Monday, September 17, 2012

War with the Wolves and a rant

Many species have been or are being eradicated through persecution and destruction of their habitats. Take the wolves for example..livestock owners gave these animals a very bad name...calling them beasts, vicious killers etc etc well so are we. the fact is they hunt us and they have as much a right to as we do to hunt them..wolves make the wilds dangerous I can get over it...thats what's good about the wilderness..thats what keeps us sharp ourselves. I don't want to see them eradicated off the face of the earth becuse they hunt us in the wild...or turned into these mutilated bitches. They hunted and killed us...we do the same things to other animals. Its as much their right as it is ours to hunt and to kill. they are another intelligent being on this earth i don't want them persecuted or all extinct and domesticated.  They have their own pups and our cultures even blend..we raise their young and there are tales of them raising our own when it comes to remus and romulus..probably a folk tale but regardless these animals are compassionate capaable of complex emotions nd communication they aaarent dumb "beasts"..they have a wide range of emotions that many people assume are only things human's have.. Animals are capable of complex language they coordinate together and have their own societies..if its sign languge chimps or orcas with highly complex langugae...from beaversa to termites they do construct things...we ARE ANIMALS we don't want to think of ourselves as some high priests his clay to mold hence ADAM is made of the ground he is their clay. No thanks..I know my nature. i dont want to be molded...Many brainwashed people are deprived even true self awareness of their own nature and believe they were created by a god a lord...a master..a lord is a king..its a you want to be the lord's humble servant his peasant..his adam..

. Animals catch and kill us we catch and kill animals it's competition. It's healthy...eliminating competition isn't healthy...they kill us we kill them... I can get over it if they kill us... I don't want them subdued and subjugated and genocided so that they won't hunt us just so we can hve some sense of security..christ how bizare is that. Now we barely talking about without using some gun from 10 miles away to hit somthing that isnt even aware you're in the same zip code by pushing a button. No we now buy our shit like domesticated idiots. , but it seems that these farmers these herders killed them all..why? because they were killing their livestock. So they went into towns rounded up posses and told the villagers that they were vicious beasts and went and eradicated them...get this they even dragged someone off that they wanted to kill, killed them then spread word that some wolf killed one of their boys in order to raise a fervor with the townsfolk..they formed posses got their rifles aand went throughout the countryside killing wolves... meanwhile these livestock owners They could kill people and blame it on the big bad wolf..they get away with murder anad also maake a public enemy out of the animals killing their livestock..but. The Earth has one less animal on it..that doesn't mean more for us..that means less, people....come on wake up. The fact is life changes it becomes diverse so that it can survive climate changes and asteroid impacts. less diversity means less chance for survival...humaan beings are becoming less diverse..hence the homo in homo sapien means homogenous. From genocide erasing entire peoples to our lifestyles. Urban sprawl.. livestocks \are just mass productions of the breeds from cows to chickens they're aall the same. They dont evolve they dont change because their environments don't fucking disgusts me..not the meat...the process. Meanwhile wild animals are disappearing crammed into zoos while industries are mass producing life to slaughter it and sell it to us..They are mere producers to them we are mere consumers to them.. their blood for our sweat. It's destructive. There are no wolves but there are millions of beat stray dogs being put down while people are still buying and breeding dogs..people are starving and yet we are putting down dogs and disposing of their corpses..should we eat these things? jesus christ how fucking stupid is this country?! no no we don't eat their meat we let it go to waste and down the road we sell put down cows and put down chickens but not put down dogs..who makes these fucking insane policies....the livestock industry for you...they breed dogs yet their are millions of strays.  There are too many and now they've produced more excess with their livestock breeding becuse paraticular breeds are worth a lot...when they can't sell a few 20 pups. Living stock is wrong..we were livestock too once..we still are..micks and niggers in chains unloaded off ships to work on plantations and factories..human beings were merely living stocks..we still are in these fucking hells where they trade women and kids and workers. selling brides online...There are livestock sheds in mob hell holes Where they breed us. Breed the men to make fighters then have the top dogs mate with all the women to ensure strong street soldiers. livestock is wrong These idiots destroyed all the animals then race to get their genetic codes in a computer before the ones trapped in the zoos die out too because theyre so fucking miserable in those fucking zoos they dont even mate..getting their genes down in a pc before they die out... That's their idea of preservation. The fact is if their ever is some giant event and we were gone from the face of the earth and suddenly those factory chickens were free..they won't diversify and reform different species because of their conditions THEY WILL ALL DIE. They CANNOT SURVIVE IN THE WILD..they were too fucked up from captivity Even plants they mass produce for breeding killing billions of insects and consuming massive amounts of fertilizer to produce these cash crops. They used millions of men, women, and children to pick them..horses to plow them..all for paper for cash for themselves...  Mass produced animals don't survive and they don't evolve, and they don't diversify...and when the shit hits the fan they don't survive and their ancestors are rare and going extinct. Because theyre exterminated for migrating into our expanding territories and for feeding on farm animals. The Japanese are currently doing the same thing to dolphines what we did to our wolves. They have massive populations and the fishing industry sees less dolphines as more tuna. Tuna will boom then it will be used up then they'll breed it in the ocean their new great farm. But guess what no more ecosystem..farms are not ecosystems..they were theyre farms..where everything is controlled to be used as a form of cash crop including the living. Throwing out an animal is destructive..they throw out the sick chickens in the factory farms and yet schools pay for animals to disect? WASTE OVER HERE WASTE OVER just ranting here but maybe they can get somebody wasted to go out there and collect all their waste..give them 4 cents a can so they can buy that fucking rancid booze al capones piss so they can pass out and feel warm inside out there.The world is being destroyed..urban sprawl...the cities are pollute./.industries pollute damage entire ecosystems and erradicate entire species and they have all of us dependent on their shitty system. I'm sure when the assholes reach the melting point the point of irreparable damage to the earth theyll fly to mars while and live in a bio dome while were on earth getting rickets and eating our children as it rains acid. people drive around stinking up the fucking place..theysit in fucking traffic jams guzzling resources while burning holes in the sky because they have so many fucking cars..the use of automobiles is so excessive in this country. .  if they see a cyclist then that's the asshole. these people are so uptight if a bear wanders into town or a deer they call animal control to put it down...wolves were exterminated in north america along with eagles, buffalo, grizzly bears, and many other species..but there are millions of tyson owned chickens that will be converted into one of those fucking mcnuggets that the american dollar will be given up for...get yourself a mcnugget with some nice corn syrup soda factory farmed chicken with cash crop corn and some dipping sauce...MMMMMmmmmm MMMmmmm im loathing it...get yourself some coffee from that bean farmed in he 3rd world as another cash crop have yourself a milkshake from those cows hooked up to titty pumps..what happened to fresh milk as in right from the teet and not this mass produced fluid sold by the jug known as "milk".  enjoy your bloodless blood but plenty of grease and somehow america fucked cheese up so that its awful for you.. and go give farmer brown more american dollars so that he expands his operation until its the only option out there..give them money so that they can supersize their cheap industry..have you seen these warehouses full of chickens they have. warehouses with some minimum wage paid farmer who smokes meth....  the chickens dont even see the light of day..they rip their own feathers out. they can barely walk because their breast meat has been artificial enlarged.  they walk in their own shit and eat factory feed until its threshing time.then they sell those masses of chicken to the masses of people as "meat" a product a plastic wrapped product...they sell it to people who also have no option who are crowded in slummy neighborhoods who work so much in some of these super stores they barely see the light of day either.  who have to deal with thugs and gangs and abusive managers to avoid their own threshing.  its sad.  what is this "meat" its flesh we pay for flesh...we don't hunt or kill anything we break our backs to have it all ready for us. when if we had time and energy to hunt our own food i think the reward would be in inherit in it.  real life experience to be had not just checking in and forking over your dollars to quench your thirst fill the ache in your tummy.  stave off hunger until you have to pay again..what happened to us killing other animals..thou shalt not kill? what are we supposed to be lambs of god like jesus..some pussy that gets fleeced..some whipping boy that you can kick and whip who shouts god forgive them!.some adam some lump of clay for the lord to mold..your pride is a sin? your wrath is a sin? your lust is a sin? all these important human feelings are a sin but being a humble servant who obeys the king the lord's commandments oh why that is a virtue?  no remember serfs and slaves when master whips you and you feel're sinning..and you don't need pride no you need to kiss his rich italian leather boots and feel good about being used to pick cotton or to sow it together or to being used all day long for bare minimum compensation. things like lust those desires and vanity loving oneself and greed wanting more those are all you shouldnt have like our other religious exemplar example buddha be full of shame.  after the priests of the church systematically molest us to make us ashamed of our own sexual desires we will be "saved." thou shalt not kill? right tell that to the wolves..what kind of commands are they giving us? what are we their dogs?  i understand who shouldnt just randomly kill eachother but we should kill...we do we give rapists and murderors the electric chair. thou should kill when you have crack dealers going to school just to push drugs. looking to hook people..when you have pimps waking up their beat women by putting a cigarette out on them..what do they tell their hoe? be humble and don't feel wrath when your lord whips you..forgive him he knows not what he does.  jesus loved everyone even his enemies bla bla bla you should hear the fucking exploitation these con artists churches preach to the people they abuse.  its no different be humble and serve the lord whore..its you who sin. have you seen these muscles and thugs with their big diamond crosses their cross tattoos. wake the fuck up people.  thou shalt not kill thou shalt be soft as a lamb so that you can be routinely fleeced.  don't kill animals but buy them after they've been killed..we don't want to cut the middle man out of this corrupt system..this equation doesn't need to lost it's middle man because when they work us till we sweat and charge us for their blood they make a big profit in the middle..a nice big pyramid so that when they eat they have so much money its practically free and its nice bloody rare steak.  every bite is succulent while were just masticating to end our hunger. thou shalt not kill except when its for the fucking holy land..then go off to the middle east and "kill dem A rabs!" "dont worry boys you fightin for the holy land so jesus got a spot for you in heaven if you die! so don't be a fraid! git dem sonsabitches!"  they preach the same fanatical shit that the terrorists believed. sorry girls and gals when you get hit with searing hot shrapnel that smashes your skull and eviscerates your brain and leaves you crippled in a wheelchair pissing with a catheter up your urethra a diaper in your pants and a tube down your throat and you finally die you don't have some magical life in you lost everything..of course you should be afraid of war.  that's not being a coward that's sane it's healthy. believing when you die you go to heaven and are met with 40 virgins isn't healthy. thou shalt not kill except when it lowers gas prices right? meanwhile our own streets are barely defended but we've got a hundered thousand kids shooting up the middle east all wishing they could be back him in the good ol US of A for some nice mcdonalds.   who do these religious high priests think they are giving us commands? they aren't the law..natural law or written law they're bad fucking people that don't practice what they preach..sharks that scare people into thinking if they don't make a donation to the religious netowork with their credit card that they'll be tortured in hell. people with these fake charities like the salvation army that takes free donated clothing and sells it to the need for their pennies and quarters.  clothes that cost nothing to make that they can sell cheaply to the noble..god bless you salvation army..ring your bell this holiday season for our pennies from heaven and when i drop his quarter into your little red bucket ill have no idea how its spent or what for..thats "faith" my friends.  killing is apart of life..the wolves killed people the wolves killed other animals it was not the end of the world. it keeps us sharp.  the wolves arent beasts.they arent these demonic monsters they arent dumb..they feel just as much as we do they have sadness and angry and happiness..they have intelligence people. i don't want them annihilated! they are another great species out there.  sure we kill eachother from time to time but we aren't trying to exterminate the other species.  we share this earth.  people say theyre just stupid dogs that would bite you and attack you if they could yet people love their dogs their dogs love them back.  hell men were mightier all the wolves are gone or pushed to the edges of the earth what happened to the wolves that we would EAT...that we would kill and wear their furs.  fur is murder! thou shalt not murder bambi! god what bullshit is being taught to us. fur is murder but its ok to wear sweatshop cotton with ads on them sure youd get mocked for wearing fur but its cool to be a walking billboard.  like the wolves who are now dogs that can be scolded and trained and beat human beings are less able to defend themselves when their master decides to mistreat them.  these sick fucks raising these pit bulls beat them when their pups so that theyre always afraid of their master even when theyre big and strong..they focus their aggression on sicking other people. they tell these kids thou shalt not kill but give them toy guns and when 9-11 happens its time to "go over dere and get sum!" play the drowning pool record on the tank stereo they play let the bodies hit the floor when they role into some iraqi village.  then they shake these people down.  man that would fucking piss me off. i saw a video where they crushed a man's car in their tank because the people were "looting" wood. good christian crusaders.  meanwhile the church of islam another shitty religion with the same manipulative practices is selling islam to america.."educating" us on it. that its a religion of peace..that it's something good.  yeah throwing acid in women's faces...preaching all this bullshit about heaven and martyrdom its the same beast as Christianity.  as if we need another one in this country..we need all these fucking religions buddhism, christianity, islam, judaism theyre all fucking awful hysterical idiotic manipulative hustles.   wq have the freedom of religion in this dee fucking da. you're free to believe whatever they want you to in this country. thanks usa. shouldnt are country protect us from these hustles and crack down on their racket instead of putting down stray doggies..tranquilizing wild animals that enter town.

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