Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How this country treats its criminals

yes many criminals get treated like shit...by law enforcement and other criminals..while others have tvs in their cells, have gyms, libraries...provided by the tax payer.   great if any of you hvee been assaulted on the street im sure its comforting to know that these thugs have gyms to pump iron in while in prison.  that makes so much sense doesnt it. these tough guys often use their size to force other inmates to do their dirty work..smuggle their drugs..jump somebody and because it wasnt done by them they dont lose any privaleges for good behavoir..read in the prison library watch tv in their cell its outrageous.  these criminals in prisons enjoy a much better way of life in prison than psychiatric patients do in psych centers.  some of these criminaals get out of jail and their criminal communities regard them as heros. they get "respect" "street cred" for doing their time.  some dont even mind prison. the real people that suffer are these crack heads that get thrown in the joint and raped by these thugs.  these thugs haave their own black markets even within prison its so utterly out of control. they smuggle weapons, drugs, put hits on people, aand rape people IN PRISON..if they get away with it in prison...how easy is it for them on the outside. you have gangs in schools pimping dealing drugs and threatening other students right under the faculties noses..hell if these gangs get away with it in prison hell why wouldnt they in schools. these thugs rule the streets out there...yeaah yeah they get aarrested occaisonally but many do not and even those that do. prison is hardly a punishment for them

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