Friday, June 20, 2014

fucking BULLSHIT from the left as bad as bullshit from the right

So I had a real mind blowing conversation with some vegan hippies I got to know running a co op or an intentional community that i thought Id investigate for some material and to get the inside scoop and just what the fuck a co op is...and basically i met people as fucking detestible as right wingers that are fanatical patriots and blood thirsty for war and in love with jesus and gay bashing and having their way with people...well the far left is just as bad.   instead of  being blood thirsty for war they are grotesquely passive...its the inverse of behavoiral control one side wants to sick you on the enemy the other side doesnt wants you passive and declawed and self no all violence is bad...even when its in self defense..."turn the other cheek" like that big easily whipped pussy Jesus and forgive the people who torture and murder you that is ..."the higher way"

so im talking to this vegan bitch who exudes an air of smug authority and i tell her i agree the meat industry is horrendous..they treat living beings like products and the quality of the food suffers as does the quality of our own livesssss because we arent killing our food but being i say yes i think the meat industry is bad so bad i entertained the thought of boycotting meat but human beings are large semi predatory mammals i think its in our nature to eat meat...and she says to me..."human beings arent animals..theyre MORE than that." uggghhhh!!!!! see the problem is vegans arent about boycotting meat theyre about selling veganism and their own brands of food.
how fucking stupid can you get having an open mind around these entertain their ideas but they dont even breath any life into your facts...we're fucking APES people...we are isnt LESS to be an animal...we are ANIMALS you fucking idiots that is so masively simple and yet its not understood...but no the same bullshit from the right comes out the mouth of the left...were "spiritual beings" so her guru rich boy snob who has traveled the world on his fathers dime starts preaching to me as a matter of fact..."I dont think human beings even HAVE to eat".....human beings dont have to EAT?!   oh we can get our sustinance through manna and meditation channeling soul energy and living off of pot resin...yeah we need to hollow ourselves out inside...but he declaress as if he is wise and knows somthing that ignorant people like me dont know and that i should take his sage advice that human beings actually dont have to eat...yeah its a fucking conspiracy...eating is a ruse...its bad for the I tell him see we have these things called mouths and theyre full of these things called teeth for biting and chewing and there are these organs called stomachs that are in us and they digest food to keep us alive and all those things point to the contrary.  to which he becomes offended claiming i dont have an open mind and i should be careful not respecting other peoples beliefs I could get my ass kicked.   when Im pretty sure this hustler who tries to present himself as a model of virtue and decency is just looking at me and trying to hollow out his voodoo doll./

the right wing wants your mind boxed in the left wing wants it wide open...both sides are fucking lowlifes pushing their lifestyles on other make their true believers

and to top off the night one of the hippies gets up and declares i cant wait till im 80 years old because im just going to do heroin....right wing left wing theyre fucking disgusting people on both sides..both sides use brainwashing..