Monday, September 24, 2012

horrific treatment of mentally ill

of time the mentally ill become exhausted to the point of defeat by being given drugs that exhausted them then they
are excorsized to prove their sanity, told to get out there and work or else they will be hospitalized, and emotionally
by being goaded into constantly retelling and relieving trauam by therapists or counselors this is while they are on
a heavy heavy heavy drug that leaves them tired and physically exhausted, emoitonally exhausted, and mentally burned out
these are known as excorcisms

abuse of schizophrenics. when repeatedly abused the "schizophrenic" becomes distant from other people finding comfort in being alone.  abuse of the person involves putting them with someone who deliberately emotionally batters threatens and dominates them calling them retard bitch loser etc etc threatening to smack them for "talking back" threatening them for doing things like making eye contact. after being subjected to this treatment for a long enough period the person's self esteem and ego disappear this is when the person no longer takes care of or loves themselves no longer socializes prefers being alone and also distrusts other people.  they are then labelled as anti social because of a"mental illness" and are also labelled as paranoid.  when this type of abuse happens in treatment facilities and psych wards where patients are hospitalized with an abuser patients who are abuse cases who specifically come from abusive backgrounds are abused by patients and staff which allows and overlooks the abuse again they begin distrusting people because of this "behavioral conditioning"  often times patients only comfort from the intense boredom and loneliness of being in such facilities they find comfort in talking to themselves...they are their only friend.  sounds crazy well the endless hours with nothing to do and not being around people to talk to this occurs.  this is then construed as them talking with voices inside their head. and used as evidence that they suffer from auditory hallucinations. innocent things like this are used against the patient who is not exactly insane but mentally and emotionally unwell from being subjected to mistreatment. after being in these places for months on end and brought before a judge...suffering physically from prescribed overdoses on edge from being around violent patients and staff the patient often looks very unwell and depressed and fits the bill of someone who is suffering from a serve as an explanation for the person's state. the victim is often said to be a danger to themselves and others.  in facilities that do not want to be held liable for staff violence violent people from the outside are admitted who abuse the patients while staff ignores or is not around when it occurs. not just violence but threats emotionally mistreatment and sexual abuse and degradation happen.  these people are used to harass and stalk the patient once they are discharged "managing" them on the outside.  telling them going to the police is useless they will just readmit you to the hospital because you are a "paranoid schizophrenic"that no one will believe you're just a crazy person.  these criminals also intensively try to impress upon the patient how corrupt the police are how crooked the system is or that the police work with them. in order to keep the patient from going to the police or telling someone about their abuse or abusive conditions within the hospital.  they dont bother fighting because they are told it is useless that the system is corrupt and thus they don't even bother stating their case.

often the patients are abused in very subtle covert ways such as giving them a drug that causes restlessness severe
restlesness as a side effect while keeping them isolated on a ward with nothing to do and nowhere to go..this is to cause "stir" craziness
and severely damages the persons well being mentally...also trying to induce a state of cabin fever. with no contact with the outside world. medicated and stuck.  or the patient may be restrained or put in a straight jacket
after being aggravated if they have severe body lice are unable to scratch. severe scratches from lice mites and even
worms under their skin from food poisoning if the patient is very destitute keep in mind a large portion of the mentally ill happen to be the they are eating out of trash cans and not able to practice good hygeine...they are said to be homeless because of their mental illness when in reality the homeless are easy prey for these sharks.  scratches from body lice are said to be self inflicted wound which leads to restraints.

they are often battered with degredation from abusive words to the point of emotional crippling them to which point they
stop expressing emotion and are said to be detached from reality or to have no emotions when their emoitons were essentially
destroyed again by an external tormentor which is again said to be a delusion.  often the emotional abuse is to keep
them in a miserable state which drowns out any other emotions and often overpowers even positive ones they are bred and
conditioned to stay in this "mode" as if it is positive..emotionally anchored in their anger and saddness and confusion
while other positive moods and states are obstructed..this misery often is classified as depression and they are often
extorted into adopting a false positive attitutde by threats of electric shock or severe abuse if they become too

the combination gets more severe with electro shocks combined with drugs...this is nerve conduction and drugging and if you are in bad hands they can totallyscramble your mind..and hijack your body...this treatment results in involuntary movements loss of memory...they can pretty much take it all away. this is threat enough to make patients pay through the teeth and go through therapists and treatment centers that don't do anything for them just to avoid being labelled as treatment resistent and being subject to these more abusive forms of "treatment.

they begin by totally depriving the patient of any normalcy or any former identity like a cult..they take away clothing, watches, shoes, wallets, phones...get them naked and put them in a gown. then begins the desensitization endless stretches of time in dull listless wards with a deck of cards while being copiously drugged..once the drugs take effect they are then told how sick they are as the drugs begin to make them utterly sick.  they are placed with other patients with the same illness who are totally deformed or non sensible or some patients who seem to have no illness at all that are violent and delinquent that ask them all about their personal lives...after months of being in these sterile duill environments they are rereleased and the sensory overload of cars and traffic and the normal world causes confusion a state known as "mania"  while the drugs block receptors to cause "depression"
thse people are known as bipolar..if they become jaded and know that a screw job has been done to them they are then classified as schizophrenic. and threatened with things like electroshock and drug overdoses that utterly devestate them internally.

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