Sunday, June 30, 2013

US propaganda

I just watched the movie "Devils Double" an apparent portrait of Uday Hussein one of Saddam Hussein's sons.  This movie's depiction of Uday is so ridiculously two dimensional.  His character is the most megalomaniacal, masochistic, cruel, and narcissistic depiction of a human being possible.  It's utterly ridiculous.  I've never been to Iraq..I'm not an Iraqi.  Iraq is over ten thousand miles away from where I live.  So I wouldn't presume to know what life in Iraq is like.  I've never met Uday Hussein. Is this filtered through the media.  I mean what if Uday was just apart of the leadership of an "enemy" country.  They show Uday reveling in horrible torture, raping young women, acting like a spoiled buffoon.  Quite frankly the portrayal is kind of over the top.  I mean hell they should dedicate a scene to him murdering a nice fluffy kitten you know to get an emotional response out of america's youth.  we killed these people.  they hung saddam.  they better have been these horrible monsters theyre portrayed as..if they aren't we the people are in some fucking trouble.  The movie spends a lot of time showing graphic torture..its horrifying they show it they dont censor it..there is a long scene of uday fucking a young girl.showing Uday groping and raping her after picking her up.  did this happen!?  or is this the ol child molester in a dirty van public menace that horrifies americans with children.  They spend time showing this torture and sex up close.  they take time.  It makes us uncomfortable its disturbing stuff and then we are shown the high pitch laughter the stupid behavior the goofy overbite smiling..  Is this how the actual Uday Hussain was?  I don't know.  They spend time to make fun of his overbite. It's childish.  does it evoke images of that ol wicked witch with a big wart on her nose..this overbite they fixate on it.  But that's how a lot of Americans are treated like children when spoonfed this over the top Hollywood bullshit from the family if it's credible as if it's realistic as if it's honest.  If it isn't we've got major fucking problems. Is it propaganda? do us companies profit off of this war and make films like these simply to ensure the american peoples support?  It is to justify what the government did over there?  In the movie the people of Iraq are hopeless disparate at the drop of a dime they can be murdered along with their families.  They are forced into a fanatical patriotism.  Something we sure know about.  But oh thank god we freed them right?  Unfortunately folks actual reality differs from the reality hollywood claims to be true.  Our country murdered these people..  It's ok our country didnt assasinate a country's leaders and invade it no no they "Freed it" from the evil grip of their demonic oppressors.  I don't know what to believe.  This shit is through the looking glass..they do hire play writes to make these films.  I know how this shit works.  They make the guy into a public enemy and they exaggerate how nerdy he is..

yeah im real sure this what Uday Hussian was like(sarcasm)  maybe for the dvd they can add in a ten minute scene of him murdering a know to educate america's youth.
I'm not a citizen of Iraq..I never lived as an Iraqi under Saddam's leadership,  So how the fuck would I know what it was like..after seeing a stupid fucking movie?! I'm not an iraqi..I don' wake up every day and go to work or school under the iraqi get glimpses of it through this medium from these characters how depressed Uday's mistress the characters talk about how hey would shed every drop of their blood for iraq... Uday's ferraru,,his palaces his army of mistresses his armani suits and rolexes..but these are 15 to 20 minute this life in iraq?! is this how Uday and the people of Iraq are?  I'm questioning this because the media is very crooked at times.  They have gangsta spokesmen rapping to kids about how they need to buy their cool sweatshop garbage and fuck themselves up on cheap booze and dope...portraying gangsta pimps as cool.  They sell sell sell non stop everychance they get shamelessly.  Do they also make propaganda?   This movie is supposed to be realistic.  But it's hollywood I'm going to make an educated guess.It's la la land.. im sure their job is to make him appear as evil as possible.  It makes you wonder if Hitler or Stalin were the tyrannical monsters our country portrays them as. They make them out to not be human. They are human.  literally in some videogames and movies the evil dooers are depicted as monsters, demons, zombies.  Slander it's a powerful tool...they spend a lot of time concerned about "public opinion" our it constantly regulated and influenced to ensure that its favorable?  I want to know what's really happening..what's really going on. I don't want to be lead to conclusions that are not true..but hey welcome to america. 

consider the propaganda film Armageddon made pre 9-11.  A great terror threatens the world an asteroid headed for earth..a disaster big blockbuster big budgeted hollywood spectacle..made into a propaganda film...Independence Day anyone? heres the premis an asteroid is about to destroy earth but nasa rounds up a team of american oil drillers who save the day by flying to the asteroid and drilling a nuclear bomb into its core and blowing it up...thats right american oil world with nuclear bomb.does  america save the world with its nuclear arms or control it.

Next on the list of US propaganda is the remake of "Red Dawn"  In this movie North Korea that country with an 8 billion dollar GDP, struggling with extreme poverty due to economic sanctions..a country that has a 50 year old airforce, navy, and with mass starvation...takes over and successfully invades the united states. North Korea takes over and occupies the United States.  Again North Korea's entire GDP is 8 billion dollars while our military budget alone is 400 billion dollars.  But hell it's the red scare its time for hollywood to make American's hysterical.  How would North Korea even occupy the united states.  its absurd. its utterly ridiculous, but there are people that are so dumbed down they see this on the big screen and honestly become scared of north korea as some sort of legitimate threat to the "free world"  It's that 60 fucking year old cold war. Lets face it....the media is fucking stupid..."Red Dawn" This shit is fucking stupid.  Hey hollywood could you actually make something plausible..something in a real world not your red scare paranoid utterly untrue wholly impossible flick that is supposed to scare us of a north korean invasion. The cold war is still going on I guess because theyre still making cold war propaganda.  Is the korean war over or are the powers at be still hell bent on winning it that's why there is this uneasy peace with soldiers glaring at eachother across the parallel aimed at eachother.  it didnt end there is a hiatus and they raise new generations to prepare to fight it.  Cold war propaganda has spanned the generations from the 50s to the 80s..The country has invested billions in fighting it..created these hi tech things like stealth bombers and nuclear powered submarines.   It's not over and theyre bringing it up for again for the next generation...perhaps we dont live in different times from 1950 when the country churned out this cheesy red scare propaganda perhaps we just live in those times further along...further down the line.  Thats why we see reddawn a movie that came out in the 80s remade for a new generation. now that the USSR is out of the picture is this country now finally able to move in on that other half of korea..that territory that Japan lost after the shit was nuked out of them? korea was once japans but after japan was defeated their territories were no longer theirs so the winners russia and the usa both tried to take them as their own...not leaving the koreans alone or letting them establish their own country but ..they did the same thing with berlin. they fought over the winnings. and the two winners of world war 2 russia and the usa both went after Korea as if it was their own. Is it a coincidence that we are in still Afghanistan because we have been fighting for Afghanistan for 30 plus years...thats right when the CIA armed those militants it was to fight and kick out the soviet the soviet union has crumbled and afganistan is ours for the taking..its this simple the soviets wanted it we kicked them out now we're taking it.   im not saying north korea isnt oppressive I have seen documentaries but just because somthing is a documentary doesnt mean its the end up assuming a lot..I don't speak the language..when osama gives his speeches about death to the infadels i dont even know what hes saying or how hes saying it.  north korea does look like a hell hole absurd orwellian dictatership thats the way our culture looks to many of them...but our media making a film about them invading and occupying us is just equally absurd. Time for America to save them right?  Don't worry people of North Korea America will save you soon enough and before you know it you'll be free to make minimum wage wear sweatshop clothes with advertisements on them and to buy all the chicken mcnuggets the factory farm can make..walmarts gangs can patrol your streets.  I mean if north korea is truly as bad as it's portrayed by the media then we should have been over there years ago.  They talk about brainwashed people a cruel dictator, starvation, and work camps...what the fuck are we waiting for..liberate those people.  whats the wait?  but for some reason I still have this feeling that I'm just watching slander produced by a country that is not giving me the whole side of the story.  Capitalists hate communism.  They are seriously threatened by it because the core of Marxist doctrine is about freeing the exploited underclasses of capitalism. the proletariat. the rented classes used for their labor..overworked and underpaid by people wealthy off of them. no wonder these rich fucks are so threatened by it. free the proletariat?! No way right? capitalist pigs need to exploit those human resources..those poor huddled masses build up the rich.  They're live stock for fucksakes. Theyre bonded by supply and demand.  This country..the mobs in this country...corporations and industries operating legally in this country have been exploiting lower classes for centuries..CENTURIES.  Communism This system really is opposed to it and north korea happens to be a communist country.  I'm not saying communism is good or right..I think these communists are a lot like fucking capitalists.  And both sides dont want the whole world to know just how alike they really are. that one system claiming to be better is infact no different than the other. but they make valid points when they address the corruption of eachothers nations. the media is so often full of shit its hard to know for's a propaganda film: rocky 4..where they portray the russian as a cold emotionless killer..a stereotype of a soviet. Again dehumanizing as if these people somehow feel less because they are brainwashed..they show rocky training in nature earnestly to avenge his murdered friend.. meanwhile they show the russian in an advanced training facility specifically to show him taking steroids...those soviets are dirty cheaters!!!!..yeah its the soviets that use steroids to win:

right lance? its the soviets using steroids..oh and thanks i almost forgot about the discovery channel for a millisecond..thanks hero.
ivan drago the russian boxer is so dehumanized..he is portrayed as smug as cold and as a monster..he almost fits the stereotype of an aryan nazi..seemingly convinced of his own superiority. he murderors rocky's friend apolo at the beginning of the film..time is spent showing rocky at apolo's funeral.  this is a tale of how the plucky rock "avenges" Apollo and defeats the insurmountable russian the war on terror this same old tale of avenging...those victims on 9-11 we must avenge them!  I agree we must but what if our own country was behind it?    if it was an inside job however..wouldnt truly avenging them result in our terrorist government labeling us terrorists?  then this film actually has the nerve to preach peace at the end with rocky's speech despite making a complete villain out of the russians..they show his trainers shouting with clenched fists..yeah peace is what's wanted after you've been beaten of course.  
The final possible propaganda film is Marvel's "The Avengers"  A film basically aimed at children and sadly some adults in which the united states military forms a special unit of superheros to save the world. Basically they defend the united states against an invading army of monsters when they aren't selling fast suvs and fucking bubble gum...  One of the members is "Captain America" whose costume resembles a football outfit but with an America flag motif.  He is a super soldier. 
I'm sure the movie is raising legions of young males who want to grow up to be these heroic characters..they are never portrayed as negative they .  Again these heroes are fighting to defend the people's freedom from a tyranny that is hell bent on taking the people's freedom. Yeah sure america. Their base of operations is a flying aircraft carrier.  The US military is the heroic force behind the avengers..their military planes their flying aircraft carriers their super soldiers are saving us from evil monsters.  Yeah sure...just who are the evil monsters...? the japs? the germans? the reds? the soldiers of competing superpowers... terrorists us other human beings.. monsters. monsters are often the targets in shooter video games..whether they are deformed zombies that look like bombed out peoples or aliens or killer fucking robots or demons from hell...bang bang bang wipe out dat vermon boys! "theyre vermon that needs to be exterminated" are the good guys protecting us from monsters?  not from where im sitting.  Back to the avengers  This film targets very young audiences and I'm sure it makes an impression on this country's youth. Hollywood's propaganda is absolutely criminal.  It entirely misinforms the public..rattles the saber, and exploits its audience.  I cannot believe so many americans buy into this shit.  This country is at war with Iraq and so Hollywood slanders the Iraqi leadership...I mean hell what if we toppled a good country?  Because I don't know..I don't assume I know things about life in Iraq because of a stupid fucking hollywood not an iraqi citizen..ive never even set foot on that country's soil..all i know is what we get through the media and a lot of the time the media is quite the vile thing. .  Hollywood still produces educational entertaining important films but it has another side to it that is producing propaganda advertising and exploiting its audiences.  They show North Korea invading us as if it could happen.  There are only 24 million North Koreans..meanwhile there are 300 million Americans.  How exactly would they occupy us?  We have over 10,000 nuclear weapons. ten thousand thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that could wipe korea literally off of the map...oh no! oh no they might have developed half of one! If North Korea even has one which is unlikely the most they could possibly have is 10..those are atomic bombs meanwhile the usa has hydrogen bombs which are hundreds of times more powerful than atomic bombs.  Yet American's are scared of North Korea.  North Korea is equally warped with its leader preaching to the people we will fight the invaders in a glorious battle and remain the glorious nation we are..we will defeat them gloriously and bla bla bla. what the fuck are they preaching..It's such warped reality it sickens me.  It's delusional to think that North Korea could take over the united states yet Hollywood is portraying it as if it could happen...perhaps many americans are just as deluded as the north koreans. In case you missed Red Dawn hollywood produced the videogame Homefront about North Korea invading and occupying the United States..incase you missed that there was the motion picture "Olympus has Fallen" about a North Korean terrorist seizing control of the white house and taking our president hostage. Now is north korea going to invade us...or is that what we are going to do to north korea?  from what ive seen of north korea its an awful place..but thinking that they could take us over...thats fucking delusional.  Hollywood heavily influences younger demographics they do not have the real world experience and they are spoonfed this shit from the media without being able to cross reference what they just watch with any data regarding the real world ..which of course reveals that its utterly fiction claiming to be based in our world over and over again.  they trust the media at that age.  They are under the influence.  This propaganda it counters our intelligence.  It is retarding. People who trust it believe in lies. Sometimes the corrupt aspect of our media gives people a false perception of what's going on in our world  This isnt just merely entertainment it is criminal.  It is pathological lying.  I wonder when the country devises these horrific depictions of the enemy's country do they draw inspiration from our own backyard.  Brainwashing propaganda, oppressive disparity..fervent fanatical patriotism..suppression of the human spirit..slavery...are they projecting this country's faults on the enemy . I guess America allows our media to delude its target audiences.  Me, I'm not buying into this bullshit.  I am above the influence.  Who knows perhaps Iraq is that bad..perhaps Uday hussein is that evil, but as I said the movie shows such an over the top 2 dimensional portrait of the man.  A monster. ..but if he isn't then its pure slander. ..and it seems to me every enemy nation's leadership Hitler, portrayed as a monster ... were they I wonder..theyre are monsters here...working in checkout lines and micromanaging people....I doubt the official story or the things we are told to feel about these people are country was at war with...naturally our country was at war with them they arent going to say anything good about them thats just common sense but ive been raised to believe that this country wouldn't do such a thing..that this country is above that. Why should I be worried about Uday Hussein when there are thousands of fucking cruel gangsta thugs in the city I live in.  When Young Buck is on the big screen rapping.  Their is scum worse than the caricature of Uday Hussain selling for companies in this country.  They portray Uday as a monster...while in some video games monsters like 50 cent are portrayed as heroes..50 cents "Blood in the sand" .In military video games they portray enemy soldiers as monsters LITERALLY as zombies, as killer robots, as demons as aliens.  It dehumanizes the enemy... The fact is real monsters are out there on American streets gang raping women and muscling people.  They work in gangs and and jump and exploit people on the streets everyday.  Real monsters are judges and politicians who turn a blind eye to these fucking awful streets when theyre on their way to their suburban micro mansion.  They make people their bitches. ...There are real rapists in the military using their authority to rape and silence female soldiers with intimidation..police getting away with brutality...police and thieves scaring the nation with their guns and ammunition... Maybe we know all too well the vile scum this caricature of Uday Hussein is because we have to deal with that scum all the time in this if this country breeds it. the fact is this country produces so much misinformation so much propaganda you have to dig through it to find the truth.  That's oppressive.  That's tyranny.    Propaganda in kid's comic books is nothing new.  its a tried and true formula.
be an american hero kids!  get those "Evil dooers"  if only this country's had such pure motives.  are the evil dooers  just countries that are disobedient when this country makes its demands.  while the media takes real evil dooers and shows them as cool:

drug dealing pimps who are thugs to us..trying to push their shit on us. he tells kids to smoke weed everyday in his "music" smoke weed..EVERYDAY jesus christ thanks salesman..that wont burn me the fuck out or anything..but hey it makes me easier to rob when im high right?
yeah being  apimp is just so cool and a drug dealer..yeah we should idolize that fucking scum while they push drugs on masses of kids brainwashing them into worshiping their lowlife degenerate asses
yeah we know eminem you'll shoot us..we get it..get back to rapping about killing faggots and bitches. yeah the evil dooers are these Uday Hussains..maybe they are maybe they aren't but why are so many evil dooers right here being glorified by the media?!

these thugs are glorified by companies put in car commercials put in movies where they pose as heroes..poets..despite the fact that they are evil dooers all about fucking people up with drugs and selling them and robbing them and abusing many americans and ruling the streets of this country like their own dictaterships..its that one dictatorship ten thousand miles away that's got to go right? not the ones right down the street...not the fucking holy kingdom of walmart...  when they say bring those boys regard to the troops it means we need them fighting here

this is propaganda. thats not good.  kids are raised on this type of shit..then 9-11 happens and its time for us to be the great hero..enlist and what? get shot at so some prick can fill up his Cadillac Escalade for a bargain .. who caused 9-ll again? hey im all for truth and justice superman but is DC comics?

this is how dc comics portrays the mentally ill

DC's portrayal of the "schizophrenic" joker..he is often shown as a monster..with sharp teeth and red eyes. in one comic book he goes into a dialogue about beating a puppy to death with a kitten..he says all thats left is brains and fur.  these comic books are read by kids mind you and this is how they portray people diagnosed as mentally ill. "Oh no mommy the crazy man wants to kill my puppy..crazy people scare me!"  yeah they arent brainwashing children to fear people who are force drugged, shocked till theyre retarded confined day and night in a sensory deprivation environment and utterly hustled into betraying every rational thought every gut instinct of theirs... yeah those people are "DCs"  monsters.  these vicious stereotypes propagated by these stupid fucking propaganda books are as vicious as any racial ethnic stereotypes which are no longer acceptable in society. guess they still get away with bigotry when it comes to mental "defectives"  As scholars have long argued, governmental and medical institutions code menaces to authority as mental diseases during political disturbances.[5]:14 Nowadays, in many countries, political prisoners are sometimes confined and abused in mental institutions.-wikipedia
So if the super soldier is the hero in american propaganda who is the villian...the "insane" who have defective political views..they claim that the soviet union had political dissidents labelled insane and put in psychiatric facilities where they were abused.  funny i just read an article about occupy protesters  who were arrested and taken to bellevue psychiatry hospital...somthing tells me that shit is happening right here in america. judging by these portrayals of the insane in these "DC" comics as villains and cruel monsters.  while the heroes are super soldiers.  fucking government propaganda..they're influencing kids with it. 'comic shows..thanks america thought you were better than that...boy was i fucking wrong.

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