Thursday, September 27, 2012

green movements as artifical as astro turf

"green movements"  idealist encouraged movements aimed at college students who want to help save the world..hijacked by pricks that could give a shit.  they profess that by using bicycles we can all reduce hydro carbon emissions, prevent wars over oil, and conserve our natural resources down...but

there is an ulterior motive to keep gas prices down for themselves when these professors encourage or preach these movements to ideal college students they are merely driving gas prices down for other more expensive demographics behind the wheel.  the idea is that by encouraging these students to be cyclists much like using hippies that they can massively reduce their own gas costs.  i agree we should all cycle..for the environment, for the world, for good..its doesnt pollute..its fun...maybe only old people should drive or the handicapped or people who absolutely have to or only in the winter..but in this country a wealthy class loves their cars and doesnt give a shit about pollution they do however dislike gas prices and thus adopt this green movement and preach it but dont practice it...they care about pollution in the sense they dont want to get sick from it so they drive around preaching for us to be green and eco friendly yet they are not..this is essentially manipulating these new age hippies by using them for their own means..pandering to them.. when before that those hippies were rioting on those campuses...not those facilities are maximium security anti riot facilities that pander to these crowds to exploit them for the economy when they were essentially against the corrupt economy..they dont like pollution because they want to make the world a better place for themselves while we're sucking on exhaust fumes and getting uv rays from this toxic wasteland cycling for them they are driving in cars..ub green folks

the idea is that the less student drivers the roads are theres and the cheaper there gas is. thats the bottom line.  they preach environmental awareness then drive around.  what they are really preaching is conservation of their own dollar.  they want gas prices cheap for themselves.  fuck it i still hate gas, i hate traffic, i hate pollution, im still going to cycle..this country should run on fleets of busses and people should share vans for carpooling but no these spoiled fucks all need their own cars to the point they idle in huge traffic jams.  to top it off there are a lot of people that have no business being behind the wheel of a car...these tailgater fucks...these truck drivers that go 100 miles per hour while changing lanes trying to disturb the peace and make the roads dangerous to "break up the herd" by careening through orderly traffic.  people should have the ability to report these people and have their licenses revoked immediatly to get them off the roads because they cause eratic driving in others. get THEM off the road those mamoth chrome rimmed suv driving pick up truck driving with the bully sticker and the chrome grill gas guzzler fuckers off the road...dont tell students that theyll save the planet by wearing themselves out because they wont..thats the truth you wont save the planet..because look at all those dirty businesses and companies and people fucking it on your bike wont save it...but thats what they tell you for dont buy into their bullshit.  recycling wont save the planet either...ive seen kids in 3rd world countries that are used to go through mounds of dangerous filthy garbage to collect trash for recycling..thats recycling folks...thats not saving the fucking planet thats just industry getting it's crude resources back at a very cheap price.  ever see those bums pushing carts with cans for those stores that give them a few pennies..that shit isnt saving the earth its MAKING MONEY FOR THOSE STORES THAT FUCKED UP THE PLANET TO BEGIN WITH

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