Tuesday, November 5, 2013

does the occupy movement target its own members?

the occupy movement is obsessed with raising minimum wage...well ive worked a lot of minimium wage jobs and although id like a hell of a lot more pay and cannot tolerate busting...literally breaking my back and busting my ass for rude degrading managers that dont even let you break for 15 minutes even when you are on break without putting a company slogan or directive in your face...i cant tolerate 40 hours of that every week for 220 dollars....220 dollars somthing people making in a day for a less demanding job..yeah thats fair..fucking ridiculous..then again ive worked amongst some of the most arrogant ignorant corporate suck ups that dont give a shit if the company is bad..that hustle on its behalf..that mistreat their fellow coworkers and that dont really have a very demanding experience while working for the store..but of course these people are somehow noble because they make minimum wage and look like theyre really busting their ass. these people will assume the role of the boss when dealing with other employees will insult and put their coworkers and police them then suck up to malicious corporation behind the business.  you know what occupy i dont give a shit if these assholes only make minimum wage. these people give shitty service and are rude and demanding of customers...then when they assume the role of customer they behave the same way to the person working that happens to be serving them.  if some schoolyard bully who is part time gangsta graduates with his D average and only gets paid minimium wage when he isnt selling his bitch or shaking someone else down i dont give a shit if he makes minimum wage...then again their are people who have potential who are decent who cant even afford a living being worked far too hard by these companies fgor far too little..of course they are the voice of the movement but who is really profitting off of their cries...let me tell you handing yourself over full time to a company that treats you like shit that overworks you and brainwashes you its fucking awful....the problem is these corporations work some of their employees arent under the same demands as some of these work horses that they make out of their fellow employees these employees that "own" or "pwn" as they call it their fellow employees do not deserve an increase in their wages.. .  some people they shouldnt just make more than minimum wage they shouldnt even be in those places in the fucking first place.  regardless occupy movement are you merely looking for sheep to make into your own sheep with all this preach preach preach about spiritualism and loving islam and being a fucking budha who doesnt want to crush an ant because taking life is bad karma or whatever fucking nonsense insane bullshit spiritualism they pawn off as wise when they get some high enough to listen to them...fuck religion..im not going to tolerate that delusional brainwashing bullshit but hey man not being tolerant is being bad! according to these occupy fuckers your supposed to have an open mind..open for the bullshit theyre pushing..and if you don't tolerate it then you are an intolerant know it all or some other line of bullshit... poor people are noble and righteous...yeah right.sure they act like they are purely on the grounds that theyre poor when theyre running in mobs or being pimps pushers and thugs but hey its ok its cause theyre poor..some are but ive met quite  afew who are not but who wear the fact that they are poor like a badge of honor when they arent being belligerent hustlers.  these people will sit with the homeless to try to sell them some crack or manage them and if you look at them with disgust its..."oh excuse me dees be real people they aint just trash we actually communicate with these people we aint a snob like you!"  there are thugs on the street jumping frail homeless people maliciously attacking them saying things like "you my bitch if you dont carry this crack around up your ass from one neighborhood to the next ill stick you with an aids infected needle! cuz you my nigga now hoe!"  then they get caught and they look sheepish and rap to the world "Yo the streets is hard we be just trying to make a buck!" feel sorry for us..meanwhile theres someone staggering around out there with their teeth knocked out.  you shouldnt tolerate bullshit. thats exactly what the bad government and dirty corporations expect of you if the occupy movement expects that as well than what the fuck kind of revolution is that?

you want to know whats revolutionary occupy members....you dont say "raise the minimium wage for us!" you say "FUCK YOUR MINIMIUM WAGE JOB! stick it up your fucking ass we dont need to be floor moppers and shelf stockers and dish washes! go fuck yourself!" you be the clods we'll be the gods...you can have your fucking time wasted for 8 dollars an hour kissing peoples asses when you arent scrubbing cheese off some pan and we'll sit in our corporate towers and collect our fortunes off your asses!"

Friday, October 11, 2013

so i went into a "Vape shop" the other day and checked out e cigarettes

"We got all sorts of flavors man MountainDew vapor...Koolaid vapor..rocking raspberRY!"  yeah theyre not trying to get kids on this shit i thought...koolaid flavor!?  or maybe theyre just trying to target my own innner child.  anyways i went along with the sales routine..."so this is safer than tobacco right no tar no carcinogens?"  I asked.  "Absolutely" the kid said...when actually vaping may be just as toxic with chemicals in their vapor such as glycol and propylene. GLYCOL and PROPYLENE..does this help smokers...the guy was really into getting people crazy about "vaping" it rocks man! try a sample..im pretty sure they want "vape" addicts so they can cash in on all these flavors of theirs.  im sure they got people vaping like fiends coming in everyday for a new bottle..oh today ill try peach flavored gel..tomorrow itll be "smurf piss"  ha ha how quirky with those names how edgy.  he says to me im not sure how "smurf piss" tastes but ive heard its excellent...excellent he says..it burns and has a plastic like taste..this is fucking great right. yeah man its SAFE..according to my burning throat and the film on my teeth it doesnt feel safe.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

ugh...sex segregation

no football for the girls
on the job theyre upfront as cashiers
or in the deli or in the bakery
the stock floor is the boys club
the manager deems
no mixed sex teams
seperate those pottys
cover those mamories
we want to sell those
to those gals after our bullies
are through making them insecure about their bodies
pump them full of silicon
her breasts were just fine the way they were
no need for a padded bra
but the scumbags call the girls flat chested boy
till theyre ashamed of themselves
they like them bought and paid for
buy a barbi doll if youre a girl
if you're a boy you get a gi joe
if you want to play with the other sex's model then youre gay
paint them entirely pink or entirely blue
thugs calling them bimbos, and dumb blondes
everytime they say somthing
when they fucking think or ask a question
meanwhile they tell the boys dont you ever cry
thats what girls do..pussy bitch
im so tired of this fuckin' shit
oh theyre at war with us through our sexes
sexually objectifying our bodies
when we're just starting to develop
their pressure works for some plastic surgeon prick
who dares to call himself a doctor
while he's deforming his patients
pumping collagen into their lips
breaking their noses and repositioing them
then charging them ten twenty fifty thousand
for each procedure so he can drive a mother fucking lexus
insecurity it works
all these porn pages with advertizments for drugs
to get a bigger dick
they show pictures of penises so large theyre deformed
as if that's supposed to be good
they do it with both genders
enlargements reductions whatever
they do em
for a charge of course
while they go on telling one girl
she's got no tits they tell another one
your tits are too big looks like you've got utters
you should get those "fixed"
do you see what I'm saying
do you understand it
causing insecurity for a profit

Monday, October 7, 2013


racial supremacists are white and black. there are supremacists that teach black kids their own forms of racial supremacisms.  to bash on whites.   the message is to put people down.  black supremacism is basically centered around how whites are inferior that they caused slavery and that they should be humble and serve blacks for what they did to them.  they push that poor whites who are the ancestors of oppressed white immigrants who were too discriminated against were never oppressed that they are white trash that owes blacks for what THEY did to them. this incidentally makes those whites hates blacks which works for white supremacy groups. when those whites bashed by supremacists turn to a supremacist of their race they which teach them to hate whoever they deem the oppressor all blacks, jews, foreign countries and further destroys their humanity.  black supremacists take part in white supremacism laughing at the holocaust claiming" those inferior whites deserved what they do to eachother.  they are barbaric and always at war with eachother" and that whites are keeping africans down..they blame whites for EVERYTHING..crack cocaine cause of whites...nevermind the mexican cartels the colombian drug lords..."white people dihd dat shit"  slavery?  never mind the chinese dynastic rulers or the pharoes of egypt no no  "white people invented dat because they want the whole world kept down"  and they hold that innocent whites who were too owned should be held responsible for slavery and that they should be indebted to those blacks. see white mans burden. their anti white rhetoric which makes oppressed blacks follow this tune of hate.  racists are black AND white. its true.  there are black gangs beating on anyone who is a "homo" they mock men as gays and faggots for crying.  they mercilessly abuse their bitches and their hoes which they make their slaves.  when they say nigger they mean slave. they no longer mean a negro but its rather a term meaning their bitch or their slave or their hoe.  they do this in the ghettos and crime run inner city areas while white supremacists practice this in the rural country and they are both apart of a network of slave owning scumbags..bashing on someone making them into a "humble servant" and then pushing them around as a group to make money off of them.  i have been robbed and told "we takin our money back. you rich off our ass" when i am broke.  they discriminate against women, against men, against people's ethnos.  black supremacists also say when they are racist "no blacks are NEVER racists thats you people." ive been told you whites are incapable of loving other people but yourselves thats why you're all HICK "INBRED" white "TRASH"  hillbillies. they say these things as absolute truths to whoever is under their influence.  they both hate jews...what they drill into the heads of their victims is dont be a dirty jew..that jews covet their money and are greedy the lesson is don't covet YOUR money rather give it to us if you don't you are then a dirty covetous greedy jew.  if you love your fellow man dearly or are disgusted by these men who pimp and sell women you are a sick queer who HATES women and are a faggot...a fairy who likes little boys.  they do terrible slanderous things  their aim is to define you as a monster when they are monstrous.  it makes you look like the people's enemy. gangs...klans..they are the same exact thing. im telling you people they practice the same bigotry on THEIR streets in THEIR communities and they do have slaves black and white. while they turn their victim into them they try to turn themselves into their victim adopting a loving stance one that has brotherly relations in the public eye..someone who is charitable and decent often as a christian movement to promote their organizations so that they appeal to other people.  they throw around the word nigger but if a white says nigger they say no you don't use that word thats our word, censoring you, if you call them nigger for calling you white trash then they call you somthing much worse...racist when you were merely trying to fight fire with fire.

my proverbs

they have people that they hustle. that they fool into parting with their money. then they call those people fools saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" damning their victims further. a fool is someone who is fooled it may not necessarily mean they are "foolish" they may be fooled and told not to do anything foolish by the people who fool them when the definition they are told as something foolish is not in fact what foolish is and they are fooled again. because they are not avoiding foolishness but just being fooled further. foolishness may be forced on someone. they may be pressured to not be so serious, to give it up, to quit, using peer pressure to make them be a fool so that these hustlers can fool them.  then they mock them "YOO FOO!" fooling them into thinking its their fault. a doctor may use trust to make a fool, dress up in his white coat put his degree on the wall and act sincere to fool you into thinking your sick and he's trying to help.  then he takes away your rights and locks you up and puts you on a dose that cripples you.  he will fool you into thinking that he will help you but after his treatment is through you won't even remember your name wont even be able to stop from pissing yourself, you'll be so sick you won't know what to do and he'll have gotten another patient that he can charge for or collect off of.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

abuse of people diagnosed with mental disorders in the usa

companies with pharmacies and treatment centers claiming to want to help the "mentally ill" also incidentally produce prejudice films portraying them as serial killers, maniacs, psychos..people that are violent and dangerous because of little devils on their shoulders...slandering these human beings and aggresively discriminating and stereotyping them

this is how dc comics portrays the "schizophrenic" joker....red eyes, sharp teeth..
.this movie depicts people who are ravenous and deranged who attack people..the solution they are put down with shotguns
 horror movies such as jason, psycho depict a crazy "psycho" killer..as if crazy people just want to murder people for no reason as if thats the way "crazy" people are.

why do "crazy" people become violent? abuse that goes on behind closed doors, harrasment, and in self defense..in "treatment" centers when a patient fights back they are classified as violent and taken down. they are then shocked until they become "docile"

while the media depicts these people as monsters they simultaneously make them the butt of jokes on shows like south park and the simpsons. people on the streets easily get away with abusing these people or threatening them then telling them that doesnt happen you whacko bitch..no one will believe your crazy lunatic ass.

this is electro shock torture used all over america in "treatment" facilities and wards.  it is horrific excrutiating torture that leaves people mentally damaged and catatonic. this is done when patients refuse their medication or fight back when abused by staff. no doubt all of this should make a person "mad" the threat of this treatment is enough to make people take medication that makes them sick and produces severe symptoms.  overdoses are often prescribed that leave the patient so exhuasted that they end up crippled, this is known as "immobilizing" them.  they cannot even get up they are so weak. these drugs block serotnin and dopamine receptors also known as pleasure receptors so these people live without gratification from anything. they do not enjoy food, they do not feel good. they even loose their own feelings. but they have no choice to swallow those pills or else they will be shocked.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

poem i wrote

show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll tell you mine for sun
and we''ll have twice as many things to discuss

take me on the hunt
lets drink the deer's blood
together we'll be one
and dance
natives from europe
natives from america
we're together again
we'll give thanks
just because
it feels good to be with eachother
it's been a long time
since you went east and i went west
but here we are meeting again
let's make love
before they try to divide us
break up our family again
separate us
with our tongues or our eyes or our colors
we'll be in love
with eachother
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll share mine for sun
and we'll have twice as many things
to discuss
together we'll run
from those conquistadors
I don't want to be puritan
and you don't belong on a reservation
it's been a long time but here we are
you went East and I went west
and I'm seeing us
and I'm in love
let's share metal and maize
have a human family that grows great
I rejoice meeting my fellow man
It's good to see you
after so long
brothers and I'm doing a rain dance
and your shaking hands
we'll beat their thugs their gangs
their klans
I've brought the fiddle you've got the drums
they want this country
to be a holy kingdom
and they defiled europe
believe me they turned it so bad
we had to run
and they'll do it here
all over again
unload their slaves
and rape this virgin
wilderness that they want
for a plantation
for ted turner
so that he can roam his ten thousand acre ranch
while were crammed in a box
they say they only genocided indians
enslaved africans
no that was us..im white
they did that to MY blood
here i am in the trench mud
getting blown apart
while they've got you on your
death march 
they're lynching me down south
and sweating me up north
they've got me fearing their lord
turned me into a servant
in salem
telling me the devil
is the red man
who will try to seduce you
then I guess I am
holy hell
we were getting along once
before they showed up
now were blaming eachother
for what they've done
let's roam
and europe
trade the feathers in our hair
trade spears
ride horses and use bows
you're so civil
and so wild
 they call you savage
as if its a bad thing
how dare
when they've got kids in cages
that they sell for farms
while their reclining in their mannors
fucking pig capos
oh they've got us dying
whether we're black on a plantation
or john the bowlegged on a tuna ship
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
ill tell you mine for sun
and together we'll have twice as much
to discuss

Monday, September 30, 2013

religious fanaticism and abusive christians

christians push their religion on people..i know i was raised in a loveless fanatically religious household. a lot of these households are cold and abusive then they teach their abused kids that love is jesus and being heavily religious.  they call people who do not believe their fairy tales non believers who do not have "souls" and are not real people.  they call women who get abortions murderors to their face. they have this air of moral superiority condemning everything from enjoyment of sex to women's rights. these christians act decent on the outside but they boil down to supremacist thugs preaching peace and love for your fellow man then behind closed doors telling their sheep god was a man who created eve aka woman to serve man. serve your king the lord thats what it boils down to. they have oppressed people for so long. they currently push their faith on alcoholics and drug addicts telling them they need to accept jesus and that is the only way they can ever get "clean" END THE EXPLOITATION. on the streets they claims these people are demons. these people say the native americans were "godless savages" to this day. this is the 21st century we are not supposed to be serfs in some holy "kingdom"  if you dont believe their lies then they judge you as the one who is evil.  you are somehow evil for not thinking their way.  they shame people to make them feel terrible for things like masturbation. or for even feeling sexual enjoyment. meanwhile they are molestors.  they have molested thousands to shame them.  when slaves would runaway they were diagnosed as having a type of mania the cure being to cut off their toes so they could not run and whip the "devil" out of them.  yes fear the "red" man he's the devil. they forcefully converted millions of native americans telling them they were primitive savages that needed to serve the kingdom of god. their religious schools, catholic schools were abusive and horrendously strict. they abused the pilgrims turning them into superstitious fanatical pilgrims who were essentially fuedal serfs that were afraid to not be seen in church terrified of being considered slothy for not serving their master hard. if they did not go to church on sunday. told the devil is in the woods and he is a red man. they formed klans when their slaves were freed. christian knights that tormented gang beat and lynched blacks. they have oppressed women and then they take off their sheet and exchange it for a robe and act morally superior.  there are thugs and gangstas pimps on the street all wearing bling bling crosses and getting tatoos of crosses who extort, beat, and rape but the mentality the church teaches "jesus forgives everybody who accepts him for their sins no matter who they are or what they do." these thugs push religion like they push crack. they try to bait people into succumbing to delusional thinking as if that is being wise. then once they get somebodies head under their control then they push their body around. these loveless insane households raise kids who are depressed or who act out then they have these kids committed, loaded up on drugs and they tell them things like you're a demon. often times they fill people with such shame such self loathing that they get the person to reject themselves and then they tell them things like you are supposed to be Jesus on earth.  these people preach to the people that they deprive and impoversh things like all you need is the lord...you dont need money, you dont need anything JUST the lord meanwhile they have big screen televisions i phones and homes, but they tell their sheep often their kids you dont need anything and they keep them poor and humble. when their kids starve and finally get food and they are hungry they tell them no no you dont need that. making them feel shame for their own hunger..telling them they dont need their feelings of hunger for food ALL you need is the love of the lord...so their hungry when they are starving no no thats wrong..thats desire..its similiar to buddhism were they preach desire is the root of suffering getting someone to repress their bodies "desires" they do this with food, with water, with sex, with knowledge or sleep it is murder....they keep them high in some induced state which is the love of the lord.  love physical contact, a wife a girlfriend no no you dont need that you need to be celibate and live a cold deprived life and you need to tolerate and live like that..that is being good and "devout". the prison they create is within their hosts own body. they say you dont need food then they eat. you dont need books or movies those will give you "ideas" you dont need those all you need is the love of the lord. love thy lord...these is all of course known as BRAIN WASHING...yes it does exist..yes the churches do BRAIN WASH PEOPLE...love your lord which really means your king..be a servant. be a humble servant. they deny people their entire lives. they deny people understanding, feeling, comfort but they teach them comfort is in your faith your religion. and these religions preach nice things like we should be tolerant of other religions...religions that practice the same thing..muslims that tell their wives you are my property if you show your face i will throw acid in it because you are the wicked one....it is so evil what they do to people. i cannot believe they say this is one nation under god. that religion is so accepted in this country when it is so archaic so feudal so ignorant. the church puts on a decent face for the public they have public relations where they claim to be helping the poor, helping drug addicts and the "needy" do people realize christian organizations like the salvation army take the generous donations of people..things people gave for free and then SELLS those clothes to the poor. they take DONATIONS and then SELL them. helping the needy by making a buck off of them. if you have old clothes give them directly to someone who needs them dont give them to abusiness posing as a "charity" you are the one with the charity not some salvation army...but hell when you donate those clothes there is no cost of production for the seller so they can sell them cheap and still make money.  but im sure this is all blasphemy. believe me i know what these christians are really preaching and it isnt tolerant it isnt loving and it isnt wise.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

sell, SELL, SELL!

I cannot believe people pay for television.  It is pure garbage.  the price is right?  you're going to show us products after showing us commercials for products..and the object of the game is to guess their prices?! how fucking stupid is this shit!
 So I'm watching a talk show...and in between the long commercial portions they are interviewing a celebrity who is selling a movie.  So you go and pay a ticket to see the movie...and the movie is full of product placements..and is simply a more expensive commercial showing dramatic angles of Ford SUVs and taking time to advertize soda, concession candy, ipods, fast food while selling albums, clothing, automobiles, cellphones, laptops which offer services for watching streams or downloading music where the audience is exposed to more adds or actually buying adds...it's almost like the plot is just there to hang adds from as it carries you from start to finish the in between being structured around as many opportunities to place an add or a product placement in the viewer's face,

so im watching the daily show..which in order to watch the show you sit through 15 minutes of adds for a 23 minute broadcast...and the broadcast is actually selling something during it's major segments..so the non commercial portions are also advertising..so you are watching adds for an add
so im sitting through adds...in order to watch an add...the substance of the interview is centered around someone who is selling a book.....so the non commercial portion is an add for a book
or an add for a movie...if you go see the movie..the movie then is full of adds...after you buy your ticket they proceed to sell you shit..there is just no limit with these fucks there is no conscience..they will sell to kids using kid actors....now ive examined so many movies and they basically exist in order to sell to the viewer.  often these movies exist as propaganda or are apart of franchises that have target demographics...these franchises have videogame tie ins book tie ins comic book tie ins music tie ins...food tie ins toy tie ins..all selling the franchise whether its batnanr star wars or twilight...the franchise sells the products the products promote the franchise. its a cycle.  I just cannot believe these people have the audacity to hound us with adds during our off hours...or to show us adds after we've paid for our ticket or after we've sat through commercials. there is just no limit to their exploitation.  they put this shit right in our fucking face. they use loud attention grabbing cartoon characters..loud obnoxious actors.  they have the nerve to waste our off hours...putting these adds in our faces.  when we aren't at work they are wasting our free time trying to get our money!  i don't watch television at all anymore its sitting in front of a fucking add box.  i used to watch a lot of television as a kid which concerns me.  it exploits the audience.  they claim to offer entertainment in the form of cheap gags..cheap special effects..offensive humor which is usually focused around making fun of someone..or action that is centered around propaganda..this is what these fucking crooks use the media for? how absolutely mediocre. they could be teaching medicine on these channels..language..showing us foreign culture..they could be showing us so much...history etc etc take history for example there is a history channel but it usually focuses on "UFOs in ancient egypt"  "The miracles of the bible" "america's most haunted places" pure trash things that are not historical...really delusional bullshit that sickens me because theyve got americans that believe this shit.  history channel?  its about encouraging childish delusions..they interview hustlers as if they are credible.  history?    they could be doing so much with the media but they use it to exploit people with their trash!   it is disgustingly idiotic..how destructive and cheap is this shit?  This is what theyre giving us in this country?  what do they want a nation of fucking idiots?! idiots that they can rob and mold...just what the fuck is going on! we work for these companies they pay us jack shit and then they want us to pay them back for fucking garbage.  how low are these standards in this country?! how dumbed down have they made the average American that they actually pay for this type of shit.  oh but watching tv...going to the movies...its all an American pastime.  thats right sitting in front of adds is an american tradition that corporations really want us to cherish.  just what kind of things are these company's preaching with their movies and television shows when they arent rampantly advertizing.  take the batman movie the dark knight rises.  in this movie the demonic...."psychopathic" vicious killer the joker holds the city ransom for millions of dollars.  
he then BURNS the money...is this demon this monster this person they vilified a character of a human being who cannot be bought!? is that what companies say is evil?!  is that the action of this character they go to great lengths to portray as monstrous, vicious, and "psycho" pathic

back to advertising.  it is purely obnoxious advertisers stress noise..volume..yelling their product, repeating their products name.. being loud and in your face..using pop up adds that take up the front of the screen etc etc,  They focus on things like repetition repeating their product name in order to make it stick in the audiences memory using bright flashy colors using loud bouncy cartoon characters and loud personalities...it is disgusting. the manner in which they sell their shit is disgusting...come on down to state farm! where jenny? state farm! always remember Allstate that is Allstate's stand! and they play the same commercials three times during one 30 minute broadcast..its intrusive.  just look at the adds now flooding the web..covering the backgrounds of webpages..popping up..at the side of the screen..get the fuck out of our faces already we don't want you fucking shit. .  it is an assault on the senses it seizes the viewer grabs their attention then solicits.  television is such a piece of shit...what a waste of such an incredible invention.it is a nuisance to have on in the house..when such a great incredible machine could be enriching our lives instead is aggressively ripping us off..flooding our senses with corporate soliciting...corporate culture all demanding we spend what's left in our wallets on their falsely advertised shit. they dont even advertize truthfully what theyre fucking selling. where is the fucking good government to say wait just a minute none of that shit.  nope not in this century. seriously they do things like amplify the volume of their commercials..shout their product name multiple times..do anything they can to grab the viewers attention..just who are these obnoxious corporate assholes?talk about OBNOXIOUS people..is thatwho they hire to make these adds just obnoxious lowlife assholes that think about how they can distract people?!  the television sucks...like we need to hear shit from the company during hours we aren't working for the company..right?   its basically about how we can give those dollars we worked for back.they already got us working all day lets relax in front of the tv? give the money you made back!!!! its fun to spend it on our cheap yet also overpriced crap..look at how awesome our shit is with all these snazzy adds!  they try to get people craving their fast food..wanting a beer or a mcmilkshake or a fucking energy drink..wanting that type of car..holy shit do they get their foot in the door with that little box..you actually pay for that thing they use to get their foot in the door. as i said the show im watching that thing that has me sitting through fucking adds is just a bigger fucking add.  fuck it already.  my time off of work is precious..you only have so much free fucking time im not going to spend it exposing myself to the company's advertisements. is that what its boiled down to in this country? when we arent working our "entertainment" is focused around getting us to give our pay back to those company's we work for.  Hell their CEOS need a third vacation home right..my manager needs a new BMW..so when im not at work i should be paying for this shit right? i should invest my pay towards a brand new car...a fucking expensive education...a new tablet or some other piece of shit etc etc etc. 

lets talk about product placement....commercials within movies and television shows..basically commercials for cigarettes or beer or diet pepsi whatever..take the hit award winning show breaking bad..an entire subplot is dedicated to Walter White buying his son a brand new Dodge Charger...now this commercial is basically 30 minutes of the show in which they show closeups of the car...the protagonist doing donuts in a parking lot...all this airtime focused on this car...product placements are no longer just "placements" of the product on screen but rather entire plots are built around them... whats not to like about this shit coming from their perspective right? im sure this exploitative shit is considered the best thing in the world right? lets get a shouting neon rabbit that jumps around the screen to sell shit to the kids..lets get them sitting in front of that television at an early age so they do it for the rest of their lives..like a bad habit.lets get them smoking or drinking like its the best early on so that they do it for life. if you watch youtube..the adds are so intrusive..you're wathcing somthing and you're giving it your full attention when the feed cuts and they start playing some loud ass commercial..jesus fucking christ i dont want any fucking subway get that shit out of my face.  how much of my free time are they trying to steal.  and they shout these fucking slogans" HUNGRY!? GRAB A SUBWAY MELT!"  its gotten to the point they just tell us what to do.  "FUCKING BUY A SANDWHICH NOW!  GOOD FOOD! WERE THE BEST!"  thanks monstrous conglomerate.  interrupt me when im watching somthing and put your shit that i dont want right in my face and push it on me.  fucking unbelievable.  maybe they could get a guy with a bell who walks up and down the neighborhoods at dusk and rings his fucking bell and shouts adds to the nieghborhood..you know as a service to the people.  "CLANG CLANG! there is A SALE AT MACY'S!"  "DING DING! COME ON DOWN TO PADDOCK FORD and BUY A BRAND NEW FORD FIESTA!  RING RING did you know JIMMY DUNKINS HAS A 5dollar combo!"  you know he can do that right at dusk when things start to quiet down..in the summer when our windows are open. nah we dont need a guy to do that we're all in front of television...watching the evening news.
some assole from verizon actually stopped me on my way out the doorto work while he was stalking up and down the neighborhood and started asking me questions.."what apartment do you live in!?"  fuck off you company leach.  no thanks verizon I could give a shit about your coverage map or how cool those stupid fucking phones are supposed to be.  most advertizing is aggressively soliciting.  they solicit to kids..they dont care.  they just dont care at all there are no moral objections no consciences concerned..nope.  what are we to these people? target demographics? human resources?  just dollar signs to these corporate sharks. they falsley advertize their shit..they lie about how great this stuff is how cool it is..to make you want it! its psychological warfare people..they fact is after you make your money they want you to spend it so they will harrass yes HARASS is the word im using they will harrass you to get a piece of it.  the way i see it is my time is precious my time not working is even more precious and to be distracted and harrassed during my precious free time so that some company can waste minutes of my life to solicit..its enough to bring me to the conclusion fuck tv!  what the fuck is tv good for!  what am i going to watch adds during some talk show to hear those cheesy bullshit jokes those hack writers came up with so that some actor or actress can sell me scientology and their new fucking blockbuster.  its bullshit people.  i have surfed and spent time watching that thing and there is nothing good or redeemable about tv. the news is a joke. they fucking advertize during the news..then show adds in between their bullshit. sports games? yeah no advertizing during that bullshit...sarcasm.  seriously my tv has been off for some time and whenever i turn it back on I watch about ten fucking minutes before my disgust leads me to shutting that idiot box off.  people pay for those services? jesus christ i guess some people have disposable incomes...or theyre fools with their money.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will they repeat their mistakes for another century?

The 20th century was the bloodiest century in human history....

From the bombed ruins of europe....to the concentration camps

to the killing fields of cambodia

to the destruction of two cities full of civilians with nuclear arms
world war 1
world war 2
the korean war
the gulf war
2000...the dawn of a new millennium for humanity..a new millennium. year 1
the world better gear up for world war 3...the entire world versus the united states...good luck with that because the usa has been investing to win that one...hell maybe itll be a whimper instead of a bang as the rest of the world realizes how behind they are in the global arms race next to the united states...it already happened on 9-11 the united states announced to the world...I am a tyrrant who will kill my own people...if you're not with me you're the enemy...and the world tucked its tail and formed a coalition not to wage war against the united states but to assist in helping it control the mid east...except for france and france was scorned

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the race card and the ghetto hustle

We hear a lot about young black males getting persecuted based on their race.  people being oppressed because of their ethnicity....a lot of these thugs hide their lowlife actions and behavoir using that card.  when a group of young men wandering the streets at night who meet the description of someone who was jumped by a group of men or robbed get brought in for questioning of course they're innocent.. its because theyre black....  listen if you buy into this shit you have never lived in the ghetto..been on these streets or been around this type of thug gangstaculture. im not talking about african americans but black gangs...they have a racial conspiracy. that whites are keeping them down that whenever they break the law and get caught they are innocent and just dealing with racism ...a lot of it breaks down into anti white.  that its whitey's system that white people are rich because of racism etc etc etc.when the system shit on whites as well. they tell their black children that white people hate them that the only way for a "nigger" to get out of the "hood" is to deal drugs. i mean we are talking scumbags here manipulating blacks and whites with their racial conspiracy..oh there is racism in this country. LOTS of it..racism against blacks, racism against whites...racism against jews and asians and native americans I know..believe me I fucking know and there are racist jews and asians and native americans.

but these thugs these gangstas are simply playing victims when they are victimizers . its  ahustle. .  theyve simply never lived on or anywhere around these crime run streets.  when thugsget busted they pose for the cameras bring up racism..yes their is racism in america but thugs pretend to be victims of it purely because they are black.  half of america is in la la land..they have not been around thugs or  inner city criminal culture.  they beat on people for their money doesnt matter if it's a tired old waitress...or a starving exhausted old man or a kid"Gimmy dat shit bitch!"  "Ill fuck you up faggot! dats MY money muh fucka"  "Candy ass baby, pussy ass bitch!  ill kill you bitch if you be a snitch"  Yeah nigger is the most offensive word in the world yet thugs call women bitches and men who dont act like the atypical cold callous thugs "faggots" and bitches relentlessly but that's ok. they can beat on someone or verbally abuse someone to the point they are weeping.."Oh you hysterical cut that shit out that shit be drama shit ill fuck you up homo unless you stop dat shit!" the rest of the world should hear how these fucking thugs talk..like they use verbal assault like physical assault. they are bigots acting like the victims of bigotry. its such manipulation.  christ there were poor blacks that had to fight against racism now adays there are these cocky arrogant thugs that never had any problems with racism acting like theyre the persecuted ones..calling other blacks their own people nigger..acting like theyre victims of it. getting them high and telling them "you just a nigger..you MY nigger."  they say white people arent allowed to say the word nigger...nigger nigger nigger im not using it on someone its not loaded im not racist. its a horrible fucking word..but just because im white and i said the word nigger that doesnt automatically make me a racist. 
i think i can say the word for chirstsakes. were not even allowed to say it just uttering it then according to their rules that means you are a "racist" just if you say it...its that ridiculous yet these thugs are allowed to throw around the words honky mick bitch faggot homo those are all cool for these thugs to throw around..which believe me they do...all the time.."bitch you a hoe get your nasty ass curb side and make some money! stupid cracker ass bitch!"  thats all ok but if the cracker ass bitch says nigger then that person is now also a "racist"  these thugseven throw around the word nigger but again thats ok when they say it...its ok when they do it...they act like victims of racism when theyre hurting people, pushing dope....its because of racism...its because the white system is persecuting them or because thats the only way for a black person to support themselves. yeah right they are pushers spreading harmful drugs..spreading diseases..threatening to stab people on the streets with aids infected needles...fucking taking things from people who barely have anything.. they take away peoples ability to relax constantly jumping them on the streets..shouting at them..putting a finger to their temple reminding them that they'll "smoke them"  they keep people strung out and stressed..its called making a stress "junky" because their body is strung out from being under such constant danger.  they'll talk across from someone and slap them in the mouth if the person isnt listening to every word they say. they make people into their bitches..just like ol master back in 1732 was making people into his niggers...black people practice slavery too..maybe mainstream america didn't get that memo when they were learning to be culturally sensitive..these black thugs practice slavery..theyre doing that on the streets today with people...their "bitches" their "hoes"  they are abusive fucking thugs and they get picked up with drugs on them after beating the shit out of and they become these civil rights crying "OH LAWDY one day my people will be free!"  that is if they even get caught by these fucking pathetic police that dont do a single fucking thing..this is called playing the race card. maybe you've heard of playas..playas play people it means hustling..hustling people or "playin da game" you are the game as in a game animal that is hunted..we are their game for fucksake.   these thugs aren't disadvantaged they are choosing to go out their and rob as well as push because thats "easy money". they play basketball all day and work out when that doesnt pay they find those tired wimpy people who are getting pushed by some manager to mop his floors, unload his trucks, and stock his shelves for 8 hours while being micromanaged..yeah they find those people they try to take hard earned money   "bitch pay me! dis our turf! muh fucka! we'll fuck you up! pay me...or else" or else what?  people who dont buy their drugs get hits blown on them.  literally from chemical inhalents that these fucks brew up and blow right in someone's face after theyve been jumped when their heart is beating a mile a minute and theyre breathing heavily..just after running up the subway station steps just off your bike..boom have a hit blown on you while these creeps just hang around these places..they lurk around these places they lurk around these public stations and street corners. this is how black racism works "white people dey always be racist yo!" why? "cuz dey white" and "black people never be racist muhfucka!" why? "cuz dey black" its racism pure and simple...the objective is to burden a white person as if theyre responsible for racism or slavery....somthing like 1 percent of whites owned slaves during the height of slavery meanwhile millions lived in extreme slave like conditions...working 80 percent of the day for a few cents..being segregated in 3rd class and being persecuted with bigotry...but according to this black girl I once had the misfortune of debating with..."dat shit didnt happen"  thats right white slavery didnt happen...thanks...
you were going somewhere? surprise now you're too high to remember what in the fuck you were going to do! now you're going nowhere.. "nah nah dat shit didn't happen! get to work bitch! shoulda paid me you junky muhfucker!"
  theyre fucking abusive they arent victims of anything but you people do not live on these fucking streets you drive past them and you see how poor and run down it is out there and you say these downtrodden people...you know what some of them fucking are but a lot of them fucking are not..its so naive..the fact is they are slumming, pimping, pushing dope, and robbing..they might have nothing in the bank but a wad of somebody elses cash always on them. they talk about being poor and theyre playing the violin. you ghetto thugs are poor..no fucking shit..im poor..i come from a poor fucking family..i dont fuck ten different women have six illegitimate children deal drugs jump and rob people for fucking cash..i dont work out with the intent to use my strength to muscle someone else...i dont spend my time trying to hustle other people.  these thugs aren't busting their ass for money..no no they got somebody else for that. somebody they threaten...those are their honey bees making them their "honey" aka money. these thugs work on their own bodies they work for themselves and when that doesnt pay they go after people who are being fucked by the system and overworked.  they take it" dis MY money!"  as if its rightfully theirs.  it is disgusting. or if they don't have money they'll make the person work it off..if its a women they'll sell their body "Dis MY body"  people they extort into prostitution...their bottom bitches people that are doing it because they don't have any choice..any...meanwhile they have these ghetto queens all doing it for easy money acting like theyre the victims.  these lowlifes going out there trying to "hook johns" working for their sugar daddy pimp man also pushing his drugs and shit. ugh! pushing sex on people trying to make it into an addiction then when you say no thanks they verbally attack you "Oh you aint into a WOMANS ass cuz you be a sick queer! FAGGOT!  You must like lil boys fucking scumbag!"  thanks pimptress.  where is civilization for fucksakes. these people claim to be doing this shit cause theyre poor. they do it because its easy fucking money. they find poor people and they rob them.  money is hard to make in this country so they just go after people who already made it..all you have to do is fuck them up right?  wow and im supposed to feel sorry for that shit?
...many americans with normal homes busting their ass working raising a family trying to eek out an existence with bills and balancing finances and time being decent people these thugs dont do shit work out and go after people..they deal in the ghetto and people who work harder than them who are less comfortable sympathize with them because of this bullshit theyve been fed about their socioeconomic background and because theyre poor and black....blacks are victims of racism, whites are victims of racism...whites are victims of slavery so are blacks but blacks tell white people who know their own history.."NAH NAH you people aint neva been poor you always been on the plantation livin off of us!"  ive seen blacks laughing at the holocaust saying things like "fuck dem white bitches..they deserve it for keeping the world down"  as if the white race has somehow oppressed the entire world...jesus christ white people have been through as much shit as any other race...micks, wops, poles living 15 to a room in some tenement working 16 fucking hours for 2 cents..white kids being worked in factories...whites toiling in medieval europe as serfs.  as if we don't know what the fucking slave fields feel like.... sorry my nigga friend but my people werent given shitty food and a shitty shack by master after their work was done they had to pay for those things.  meanwhile these thugs want try to hook peopleyou think these are kids trying to make money for their broken home..growing up in the ghetto because it's tough. because you heard some fucking tupac song about how hopeless life is in the ghetto...have you fucking people LIVED in the ghetto..the only people who are safe ARE these fucking thugs who don't lock their doors who are at home playing MADDEN on their XBOX 360 when they arent banging on your door to get you to pay them "insurance" or else theyll break in when you are at work and take every single fucking thing you own...yeah those poor fucking hoods... yeah somebody is listening to the world's smallest violin played for these thugs.  maybe people who listen to that have not been on the receiving end of abuse these thugs and pushers deal out.  they want people to be strung out and addicted..they want people to be intimidated and paying them. they will push crack in fucking schoolyards to other students to get that money its "easy money" fucking other people up..even people who dont buy it who just say no get mocked, teased, threatened...these lowlifes.they don't care. they rob people on their way home from work. "to get that paper yo!" they don't make it they take it.  they take other people's money.  people who don't really have it all that better..just because those people aren't from the hood..really? lower middle class people who work all the time are apparently oblivious to how hard life is because they aren't hanging in the hood all year round. the hood comes down on people as a mob as a crime family. pimps, dealers, thugs connected as a family have people that they extort, that they hook..that they pimp..they swallow those people up.  here are some lyrics by young buck in his song "Im taxin"  "I need all my money man! and a lil bit of yours"..then he laughs in your face.  this isnt some witty commentary on taxation its about how he wants your money...in case you have not been robbed on the street its "GIMMY YOUR MONEY YOU DONT NEED DAT SHIT!"  yeah but young buck he NEEDS all of his money but people they rob they dont NEED their money..thats the manipulative logic of these thugs.  to get an idea of how abusive these lowlifes are watch his music videos  often times gesticulations and threats of shooting are used by making a gun with the hand..putting that in the viewers face pointing it to his head to remind you he'll shoot you..slapping at the viewer..putting muscles and arms up in the viewers face..throwing somthing at the viewer like a wad of cash.  then there is rampant selling..putting the product right in the viewers face..the sneakers the stupid hip hop clothing..the stupid fucking jewelry the stupid fucking rims and cars..its all supposed to be cool were all supposed to really want that shit cause it means so much to be cool for these sellout fucks.  yeah we need diamond earings and gold and shit to be cool without that "we be just poor grubby bitches" nah flaunting gold jewelery and diamond earings means you're better than anyone who doesnt wear that shit..some of these thugs wear crowns and crop their beards like a king..yes they act like royalty..yeah so some crack dealer who robs people spends this cash he makes on a diamond earing then he goes around his high school pointing at that shit and telling people im better than your broke ass..they are like awful people...some drug dealer doesnt work in the real world and has all this cash and we are supposed to be losers because we wear cheap shit from the store because were arent pushing crack. yeah yeah "young buck your the big man" yeah yeah you ogres with gold teeth, diamond crosses, tinted SUVs with rims..yeah yeah you're the big men...its the same as management parading around in suits while the workers are in their lowly uniforms...its about how rich and high they are..they might as well be wearing fucking top hats its so fucking stupid.  because of that we are supposed to be lower than that type of scum?! then they try to encourage kids to work a life of crime for them to get that shit that bullshit that they don't need..shit you don't even need but that they brainwash them that its so cool to have it...these rappers love flaunting these fucking stupid diamond necklaces and jewel encrusted pimp glasses and jordans...yeah that makes so much sense..thats what I'm supposed to want right....they get deluded kids carrying their drugs for them so that they can get those jordans and the bullies at school will then give them their "respect"  theyve got people working for their respect its that fucking backwards. sorry but im sane.. these companies encourage these thugs to rob and hustle and to come into the stores and spend that dirty money on new sneakers and playstations and pin wheel caps and a new car and all this shit that they got off of people like these companies give a shit where and how they got it meanwhile they shake down some of the workers and muscle for the company intimidating other workers into working really hard and these companies dress these fucking lowlifes up as the big man...the big man with his stylish cap..his 200 dollar sneakers..his "ice" and they churn out this corporate music portraying the muscles who dress like that as the coolest people out there...as long as they know where to spend it..fuck they took it off of people who werent spending their money..thats what they mean when they rob someone and say you dont NEED that money cause you werent spending it on these fucking businesses connected to the crime family...companies love these thugs they've made stars out of them and good god do they sell out..they fucking sell out!  "get those jordans son!"  In kanye west's song he "doesn't wear anything unless it's brand new."  redman's lyrics "I'm dressed in all black like the new playstation 2!"  out in the city these street level thugs are all apart of that business going to school with their "swagger" their thug clothes...their jordan's their diamond earing their sean jean jeans and they proceed to bully other kids telling them that they are better than them that those other kids are poor grubby hoes.  its fucking vile. "Yo you dress like a bum I be like royalty you broke ass bitch!"  all this im better than you mentality.  kind of tramples on the whole all men created equal thing this country was kind of for.

 our prisons are overflowing with black thugs..its not because of racism.  when you go to a black school these drug dealers and these thugs are of course the "coolest" kids. theyre "respected" theyre all about teaching other kids to deal..girls who have the mentality that they can just milk men  by harrassing them and trying to hook them on sex by harrassing them where they work or flirting heavily with them and putting their nasty tits in their faces and bending over then trying to arrange a deal with the guy they are trying to entice..if you turn them down or say no thanks..then "Yous a gay boy! sissy faggot! you some faggy gay boy whif aids!"  they go around fucking for money trying to get the men they hook to smoke a laced joints..snort a crushed pill..its not just hookers that are fucked up by some pimp no a lot of these women are fucking men up. they are out there trying to "hook" people. hookin its "apart of tha game yo!"
its so fucking degenerate. hookers, pimps, dealers, robbers theyre all apart of these ghetto crime families..theyre huge bigots spreading racism against whites and other cultures and being sexist and discriminatory but of course theyre all victims of racism whenever the police bust one of them..they come down on decent people and use them..intimidate them..hook them threaten them...its fucking disgusting. but when they get busted....theyre the victim because of "racism" because of "poverty"  for some people there's no way to live a decent life in their crime controlled neighborhoods they eat people alive. they create poverty. the culture is just not fucking there at the drop of a dime these thugs will assault someone verbally or physically if they don't get their way with someone..they are like spoiled fucking trash...it isnt civil..its very trashy..and im not a racist. you see this shit in white  neighborhoods as well.  there are poor people that unfortunatly out of desperation move INTO those communities and every thug low life whether its the ghetto or the trailer park comes down on them and demands that they pay protection out of their fuckin minimium wage check..or tries to get them addicted to drugs.. yes there is poverty in this country and people who are decent who are exploited by other people that don't really live a hard life...then they deal crack and meth and fuck up more people or they get caught robbing somebody and they go to jail and of course theyre innocent its because they are black,  holy shit there have been people jailed for being black who were fighting for racial equality..fucking nelson mendella and dr. king these are not the same fucking blacks!  these blacks are contributing to the poverty and disparity in black neighborhoods raising kids to deal drugs and rob people and to watch out for the police and to not be snitches or else they'll get jumped and cut in juvey. i mean these fuckiug thugs run the streets and they run the insides of fucking prisons. they raise some kid to do their dirty work telling him "dis da white mans world da white man hates you the only opportunity you have is to carry the families drugs,..its an opportunity son!"  then the kid gets caught and they say "dont you snitch or else youll get raped like a bitch in prison.."ill tell my cousin on the inside we all know where you're headed".  there are gangs dealing drugs and making bitches even in fucking prisons.  they go to jail and when theyre released the entire criminal community that works with them regards them as heroes as if theyre fucking nelson mandella..giving them "respect" treating them like theyre heroes.

   they are extremely racist.  they claim things like its justified to rob working class whites because thats getting reparations for those slaves that they had,..regardless if the whites werent slave owners..no no according to these niggas if your white it means you owned slaves...ok my people were poor hard working irish peasants. we werent in some gone with the wind plantation being served tea by aunt jemimia we worked hard for everything we had but its ok if we get robbed on the way home because we owned those black people..they have this white man's burden shit its absolutely fucking ridiculous.  "yo you robbed us homey we just taking OUR money back..when its YOURS"  ive heard blacks say things like "white people are incapable of loving other people"  incapable of it. "Whitey invented slavery" nevermind the egyptians, the chinese dynastic rulers, fuedal japan's use of slavery..."nah nah dat be all da white man's history..he be lying."  "Whites are emotionally evil and keeping all the rest of the world down." they really do preach racial inferiority but its ok because its a black person doing it to a white person...and more of their racism: "blacks arent racist ever thats what white people are" of course if your not down with trying their drugs its time for richard prior's you're an uptight white person routine where they do a stereotype of what whites are..yeah its uncool to try their drugs when they have people hopelessly strung out and fucked up from their dope. yeah being reasonably cautious is dorky and uptight...maybe its more like having common sense.  they look for these kids in colleges who are hippies listening to the bob marley and the bob dylan on the ipod and they sell them dope like it's peace and love then they take their shit they rob them and tell the person they dope up "you dont need earthly possessions man" you need to meditate like buddha..they call weed "buddha" they tell kids it will enlighten them..ive been told shit like smoking this blunt will make you wise..it unlocks the other 90 percent of your brain. these drug dealers really sell that shit. they BRAINWASH people
they preach for their victim to be peaceful and loving one minute then the next minute theyre yelling "bitch ill fuck you up if you snitch on me you faggot ass hippy!" entire communities of these degenerates come down on individuals that they milk and rob. telling those people what they need to do.  "yo you need to get two jobs muh fucka!" so they can "tax" them more.  they force people to pay protection as in they wont harrass or abuse them if they pay their protection thats the cost and toll of living in these shitty ghettos. and people never get out because all their money goes to these fucking thugs. entire communities neighborhoods people down with the gang harrass these people and these thugs love the ghettos
they live cheap. its their turf. they control it.  people see things like fast food companies and shitty stores like walmarts as the only ones  hiring these people these stores pushing gangsta rap cds love these employees..they sell sell sell and they push around other workers.   "manage" other workers by getting them to bust their fucking asses.  in china these sweatshops owned by walmart have employees all sold stimulants by the chinese gangs..and they work real fast because they dont want to get fired and hurt on the streets..NICE same fucking system here at home but its with black and white trash gangs..  its total domination. they get someone else to do their work they get someone else to pay their bills then when they get busted for beating the shit out of someone and robbing them they act like fucking victims. dont be fools america..you dont fucking know about these ghettos or the plight of the inner city's youth until you have lived in these fucking neighborhoods. live in one and you will FIND SHIT OUT.....dealing pimping they choose to do this fucking shit...its easy money and prison isnt a real consequence for these thugs..often times they get their victims their abused kids their hoes bums they addict to deal for them..to rob houses for them..oh and if they ever say anything of course they'll get shot for it or raped..or stabbed with an aids infected needle..half america doesnt even comprehend the brutality of these fucking streets because of these degenerate fucks.  the kids they hustle and addict and raise in their gangsta image dont choose the lifestyle..but a lot of these thugs choose these lifestyles...they are big they are mean they are in power and they are raking in the green.  why the fuck are we worried about saddam hussein ten thousand miles away when this shit is in our own backyard. the fact is dirty corporations and industries ALLOW scum like this to exist..he's their capo
 young buck a gangsta rapper. these are the racists not the victims of racism. oh oh but it's whitey..yeah "whitey be the devil!"  its the "CIA thats dealing crack to keep the black man down" its "tha government spreading aids to kill the black man.." not these fucking lowlifes pushing drugs and trying to sell their fucking pussy 24/7..despite affirmitive action and desegregation and hate crime laws there is a racial conspiracy out there to cover up everything these lowlife gangsta pieces of shit do.  when they push crack in their own communities its because of the white man that kept them so poor its the only way to get out....."nah fuck dat shit that's for tha game to do"  yeah those are the tired working people that you can just rob.  half of us in america are already paying our land lords through the fucking nose 80 90 percent of our wage just to be able to live in a safe neighborhood where there aren't hordes of gangstas and pimps and dealers..we have to pay so much fucking money just for our safety because people who move into those ghettos cant seem to leave the fucking house without getting jumped.  then you have respectable blacks who are not thugs who aren't these gangsta assholes and of course according to the thugs out there those african americans are "white man's bitch" yeah right.  problem is a lot of african americans sympathize with these thugs because these thugs are on their best behavoir around them.  they want to get sympathy they just see another person to play..meanwhile they are fucking cruel monsters all about this thuglife lifestyle that they sell and push on other people.  seriously in these schools they have an air of superiority and they have an aura of cool that they push in order to get kids to party with them and to do their drugs to be down with them. they have kids that they get working for them so that they'll give them respect.  they gang up on people.  they do it in schools...they do it in neighborhoods.  they prey on their peers and their neighbors..and anyone they can basically.  these are crime families.  they refer to connected members as cuz or cousin. the women are their sistas.. they also laundered this as if its a term of endearment that it is all about african american solidarity within the community. do they have fucking spin doctors or what?  yeah then the bullshit wares off one black kid gets called "cuz" with much love because he pushes drugs while they call another black kid not buying the hip hop clothes not smoking their dope thats "white man's bitch" because he is not working for them. these thugs often stress how poor they are to people who are worked much harder than them. sometimes even looking for sympathy even out of the person they robbed. but a lot of these thugs live a very easy lifestyle compared to the rest of the world.   these criminals feed off of other people...they get other people to work for them..other people to make the money that they simply take.  they like making this easy money and when caught they act like crime is somthing they had to resort to because of how bad things are in the ghetto. again playing your heart strings plucking your heart strings like a fiddle.  if you have not lived in the ghetto and been attacked...jumped..harrassed and victimized by these thugs maybe you'll hear their story and have sympathy for them.  but there's a brutal lowlife side to these thugs that is unbridled in its selfishness, arrogance, and cruelty..behavoir that anyone would find just wrong.. just not acceptable according to basic standards.  they treat people like shit.  they find someone that they can victimize and they are mercilessly abusive.  "whatever dat bitch jus got what he had comin! didnt gimmy my muhfuckin money!"  unbelievably selfish and callous.  for african americans...maybe its time to wake up and realize your race is just as imperfect as white people and that its not the white devil dealing crack and spreading aids to keep the black man down but your own fucking people keeping not just blacks down but other races as well... whites keeping blacks down..blacks keeping whites down..comes as a shock right? yeah the same lowlife fucks that deal drugs in white communities are the same lowlife fucks that deal drugs in black communities..theyre lowlife pieces of shit black or white they come in all colors.   but it would seem that when these black lowlifes get arrested they have this skin color that they can use to avoid the rap..this race card that they play.  "I'm not a thug gangsta that pushes drugs on people that i threaten and rob no, no, no im a victim of "tha white man's" racism!" ironic how these thugs are racist towards the people they claim to be discriminated against.  until young thug life inner city youth learn that you cant just go around taking other people's money with your fists they will just keep going to jail..and thats why america's jails are full of blacks because that's what seems to be cool or respectable in the ghetto. and the more black kids that decide they can jump and rob people the more of them will end up in jail.  they aren't being put in jail for being black. white thugs are right the fuck in there with them. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

US propaganda

I just watched the movie "Devils Double" an apparent portrait of Uday Hussein one of Saddam Hussein's sons.  This movie's depiction of Uday is so ridiculously two dimensional.  His character is the most megalomaniacal, masochistic, cruel, and narcissistic depiction of a human being possible.  It's utterly ridiculous.  I've never been to Iraq..I'm not an Iraqi.  Iraq is over ten thousand miles away from where I live.  So I wouldn't presume to know what life in Iraq is like.  I've never met Uday Hussein. Is this filtered through the media.  I mean what if Uday was just apart of the leadership of an "enemy" country.  They show Uday reveling in horrible torture, raping young women, acting like a spoiled buffoon.  Quite frankly the portrayal is kind of over the top.  I mean hell they should dedicate a scene to him murdering a nice fluffy kitten you know to get an emotional response out of america's youth.  we killed these people.  they hung saddam.  they better have been these horrible monsters theyre portrayed as..if they aren't we the people are in some fucking trouble.  The movie spends a lot of time showing graphic torture..its horrifying they show it they dont censor it..there is a long scene of uday fucking a young girl.showing Uday groping and raping her after picking her up.  did this happen!?  or is this the ol child molester in a dirty van public menace that horrifies americans with children.  They spend time showing this torture and sex up close.  they take time.  It makes us uncomfortable its disturbing stuff and then we are shown the high pitch laughter the stupid behavior the goofy overbite smiling..  Is this how the actual Uday Hussain was?  I don't know.  They spend time to make fun of his overbite. It's childish.  does it evoke images of that ol wicked witch with a big wart on her nose..this overbite they fixate on it.  But that's how a lot of Americans are treated like children when spoonfed this over the top Hollywood bullshit from the family company...as if it's credible as if it's realistic as if it's honest.  If it isn't we've got major fucking problems. Is it propaganda? do us companies profit off of this war and make films like these simply to ensure the american peoples support?  It is to justify what the government did over there?  In the movie the people of Iraq are hopeless disparate at the drop of a dime they can be murdered along with their families.  They are forced into a fanatical patriotism.  Something we sure know about.  But oh thank god we freed them right?  Unfortunately folks actual reality differs from the reality hollywood claims to be true.  Our country murdered these people..  It's ok our country didnt assasinate a country's leaders and invade it no no they "Freed it" from the evil grip of their demonic oppressors.  I don't know what to believe.  This shit is through the looking glass..they do hire play writes to make these films.  I know how this shit works.  They make the guy into a public enemy and they exaggerate how nerdy he is..

yeah im real sure this what Uday Hussian was like(sarcasm)  maybe for the dvd they can add in a ten minute scene of him murdering a puppy..you know to educate america's youth.
I'm not a citizen of Iraq..I never lived as an Iraqi under Saddam's leadership,  So how the fuck would I know what it was like..after seeing a stupid fucking movie?! I'm not an iraqi..I don' wake up every day and go to work or school under the iraqi sun..you get glimpses of it through this medium from these characters how depressed Uday's mistress is..how the characters talk about how hey would shed every drop of their blood for iraq... Uday's ferraru,,his palaces his army of mistresses his armani suits and rolexes..but these are 15 to 20 minute glimpses..is this life in iraq?! is this how Uday and the people of Iraq are?  I'm questioning this because the media is very crooked at times.  They have gangsta spokesmen rapping to kids about how they need to buy their cool sweatshop garbage and fuck themselves up on cheap booze and dope...portraying gangsta pimps as cool.  They sell sell sell non stop everychance they get shamelessly.  Do they also make propaganda?   This movie is supposed to be realistic.  But it's hollywood I'm going to make an educated guess.It's la la land.. im sure their job is to make him appear as evil as possible.  It makes you wonder if Hitler or Stalin were the tyrannical monsters our country portrays them as. They make them out to not be human. They are human.  literally in some videogames and movies the evil dooers are depicted as monsters, demons, zombies.  Slander it's a powerful tool...they spend a lot of time concerned about "public opinion" our opinion..is it constantly regulated and influenced to ensure that its favorable?  I want to know what's really happening..what's really going on. I don't want to be lead to conclusions that are not true..but hey welcome to america. 

consider the propaganda film Armageddon made pre 9-11.  A great terror threatens the world an asteroid headed for earth..a disaster big blockbuster big budgeted hollywood spectacle..made into a propaganda film...Independence Day anyone? heres the premis an asteroid is about to destroy earth but nasa rounds up a team of american oil drillers who save the day by flying to the asteroid and drilling a nuclear bomb into its core and blowing it up...thats right american oil drillers..save world with nuclear bomb.does  america save the world with its nuclear arms or control it.

Next on the list of US propaganda is the remake of "Red Dawn"  In this movie North Korea that country with an 8 billion dollar GDP, struggling with extreme poverty due to economic sanctions..a country that has a 50 year old airforce, navy, and with mass starvation...takes over and successfully invades the united states. North Korea takes over and occupies the United States.  Again North Korea's entire GDP is 8 billion dollars while our military budget alone is 400 billion dollars.  But hell it's the red scare its time for hollywood to make American's hysterical.  How would North Korea even occupy the united states.  its absurd. its utterly ridiculous, but there are people that are so dumbed down they see this on the big screen and honestly become scared of north korea as some sort of legitimate threat to the "free world"  It's that 60 fucking year old cold war. Lets face it....the media is fucking stupid..."Red Dawn" This shit is fucking stupid.  Hey hollywood could you actually make something plausible..something in a real world not your red scare paranoid utterly untrue wholly impossible flick that is supposed to scare us of a north korean invasion. The cold war is still going on I guess because theyre still making cold war propaganda.  Is the korean war over or are the powers at be still hell bent on winning it that's why there is this uneasy peace with soldiers glaring at eachother across the parallel aimed at eachother.  it didnt end there is a hiatus and they raise new generations to prepare to fight it.  Cold war propaganda has spanned the generations from the 50s to the 80s..The country has invested billions in fighting it..created these hi tech things like stealth bombers and nuclear powered submarines.   It's not over and theyre bringing it up for again for the next generation...perhaps we dont live in different times from 1950 when the country churned out this cheesy red scare propaganda perhaps we just live in those times further along...further down the line.  Thats why we see reddawn a movie that came out in the 80s remade for a new generation. now that the USSR is out of the picture is this country now finally able to move in on that other half of korea..that territory that Japan lost after the shit was nuked out of them? korea was once japans but after japan was defeated their territories were no longer theirs so the winners russia and the usa both tried to take them as their own...not leaving the koreans alone or letting them establish their own country but ..they did the same thing with berlin. they fought over the winnings. and the two winners of world war 2 russia and the usa both went after Korea as if it was their own. Is it a coincidence that we are in still Afghanistan because we have been fighting for Afghanistan for 30 plus years...thats right when the CIA armed those militants it was to fight and kick out the soviet army..now the soviet union has crumbled and afganistan is ours for the taking..its this simple the soviets wanted it we kicked them out now we're taking it.   im not saying north korea isnt oppressive I have seen documentaries but just because somthing is a documentary doesnt mean its the truth...you end up assuming a lot..I don't speak the language..when osama gives his speeches about death to the infadels i dont even know what hes saying or how hes saying it.  north korea does look like a hell hole absurd orwellian dictatership thats the way our culture looks to many of them...but our media making a film about them invading and occupying us is just equally absurd. Time for America to save them right?  Don't worry people of North Korea America will save you soon enough and before you know it you'll be free to make minimum wage wear sweatshop clothes with advertisements on them and to buy all the chicken mcnuggets the factory farm can make..walmarts gangs can patrol your streets.  I mean if north korea is truly as bad as it's portrayed by the media then we should have been over there years ago.  They talk about brainwashed people a cruel dictator, starvation, and work camps...what the fuck are we waiting for..liberate those people.  whats the wait?  but for some reason I still have this feeling that I'm just watching slander produced by a country that is not giving me the whole side of the story.  Capitalists hate communism.  They are seriously threatened by it because the core of Marxist doctrine is about freeing the exploited underclasses of capitalism. the proletariat. the rented classes used for their labor..overworked and underpaid by people wealthy off of them. no wonder these rich fucks are so threatened by it. free the proletariat?! No way right? capitalist pigs need to exploit those human resources..those poor huddled masses build up the rich.  They're live stock for fucksakes. Theyre bonded by supply and demand.  This country..the mobs in this country...corporations and industries operating legally in this country have been exploiting lower classes for centuries..CENTURIES.  Communism This system really is opposed to it and north korea happens to be a communist country.  I'm not saying communism is good or right..I think these communists are a lot like fucking capitalists.  And both sides dont want the whole world to know just how alike they really are. that one system claiming to be better is infact no different than the other. but they make valid points when they address the corruption of eachothers nations. the media is so often full of shit its hard to know for sure....here's a propaganda film: rocky 4..where they portray the russian as a cold emotionless killer..a stereotype of a soviet. Again dehumanizing as if these people somehow feel less because they are brainwashed..they show rocky training in nature earnestly to avenge his murdered friend.. meanwhile they show the russian in an advanced training facility specifically to show him taking steroids...those soviets are dirty cheaters!!!!..yeah its the soviets that use steroids to win:

right lance? its the soviets using steroids..oh and thanks i almost forgot about the discovery channel for a millisecond..thanks hero.
ivan drago the russian boxer is so dehumanized..he is portrayed as smug as cold and as a monster..he almost fits the stereotype of an aryan nazi..seemingly convinced of his own superiority. he murderors rocky's friend apolo at the beginning of the film..time is spent showing rocky at apolo's funeral.  this is a tale of how the plucky rock "avenges" Apollo and defeats the insurmountable russian Goliath..is the war on terror this same old tale of avenging...those victims on 9-11 we must avenge them!  I agree we must but what if our own country was behind it?    if it was an inside job however..wouldnt truly avenging them result in our terrorist government labeling us terrorists?  then this film actually has the nerve to preach peace at the end with rocky's speech despite making a complete villain out of the russians..they show his trainers shouting with clenched fists..yeah peace is what's wanted after you've been beaten of course.  
The final possible propaganda film is Marvel's "The Avengers"  A film basically aimed at children and sadly some adults in which the united states military forms a special unit of superheros to save the world. Basically they defend the united states against an invading army of monsters when they aren't selling fast food...ford suvs and fucking bubble gum...  One of the members is "Captain America" whose costume resembles a football outfit but with an America flag motif.  He is a super soldier. 
I'm sure the movie is raising legions of young males who want to grow up to be these heroic characters..they are never portrayed as negative they .  Again these heroes are fighting to defend the people's freedom from a tyranny that is hell bent on taking the people's freedom. Yeah sure america. Their base of operations is a flying aircraft carrier.  The US military is the heroic force behind the avengers..their military planes their flying aircraft carriers their super soldiers are saving us from evil monsters.  Yeah sure...just who are the evil monsters...? the japs? the germans? the reds? the soldiers of competing superpowers... terrorists us other human beings.. monsters. monsters are often the targets in shooter video games..whether they are deformed zombies that look like bombed out peoples or aliens or killer fucking robots or demons from hell...bang bang bang wipe out dat vermon boys! "theyre vermon that needs to be exterminated" are the good guys protecting us from monsters?  not from where im sitting.  Back to the avengers  This film targets very young audiences and I'm sure it makes an impression on this country's youth. Hollywood's propaganda is absolutely criminal.  It entirely misinforms the public..rattles the saber, and exploits its audience.  I cannot believe so many americans buy into this shit.  This country is at war with Iraq and so Hollywood slanders the Iraqi leadership...I mean hell what if we toppled a good country?  Because I don't know..I don't assume I know things about life in Iraq because of a stupid fucking hollywood movie..im not an iraqi citizen..ive never even set foot on that country's soil..all i know is what we get through the media and a lot of the time the media is quite the vile thing. .  Hollywood still produces educational entertaining important films but it has another side to it that is producing propaganda advertising and exploiting its audiences.  They show North Korea invading us as if it could happen.  There are only 24 million North Koreans..meanwhile there are 300 million Americans.  How exactly would they occupy us?  We have over 10,000 nuclear weapons. ten thousand thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that could wipe korea literally off of the map...oh no! oh no they might have developed half of one! If North Korea even has one which is unlikely the most they could possibly have is 10..those are atomic bombs meanwhile the usa has hydrogen bombs which are hundreds of times more powerful than atomic bombs.  Yet American's are scared of North Korea.  North Korea is equally warped with its leader preaching to the people we will fight the invaders in a glorious battle and remain the glorious nation we are..we will defeat them gloriously and bla bla bla. what the fuck are they preaching..It's such warped reality it sickens me.  It's delusional to think that North Korea could take over the united states yet Hollywood is portraying it as if it could happen...perhaps many americans are just as deluded as the north koreans. In case you missed Red Dawn hollywood produced the videogame Homefront about North Korea invading and occupying the United States..incase you missed that there was the motion picture "Olympus has Fallen" about a North Korean terrorist seizing control of the white house and taking our president hostage. Now is north korea going to invade us...or is that what we are going to do to north korea?  from what ive seen of north korea its an awful place..but thinking that they could take us over...thats fucking delusional.  Hollywood heavily influences younger demographics they do not have the real world experience and they are spoonfed this shit from the media without being able to cross reference what they just watch with any data regarding the real world ..which of course reveals that its utterly fiction claiming to be based in our world over and over again.  they trust the media at that age.  They are under the influence.  This propaganda it counters our intelligence.  It is retarding. People who trust it believe in lies. Sometimes the corrupt aspect of our media gives people a false perception of what's going on in our world  This isnt just merely entertainment it is criminal.  It is pathological lying.  I wonder when the country devises these horrific depictions of the enemy's country do they draw inspiration from our own backyard.  Brainwashing propaganda, oppressive disparity..fervent fanatical patriotism..suppression of the human spirit..slavery...are they projecting this country's faults on the enemy . I guess America allows our media to delude its target audiences.  Me, I'm not buying into this bullshit.  I am above the influence.  Who knows perhaps Iraq is that bad..perhaps Uday hussein is that evil, but as I said the movie shows such an over the top 2 dimensional portrait of the man.  A monster. ..but if he isn't then its pure slander. ..and it seems to me every enemy nation's leadership Hitler, Stalin.is portrayed as a monster ... were they I wonder..theyre are monsters here...working in checkout lines and micromanaging people....I doubt the official story or the things we are told to feel about these people are country was at war with...naturally our country was at war with them they arent going to say anything good about them thats just common sense but ive been raised to believe that this country wouldn't do such a thing..that this country is above that. Why should I be worried about Uday Hussein when there are thousands of fucking cruel gangsta thugs in the city I live in.  When Young Buck is on the big screen rapping.  Their is scum worse than the caricature of Uday Hussain selling for companies in this country.  They portray Uday as a monster...while in some video games monsters like 50 cent are portrayed as heroes..50 cents "Blood in the sand" .In military video games they portray enemy soldiers as monsters LITERALLY as zombies, as killer robots, as demons as aliens.  It dehumanizes the enemy... The fact is real monsters are out there on American streets gang raping women and muscling people.  They work in gangs and and jump and exploit people on the streets everyday.  Real monsters are judges and politicians who turn a blind eye to these fucking awful streets when theyre on their way to their suburban micro mansion.  They make people their bitches. ...There are real rapists in the military using their authority to rape and silence female soldiers with intimidation..police getting away with brutality...police and thieves scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition... Maybe we know all too well the vile scum this caricature of Uday Hussein is because we have to deal with that scum all the time in this country..as if this country breeds it. the fact is this country produces so much misinformation so much propaganda you have to dig through it to find the truth.  That's oppressive.  That's tyranny.    Propaganda in kid's comic books is nothing new.  its a tried and true formula.
be an american hero kids!  get those "Evil dooers"  if only this country's had such pure motives.  are the evil dooers  just countries that are disobedient when this country makes its demands.  while the media takes real evil dooers and shows them as cool:

drug dealing pimps who are thugs to us..trying to push their shit on us. he tells kids to smoke weed everyday in his "music" smoke weed..EVERYDAY jesus christ thanks salesman..that wont burn me the fuck out or anything..but hey it makes me easier to rob when im high right?
yeah being  apimp is just so cool and a drug dealer..yeah we should idolize that fucking scum while they push drugs on masses of kids brainwashing them into worshiping their lowlife degenerate asses
yeah we know eminem you'll shoot us..we get it..get back to rapping about killing faggots and bitches. yeah the evil dooers are these Uday Hussains..maybe they are maybe they aren't but why are so many evil dooers right here being glorified by the media?!

these thugs are glorified by companies put in car commercials put in movies where they pose as heroes..poets..despite the fact that they are evil dooers all about fucking people up with drugs and selling them and robbing them and abusing many americans and ruling the streets of this country like their own dictaterships..its that one dictatorship ten thousand miles away that's got to go right? not the ones right down the street...not the fucking holy kingdom of walmart...  when they say bring those boys home..in regard to the troops it means we need them fighting here

this is propaganda. thats not good.  kids are raised on this type of shit..then 9-11 happens and its time for us to be the great hero..enlist and what? get shot at so some prick can fill up his Cadillac Escalade for a bargain .. who caused 9-ll again? hey im all for truth and justice superman but is DC comics?

this is how dc comics portrays the mentally ill

DC's portrayal of the "schizophrenic" joker..he is often shown as a monster..with sharp teeth and red eyes. in one comic book he goes into a dialogue about beating a puppy to death with a kitten..he says all thats left is brains and fur.  these comic books are read by kids mind you and this is how they portray people diagnosed as mentally ill. "Oh no mommy the crazy man wants to kill my puppy..crazy people scare me!"  yeah they arent brainwashing children to fear people who are force drugged, shocked till theyre retarded confined day and night in a sensory deprivation environment and utterly hustled into betraying every rational thought every gut instinct of theirs... yeah those people are "DCs"  monsters.  these vicious stereotypes propagated by these stupid fucking propaganda books are as vicious as any racial ethnic stereotypes which are no longer acceptable in society. guess they still get away with bigotry when it comes to mental "defectives"  As scholars have long argued, governmental and medical institutions code menaces to authority as mental diseases during political disturbances.[5]:14 Nowadays, in many countries, political prisoners are sometimes confined and abused in mental institutions.-wikipedia
So if the super soldier is the hero in american propaganda who is the villian...the "insane" who have defective political views..they claim that the soviet union had political dissidents labelled insane and put in psychiatric facilities where they were abused.  funny i just read an article about occupy protesters  who were arrested and taken to bellevue psychiatry hospital...somthing tells me that shit is happening right here in america. judging by these portrayals of the insane in these "DC" comics as villains and cruel monsters.  while the heroes are super soldiers.  fucking government propaganda..they're influencing kids with it. 'comic books...movies...tv shows..thanks america thought you were better than that...boy was i fucking wrong.