Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm not afraid of "terrorists"

You know what's quada isn't terrifying

This is terrifying:

66,000 civilians murdered in Hiroshima by the United going to school....CIVILIANS.... these people were indiscriminately killed good bad they were all killed as the enemy.  people who were going to school or work during morning rush kill as many of them as possible...people living their lives when out of the blue they were viciously killed by the united states. all of those people one bomb.  they never gave them a chance to fight for what they believed in or for bloody hell give them a chance to fight! thats war..this..this is extermination...slaughter..this is lower than war..this atrocity this abomination is genocide..this is a war crime.... what kind of country does this? perhaps this was a demonstration to the rest of the world...of america's power//  the usa says these people were training to resist the us troops. they said they were fanatical because they were training to resist an invasion meanwhile the us preaches the same exact fanatacism. if you watch the movie red dawn they feature high school kids they encourage to train in the woods and fight the soviets if the russians ever invade.....yeah its the japs who are fanatical because their nation was telling them resist the usa..but when america encourages the same thing its just awesome..its heroic..its the right thing to do..americans are fanatical...yep..its true...hard pill for these assholes to swallow....americans are so fucking fanatical...but no not here..not in this country right this country is better than those other countries its kicked the shit out dawn...lets get high school kids to become a resistance to save america from that evil USSR... this is the shit they killed the japanese people for..could they have won the war without doing this?.....maybe..maybe theyre not that clever they can simply mass kill all the japanese people from dropping a bomb from miles ahead a bomb they developed using a german scientist's research....yeah thats one way to win a war..which is the way they decided till the japs surrendored...thats how the us wins wars...justified killing because theyre guilty of fanaticism meanwhile they practice that same fanatacism here.  those people they worked in the factories and worked for the emperor the us military considered them apart of the japanese "war machine"..and they were murdered...this is what it boils down to the USA said if you don't surrendor we will mass murder and destroy all your major cities one after another till you're all dead...killing the japanese people  in a methodical calculated premedidated manner..they were working in factories producing weapons for the war effort...and thus their deaths are publisized as justified as necessary as somthing to good guys do to save the world..meanwhile rosy the riveter is back at home churning out tanks doing the same thing...its almost like these nations are USING many of the people and if these human beings happen to be on the enemies side..they will mass murder them all before lunch time..... the fact is these generals are not against killing civilians.   they aren't...its EVIDENT in their record of past theyre not exactly above doing somthing like 9-11...if it gains support for their brutal are these people?. if we were facing down an invasion the generals would have 15 year old pilots doing kamikazee missions as some last ditch effort to keep their power...believe me theyd be telling every little old lady to make improvised explosives and bestow their suicide bombers with the highest honors....theyd have 8 year olds marching around being taught how to run under a tank and detonate themselves..why? because they want to hold onto their riches and their power..and a lot of the people are merely for their own shows how little the system values the lives of human beings when this is the type of shit ordered.

this is what they do to us to win their wars. these arent just"japos" the "enemy" thats what the US does to your fellow humanbeing...LOOK! at what they do to human beings!   these people didnt die in an flash ..not an instant which is the LIE they told the american these people they lost their skin they died slow torture their fucking faces melted off and they staggered around in fallout...while it rained black toxic radioactive rain on them..yes the land of the free unleashed murderous hell on those civilians. this was an extremely disgusting and awful way to win it's war. but hey victory by any means I guess..because to the victor goes the spoils right..

that red scare doesnt terrify me..what happened to this kid does:

 This is a kid who was born with defects and deformities caused by Agent Orange..the toxic chemical the united states blanketed vietnam with during the vietnam know to win the war..chemical warfare?  hundreds of thousands of people have been born seriously mutated because of agent orange. yeah the united states sure "saved" these people from communism. look at how the usa helped these people from the evils of the red know what they say in the military..."Better dead than Red..."
This is how our country "saves" people.  these atrocities..these are ATROCITIES they were done by this country.  How many people have to be brutally murdered before people realize this country isnt on humanity's side.  this isnt a great nation...this isn't the greatest thing in the history of man the greatest nation on the face of the earth...this isnt a country saving the world...its not..that isnt reality...babies...children they murdered kids.  they bombed them because they were apart of the "enemies" nation..i guess "if you're not with us your against us"  isnt exactly a new thing.  this country kills children.  all this patriotic bullshit all this nationalism

..I'm not a pacifist im not opposed to war or violence im opposed to this kind of war.  this isnt civil war.  when innocent children end up causalities..this isnt war this is massacre...human beings should go to war if their rights are threatened if they are persecuted or enslaved or abused..then yes war is necessary for the people...war is natural..this is just grade A usa beef giving anyone not kissing the kings ring know how the usa wins its fighting fights dirty thats how it wins...chemical bombing...years of sanctions to win through attrition...torturing the enemy or anyone on the enemy's side..lying to the people to gain support..the USA is the dirtiest fighter on the will poke eyes..knee groins...focus on the kidneys...kick the guy when hes down and then when the fight is over he'll act like hes heroic..and virtous..and honorable

these are targets in videogames a popular "zombie" shooter.  has you shooting people that look like these bombed deformed if theyre monsters

these games thrusts a fun toy gun into your hand and has you shooting these bombed deformed people under the guise that theyre "zombies" this type of shit as kid's entertainment is of course ok in a country like the religious bullshit and gangster rap verbal assault on every radio station...for some people its just entertainment they arent on the recieving end of a lot of shit they are oblivious of and they read me like a fucking deluded whacko..they don't know half the shit that goes on in this country because they live a sheltered existence in their own little bubbles..they go to walmart and the shelf stocker is curteous and polite as he recommends some great savings and that hottest new cd the kids are raving about for little timmy's birthday and the american mother walks out thinking the world is zippity doo da meanwhile she bought a lamp and socks made in a sweatshop compound thats basically modern day slavery...while she thought the smiling friendly assistant who makes other employees his bitches was a life saver and a funny nice guy and buys some videogame for the kids thats violent but what the hell..its not that bad..meanwhile the villians in the thing are civilians that are put down and the focus of the game is not exploration or discovery or interaction but systematically killing the enemy in waves while she grabs a cd made by an ex pimp about how cool gangstas are and how crazy his hoe is
This is terrifying:

The police officer that beat this woman's head in claimed she fell..he was put on leave and she never got a dime

This terrifies me: 
the cops beat this bum to was caught on camera..but you know can knock em around and file into the report they were high on somthing and deranged and they bit one of the officers and bla bla bla..meanwhile what happened was 4 cops beat his head in kneed him in the ribs while tazing him...guess "he shoulda knowed his place..." the cop that killed him showed his fists and said "you see these..these are about to fuck you up" nice tough guy..thats the caliber of the these us police officers..real heroes on TV..turns out if the police arent hiring theyd be breaking fingers for the Bonanos or maybe breaking your legs for not paying your protection money.....but it gets worse...Judge...JUDGE william adams was caught on camera beating his teenage daughter with cerebral palsy with a belt because she downloaded a song over the internet..while her former slave owning mother chanted in the background in her texan twang..."stop crying and TAKE IT LIKE A WOMAN!" to shame her you know because when youre viciously whipped by your parents you're the guilty party for know whats terrifying not some masked man making grainy videos about blowing up some building but rather a country that has industries that amassed fortunes off of shit like this:

a country that would promise immigrants from europe freedom and keep them crowded in tenements:
giving them a slave wage working them in factories all day, working their children, giving them back barely enough to get by without starving.  breaking up their unions..keeping them on clock 18 hours out of the day while the bourgeois owning these industries sat in the lap of luxury. they tried drafting the irish in new york in the 1800s and they rioted so the united states sent a battleship up the coast of manhattan and fired on them.

a country that would kick peoples off their native lands..make them march miles in the winter till they were collapsing. putting them in christian schools erasing their cultures their way of life and putting them to work on reservations

a country that would invent this:
is this horrendous horrific shit considered an achievement in this country? ive seen the aftermath im not sure this thing is so fucking awesome.  powerful?  it seems kind of destructive?  the minds of those japs the potential of those people was powerful and this bomb destroyed all that..  perhaps this is the opposite of powerful.

who would invent such a thing...the type of people doing this shit

these terrorists aren't even given a trail..they are tortured...sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation water boarding and emotional abuse is used..they are tortured. you can seriously fuck someone up with sleep can cripple someone...they torture people TO DEATH...what are we to believe this torture is humane?  what the fuck..should we be afraid of terrorists? are they even those who attacked us on 9-11? no...not at all..its blatent...but those "truthers" are the us hordes targets...depicted as Charlie Sheen me crazy for doubting the official story...which the government does... when you hear about the usa detaining people without trail and putting them in torture centers for being considered enemy combatants..thats terrifying...and basically who determines if these people are sent to a torture center...i guess theyre shaken down and cross examined and those who arent kissing the troops asses who arent on the side of america are potential enemy combatants

Maybe the usa just doesnt like these rag tag fighters because they bombed the USS cole and they don't want us military bases in their me crazy but i don't think we should be afraid of these men at all. we should be afraid of this country, this government that time and again commits a horrible atrocity. hiroshima and nagasaki the united states killed over 150,000 civilians..195,000-430,000 Vietnamese civilians were murdered during the vietnam war and thousands more future generations from agent orange.  100,000 civilians were killed during the iraq war.  2000 civilians killed during the 9-11 attacks is a relatively small job for these people. its nothing compared to what theyve done. of course they would do it.  do you even know what this country has done. i mean these people had nuclear weapons aimed at every major russian city full of MILLIONS of people..those aren't reds or commies those are people..US.. and these generals and the u.s. military were seriously ready to to annihilate them all. even if that meant our own deaths from a russian retaliation.these generals didnt care they were in bunkers.  .meanwhile they told us to hide under our direct that fear and helpless of those frightened kids under their desks at those reds... as if that would protect us from a nuclear explosion. meanwhile their base of operations is two thousand feet under a mountain. they tell us to hide under our fucking desks!? not for this kind of war.  not for another century or millennium.   These killers don't care if they murder children..they don't care if they murder vietnamese children or iraqi children they don't care if they take away an american kid's father or mother working in the trade center.  they don't care about us.they see a lot of us a resource for them to fucking fish in the ocean like coal...spies would call civilians they recruited or extorted or forced to spy or to divulge information about the enemy as their ASSETS..for them human beings are still live stocks to work and to profit off of.  no different than when they were hauled off a boat sold on the streets and worked on the different.  we are their supply to demand.  they would draft us to do their fighting  now adays minimum wage is so low the cost of living is so high we are enlisting to afford a future to get out from working for some shitty corporate business coughing up a minimum wage for using us all day and brainwashing us with their corporate this better than a draft?! just sink the up the price of tuition and detonate a landmark and get my generation to volunteer for that shit...and hell now that there isnt a draft it wont be so obvious that so many were allowed to dodge it.... young americans dying and killing for these rich fucks driving their gas guzzling SUVs..their cadillac escalades.   They dehumanized the japanese..called them yellow japos.....stereotyped them..and they fucking blew them away..killed their kids oh well it was just some know shoot some human being kid..nah nah nah just shot a "jap".  they fire bombed cities of civilians then nuked them. cities full of civilians..the japanese war machine? meanwhile theyve got all the civilians in the us working in factories for the us war machine..but its ok when they murder hundreds of thousands of civilians working in factories because they were apart of the "japanese war machine" like it was it was a justifiable act.   fuck their tyranny..i see it and it's tyrannical..its so bloody obvious.  they are ruthless.  these rulers have bad hearts.  they aren't sick..they aren't "insane" theyre fucking bad people.  wake up and witness this fucking horrible shit because this is what's being done to us...oh they say it's not us well the human species shouldnt be divided because of race or lines on a fucking map...gooks are micks we're the same fucking species!  when they bomb the shit out of those "gooks" theyre killing us! some people don't see it that way they just see it as killing "gooks."  they can try to make us blind to that by exaggerating our differences..those are homo sapiens..those are our relatives. they fucking mass murder them!  that's us theyre killing...don't you people get it! they mass murder... US/  they kill us over there they kill us over here.. thats what they did on 9-11 they killed us!  they don't make a distinction if it's to win their war with the arabs that are blowing up embassies and the uss cole then fuck it..they'll kill us to rally us behind the cause.  they kill us..then they point to their enemies and say thats who did it and we go off and kill the enemy of our enemy.  sometimes i feel like we should be fleeing this fucking country.  how can you wave a flag.."pledge your allegiance"..theyve got children pledging their allegiance every want me to pledge my allegiance to you everyday..without knowing what you've expect my allegiance for my to ally with you after hiroshima and nagasaki after that! after two hundered years of slavery after you kicked the natives off their lands...after you renamed us at ellis island and moved us into slums to work day and night for your rockefellars and your not quite sure i should pledge my allegiance.  who do you care about your fellow human beings or just another fucking nation. stockpiling weapons to kill masses of us again.  they have a nuclear bomb they have weaponized viruses and automatic weapons...this is not good for us and it's only going to get worse..if we don't take a stand for what's right.  are we going to stand by and watch as it gets WORSE...WORSE.  you believe these fucks are force drugging people. They kill us and then tell us to be peaceful.  it's outrageous.    you people out there need to be outraged by this shit.  were given the choice to elect the rulers they select..its outrageous.  it's time for us to lead.  we don't need someone leading us and dragging us through these fucking atrocities...then talking to us as if we're children..explaining to us all that vicious disgusting murder was for the greater good...that it should serve as a reminder for us to be peaceful...ugh!  fuck that!  we're missing out people we're missing out on our inherit right to rule and control for ourselves..meanwhile this is the horrific shit we have to tolerate and live with. were supposed to be scared of some old resistance fighter in a know those nuclear bombs these scumbags have in their missle silos..their thousands of tanks...attack helicopters..battleships..their millions of automatic weapons and explosives. their armies of troops that don't practice their own moral judgement and just follow orders when theyre told to go torture some guy whose head they hunted..their weaponized viruses and poisons...those are a little bit more terrifying than any of those fucking "Terrorists"  who should you really be afraid of? when i was in highschool i wrote a paper which supported the use of the atom bomb...I was in support of the war in vietnam and very much pro government...but i was not exposed to this sort of stuff..i didnt see it from the side of the japanese people..i didnt fathom the brutality of those acts the horror..the sheer horror of the aftermath of that bomb...people with their faces melted off..their skin hanging off...and they went ahead with this bombing knowing that they would kill kids..their were thousands of schoolchildren in those cities on their way to school. i mean jesus christ that takes a cold heart to order that shit...i just couldnt do win..its all about winning right. win the big game dont be a loser...i dont see this as a war is won when both sides eventually come to terms and negotiate with one another and make peace..not when cities of civilians are mass murdered to cripple your opponents war effort.  but eh war is hell they is dire it is life and death maybe ive got my head in the clouds maybe im an idealist but those werent japs they were killing those were human beings.  you know it brings me to tears sometimes to see interviews with old old men who still cry to this day with their faces burned off.  and to think after the usa does this to those people they are told sternly now it is time for that peace or is that conquering? after they kill your families, poison you burn your entire city to the ground you are the one that needs to be peaceful!? when i wrote my essay in support of the atomic bomb.what the fuck did i know back I know how brutal how cruel how vicious those acts were. civilians were a strategic target.  they were deliberatly slaughtered.  i dont know anymore if this country is right...which is why i question the official story of 9-11. because i dont know anymore..i dont think i know like i did when i was just a teenager.  this country has done brutal brutal brutal things...9-11? what's that compared to hiroshima and nagasaki? its a relatively small job.  they have demonized these terrorists these resistance fighters and are currently torturing them in brutal ways.  people don't understand that sleep deprivation can cripple someone..that smearing feces and degrading them etc etc can destroy the ego the self esteem of someone and have them hating themselves so on and so forth. and who knows what else they are doing when they outsource torture to these black sites. who knows what kind of shit they are doing to people to win this war..who knows what they did to us to gain our support to win this war.  the way i see it is what kind of tyrannical force would kill its own people to gain support for a war..would massacre them sacrafice them so to speak but then i see hiroshima and nagasaki and what kind of government would bomb children....burning their flesh off cancering them..then real fear sets in not of terrorists but of my own government. this government that allows the media to churn out all this fear and terror of crazy people..those psycho those maniacs those and this is their term "mental defectives" to defect does that mean taking "the enemies" side..oh and when someone is regarded as mentally defective it means that they are incompetent and thus subject to "treatment" without the ability without the right to say they can give you overdoses of drugs that make you sick..they can detain you in a treatment facility for as long as they want..they can shock your brain until you're convulsing and vomitting and retarded..and because you are defective you don't have any choice. these "treatments" are court ordered to deal with those defectives.  believe me there is a side to this country that a lot of citizens do not see or experience. people stripped of their rights and crippled behind closed doors, abused by staff, persecuted called kooks, lunatics, whackos, nutjobs, basketcases, psychos, maniacs, goes on and on. and you hear about the troops using emotional abuse in these torture facilities in gitmo and abu ghraib where they bring out female troops to point and laugh at the stripped prisoners penises. where they smear them with feces and tell them "your people are filthy and uncivilized"  it can batter someone emotionally.  kill their self is disgusting. its just like breaking someone's fucking legs with a sledge hammer only your doing it on the inside to their feelings. this is all to protect us..meanwhile the gangstas that rob, assault, and threaten abuse and extort us that run these streets like a prison yard rap on the radio..that sing about how great their drugs are and about how cool being a pimp is and how anyone who doesnt think so is a bitch that needs to get smacked. yeah theyre really protecting us by torturing those resistance fighters....i mean oh no what if those people are just fighting for their homes.we dont know. the news doesnt explain this shit they glorify it in between their rampant advertizing. what IS going on in that part of the can't know until you've been there. until you've mixed with the people, spoken their language, and heard their side.  but oh no im sure thats "fraternizing with the enemy" im sure unless you're spying on them then you are being "Defective" maybe being a defective is a good thing..maybe its the right thing to do.  the one thing i have heard is that they want US military bases off of their land..that Iran ousted the Shaw..the Shaw which was living in a palace, bathing in milk for his skin's health while his people starved..


  1. Japan wasn't blameless. In fact, they viciously raped, cannibalized, sodomized, and otherwise abused the people of China and surrounding areas for a couple years before being nuked.
    You just basically typed an enormous run-on sentence here and puked a ton of emotional BS onto it.

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