Thursday, September 27, 2012

how the elderly are ripped off by nursing homes

they cut very single penny they can when dealing with these people...they dont work right..who cares theyre "at the end of their rope"  that is the mindset of the people caring after them.  They feed them vitamin supplements not because theyre old and need them but because their diets are so poor from the low nourishment food..its cheaper to give them crap for food and a vitamin supplement then it is to give them actual they do that.  these people are senile, demented, and suffering from alzheimers because of things like marijuana or marinol being prescribed to treat glaucoma making them forgetful even when their check goes missing and staff takes it forgetful of abuse and always happy from the dope...real great "medicine"

some conditions are so bad the elderly can be extorted by their family that if they dont do things against their will or not talk when their pain pills go missing that they'll be put in a home.  if a patient is bad then they stool pigeon them by giving them exhausting doses of drugs which make them shit their guys out and then oh..."he or she is starting to go" and eventually they become even older...because they are now getting nothing out of their diets they lose all their teeth etc etc. this is punishment it is MURDER.  these places are given controlled substances all the time what they do with them we don't really know they just keep a log of what they do with them on accountable and fullproof...there arent any government authorities in these places ten eyars ago staff was taking their gold who knows how theyre robbing them..just because a few bad apples got caught you think the businesses that hired those people are cleaning up their act..its like taking candy from a baby...its a horrible waste of our oldest peoples..i dont care if they dont work or dont have any skill left...they could be teaching us from their life experience they could be coherent and there they could be living in communities until they die..they have time they could be writing books for us based on their life's experience instead their getting "stooled" and "rolled" and fucking fed horse pills to keep them out of it.

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