Friday, September 28, 2012


The mobs were raising massive amounts of soldiers in the ghettos to rule the country.  They were overflowing, swaming, pouring into other neighborhoods..bloods, crips...they boxed in gyms, hustled on the streets. While suburban kids were in schools these criminals were practicing murder on dogs. We were too soft like spartans about to conquer athenians.  We were reading harry potter they were having knife fights. They wanted to infiltrate the suburbs with dope and criminal culture.  They would introduce impressionable suburbanites to these at parties playing gangsta rap getting them high trying to get the women to whore themselves.  They were labor racketeering making drunks for can collecting, crackheads for digging through your trash to find your identity...they were taking over the country "one city at a time."   But these suburbs were no picnic either.  They were also involved in organized crime or paying it for protection.  They were engaged in white collar crimes trying to buy police, hustle other people, identity theft, and various types of fraud.  They took their dirty bank money and sprinkled it around for more dirty work.  The cities were dying, mob controlled, and crime ridden.  Monopolies were the ruling businesses, good citizens were targets. 

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