Wednesday, September 5, 2012

manipulation of the mentally ill

sadly people diagnosed with mental illness are like wounded antelopes for all the predators out there..not because they are mentally ill but because the diagnosis the stigma and the implications of mental illness have them in between a rock and a hard place. they are manipulated by cheap clinics and agencies that traffic them on the streets or for labor rackateering. they are deceived by psychiatrists and therapists that do cruel tricks like using aversion and reverse psychology teaching them that when they are sane they are being sick and when they are being sick they are being healthy to get them to reject their own sanity. It's like they feed them misinformation to someone who is hanging on their every word...they teach them when they defend themselves or are aware of the hustle that they are being paranoid or crazy. Depriving them of common sense most people have that can spot these criminals...if the person is diagnosed mentally ill and they spots the hustle then they are being mentally ill and the stigma is used to drive them into a state in which they trust these sharks...that is deemed healthy buy these thugs..when their victims trust love and believe them. when with abusive family members a confidence game...a hustle in which multiple members do everything in their power to make the person feel crazy then they abuse them verbally or threaten them discretely or molest them then say that never happened it was all in your head. This manipulation can be so grievous it literally chokes the victim up internally and obstructs them from anguish and frustration. Sadly these people end up extorted they can either play ball or get shocked. Once they are prescribed drugs the snowball starts to roll..once their perception is clouded and their consciousness numbed the door is open for manipulation and their mind has essentially become lost. The fact is psychiatrists knowingly put their patients through a roller coaster of drug induced states by putting them on and taking them off multiple drugs because they are "trying to find" the right one. A normal person would recognize that hustle, but if the patient does so they are just paranoid...until they of course just go with it. Essentially the drugs handicap the odds before the game. They are "played." Sadly psychiatrists get them to open up ask them if they ever felt suicidal or wanted to die this is generally after being in the hands of an abuser and they admit it thinking they will recieve help..instead such an admission makes them easily able to be hospitalized against their will and makes courts look at the person like someone unstable and dangerous and someone who needs hospitalization. Unfortunaatly the healthcare industry is not providing any care for these people. From new York to London mental patients are being abused while detained in psych wards...they are abused by staff or other patients..they are put on and off high doses of different medications until their bodies are strung out and their minds are very chemically imbalanced. When patients snap under such conditions they are restrained..many have died in restraints..or more extreme treatments like shocks are used. The brain damage from these cause patients to forget their own in the hell can they function in society when they dont even know their own name anymore.;.they get so weak they shit. Ever here the factoid that when you die you shit. The combination of drugs and treatment literally makes them die internally. they shit themselves. To keep them alive often nasal feeding tubes are inserted to keep their bodies alive..literally to keep them from dying. When witnessed face to face for someone hospitalized. To witness the completely terrible conditions these people are in is more than enough to make them pay high insurance policies to stay healthy. to agree to therapy sesations theyy dont really need that are essentially useless and to say that theyre life savers. More than enough to get them to agree to any treatment plan which often involves putting them to work for companies that are connected to agencies in which they are blackmailed by managers to work under any conditions and to pay protection or else they will fabricate stories of how the person's health is declining etc etc.Its an abysmal picture..these places also bill hundreds and thousands for pills and treatments that they profit off of. Just look at the booming industry from the pharmacy at the supermarket to the pharmacy in the multiple pharmacy stores from cvs, walgreesn, and rite aid. They are making so many diseases to treat with medications that they want to diagnose every american with somthing. When someone is prescribed medication particularly for mental illnesses they are refilling multiple scripts for the rest of their life. IT ADDS UP. It's all about cash..the patients are source. The diseases are communicated. They are genetic in the sense that an abusive family can cause the distress and sell the victim . Right now there are patients being tortured. I have seen patients who are prostitutes in psych wards being grabbed and threatened by pimps hospitalized with them. These are supposed to be safe environments. They are not. There are violent patients that threaten hustle and terrify other patients essentially making them their "bitches" and staff literally looks the other way. While some patients who start crying and demanding lawyers are secluded and restrained. Patient on patient abuse is no accident..for dirty psych wards that extort the patients they avoid liability from abusive staff by admitting dangerous hustlers off the street to do their dirty work. They put these wolves with the sheep, these lions with the lambss..liars with lames...this control group to obstruct the trial group. By using these thugs off the street these wards avoid detection or liability if they used staff to abuse patients because reprecusions have occured where staff have abused patients. To get around this staff admits abusive dangerous people to "manage" the patients that are placed with them for months. Once medication and treatment has debilitated the patient to a certain point..once the "confidence game" has them doubting their own judgment and emotional manipulation has them loving an abuser then staff can handle them anyway they want..they cannot even blink from braindamage their ability to think coherently has been disrupted..imbalanced..and damaged. They can barely speak so how can they tell people they are being abused. Some that do aren't even believed when psychiatrists bullshit witnessed slandering the victims as paranoid or having delusions of persecution and these people are so frantic so strung out and so screwed up people just see a crazy person...a stereotypical crazy person when that's how anyone of them could be made into from such extreme drugging, abuse, and duress, and deprivation. Deprivation causes depravity and depression. Many of these people are kept in sterile bland environments..indoors 24/7 with fucking puzzles, word crosses, and puzzles..prisoners..criminals have more liberties in prisons. People who check themselves in because they think they may be depressed after being kept inside all day neglected..essentially given 10 minutes with a dotor then left for the entire day with a deck of cards then told they have a lifelong disease and hit with a monster bill end up CLINICALLY DEPRESSED. The fact is these doctor's and nurses are heros on er and grays anatomy but not in the real world. Their sacred oath is for "public" relations. In the meantime they're ripping you very destructive and criminal ways. If someone tells you you have a lifelong disease that you don't but the fear and grief and treatments make you sick so they can bill you that's up there with murder

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