sex, and working for labor rackets...i hope not

why is gangster rap copywrite protected when these crooks are telling people "bitch shut your trap" just what kind of message are they sending those millions of people...if they bitch they should shur their mouths? this lyric is while snoop dogg dances around with a marijuana leaf on his microphone pretending to be some peaceful guy then he tells someone to shut the fuck up and does a drive by he has lyrics such as "smoke weed everyday" that he plays for kids...fucking liar drug dealer...hes some fucking marlboro man only its weed theyre dealing now...maybe not all marijuana is bad..however they want that shit gluing our mouthes up and making us forget stuff.  big pharma threw it in pill form..maybe their is a medical application for it however big pharma isnt doing that with their business..they sell mexican kids livers to rich old people that want life extension...they sell love in  alittle pill to make the person they hit feel better and more able to cope with it.  back when they were shocking people they forced them to get jobs and they would start shaking and trembling on the job from the stress and trauma of the horrible abuse at which point they had to take their pills.dont want them reliving that shit on the job glue a smile to their face then have their trembling hand hand you your fucking coffee..thanks healthcare you broke us on purpose. they shoot the messenger believe me.  they call them whackos because they get whacked.  they wander the streets with broken legs walking because theyre too afraid to stop..gee whiz police you think they get followed and harassed. they get corralled into businesses and their identities are stolen for good charity money then they are deemed incompetent.  shit after a few of those shocks after those doses of drugs youd be pretty fucking incompetent too.  they make people mentally retarded then give them a 50 dollar scooter that they bill the government for. how bout not crippling them you fucking evil doers.  dont jack their you can get shit out of them against their will. they make people crack under enormous pressure while loaded on drugs..its abuse through a substance because their bodies become fucked up from the drugs while under the precious and BREAK DOWN..they DIE inside and who knows what gets taken from them..its not HEALTHCARE..take the money out of it and free these people from their grasp.  They steal our love after we visit them in those shitholes by shaking them down for it. like they were stealing gold watches while those people shit their guts out in some fucking hospital bed till their legs are covered in bed sores..and theyre withered up mumies getting vitamin supplements instead of real wonder they get mad and get "senile" with em thats when they start giving them the maranol their little pot pills to make them forget shit...same idea it gets them to die another day. like giving starving africanss endorphin pills to get them to carry their loads..those pills arent curing people theyre working for the industry doing two jobs at once making their victims forget their abuse and find some love not in their real lives...they want addiction, they want substance abuse..they fucking WANT IT..its more business...they might as well be giving them dirty old blunts they bought at the local conveinence store that they bought off some drug dealer..but the pr club thought nah we need to make those look like medicine so they made Marinol...but it does the same shit. Meanwhile snoop dogg is out there telling all those high women with a pimp just like some abusive nurse.."bitch shut yo trap" with his fucking rap songs..that shit iscopywrite protected!? snoop dogg should be picking up garbage at the side of the fucking road...hes no artist he works in drug crowds sending out hate speech on behalf of hateful assholes. hes hitler  hes the great leader for these pimps and pushers that all say hes the coolest when hes just a fucking person like the rest of us not some god to be idolized.  he's idolized because he tells bitches to shut their traps!? and dances around with weed costumes for crowds..what a fucking talentless motherfucker next theyll get eminem a great big wife beater to join him on stage..telling kids how great mixing valium and vodka is with vodka to take edges off their bitches.  eminem thats a fucking childrens candy and have you heard the shit he's selling.  his mass produced cds are WMDs.  the reason dr dre and eminem are so tight with eachother is theyre both in the drug sells crack in the ghetto the other meth in the trailer park they both have livestock in battered women and kids bitches and hoes that they beat knock up and push around.  great lets give THEM a fucking stage.  so those beat kids and women really do look up to them now..the dictators that keep them down are their great leaders..they make them love them with all their heart when they fucking sell them like theyre nothing to them after hurting them physically and drugging them up then they call them bitches for getting upset.  they get upset if their fucking shitty pimp shoes get scuffed but when their dying bitch starts crying after getting gang fucked.."den she jus be actin like a bitch yo give that bitch some valium for her crazy ass..she be like breaking down in front of people n' shit."  lets all listen to hitler rap or somthing like that..because thats what we're fucking doing in this country when we listen to eminem or snoop dogg.they should be in abu ghraib not in mansions in Beverly hills.  we should all go to some sleezy strip club and watch eminem strip all night with a bruise on his eye for a few dollars then when he cries we can fuck him. and then shout faggot at him because he seems to think that saying everybody bad is a faggot and that his wife is a horrible bitch when shes terrorized by him and that drugs solve everything when things are bad...eminem theirs a lot more to rap about than killing the person who birthed your fucking kid..if you loved your daughter you might stop emotionally killing her poser fuck...he should be getting shock treatment for opening his goddamn fucking mouth...but instead theyre plugging him into industrial sized speakers and letting him deal dope to the masses for companies that support his grossly excessive lifestyle...that mob consigliere fuck

Monday, September 24, 2012

horrific treatment of mentally ill

of time the mentally ill become exhausted to the point of defeat by being given drugs that exhausted them then they
are excorsized to prove their sanity, told to get out there and work or else they will be hospitalized, and emotionally
by being goaded into constantly retelling and relieving trauam by therapists or counselors this is while they are on
a heavy heavy heavy drug that leaves them tired and physically exhausted, emoitonally exhausted, and mentally burned out
these are known as excorcisms

abuse of schizophrenics. when repeatedly abused the "schizophrenic" becomes distant from other people finding comfort in being alone.  abuse of the person involves putting them with someone who deliberately emotionally batters threatens and dominates them calling them retard bitch loser etc etc threatening to smack them for "talking back" threatening them for doing things like making eye contact. after being subjected to this treatment for a long enough period the person's self esteem and ego disappear this is when the person no longer takes care of or loves themselves no longer socializes prefers being alone and also distrusts other people.  they are then labelled as anti social because of a"mental illness" and are also labelled as paranoid.  when this type of abuse happens in treatment facilities and psych wards where patients are hospitalized with an abuser patients who are abuse cases who specifically come from abusive backgrounds are abused by patients and staff which allows and overlooks the abuse again they begin distrusting people because of this "behavioral conditioning"  often times patients only comfort from the intense boredom and loneliness of being in such facilities they find comfort in talking to themselves...they are their only friend.  sounds crazy well the endless hours with nothing to do and not being around people to talk to this occurs.  this is then construed as them talking with voices inside their head. and used as evidence that they suffer from auditory hallucinations. innocent things like this are used against the patient who is not exactly insane but mentally and emotionally unwell from being subjected to mistreatment. after being in these places for months on end and brought before a judge...suffering physically from prescribed overdoses on edge from being around violent patients and staff the patient often looks very unwell and depressed and fits the bill of someone who is suffering from a serve as an explanation for the person's state. the victim is often said to be a danger to themselves and others.  in facilities that do not want to be held liable for staff violence violent people from the outside are admitted who abuse the patients while staff ignores or is not around when it occurs. not just violence but threats emotionally mistreatment and sexual abuse and degradation happen.  these people are used to harass and stalk the patient once they are discharged "managing" them on the outside.  telling them going to the police is useless they will just readmit you to the hospital because you are a "paranoid schizophrenic"that no one will believe you're just a crazy person.  these criminals also intensively try to impress upon the patient how corrupt the police are how crooked the system is or that the police work with them. in order to keep the patient from going to the police or telling someone about their abuse or abusive conditions within the hospital.  they dont bother fighting because they are told it is useless that the system is corrupt and thus they don't even bother stating their case.

often the patients are abused in very subtle covert ways such as giving them a drug that causes restlessness severe
restlesness as a side effect while keeping them isolated on a ward with nothing to do and nowhere to go..this is to cause "stir" craziness
and severely damages the persons well being mentally...also trying to induce a state of cabin fever. with no contact with the outside world. medicated and stuck.  or the patient may be restrained or put in a straight jacket
after being aggravated if they have severe body lice are unable to scratch. severe scratches from lice mites and even
worms under their skin from food poisoning if the patient is very destitute keep in mind a large portion of the mentally ill happen to be the they are eating out of trash cans and not able to practice good hygeine...they are said to be homeless because of their mental illness when in reality the homeless are easy prey for these sharks.  scratches from body lice are said to be self inflicted wound which leads to restraints.

they are often battered with degredation from abusive words to the point of emotional crippling them to which point they
stop expressing emotion and are said to be detached from reality or to have no emotions when their emoitons were essentially
destroyed again by an external tormentor which is again said to be a delusion.  often the emotional abuse is to keep
them in a miserable state which drowns out any other emotions and often overpowers even positive ones they are bred and
conditioned to stay in this "mode" as if it is positive..emotionally anchored in their anger and saddness and confusion
while other positive moods and states are obstructed..this misery often is classified as depression and they are often
extorted into adopting a false positive attitutde by threats of electric shock or severe abuse if they become too

the combination gets more severe with electro shocks combined with drugs...this is nerve conduction and drugging and if you are in bad hands they can totallyscramble your mind..and hijack your body...this treatment results in involuntary movements loss of memory...they can pretty much take it all away. this is threat enough to make patients pay through the teeth and go through therapists and treatment centers that don't do anything for them just to avoid being labelled as treatment resistent and being subject to these more abusive forms of "treatment.

they begin by totally depriving the patient of any normalcy or any former identity like a cult..they take away clothing, watches, shoes, wallets, phones...get them naked and put them in a gown. then begins the desensitization endless stretches of time in dull listless wards with a deck of cards while being copiously drugged..once the drugs take effect they are then told how sick they are as the drugs begin to make them utterly sick.  they are placed with other patients with the same illness who are totally deformed or non sensible or some patients who seem to have no illness at all that are violent and delinquent that ask them all about their personal lives...after months of being in these sterile duill environments they are rereleased and the sensory overload of cars and traffic and the normal world causes confusion a state known as "mania"  while the drugs block receptors to cause "depression"
thse people are known as bipolar..if they become jaded and know that a screw job has been done to them they are then classified as schizophrenic. and threatened with things like electroshock and drug overdoses that utterly devestate them internally.

Friday, September 21, 2012

"hustles and hustlers" poems im working on..will be updated

In car nation-
dead roads,
glass blows
the fire explodes
 inside the engines
the machines pistons move
and the dirt swirlls
the exhaust swells
you can see it simmer in the distance
 like a blanket of chemicals
 like gas on a grill
they need wind to cleanse it
 before it turns yellow it rains acid,
entire forests die
fuels that percolate throughout the system
turning wild berries into bitter acid
while fresh water is used
to water fields for priced foods
because of those over glorified tools
 those chariots of fire
 that people use to spoil themselves
live without them for a while
 at least try it
you don't need cleaner fuels
 more oils just less driving
 it's an easy problem to fix
doesn't require much hard thinking at all
to avert this energy crisis
 no cruel or unusual solutions sick designs
 its free to walk, but you cant anywhere on these roads
they're just monotone distances sidewalks
at the side
for those charging bulls It's nicer in the mornings or the nights
before the gas hits the streets
you can see it red and pink
in the sky sometimes
 i wonder if that rainbow
is just fucking oil from the puddle
 turning cancers loose on our aveoli

 ------- GERRY - there are holy creeps out there farmers making migrant workers toil with a belly full of fuel that they whip and abuse till they have horrible migraines then when they lay down to sleep theyy hit them with a hose or kick hem and say get up collect! then those cruel traffickers they go to their churches and say lord forgive us for our sins while they teach their victims \\ to forgive and forget not giving them any choice in the matter..they pay them in "charity"..clothes and old bread tht someone else gave them..then they preach love thy fellow man to another congregation with a slaves identity that they wrung out for a clean image their churches are afforded by slavery 'they claim to help the homeless and runaways beat up whores and junkies then they force them to work and roll them TRAFFICKERS! they slander those of us trying to make this world better keep us high and knocked out...use their kids to beat them up...then they make them into jonesing junkies that just want to give your money back to their master after they beg for it...just for some cigarette or some crack worth jack shit in reality..they collect cans all day for a drink of fuel recycling for the superstore that gives them cents and then they give it right back for swill..they have no choices..theyre cheap yet theyre worth fortunes..TRAFFICKERS! with their two faces one for the public thats nice and decent one for their slaves that's mean and threatening...slavery in this modern age just as brutal as it ever was..while those slave owners those masters preach what they dont practice

pay a lot for diamonds
just because they think
diamonds are expensive
fish in a barrel
stupid pasttimes fed through
the tubes
company produced
hustles..riding you
like peoples trading
for shiny stones
shiny beads
diamonds can be
made in a lab
mass produced
by artificially pressuring coal
theyre as a common as a penny
some fools buy one
just to win some heart
destiny fate love
love is realer than a diamond
it doesn't require a diamond
to express your love
these stores that deal these stones
raking in US dollars
have slaves digging them out of the dirt
in 3rd world countries
under machine guns
and still you buy them with your
income like idiots
you can buy many complex things
for those prices yet you pay
for a shiny stone
because your in love
some men they have disposable incomes
and buy those diamonds
just to buy a woman's heart

Thursday, September 20, 2012

drug dealers that abuse someone while they are on a substance to kill them internally

pimps and pushers give their "hoes" deliberate overdoses and sometimes threaten to beat them or exert them while their body is also cranked up on the drug this does hell to them internally and makes the like shriveled up prematuraly aged wrinkled people...they are often sapped of their bodies own strengths and then pushed around while cranked up on drugs..then when theyre off the drugs they fuckin rehab clinics keep them on lesser drugs to extend their lives to get MORE work out of them...then their bodies die...used up..theyre not the users they got used. they do have a substance abuse problem people put them on a substance then abuse them and it reaks havoc on them side note..what is wrong with this incase you have no seen eminem minis they are like little pills in those little pill bottles that they sold to us as kids...that kids said were cool to other kids....big pharma often tries to create the impression that drugs are good drugs are candy they make candy drugs all the time from candy flavbred booze, to candy flavored cigarettes to candies that look like drugs...ENOUGH! even chocolate has caffeine in it that shit can be potent. we aren't bunnies with racing hearts you fuckng drug businesses...we know it keeps us up for a work day..let people sleep on the job they dont need heart attacks from years of stimulants... gangster rappers like EMINEM gee golly what a coincendece talk about how great vicadin is and they arent trying to get these fucking kids medicated when theyre teenagers...then guess what they have lifelong problems...i guess big tobacco isnt working anymore so now theyre putting them on pills and not even giving them a choice about it...fuck em..they say its cool to pop those fucking things, or good to pop them, or to inject them, then they say oh you were doing that because you were self medicating and need to be on pills for life..this is considered healthy while smoking fucking thanks..they sold them that lifestyle then bullshitted them into continuing it to get better..its a hustle..pills arent candy but here is candy sold in pill form in a pill bottle...oh yummy the green ones are my favorite thanks big pharma..problem is when they put them on heavy medications in mental wards things happen like people stop finding enjoyment out of life..start losing their feelings..OOPS bad a poison apple to knock our asses out...our those when somebody fucks with halloween candy..candy can be dangerous kids...especially when they give you somthing that looks good, you think is good, they say is good and it takes all your feeling away! you know how precious your feeling is..perhaps dont know what you got till its gone right...but if you spit that shit up youll end up tied down getting injections of it so...dont be a sucker they dont give you freedom in those corporate controlled shitholes dont get roped into those lifestyles folks..dont touch the shit..dont fall for their bullshit..their drugs arent cool or good their hospitals and rehab centers are also scams..just say no to that shit

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The retail kingdoms..the supermarkets the shopping malls.. SWEATSHOP LAND

people need to understand the conditions and wages they are paying their producers in china the hard work they put their employees through in america and they treat their consumers in americas like targets themselves..they work people like fucking sled dogs at a fevered pace all day and they pay them peanuts they do this to them in the factories overseas and they do it to the employees here in the stores in america.  the fact is they pay them cents in china and dollars in america well america has a higher cost of living so its the same slave think they pay people nothing overseas well they pay people nothing right here in america. minimium wage goes nowhere in this country it is the bare minimium and they put employees through hours of hard labor.  dont get it. well maybe you have no worked for one of these corporations...they work you hard to the point of exhaustion.  they have multiple managers to police employees to make sure they keep productivity up.  they give employees a list of things that need to get done by the end of the shift to ensure that they are racing all day to meet the requirements. put its not just the workers that they exploit they charge the consumer for much more than what these cheap products and goods are even worth. not to mention all the back door shit they engage in...they encourage employees to find out who customers are what their business is, hackers affiliated with these corporations ripping off peoples ids in order for businesses to sell identity theft protection...they have private security for collecting consumer data selling peoples history selling their emails and phone numbers and personal information for target advertizing...these stores theyre convenient theyre cheap so what theyre fucking corrupt.  in america they pay their employees minimum wage and in america those dollars are hardly better than the pennies they pay their chinese sweatshop workers.  these companies walk on their employees. they treat them like subordinates...overseas in china these companies actually own the very apartment complexes their employees live about totalitarian. they don't even give their workers piss breaks..hold it until the clock. they don't pay them for lunch. they give us a 15 minute break and encourage us to either drink a cup of coffee during it or smoke a cigarette to get that stimulant in us so that we keep up their grueling demanding pace.  its ridiculous. unfortunately there is a class of americans that like these back breaking conditions and these sweatshop methods because it means more cheap product for them. they dont care if people making minimium wage work all the time and barely afford a living because it keeps things cheap for them.

why buy this shit from an old navy or a walmart.make your own fucking clothes...get a fucking loom then other people can come to you and ask for clothing and compensate you instead of going to those ridiculous businesses..instead of buying clothes with a big company logo on the front...can you believe people buy these sweatshop clothes and the manufacturers have the nerve to put their advertisements on them. what are we fucking billboards.  the people used to have their own production there own looms their own raw resource and they would make garmets of all kinds of fabrics from silks to wools to furs and they were the peoples.  people werent dependant on some conglomerate to sell them a sweatshop rag...a few centuries ago it was whipped nigger picked cotton shipped up north to a textile mill  where a mick paid 2 cents spun it.  now adays its sweatshops in the 3rd world.  what if we had OUR OWN clothes with OUR OWN names on them and not some corporate brand.  people dont have the time or the energy to even have their own goods and services. they work for companies then give their pay back to companies for things like clothing..its disgusting...if we don't make our own clothes i say fight it. wear your fucking clothes until they fall off. every year cut your jeans and khakis make your own shorts...give hand me downs...avoid at all costs purchasing that shit...people buy a new pair of pants and shorts every year.. just alter the fuckin pants...if a button breaks off wear a belt over it because that shit is all sweat shop shit to begin with and to buy it you have to go into those crime infested warehouses with a thousand cameras on you its fucking ridiculous..theyre worried about thieves..theyre the biggest fucking thieves around. im talking about these retail giants, walmarts, supermarkets, targets, k marts, the malls.. start trading with eachother in your communities(never gonna happen) may have kids that outgrow a pair of pants..well somebody else might need them...dont give them to the salvation army that dump takes them and sells them back to the needy for whatever penny rolls they have left..... they dont give charity they take it and make pennies and quarters from desperate families. they have no cost of production they can afford to sell it cheap the only problem is their market is the very poor which barely has any spare change.  that is the market for the poor and they go there with quarter rolls and penny rolls because some single mother needs shoes for her kids without holes in cash ..sorry lady no shoes.."oh thankyou god bless you salvation army you took people's charity their clothing which they gave you for free and then you SOLD it to the needy." jesus christ doesnt this shit dawn on you people. keep your charity and give directly don't give it to some "charity" that's actually just another corporate business. they took your charity and found out they can make a profit off of it. the markets in this country are hugely unethical they rely on overworking people that they underpay..those people cant keep the pace fire them and hire the next body to fill their spot.  the people are desperate these companies don't need to appeal to them.  there was a time when human beings had their own production their own industry..they produced their own goods and the were advanced intelligent human beings that knew how to make complex things such as clothing and metals they werent just rented for a minimium wage and put to work as doing a skillless task over and over.  its disgusting we work for companies for our money then we go back to the companies with our pay and pay it back to the companies for every single fucking thing.  the fact is the people don't have their own resource they aren't producing things for themselves.  you buy clothing its not even yours its some company's and you're branded right across the chest with their logo.  they put adds for their products on you like you're a fucking billboard. we might as well be serfs in rags oh but these days are rags are so cool...theyre so stylish and "cool"  cotton t shirts are clothing is so cheap yet we pay for it.  they make it for cents and they charge the consumer 20 dollars and in the middle they make a nice big profit...then you advertise for them with it on your body.  this is fucking idiotic people.  we once made great complex things  we once had highly complex skills.  past people's made and wore better more complex clothing than we do today.  i work for a company i might as well give it back to a person my fellow human being for clothing but no that doesn't exist here i go to a super store the same faceless corporate conglomerate that i work for and give my money right back to them for clothing. why? because the people dont do these things..when people do they start following the business model in order to create their own corporate entity..a company like a big parent keeps us like toddlers does everything for us and we think we assume its a convenience.  we don't even have the time to do these things for ourselves..we associate it as more work. when we made our own clothing we were intelligent their were fruits to our labor we learned..we werent under some factory clock and whistle sweating away under a demand. we had time to advance our OWN sciences our own inventions and trades for our own SOCIETIES..our OWN intelligence was higher..we weren't just these shoppers that are so dependent on every last fucking thing.  but what are you going to do no one makes clothes people dont have the time or resource for their own trades..thus they have no work for them and you give your pay BACK to them for basic things you work for them and you give them BACK your pay when you fill at the pump..when you get your fucking drive thru when you go to the mall..when you pick up the groceries when you pay the electric give your pay back to the company.  people once had the time and energy to do on their own for themselves.  because like those sweatshop workers racing under the hotlamp and sowing machine we don't have any fucking time.  our own time..nope its this work week monday through friday two days of rest busy rat race nine to five seven to three bullshit that starts in kindergarden and ends when your 70.  we don't have the time to do things independently that is an OUTRAGE.  but oh these benevolent parents of ours these conglomerates these super companies have everything we need right...forks, spoons, knives, pencils, pens, paper, shirts, shoes, socks, diapers, coffee, soda..jesus its like how did we ever get by without them..despite the fact that everything they sell was already invented by us they just took over the production of all these things that we once made for ourselves.  what do you people believe we were cavemen sleeping in a cave covered in lice thinking the moon was a god..wearing some ratty hide banging rocks together..that is BULL SHIT..and then oh thankgod the industrial revolution came along and gave us all this great stuff. no for centuries we had many complex things that we invented and produced all by ourselves..we didnt have less..we didnt go without..we werent working harder or missing out because there were no corporations around to do everything for us..the fact is they don't do everything for us..they hire us to work in their factories and work their services HUMAN BEINGS...they USE us to do everything for them they just claim to do everything for us because we don't have anytime working in their system to do those things for ourselves...we don't have our own production our own industries its all theirs.the machines..we don't make our own we buy one..they rent us to produce for them and then they sell it right back to the people who are too busy and tired from working to make anything for themselves.  its fucking wrong.  people act like these complex machines we have these computers and televisions and automobiles wouldnt be possible without these companies and their industries..the first computers were built by engineers in their fucking garages.  all of this complex stuff is invented and produced by human fucking mass produce these genius things human beings invented as if they're their own. we are incredibly complex and powerful not industries.  ..but not when we're just these shopper consumer workers..its pathetic we get exhausted working then we just hand over our currency for these things that seem too hard for us to make for ourselves.  thats how they want you. dumb. like a master that doesnt want his niggers reading.   there is a trade off when they control the means of production they give you cheap materials that are overpriced..they put their brand on you their adds on buy it and own it but its not really yours. wake up people. our clothing was once was OURS.  it was done for you buy it. you OWN it but its not yours.  ..its not OWN it but its not YOURS nothing about it is..its nike's  it's fruit of the looms.  you didnt make don't know it...its a companies. get that into your sap skulls..they put adds on you..they put signs on your fucking back..using people are deprived of what's YOURS. you think we are living advanced in this modern world.  we are in an electric dark age.  you people are too stupid or too tired to do things you once did and you need some company to do it for exchange for your currency of course..and then they live above you rich as an upper class.  you work hard for every little penny they just get it from the masses..the masses hand it over for everything and they get everything as if it was free they have so much money.  they can afford servants and private tennis courts and luxery suvs.  you better believe you're being fucking ruled..your own ignorance  makes you easy to rule.    

 no I say trade with each other directly...someone may need kid's clothes and they may have adult pants..come on people get the fuck out there....its fucking idiotic how closed off you are..BARTER..ive witnessed in school kids getting ridiculed over fucking brands on that sweatshop made shit..ooh la la your sweatshop shit is more expensive than my sweatshop shit..were talking about fourth and fifth graders already practicing snobbery and class discrimination on kids in SCHOOLS...fuck that. bullies talking about how cool their jordans are how sweet nike cool abercrombie and fitch is..sell out fucks...what the fuck? its not "cool" cool is fucking stupid..worship the fucking brand. fuck that..get the fuck out of here.youre overpriced mall bought bullshit is no cooler than those fucking clothes at walmart..they both suck..they're pieces of FUCKING GARBAGE.  you pay for this cheap mass produced shit with a nice big company billboard on the side of it..these cocky fucks flaunt that shit like that trash is something to flaunt...flaunting their jordans in the ghetto for those companies that encourage bullying and stigma to get people buying those brands that aren't mocked to get kids thinking their factory shit is cool.  and grown adults practice this shit downtown as well ..oh thats a cheap suit etc etc.  fucking ridiculous.  theyre all cheap as far as im concerned made by a company for their infants permanently attached to their teets.  you people can't make your own clothes. well we did.  primitive people's clothing is better than this shit..and look at it straps of sinew and hide..its finer than what you don't make anything you give it fork it over.. fur is murder they say.. fuck yes it is..we killed and drank blood and clothed ourselves. we wore the head of the wolf for fuck sakes and these days these peasant wear baseball caps and dew rags with logos on them.  how pathetic..we were once mighty now we're scared to piss outside..  oh we were great. we weren't these simpletons these consumers. we did things for ourselves..and it gave us made us free god dammit.  but you aren't free are you?  you are tied to the need the supermarket for your need the mall for your need the wallmart for your utensils and every fucking thing. factory farms...sweatshops slave fields polluting factories.?!what abominations are these!?  this isnt an independent society and because you aren't revolutionary this disease is spreading.  break free.  it used to be all NOTHING IS.  their names are on our everything we own. their brands are on us. their branded meat in your gut. you go to them for go to them for food you go to them for everything.  we'll have forgotten how to do things on our own then where the fuck will humanity be.  a species of slaves...gnaves..serfs..peasants.  a species of dogs while the wolves go extrinct..yes we'll all be saps and the cro magnons the neanderthals will mysteriously disappear from our genes. we'll be under silly laws not governing for themselves but electing leaders businesses choose for us to vote on.  red or blue..  how pathetic in greece we once gathered and decided on everything for we have representatives..we don't make our own clothes we don't even make our own fucking laws. face it! its the truth! you call this advanced as if those tribes and clans were primitive..bullshit..i have contempt for this system.  it's a feudal kingdom.  you people aren't even allowed to go outside and be people have no country.  you have parks you take have no wilds no pay for some time with the earth to get away to actually see the oceans and the take time to fish in the streams.  you have a day off to relax in a park its disgusting you're just a prisoner granted some time in the yard to keep you from breaking down.  we have clocks hanging over our fucking heads to tell us where and when.  to hurry up to get up and do it again.  we once had all the fucking time in the world. do you people understand that..WE DID. now people don;t even have enough fucking time. this system is ruthless. it doesnt work for us we work for it.  it works for the rich.  thats it. the rest of us those poor huddled masses are getting used..were just another animal on farmer brown's farm..a living stock..the livestock being homo sapien.  human resources.  we aren't owned as if that makes us free. we aren't owned just every fucking thing around us is. now we willingly work for someone else. we aren't owned but everything we need is. it coerces us to work for someone else to get money for our most basic needs every basic thing..what happened to working for ourselves god dammit..people don't. im not talking about being an entrepreneur im talking about doing things for YOURSELF making clothing for YOURSELF..making food for YOURSELF. im sure you think that makes you some crazy person.  ignorance.  clothing the people once made was once just as advanced as the shit we buy.  but not today no. you don't do somthing for yourself because its a chore.. you do it FOR get knowledge out of it.  you name yourselves you produce for yourselves you have everything for yourselves.  don't you know how we used to live..this industrial revolution wasn't a blessing.  they want us stupid and dependent on them and it works for them. back when we did things if the local blacksmith wasnt paying his workers enough the people wouldnt work for him and thus he had no way to produce his goods.  now adays these companies just have an endless supply of poor huddled masses all competing with one another for status and money. its disgusting. they live rich off of the working classes that give them their labor and give them their pay.  you pay for time go somewhere to get away...all of our time was once off. work wasnt work.  we did it for ourselves. we did it when we wanted how we wanted...we enjoyed working with eachother we didnt have managers treating us like subordinates we were allowed to talk to eachother on the job there wasn't this stress to focus on work to keep up productivity for the company so that they can get even more profit out of us during our shifts.  we live like dogs..they took the wolves and made them their bitches...they took the bulls made them their cows..they took the peoples..made them their saps.  its time to break free people...i wonder can you?

...devise other systems..this one is option-less and rigid..these cities revolve around these fucking stores..consume is the only way to get somthing here..the people are too fucking engrained in the system to break the mold..resist..  because right now they can take advantage of workers and customers and those people still come back because guess what..not a lot of other choices out there..These businesses like fucking believe it.     consumer gets ripped off and producer gets ripped off..overcharged and underpaid. shit like that..if they rip you off inside the store they'll rip you off outside the store...they have their own little avenues their own streets in these fucking corporate controlled country there are fucking towns named after them..they have their own back-doors their low income housing thats a fucking company controlled environment...their own hackers and their own secret shoppers spying on the customers and they rip us off without hesitation or remorse. the chinese are their producers the americans are their consumers do you see how they treat their producers with low wages and harsh conditions they dont care how they treat their consumers either..when you walk in the store and one of the workers gives you a big smile and says welcome how are you doing today.;.can I help you with anything..thats bullshit people these companies dont care about you.these companies tell these workers to do that.  its a false sense of trust because the employees are training workers to find out who are and what your business is.  they also force workers to do this to make people come back because the service is good.  these people dont know you you dont know them but hello how are you have a great day come back now ya hear...bullshit  .alas some people like these retail stores..they go into walmart and get everything they want for jack shit and they love the workers breaking their backs and they love the fact that its underpaid labor because it means cheaper prices for them..they work the people like fucking slaves and they pay them shit for breaking their backs give them a 15 minute break to do a stimulant.... management drones into these workers heads that they need to break their own backs then they charge them when their fucking back breaks..meanwhile the captains of these industries..the capos managing they work a tenth as hard and makes a thousand percent more.  is this how you like your fucking country...ten thousand retail deserts..a sea of asphalt..these corporate super max facilities with shit they produce in the third world with impovershed peoples..they dont raise any standard of living and they take advantage of the poor here..its fucking fucking disgusted by it..meanwhile over in america where they charge in dollars they pay their employees minimium wage also for breaking their backs and those employees live in the same shitty conditions as the chinese sweatshop workers because they have a much higher cost of living in america. it doesnt matter if they make more.people know about this and they don't want people talking about it. they don't even want the people who go through it to even know that they're being used..its supposed to be normal. we're poor and getting used.  that's standard...they pay their workers jack shit for breaking their backs..they sell you somthing that is cheap for more than what its worth and we are just fine and dandy with this.  im thinking a lot of people aren't but the companies getting that nice big fat profit at the end of the day like things the way they are very much. im sure they have pigs profiling the disgruntled workers cross examining them as terrorists force drugging them and scaring all the other workers to not be "disgruntled" about their shitty situations.  that will keep things from changing won't it.  They are the ones fine with it. when protectors riot when people get mad because of this shit these rich lowlifes sick the law on them...and the law does what it's told doesnt it because a lot of these cops are under the same bullshit these workers are. in the military in the police force theyve got these fucking doctors policing their heads.  Why would they want anything to i said theyre making a killing.  They've eliminated options.  There aren't exactly I said you have only so many free hours in the day what choice do you have but to go to a fucking supermarket..They say its convenient because its fast and easy no the truth is we hardly have any fucking time.  You need clothes what are you going to do? what are YOU going to do?  people are proud of the brand...they love it.  yeah the companies afford me nice clothes and the rest of you are in shit.."i stand out look at my more expensive company shit."  fucking detestable.  these people being worked hard for all their time and energy should have their own means of production their own businesses their own things their own society..instead their just crammed onto busses and put to work in these fucking stores for these corporate giants exhausted given 6 hours to sleep then told to buy their coffee and cigarettes and git back to work.  people go into these stores and find these workers with their names fucking tagged to their shirts and find out all about them and trade them like stocks..who is this what is their business..what do they do on their time off..where do they live..who do they know..let's put targeted pop ups on their their phones and solicit try to get them on our product.its fucking disgusting. these workers have their names pinned to their chests for every stranger in the world to find out.  is that necessary the customers aren't wearing their fucking names but the servants they have to reveal theirs for anyone to see.  why is that necessary? oh its just "corporate policy"  excuse me i dont know you you dont need to know here to put the shit from the box onto the shelf..not to be advertised for the sharks.  people see someone working and they see a person who is earning some can they divert that cash into their own pockets.  these workers are encouraged to be friendly with everyone in the store when half the time they aren't dealing with nice people that they should be friendly shouldn't be friendly to someone aiming to exploit you but fuck it the company teaches that the customer is always right...yeah thanks company i used to think for myself but i guess i better not.  these supermarkets these superstores these convenience stores are fucking hustlers.  you buy their eat their go into their businesses and have your picture taken by their cameras.  maybe you don't want to go in..maybe you don't really need their shitty food that clogs your heart or their cheap clothes that are overpriced with signs on you..but what the fuck else are you going to do when they're the only fucking option.  and you know what this isnt some rant to support private local businesses either because these small time businesses looking for a piece of the corporate pie follow the exact same fucking business not saying we need to go to a service no we need OUR OWN SERVICE..we dont need to go to corporate service or a private we need our own. but the whole structure of our society conflicts with this..doesn't it. they don't want this people's revolution.  if that happened we'd have our own schools..our own hospitals we wouldnt need these companies or these governments that lie to us and exploit us and fail us and use us.  we already don't need them they need us but they lie to us like we need their education so that they can fill us with their propaganda to keep us in their sphere of influence..paying them working for them giving them our time.  can you imagine school's of the people for the people.  teaching people not because they have to be there or because they need to learn a trade but to educate them for their own good.  can you imagine the people practicing their own medicine and taking care of eachother not because you can make money through insurance not because its a function of society to keep those human resources maintained..but because you take care of someone because you love not saying just love saying you take care of someone when you love don't do it to keep them alive because theyre worth somthing and then charge them for it when you're done...but these aren't hospitals of the people by the people for the people. theyre fucking businesses. we need industries of the people for the people by the people. the country envisioned for us is not there isnt..that's a fact. its a dying dream..and what's worse is there are many bad people..denying the people their rights denying them any liberties working for bad companies that do so on a large scale.  this whole country doesn't need to be if we are all supposed to be united with eachother under this flag..well some people you don't want to be united with..but that's this land right? everyone here is supposed to be united..we're all americans..stand together bla bla bla..bullshit. half this country exploits the other half and we are all supposed to be united?   there are people that need to unite and united people that need to be ununited. these thugs and gangstas are united..these hordes of thugs all working with the dope pusher..all working with the muscle united in their robbery of their hustle.  families of criminals keeping people's heads blocked with chemicals..stalking them demanding that those people pay them work for them serve them.  gangs..thugs..hordes of criminals connected from young street hoodlums to old ladies.  they all work for the "fam"  ruling the streets in their ghettos. we work so hard for these companies just to avoid having to live in those ;places..our prisons overflow.when these thugs return to these neighborhoods the entire community gives them respect.  if they raped someone beat some kid were selling crack in a schoolyard the criminal community families that are bad people to give them respect..act like theyre heroes or political prisoners when their lowlife thugs. meanwhile true political prisoners are being forced drugs told to comply and to not be disgruntled with criminal corporate policy.  they claim slavery ended but that's just on paper..that doesn't stop fucking bad people from practicing it.  they make "mind" slaves  by keeping someone involuntarily high in order to keep their heads keep them from "learning" anything..they tell these people to work and to pay up.  these people are unskilled and cant get themselves out or don't get anything out of anything they just work because theyre heads are blocked.  thugs do this. making someone a.dead head..a block head. its keeping someone down and they do it with perfumes, colognes, paints, poisons..smokes..chemicals they want to block their victims head with it.  so they "bomb" them with those things.  slavery is still practiced here. there are dead heads getting pushed around.  there are gangstas pushing crack on schoolyards looking to make dead heads..out of kids who could be learning.  those people aren't going to be able to very independent people their going to lose their ability to invent to understand to be revolutionary.  theyre going to be retarded.  theyre going to get put on the bus put under the influence and put to work.  there are people keeping the people down.  they dont want to lose their live stock..their sweatshop sowers..their workers.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How this country treats its criminals

yes many criminals get treated like law enforcement and other criminals..while others have tvs in their cells, have gyms, libraries...provided by the tax payer.   great if any of you hvee been assaulted on the street im sure its comforting to know that these thugs have gyms to pump iron in while in prison.  that makes so much sense doesnt it. these tough guys often use their size to force other inmates to do their dirty work..smuggle their drugs..jump somebody and because it wasnt done by them they dont lose any privaleges for good in the prison library watch tv in their cell its outrageous.  these criminals in prisons enjoy a much better way of life in prison than psychiatric patients do in psych centers.  some of these criminaals get out of jail and their criminal communities regard them as heros. they get "respect" "street cred" for doing their time.  some dont even mind prison. the real people that suffer are these crack heads that get thrown in the joint and raped by these thugs.  these thugs haave their own black markets even within prison its so utterly out of control. they smuggle weapons, drugs, put hits on people, aand rape people IN PRISON..if they get away with it in easy is it for them on the outside. you have gangs in schools pimping dealing drugs and threatening other students right under the faculties noses..hell if these gangs get away with it in prison hell why wouldnt they in schools. these thugs rule the streets out there...yeaah yeah they get aarrested occaisonally but many do not and even those that do. prison is hardly a punishment for them

Monday, September 17, 2012

War with the Wolves and a rant

Many species have been or are being eradicated through persecution and destruction of their habitats. Take the wolves for example..livestock owners gave these animals a very bad name...calling them beasts, vicious killers etc etc well so are we. the fact is they hunt us and they have as much a right to as we do to hunt them..wolves make the wilds dangerous I can get over it...thats what's good about the wilderness..thats what keeps us sharp ourselves. I don't want to see them eradicated off the face of the earth becuse they hunt us in the wild...or turned into these mutilated bitches. They hunted and killed us...we do the same things to other animals. Its as much their right as it is ours to hunt and to kill. they are another intelligent being on this earth i don't want them persecuted or all extinct and domesticated.  They have their own pups and our cultures even blend..we raise their young and there are tales of them raising our own when it comes to remus and romulus..probably a folk tale but regardless these animals are compassionate capaable of complex emotions nd communication they aaarent dumb "beasts"..they have a wide range of emotions that many people assume are only things human's have.. Animals are capable of complex language they coordinate together and have their own societies..if its sign languge chimps or orcas with highly complex langugae...from beaversa to termites they do construct things...we ARE ANIMALS we don't want to think of ourselves as some high priests his clay to mold hence ADAM is made of the ground he is their clay. No thanks..I know my nature. i dont want to be molded...Many brainwashed people are deprived even true self awareness of their own nature and believe they were created by a god a lord...a master..a lord is a king..its a you want to be the lord's humble servant his peasant..his adam..

. Animals catch and kill us we catch and kill animals it's competition. It's healthy...eliminating competition isn't healthy...they kill us we kill them... I can get over it if they kill us... I don't want them subdued and subjugated and genocided so that they won't hunt us just so we can hve some sense of security..christ how bizare is that. Now we barely talking about without using some gun from 10 miles away to hit somthing that isnt even aware you're in the same zip code by pushing a button. No we now buy our shit like domesticated idiots. , but it seems that these farmers these herders killed them all..why? because they were killing their livestock. So they went into towns rounded up posses and told the villagers that they were vicious beasts and went and eradicated them...get this they even dragged someone off that they wanted to kill, killed them then spread word that some wolf killed one of their boys in order to raise a fervor with the townsfolk..they formed posses got their rifles aand went throughout the countryside killing wolves... meanwhile these livestock owners They could kill people and blame it on the big bad wolf..they get away with murder anad also maake a public enemy out of the animals killing their livestock..but. The Earth has one less animal on it..that doesn't mean more for us..that means less, people....come on wake up. The fact is life changes it becomes diverse so that it can survive climate changes and asteroid impacts. less diversity means less chance for survival...humaan beings are becoming less diverse..hence the homo in homo sapien means homogenous. From genocide erasing entire peoples to our lifestyles. Urban sprawl.. livestocks \are just mass productions of the breeds from cows to chickens they're aall the same. They dont evolve they dont change because their environments don't fucking disgusts me..not the meat...the process. Meanwhile wild animals are disappearing crammed into zoos while industries are mass producing life to slaughter it and sell it to us..They are mere producers to them we are mere consumers to them.. their blood for our sweat. It's destructive. There are no wolves but there are millions of beat stray dogs being put down while people are still buying and breeding dogs..people are starving and yet we are putting down dogs and disposing of their corpses..should we eat these things? jesus christ how fucking stupid is this country?! no no we don't eat their meat we let it go to waste and down the road we sell put down cows and put down chickens but not put down dogs..who makes these fucking insane policies....the livestock industry for you...they breed dogs yet their are millions of strays.  There are too many and now they've produced more excess with their livestock breeding becuse paraticular breeds are worth a lot...when they can't sell a few 20 pups. Living stock is wrong..we were livestock too once..we still are..micks and niggers in chains unloaded off ships to work on plantations and factories..human beings were merely living stocks..we still are in these fucking hells where they trade women and kids and workers. selling brides online...There are livestock sheds in mob hell holes Where they breed us. Breed the men to make fighters then have the top dogs mate with all the women to ensure strong street soldiers. livestock is wrong These idiots destroyed all the animals then race to get their genetic codes in a computer before the ones trapped in the zoos die out too because theyre so fucking miserable in those fucking zoos they dont even mate..getting their genes down in a pc before they die out... That's their idea of preservation. The fact is if their ever is some giant event and we were gone from the face of the earth and suddenly those factory chickens were free..they won't diversify and reform different species because of their conditions THEY WILL ALL DIE. They CANNOT SURVIVE IN THE WILD..they were too fucked up from captivity Even plants they mass produce for breeding killing billions of insects and consuming massive amounts of fertilizer to produce these cash crops. They used millions of men, women, and children to pick them..horses to plow them..all for paper for cash for themselves...  Mass produced animals don't survive and they don't evolve, and they don't diversify...and when the shit hits the fan they don't survive and their ancestors are rare and going extinct. Because theyre exterminated for migrating into our expanding territories and for feeding on farm animals. The Japanese are currently doing the same thing to dolphines what we did to our wolves. They have massive populations and the fishing industry sees less dolphines as more tuna. Tuna will boom then it will be used up then they'll breed it in the ocean their new great farm. But guess what no more ecosystem..farms are not ecosystems..they were theyre farms..where everything is controlled to be used as a form of cash crop including the living. Throwing out an animal is destructive..they throw out the sick chickens in the factory farms and yet schools pay for animals to disect? WASTE OVER HERE WASTE OVER just ranting here but maybe they can get somebody wasted to go out there and collect all their waste..give them 4 cents a can so they can buy that fucking rancid booze al capones piss so they can pass out and feel warm inside out there.The world is being destroyed..urban sprawl...the cities are pollute./.industries pollute damage entire ecosystems and erradicate entire species and they have all of us dependent on their shitty system. I'm sure when the assholes reach the melting point the point of irreparable damage to the earth theyll fly to mars while and live in a bio dome while were on earth getting rickets and eating our children as it rains acid. people drive around stinking up the fucking place..theysit in fucking traffic jams guzzling resources while burning holes in the sky because they have so many fucking cars..the use of automobiles is so excessive in this country. .  if they see a cyclist then that's the asshole. these people are so uptight if a bear wanders into town or a deer they call animal control to put it down...wolves were exterminated in north america along with eagles, buffalo, grizzly bears, and many other species..but there are millions of tyson owned chickens that will be converted into one of those fucking mcnuggets that the american dollar will be given up for...get yourself a mcnugget with some nice corn syrup soda factory farmed chicken with cash crop corn and some dipping sauce...MMMMMmmmmm MMMmmmm im loathing it...get yourself some coffee from that bean farmed in he 3rd world as another cash crop have yourself a milkshake from those cows hooked up to titty pumps..what happened to fresh milk as in right from the teet and not this mass produced fluid sold by the jug known as "milk".  enjoy your bloodless blood but plenty of grease and somehow america fucked cheese up so that its awful for you.. and go give farmer brown more american dollars so that he expands his operation until its the only option out there..give them money so that they can supersize their cheap industry..have you seen these warehouses full of chickens they have. warehouses with some minimum wage paid farmer who smokes meth....  the chickens dont even see the light of day..they rip their own feathers out. they can barely walk because their breast meat has been artificial enlarged.  they walk in their own shit and eat factory feed until its threshing time.then they sell those masses of chicken to the masses of people as "meat" a product a plastic wrapped product...they sell it to people who also have no option who are crowded in slummy neighborhoods who work so much in some of these super stores they barely see the light of day either.  who have to deal with thugs and gangs and abusive managers to avoid their own threshing.  its sad.  what is this "meat" its flesh we pay for flesh...we don't hunt or kill anything we break our backs to have it all ready for us. when if we had time and energy to hunt our own food i think the reward would be in inherit in it.  real life experience to be had not just checking in and forking over your dollars to quench your thirst fill the ache in your tummy.  stave off hunger until you have to pay again..what happened to us killing other animals..thou shalt not kill? what are we supposed to be lambs of god like jesus..some pussy that gets fleeced..some whipping boy that you can kick and whip who shouts god forgive them!.some adam some lump of clay for the lord to mold..your pride is a sin? your wrath is a sin? your lust is a sin? all these important human feelings are a sin but being a humble servant who obeys the king the lord's commandments oh why that is a virtue?  no remember serfs and slaves when master whips you and you feel're sinning..and you don't need pride no you need to kiss his rich italian leather boots and feel good about being used to pick cotton or to sow it together or to being used all day long for bare minimum compensation. things like lust those desires and vanity loving oneself and greed wanting more those are all you shouldnt have like our other religious exemplar example buddha be full of shame.  after the priests of the church systematically molest us to make us ashamed of our own sexual desires we will be "saved." thou shalt not kill? right tell that to the wolves..what kind of commands are they giving us? what are we their dogs?  i understand who shouldnt just randomly kill eachother but we should kill...we do we give rapists and murderors the electric chair. thou should kill when you have crack dealers going to school just to push drugs. looking to hook people..when you have pimps waking up their beat women by putting a cigarette out on them..what do they tell their hoe? be humble and don't feel wrath when your lord whips you..forgive him he knows not what he does.  jesus loved everyone even his enemies bla bla bla you should hear the fucking exploitation these con artists churches preach to the people they abuse.  its no different be humble and serve the lord whore..its you who sin. have you seen these muscles and thugs with their big diamond crosses their cross tattoos. wake the fuck up people.  thou shalt not kill thou shalt be soft as a lamb so that you can be routinely fleeced.  don't kill animals but buy them after they've been killed..we don't want to cut the middle man out of this corrupt system..this equation doesn't need to lost it's middle man because when they work us till we sweat and charge us for their blood they make a big profit in the middle..a nice big pyramid so that when they eat they have so much money its practically free and its nice bloody rare steak.  every bite is succulent while were just masticating to end our hunger. thou shalt not kill except when its for the fucking holy land..then go off to the middle east and "kill dem A rabs!" "dont worry boys you fightin for the holy land so jesus got a spot for you in heaven if you die! so don't be a fraid! git dem sonsabitches!"  they preach the same fanatical shit that the terrorists believed. sorry girls and gals when you get hit with searing hot shrapnel that smashes your skull and eviscerates your brain and leaves you crippled in a wheelchair pissing with a catheter up your urethra a diaper in your pants and a tube down your throat and you finally die you don't have some magical life in you lost everything..of course you should be afraid of war.  that's not being a coward that's sane it's healthy. believing when you die you go to heaven and are met with 40 virgins isn't healthy. thou shalt not kill except when it lowers gas prices right? meanwhile our own streets are barely defended but we've got a hundered thousand kids shooting up the middle east all wishing they could be back him in the good ol US of A for some nice mcdonalds.   who do these religious high priests think they are giving us commands? they aren't the law..natural law or written law they're bad fucking people that don't practice what they preach..sharks that scare people into thinking if they don't make a donation to the religious netowork with their credit card that they'll be tortured in hell. people with these fake charities like the salvation army that takes free donated clothing and sells it to the need for their pennies and quarters.  clothes that cost nothing to make that they can sell cheaply to the noble..god bless you salvation army..ring your bell this holiday season for our pennies from heaven and when i drop his quarter into your little red bucket ill have no idea how its spent or what for..thats "faith" my friends.  killing is apart of life..the wolves killed people the wolves killed other animals it was not the end of the world. it keeps us sharp.  the wolves arent beasts.they arent these demonic monsters they arent dumb..they feel just as much as we do they have sadness and angry and happiness..they have intelligence people. i don't want them annihilated! they are another great species out there.  sure we kill eachother from time to time but we aren't trying to exterminate the other species.  we share this earth.  people say theyre just stupid dogs that would bite you and attack you if they could yet people love their dogs their dogs love them back.  hell men were mightier all the wolves are gone or pushed to the edges of the earth what happened to the wolves that we would EAT...that we would kill and wear their furs.  fur is murder! thou shalt not murder bambi! god what bullshit is being taught to us. fur is murder but its ok to wear sweatshop cotton with ads on them sure youd get mocked for wearing fur but its cool to be a walking billboard.  like the wolves who are now dogs that can be scolded and trained and beat human beings are less able to defend themselves when their master decides to mistreat them.  these sick fucks raising these pit bulls beat them when their pups so that theyre always afraid of their master even when theyre big and strong..they focus their aggression on sicking other people. they tell these kids thou shalt not kill but give them toy guns and when 9-11 happens its time to "go over dere and get sum!" play the drowning pool record on the tank stereo they play let the bodies hit the floor when they role into some iraqi village.  then they shake these people down.  man that would fucking piss me off. i saw a video where they crushed a man's car in their tank because the people were "looting" wood. good christian crusaders.  meanwhile the church of islam another shitty religion with the same manipulative practices is selling islam to america.."educating" us on it. that its a religion of peace..that it's something good.  yeah throwing acid in women's faces...preaching all this bullshit about heaven and martyrdom its the same beast as Christianity.  as if we need another one in this country..we need all these fucking religions buddhism, christianity, islam, judaism theyre all fucking awful hysterical idiotic manipulative hustles.   wq have the freedom of religion in this dee fucking da. you're free to believe whatever they want you to in this country. thanks usa. shouldnt are country protect us from these hustles and crack down on their racket instead of putting down stray doggies..tranquilizing wild animals that enter town.