Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Freedom of Religion Supposed to Be a Good Thing

The Puritans couldn't even get away with burning women alive in England. You couldn't threaten someone that they were a witch and have them burned alive..or have them whipped with a stick for being slothy because you did not go to church one day out of the week or for being an adulteress etc etc That shit was just too insane according to parliament. So they sailed here to escape their religious persecution so that they could continue persecuting people as their religion. They felt persecuted when they could no longer persecute people as a religion. Religion is so barbaric..all over the world. I just gave barbarians a bad name. You have muslims telling kids to blow themselves have buddhist monks being brainwashed and told to burn themselves alive. Religion can hijack someone to the point they set themselves on fire..or hijack an airplane and kill themselves thinking that they will have some sort of afterlife where they will be rewarded with virgins. It's insanity. So is it a good thing when a government says come here and you can practice any belief you want. Why should we respect someone's beliefs. A kid may believe that they have superpowers because of a comic book..should we respect those beliefs. Religions seem to be impeding human progress making people that are science illiterate that were forbidden to study evolution. What is ironic is religious groups demand that their beliefs be respected and many of them do not respect other beliefs. They essentially deprive their subjects important knowledge while raising them on cheap fairy tales that hustle them into believing in supernatural mystical bullshit. In this country you have Psychic fortune tellers, people that claim they can communicate with the dead, Scientology groups telling people that they are controlled by aliens. This is the fruit of religious freedom...cons conning people. y

You cannot burn a woman alive for being a witch because she won't serve you, but that's just what these puritans were doing. England wouldn't even let them get away with they sail to the New World and it's like the oldTestament all over again. It's a wild lawless land and they can get away with their superstitions and their barbaric practices like crucifixion...stoning people to death...and burning people alive. These groups demand the right to have insane beliefs that they don't even believe in and then impose on people essentially making them insane..people that they mob into being their subjects. It's a tyrannical practice

Thomas Jefferson himself stated::
Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth...

And he was right...but if he could see America today he would be rolling in his grave. There is god on the money..Presidents waving bibles.people swearing on bibles.this has become one nation under god. It seems like geniuses like Jefferson are silent in their memorials. There are kids in 21st century schools today that cannot even understand evolution because religious guidance has blocked it from their comprehension when these were scientific insights that people knew of in the 1800s! But modern day american's are deprived of these fundamental insights. Religion demands that people tolerate it's intolerance. Many people are under the impression that the church is doing good things..they have had the wool pulled over their eyes..they are influenced by church PR. Mainstream christianity keeps a lot of what it does secret..a lot of skeletons in the closet..A lot of it's business practices laundered through church public relations. When a church goes on a mission to feed the third world with donated food you believe thats truly a good thing..but when you find out they are going their with donated food to get labor out of the people which they pay using donated food...using donations as a form of currency to get the locals to dig through junkyards or to dig irrigation's not exactly them feeding the third world. The salvation army takes your donations as well and then sells them to the poor and needy for their quarters. They are a business using donations as their product. Not really that decent after all. When they harass women for getting abortions or people for being homosexual..they are yet again forming mobs to harass people into sub ordinance. They violate basic rights in this country and they demand that this country allow them to do so. Even the tyrannical British Empire wouldn't allow those Puritans to run around accusing people of witchcraft for plain old extortion and then burning them alive if they didn't fall in line, but in America they can get away with that bullshit. Before long they are preaching to their fearful brainwashed subservient audiences that there is an Evil Red man lurking in the woods. The free natives which no doubt threaten their enslaved society. Religions are psychopathic sociopathic manipulative criminal enterprises that feed off people's generosity and feed into irrational insane thinking while censoring true this day..much like how they imprisoned Galileo in a dungeon..his crime..he said the Earth wasn't the center of all creation which contradicted the bible..he was right, but they threw him in a dungeon. should we allow an organization that would do this to practice freely? Jefferson even stated that Christianity was the most perverse institution known to man..and he had good reason to state this. He would be rolling in his grave if he could see his country turn into another one of the pope's imperial powers. I have witnessed church mobs outside of abortion clinics calling the women entering them "Worthless whores" calling them "murderors" Protesting homosexual marriages with signs saying "God hates fags" They still stone people but these days they use words because they can get away with those blows. In the middle east however the church is stoning women alive for such grave crimes as SHOWING THEIR FACE IN PUBLIC. Non believers are called demon seeds without souls...because they haven't accepted Jesus Christ. Why would anyone tolerate such intolerable corrupt organizations? They are tyrannical. The church's wealth grew hugely during the colonial period because of the slave trade in which they built lavish churches of gold with great murals painted by the greatest artists because of all those "savages" that they kept in cages and sold on corners.

Environmental and Animal rights activists labeled "Eco Terrorists"

That's right eco about whoring that loaded word around. Here's the thing terrorists aim to TERRORIZE people. They kidnap people and decapitate them and they film it in order to TERRIFY people. They attack civilians in public places like busses or cafes in order to TERRIFY those people. Terrorists use this terror to disrupt those economies and those populaces into not going out and not doing their daily business because they are Terrified. Eco "terrorists" are activists even the most radical ones..they don't aim to terrorize populaces...they dont attack civilians in public places. They protest animal rights abuses targeting companies that experiment on animals or businesses that they believe are bad for the environment. Their crimes include burning buildings, passing out flyers, protesting, tree spiking..tree spiking..Tree spiking is hammering a metal rod, nail, or other material (commonly ceramic) into a tree trunk to discourage logging by attempting to devalue the commercial use of the wood...OOOooooOOO!!!! I'm terrified!!! they were tree spiking!!!...hey government that's not terrorism. terrorism is strapping a bomb to your brainwashed islamic kid and then blowing them up in the middle of a crowded area full of unarmed, peacefull people that are not combatants at all...not defending red wood trees! Call them radical activists but labeling them as terrorists? Holy fucking McCarthyism...what a joke. I'm not going saying some of these activists don;t have shit that doesn't stink. Take PETA for example..PETA takes a bunch of disturbing photos of animals being abused and they show these to people then say you can help this suffering animal by giving us a about a corrupt cheap hustle. PETA might as well be racketeering because they are preying on peoples sympathies and I doubt that money is doing anything to help tortured or abused animals. They're just tugging at our heart strings using them as fishing line for the cash in our wallet. As for ALF or ELF...until they start doing terrorist acts I'm not going to consider them terrorists..I mean how can the government consider these groups terrorist...but not THE BLOODS or THE CRIPS..what about La Costa these groups not:" use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. " Hell yes they they are terrorists...but they aren't not according to the FBI. However, nature lovers are..

That is the official definition of terrorism which is far too broad, but according to that defintion than gangs and crime families all should be considered terrorists, but those guys slide and these green peace flower power environmentalists are considered terrorists...thats absurd. Gangs actually do terrorize people with threats of cruel and unusual assaults on people and their families if they do not do what the gang's say. They terrorize many more americans every year than some Animal Liberaton Front. However, ALF and Elf, the "Earth Liberation Front" are considered terrorist. ALF isn't forcing people to swallow balloons of heroin..ALF isn't robbing and raping people/ ELF isnt sending suicide bombers to Tel Aviv to blow up a restraunt or some nightclub on the West Bank...Terrorists? maybe I'm missing somthing here...but how the fuck are animal rights and environmentalist groups terrorist?! What about racial supremacist groups or mob run companies? Watching out for the environment quite frankly seems like a good cause. With climate change and dwindling resources and population seems like a GOOD CAUSE...with problems arising from extinction and it's effects on the ecosystems web to the damages carcinogens and pollutants have on our own bodies..It's a good cause. Maybe not if you are a coal plant that doesn't want to reduce it's emissions or pay to properly dispose of its toxic wastes, but I'm sure those industries have far more lobbyists in Washington than do these grass roots organizations. These activists do some pretty extreme shit..which is why I would label them as radicals, but terrorists?! Give me a fucking we go with the McCarthyism all over again. History does repeat itself. It's a convenient label for your enemies, but I really don't see these groups hijacking planes or dabbling in anthrax. Let's call a spade a spade. They are radical extremist activists..These guys aren't domestic terrorists

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comedy that's so insensitive it'sTragedy

Is there a reason why, at least coming from where I come from, that the mentally retarded are laughed at, mocked, and considered to be hilarious. Is it just a symptom of the extremely desensitized environment I came up in as a youngmanin high school? I had friends that would imitate the mentally retarded coming up with names for each on of them like: "Groover" and "Bugs" For the way one of them would move their head around. It makes me sick to my stomach and pissed off at myself for laughing at that, but it's not just us who are to blame. I didn't comprehend the pain those individuals were going through. I used to watch howard stern everynight on E! and he used to have mentally retarded people on his show playing "Retard Jeapardy" and these people were his puns. Howard Stern is a lowlife pimp sleaze ball but as a teenager I thought he was edgy. Comedy Central has a show called "Crank Yankers" in which the puppet "Special Ed" makes prank phone calls and acts retarded. He wears protective headgear and says the same thing over and over. This is considered comedic according to Viacom and Comedy Central that also use retards as puns in the show South Park in which the characters "Timmy" and "Jimmy" are mocked for their handicaps. In one episode they have a fight in an alley a "cripple fight" and this is supposed to be comedic gold. Fox's Family Guy also makes fun of the Handicapped. The character Joe Swanson is mocked relentlessly for being in a wheelchair. There are scenes in which his wife changes him like a baby in diapers which is considered funny. So my insensitive behavoir was in part fostered by bigger monsters. My friends mocked the retarded, my older brothers mocked the retarded, media mocks the retarded..It's very disturbing. I just got done watching "Tropical Thunder" In which Ben Stiller plays an actor that has an award winning portrayal as a retarded person which is meant for laughs. It's really terrible. It's not acceptable to mock someone with a blown off leg by hopping around on one leg why then do people find it ok to make fun of the retarded. People conceal that tragedy by covering it up as something funny..when it's a bloody tragedy. It's soberingly tragic why there is a mob that mocks the retarded or depicts them as hilarious is disgusting. Young men aren't particularly sensitive I suppose making racial jokes, gay jokes, jokes about abortions, and jokes about the retarded. playing contact sports and video games about shooting things listening to rap music. I wish I was as mature then as I am now. Laughing at the suffering of others is what is retarded, but the problem isn't just us and our behavoir but the malicious people that foster such behavoir that elude judgment and evade responsibility and encourage this behavoir that is detrimental for humanity as a whole. Howard Stern, Comedy Central, and Family Guy is sick dangerous extremely offensive mob sponsored entertainment. is it just me laughing at a paraplegic cop that was crippled in the line of duty just isnt funny to me..perhaps thats funny to all the scum out there. They essentially STEREOTYPE THE MENTALLY RETARDED. Stereotyping is systemic in their malicious programming. The producers and creatora behind this malicious shit claim they are diversifying their casts with handicapped or crippled characters...sounds nice when in reality they make one cheap shot joke after another making fun of the retarded or even the crippled...using these chracaters as punching bags and inappropriately making jokes of their handicap. comedy central also has a show called Chapelle Show in which Dave Chappele has a character that is a homeless crack head that is mocked and laughed at. Holy shit talk about kicking people when they are down. At some point while watching this with friends who were laughing their asses off at this character and his crack addiction..apart of me snapped out of it and I realized while half laughing that the show everyone was raving about how hilarious it was..was actually horrible, cruel, unusual, stupid, and degrading my fellow man. Why are these shows mocking the retarded, the crippled, the homeless. They're awful. Howard Stern mercilessly picks on his guests sometimes who are usually drunk strippers. In high school we laughed when kid's picked on other kids. It's wrong but we do get it from somewhere. It's funny how far you come from being removed from a volatile environment like high school. You actually grow up. The culture I was immersed in was just plain wrong. In many schools across the country you have entire student populaces being dominated by gangs. Criminals and bullies in my high school preyed on other students and we laughed along..I laughed partly because I was too afraid to stand up for people that I sympathized with and had to watch them being hurt in front of me by scum. Kids that were considered cool that ganged up on people and that came to school with cigarettes and spread that disease around or that tried to get us to think that being drunk was awesome etc etc How can people learn when they are harassed. Kids that dealt drugs and that beat on other students were considered cool in this place where I'm from. A place where the mentally retarded are LAUGHED AT! Who would take that enormous suffering from someone who is retarded..and to then laugh at it?! That is so wrong.. Is so warped..It's as insensitive as nazi's hauling off jews. It really is that bad. I was desensitized by the culture I only started to come out of it after being away from the clique I was in in high school and getting out there on my own. FORMING MY OPINION.. They can teach us how to cross our Ts and dot our Is and how to differentiate and perform logarithms and they can tell us who ruled in ancient persia...but some other more important lessons are totally missed. Why are the retarded laughed at? I don't know why..., because we can't comprehend the tragedy done to us. Those kids in my high school aren't special education or remedial or mentally retarded they are my fellow human being and the plight and suffering they endure is our plight not just theres..its a tragedy..why someone would laugh at that is bizarre...cruel..and unusual. Shouldn't the FCC keep howard stern from having mentally retarded people on his show and then using them for cheap laughs because that is essentially what he gets away with as does south park. Shouldn't they do something when comedy central comes up with a character called special ed whose mental retardation is a pun. It's far more inappropriate than the F word or a nude body. It's cruel and unusual. The retarded are us. they may be segregated but those suffering people are you and i when some fucking chemical mutates our dna while we are in the womb They are us suffering from damage...complications in the womb...a genetic abnormality from a damaged chromosome from an environmental toxin...from head trauma from some asshole that shook his baby...i dont know but what i do know is it isnt fucking funny... It isn't funny when we suffer...those people arent the retards in their own segregated classes in some other corner of the world. no thats us. Perhaps a sadistic bully believes it is funny to laugh at us when we suffer, but it's not funny its a fucking tragedy. Bully's aren't exactly sensitive and they do desensitize people trapped under their influences. Mentally retarded people are not puns or mockerys..or funny they are suffering enough from their affliction they don't deserve to be disrespected on top of that...Its awful. People would make fun of the way they sounded when they talked...the way they walked..toxic leaders that teach people to take part in that inappropriate behavoir. There was a foreign kid in our school as well. He was from England and had a British accent, and within 10 minutes of his first day people were mocking his accent in droves. Here was somebody from an entirely different country. Interesting. It would be great to discuss with him about where he's from etc etc. But unfortunately nobody can get passed his accent and for the rest of his time in school people would mock him. They called him "Pip" they wouldnt even call him by his name. He was picked on in class..after one wanted to be his friend because that would make them uncool by the mob standards..and in no time he was flunking all of his classes and miserable. Sorry pip welcome to this ignorant corner of the world. The poor were also mercilessly picked on for not having designer clothing from the mall...A friend of mine who was a son of a cop used to call them "grubs" People would mock kids for being dropped off in taxis at the beginning of school because their parents couldn't afford a car. It's a volatile environment. Kids that didn't want to be picked on followed suit and bought designer pants at the mall regardless if they liked them or wanted them...not bad for the mall's business;..and this same formula works that wasted their money on designed pants that were stupid and that they didnt want but needed to avoid someone who decides to start smoking or drinking because again it's what is being dictated to them as what is cool. that shit isn't retardation isn't funny. Delinquents and degenerates set those standards...the best of us should lead not the worst

viacom/comedycentral's pun special ed

why thats funny?..i dont know why thats meant to be laughed at...nor this

comedycentral/viacom's tyrone biggums

nothing is funnier than a homeless person addicted to crack...

i mean between the crippled guy and the retarded person...what could be funnier than that..why a destitute person addicted to poison. that's comic gold..thats sarcasm

what scum is behind this shit?

perhaps the same people that say shit like this is cool:

homeless drug addicts are made a mockery of and a laughing stock but the drug dealers the drug pushers that destitute those people...oh why those guys are cool

organized crime and hollywood

thanks viacom....

Friday, March 9, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Just Posed For Playboy

A starved body, fake breasts, a blonde wig, and pumps. Young women that are brainwashed into thinking they've got to look like this, that this is cool, that are bullied into thinking that they will be accepted if they follow suit are being deluded. These women on the streets are thin and frail and they get manhandled by pimps and lowlifes easily. They end up being given "free drinks" with pills crushed in them..they end up snorting lines and hitting random cigarettes because the playboy mansion's motto is that "Life's a party." I don't mean to sound like a preachy Muslim because we stone women in this country too. According to Lady Gaga

I've had a little bit too much
All of the people start to rush.
Start to rush babe.
A dizzy twister dance
Can't find my drink or man.
Where are my keys, I lost my phone.
What's going on on the floor?
I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore.
Keep it cool what's the name of this club?
I can't remember but it's alright, alright.

Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Just dance. Spin that record babe.
Just dance. Gonna be okay.
Dance. Dance. Dance. Just dance.

So when your drunk and you don't know where you are...hey "Just dance" just dance and it'll be okay. These women are seriously exploited by these companies with role models like Lady Gaga and Kesha.

They are desperate for approval from people that don't appreciate them to begin with. here is keshas degenerate contribution to the world: Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city (Let's go) Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack 'Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't coming back young women that emulate this behavoir are liable to get dragged off to rehab by the wrong crowd, but when kesha does women are exploited by this mob produced shit. brushing your teeth with jack Daniels? what kind of low life mafia bullshit preaches that is cool. its almost like they want to fuck up these women womenthatwant acceptance from egomaniac pimps that say they've got "daddy issues" because no one loves them. and thus bend over backwards to please arrogant scum that they think they need to constantly work for their approval or to please them. What pimp designed this archetype of woman? It is all the ideal qualities pimps demand. A breed of exploited woman formulated by hugh heffnor. A big old pimp that sits in his cheesy mansion with his different breeds of slave girls in his sleazy robe. Fuckin' mormon trash. Lindsay Lohan is a role model...well more of an idol, but what she is doing is selling women all over the country short, but hey it's a fat check showing off a skinny body. But if you look at similar role models in her demographic they are doing the same things Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera. Britney Spears who sings "I'm a slave for you" Christina Aguilera recently made a movie called Burlesque in which she moves to a new city and wants to be a strip dancer so badly because of how "glamorous" it is that she works for free. If that's cool then shit it's hip to be square. The film's scenes in which she strips and sings on stage are made to look glamorous. In reality these women are preyed on by their very employers they shouldnt aspire to be in once of those shitholes. Bullies instill in them a negative self image so they conform to these loose, desperate approval seeking, self loathing women that get bullied for life. They're damaged goods..thats a bad thing..not a good thing. no matter what prostitution inc. says..It is a bad thing. these women dont need to work so hard to be prettier for people that don't appreciate them they don't need rehab and they don't need Jesus. They need a decent environment and to not be surrounded by assholes. These are smart skilled human beings that are being sold short for hustlers and they get preyed on like weak antelope's. The only person that loves them is themselves and the people that bully them then probably deem them as narcissistic or judge them as whores. In reality they are deprived, degraded, and taken advantage of by all the different kinds of sleaze out all of us they need decent human contact. They aren't the trash. It's their pimps out their making them downtrodden and deluded. It's the priests telling them that they are wicked whores. women are whored. its a fact. they arent whores they are whored. But hey they are so used to being the problem they'll believe that it's their fault for being pimped because they were sinfull or some other line of bullshit from another fraudulent authority that manipulates those of us with weak defense ws. In the middle east men that take women as their subservient livestock that take them as their wives and control them like their property threaten to kill them for showing their faces to other men in this christian nation the exact opposite is done..these women are practically naked in public and stoned in a different manner with drugs and booze but they are still traded as property from pimps that keep them knocked up with degrading comments and the back of their hand. Two different sides of the same coin. OWNED WOMEN. They are told how to dress whether to cover themselves up entirely or to expose themselves entirely...its a nightmare...they rule these women

the christian church preaches that god was a man that made women to please and serve him...that women were tempted by the devil and thus ruined man. what kind of fucked up perverse shit are they teaching their livestock aka the women they traffic and own

women you dont need to hide your bodies or expose your bodies

then again maybe you do if your pimp and his mob demands it

Friday, March 2, 2012

Subway's motto is Eat Fresh and their bread comes frozen and a rant on false advertizing

Seriously its a lump of batter encased in plastic wrap. not exactly "fresh". im not saying the subs arent good, but false advertizing is false advertizing. not that getting a sandwich handed by a member of the bloods or crips is the best food choice. they use those little bread cutting knives as shivs and they play hardcore gangsta rap in the back room. It's a family company. at least it isnt drive thru in those cases you have the gangs using those pull up windows for drug dealing. in one case a customer pulled up got his order..gave the person a pill..the person then crushed it and put it in the shake of the next person in line...people watchout..its prison rules out there..just never eat fast food you just cant trust a gangsta at the window...check for big gold earings and jail house those cases you might not want them handing you a sunday with a snap on lid.

false advertizing is perhaps the most popular techniq1ue used by bad cut throat companies that hustled and monopolized their way to the top. sadly false advertizements are everywhere. thy techniq1ue is even done by schools. colleges are major culprits of false advertizing both on their websites and in their brochures and even in person. in which guided tours are done late sunday and taken through a careful path that winds its way through the campus"this is our advanced technology center and our arts and sciences hall" ladee fucking day two blocks over is fucking gang land..they have packs of fraternity members that dont do shit but look for kids to deal drugs to. in some cases properties that face some city campuses are well taken care of with fresh lawns and good upkeep while the next block over there are slums and condemned houses..but i mean if you're just driving up for the day to look at the place gee whiz what a nice area..we'll definitely go here..cha ching...  brochures of the campus may show you an idyllic scene. or they may work angles such as showing a particular building in the background with fresh blooming flowers in the foreground against a perfect blue sky. These are not accurate reflections of the campus just like mccdonalds adds are not accurate reflections of the food. lets cut through the fog, quit blowing smoke...enough of the gray area...its lying to people. they lie to people.  they "false advertise" thats a very complex term for saying they lie to us..  those fast food adds are lies. those adds make you think their shit is better than it actually is. however, you would think that schools would be above such loathsome tactics but that would be so naive. colleges are businesses even the state ones..especially the state ones.  some city campuses have drug dealers on every floor. poor security, graffiti, dirty overpriced decrepit facilities with solicitors hanging up adds for pyramid schemes.. then these places are photographed by photographers that use the same airbrushing techniques on places that they use on people. a little whitening of the teeth, removal of blemishes, a shade here and there to accent bone structure a little blush etc etc. they do the same thing when they photograph a school for a brochure. they remove the flaws and look to exaggerate any qualities. its not fucking honest. but hey if it looks like a hole maybe you won't be so willing to pay so much to go there..right? some people are sold though and they get a great impression just from looking through a brochure. False advertising works and a lot of companies do it.. because it makes money they don't care if it's unethical because it makes money and that's how badbusiness works..they'll sell you a shitty car.they'll tell you how great it is how awesome the sound system is how its realiable and bla bla bla and then the transmission explodes in the middle of the road...these places are not to provide a service but to make money through a service. take a look at the fast food giants they didnt get to be billion dollar companies in every nation around the world by being ethical they killed their way to the top and they made a killing. they have frankenstein hormone bred animals fed the cheapest grool around that they battered in additives to addict you and took your american dollars for them which they bought for pennies. fast food is cheap sure and your still getting ripped off. sure a lot of the business is unethical but thats how they get to the top so when you preach to them that false advertising is unethical youre just in their way youre some nature boy, faggot foo foo that wants vegan food etc etc etc like i said some of these drive thrus are used for drug dealing and management turns and looks the other way and then takes a cut. do you know how much garbage these businesses generate with disposable cups? is it ethical..who cares to them they put their advertisements ON THEIR GARBAGE so whenever there's some trash blowing in the wind out their you get a nice miniature billboard reminder of good ol' mcdonalds. is using litter a means of advertising ethical? who cares remember. they got to the top by not being ethical. until 75 percent of the hamburger restaurants out there are gone and the only ones that remain are the ones that are monopolizing on the market. because they killed the competition. is that ethical? who cares they aren't practicing ethics at all. so the only ones that are left are ones that copied their cut throat tactics. so you have no more burger restaurants but you have a mcdonalds across from a burger king. and they essentially go back and forth copying their dirty tactics. advertize on does it now burger king does it. using hormones in the beef burger king does it mcdonalds starts doing it. playgrounds in the stores, mcdonalds does it burger king follows suit. false advertizing mccdonalds does it, so now burger does it, wendys does it, fucking pizza hut does it, subway does it. until 90 percent of the places to get somthing to eat are unethical dishonest shitty businesses that have some gangsta hand you an overpriced animal that lived a tortured existence full of additives literally to addict you into coming back irregardless of the health complications or any other ethical concerns. there are people literally addicted to fast food literally like people addicted to cigarettes or people addicted to booze or people addicted to fucking gambling. They are deliberately addicted to it..these companies are the same fucking thug pushers out there on the streets and they love to hire those fucks right out of the ghettos to work for the sell their shit.."yo you got served yo! get yo'self a mcgrittle homey..dat cheese burger is delicious!" you should hear these niggas sell that shit.. Is it ethical to addict people to somthing to increase your business? who cares theyre not practicing what's ethical theyre trying to rob people of their pay.. more addicts means more money and they murder their own customers. is that ethical? is it ethical to sell someone something in such a way that it kills them who cares they aren't practicing what's ethical. that person had dollars in his or her pocket and that's the bottom line around these tyrants and they have workers that they treat like shit as well workers that the other workers or other managers hustle and play like its a fucking prison.."clean dat shit real fast.yo you got customy move yer bitch ass! mufucker!" customers that they treat like shit as well as stock that they treat like shit. then when the cow farm starts to stink of shit the cheapest way to take care of it is to hose it into a local creek or river. not ethical but cheap. now factories that had many toxic byproducts use to put their wastes in the river as well. they did it so much lake erie became in hazardly toxic some people even said that you could ignite it. those factories are all in india now and the Ganges is toxic as hell to, but what america is still doing is industrial farming and instead of chemical byproducts that cause things like cancer and mutations which is why 1 out of 3 of you will probably have cancer by the time you retire they generate biological wastes.
SHIT loaded with parasites into the water. so instead of cancer say hello to parasites and swine flus, because their way of disposing it is putting it in a river and letting the river carry it away someplace else for someone else to take care of it..and that in return cuts down disposal costs. IS that ethical? WHO CARES they aren't in the business of practicing ethics...I am being should care..that's your food you pay for's the business in your world. Maybe to the rich it's a good thing..that fast food serves a function to feed the poor. the rich eat free range prime cut medium rare steak...still bloody while we overcook our meat because of all the fucking bacteria we don't even taste the blood anymore we throw on some ketchup. the rich get richer the poor get poorer..the cost of this world. so who cares if subway engages in false makes you feel better about what youre dont mind that lump of frozen bread so much. Thats better than what the poor get, digging around in fucking garbages, so enjoy it..the glass is half full...there is a bargain in it after all...because it's slightly more nutritious than the bills you exchanged it for. you got yourself a deal. Eat should at least say "Eat partially fresh" right? do get meat and vegetables from a the bread may be a frozen lump of coal..but the rest of the meal is at least partially fresh..Subway..."eat partially fresh" The fact is subway is the solution to the health crisis caused by Mcdonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Pizza hut and the other fast food giants out there whose motto was give them what they want...and only what they want..because they loaded their shit with saturated fats from grease and sugar...meanwhile they had absolutely no nutritional know why? Because nutrition ain't cheap and it takes time..the fast food population needs to get their asses back to work. It's appropriate these days to talk about big tobacco as the monster that it is...but for some reason someone suffering from ailments caused by eating fast food cannot sue. When people eat regularly at these places like say for breakfast they get a grease hashbrown, sausages covered in corn syrup maple syrup...slathered with cheese...and then to get them going after that meal that would labor anyone they get a huge cup of their already clogged heart is now getting drugs to jump start it to get them moving...Jesus christ cant we just do what the French do and give ourselves enough time to prepare a non fryalated meal..where we dont need speed to get us moving after its all gone. These fast foods are so shitty and they are responsible for fat kids and heart attacks...there have been cases with obese people who were actually malnourished..because their shitty cheap fast food diet was giving them fats and sugars and nothing fibers etc wonder they were fucking hungry all the time..their bones and body were starving for nourishment not just that fucking happy fix. Subway seems to be the solution to this massive health epidemic caused by these fast food assholes..because they got rid of the grease okay..they wont fryalate the shit its not fried..and the vegetables are partially fresh so hey you actually get some they tell fat people who are on a diet of burger king to eat subway and theyll lose weight...because subway is in the same market as fast food the 6 to 10 dollar a meal 30 minutes for lunch range but theyve healthified it to keep from killing the least until their turkey slices start giving us some fucking mold in our lower intestines. Eat Frresh America...because by our standards that shit is fresh. The consumers and the livestock get the same shitty treatment for the profit margin. Their blood for our sweat. These food companies should be taken to court. Turns out its cheaper to just give us only what we want and nothing that we need. Then to supplement that with coffee or icing. Then when americans start turning fat and blind but at the same time are still not nourished...with sick livers and hearts from the caffeine..then we have been double fucked...mutants with fat reserves all over our bodies who are at the same time starving. Thats the price you pay for a 5 dollar meal. But hey eventually the industry comes around..once a million americans go blind in or have heart attacks or drop dead..they come out with a hunk of frozen bread with some semi fresh vegetables and some deli meat and its the next best fuckin thing...SUBWAY our savior.. and hey it takes the same amount of time to prepare as fast food..with that little sandwhich assembly line they have there for the sub technicians...and voila a 5 dollar meal that is still kind of slightly bad for you but its not going to kill you. you wish you could Eat Fresh but you need your meal ready to eat in 5 minutes because you only have 10 minutes to eat it. Then down your energy drink or soda...the lunchtime equivalent of coffee. lucky subways meals dont have the greases that plug up the heart you are jump starting with stimulants...we live in a society that is so unhealthy peoples hearts die before their bodies do..before their bodies are even ready to die the hearts in them die..because they strain themselves to move that thick greasy blood through their chambers..and they are also tired as hell from being jacked with stimulants like caffeine and nicotine that tire them out. you would think when people started dropping dead from this shit enough would be enough and the country would slow the fuck down and go back to the drawing board and fix the work day because its killing us...but no we gotta race with the Chinese..The people who are dying are considered worth less than the profits being made off of them, but hey if you reduce the saturated fats that come from frying the food you can get a few more miles out of their EAT FRESH AMERICA!! even though the food isn't fucking fresh..hurray EAT FRESH! sorry if im a cynic but when you have obese people who are also starving to have doubly fucked somebody. But they also have cows crammed into stalls fed corn meal all day..standing in their own shit. They pump them full of hormones to produce more meat and antibiotics to keep the diseases from the shit they are standing in from killing them..then they execute them and sell them. I'm not against killing animals..but I want the animal I kill and eat to at least have a life before I eat it. Thats what makes it nourishing..thats why free range cattle is a higher grade and more expensive because they get to move around and eat fresh grass..they aren't just eating grool in a warehouse all day, but thats the value of fast food meat because the cheaper it is the more profit comes out of those dollars they sell it for. so freeze it...fry it..and cheese it, but what goes around comes around...and people end up getting no nourishment from the meat and getting the same end of the same dirty stick. Is it ethical? hardly. I believe a civilization should practice ethics and not just do whatever makes the most profit, but the Greeks are probably considered to be "those fags in dresses" Ethics? why that's just "bitching" this is capitalism..hands off our markets..let em lower all our standards of living so that they can raise theirs,...bravo america..take your subway and shove it up your sucks. id rather eat the fucking squirrels.  Jesus christ at least there is some blood to be gotten out of thanks i dont want the aspartame low fat mayo...i want blood and hormones and adrenaline and all those good things those animals make.  i dont want zombie beef from some fucking cow that does nothing but sits in a stall in its own shit eating processed corn grain..waiting to die..i want an animal that is alert..thats blood is animal that is out there living so that when i get it i get that life. not this fucking assembly line processed bullshit.  god we need sustenance the food giants think we need energy..we need fucking sugar mixed with caffeine to get us going..a big fountain drink to pile on top of their cheap shit to get as the dew folks! get stimulants into those veins..look at have eyes in front of your head..and sharp teeth you need blood people.  the rich eat it rare..but their beef isnt full of fucking worm eggs and thats the shit we get and cook to death.  christ out of the fucking freezer and into the fryer..what happened to eating fresh..cause friends subway aint eating fresh..what an insult..eating fresh is right after the kill..eating fresh is eating right after the animal died..taking a bite of its heart while its still fucking beating..thats eating fresh..  you've never eaten fresh in your're probably scared to by now..,.oh eating animals is bad and bla bla bla "we need meat thats in a plastic wrapper and thats what creepy hannibal lecter does"..unbelievable.  im sure the thought of eating an animals heart makes your stomach turn while you salivate for that fast food pay for that shit "subway."  with your money. you make those businesses should spend your lunch break catching squirrels..but you people are too conservative to do that shit..and what does the left teach you not to hurt a thing right..don't ever hurt a cute little animal no don't kill anything you domesticated human you..killing an animal is wrong!  leave the killing up to our factories they do it "humanely" those animals suffer like hell being in stalls all day all month all year with machines hooked up to their teets but when we kill them we do it humanely...thou shalt not kill thou shalt pay for your food..thou shalt be a lamb like jesus and get fleeced...fucking unbelievable country. im sure people would be arrested and hospitalized for killing and eating birds or squirrels..the mental hygeine nazis would step in and so this is not good for the fast food corporations... "eat fresh" subway..sure thing actually id rather use this frozen bread to wipe my ass. how about i eat fresh for real and avoid your fucking horrible corporate sure subway's ceos eat fresh. they're eating steak and salad on their leisurely lunch break the rest of us are on the clock..we need our food prepared fast and we need to scarf and chug it down and get back to work for the company.  with a belly full of frozen bread and caffeine in our veins.  now if you're hungry enough subway is delicious....but something is missing from this corporate food....  they advertize this lame food as if its the most succulent delicious well prepared meal out there and its fucking deli cuts on frozen bread with some mayo squirted out of a bottle. but theyve got their advertisement wizards to take pictures of it that induce craving...sodas with condensation beading on the can oooohhh ooooooooo its so REFRESHING..i just came for it.  burger shows these close ups of the beef being "flame" broiled..glistening meat..they show it up close so it's right in your face..these adds are often loud or attention grabbing to get right in your seize attention.  thanks company. you're advertisements are false and obnoxious. and theyre always targeting younger demographics..using cartoon characters and toys putting playgrounds in the stores and using fucking puppets in their i kid i used to want to go to mcdonalds to play in the ball pit and get some batman shit...then they promote the movie..the movie promotes the food..big loud batman commercials..alfred asks batman if he has eaten yet the camera zooms in "Ill get drive thru!" then he takes off in the batmobile..that commercial in the movie is supposed to be funny or cool when its just a plug for McDonalds..thanks a kid i looked up to batman i read all his comics watched his cartoon and the hero i looked up to sold me shit..gee whiz thanks.  thats like these sports stars that just sell shit to their fans.  have some chewing tobacco and bud light folks! buy my sneakers!  watch my homerun fly right over those billboards!  i think michael phelps was in an add for subway. ..its healthy right he was on a wheaties box selling that shit.  i mean if batman gets drive thru then im going to too!  lets go to mcdonalds to get the limited edition batman mugs!  it gets us to try that delicious food that brings us back...and they got people buying it EVERY FUCKING DAY...lines of cars...funding all that marketing all that bullshit to sell sell sell sell.  my parents used to get me burger king everyday after school..i would sit and eat my burger king and watch after school cartoon programming. batman nickelodeon..already sitting in front of the fucking tube in front of hours of commercials.  we revert back to that as adults..its comfortable. get some fast food and watch tv. no fucking thanks. my time is more valuable then just sitting in the comfort of my own home and willingly watching a company's adds for some cheap stupid entertainment that tries to sell the audience more and more and more..speaking of false advertising have you seen the trailers for these movies that make the movie look some work of art and it sells you on seeing it so you buy the ticket and the movie fucking sucks...yeah looks like once they sell the ticket the movie doesnt even fucking matter. its all about the "trailer" they build up hype with an amazing trailer..and the movie is a stupid piece of shit filled with adds and bullshit..turns out false advertizing is everywhere..the fucking food you buy..the products you buy..the clothes you buy..the universities you attend the businesses out there..the company's falsely advertise themselves they have these wholesome loving caring public relations campaigns.  these factory farms where our meat comes from where these animals stand around in their shit getting their tits pumped by some minimum wage farm hand on meth show you some idyllic old barn on a piece of beautiful pasture with a cow grazing..most of these animals dont even graze they eat from troffs in stalls in a warehouse..eating a factory gruel of old corn..
what are we in la la land because of this we think we these companies and their industries are better than they actually are? well not all of us but they sure want it that way. their operations are shitty at best but they want us approving.  hell without all that pr the public might stop.  maybe i dont want this milk because that slave animal you drain everyday stands in its own pay the milkers jack shit you pay the employees who stock the shelves jack shit..maybe this milk isnt that good. maybe i dont want it.  no they show their farms as idyllic and they encourage their employees to always be cheery around customers. well when you aren't around we are tired and miserable in those stores but when a customer is around we're trained to be happy and cheery.  its fucking warped. guess were false advertising ourselves now. maybe the middle classes that don't work in those superstores know how it really is because theyre comfortable they dont know how hard were worked and how little we're paid and when they come in the store we act fake happy around them and they think gee whiz this place isnt so bad to work for. well were strongly encouraged to follow those orders like be happy around the customers or else we get fired.  because maybe if you saw how the workers were treated how the whole operation works you might might choose to not support such an operation and abandon those businesses like a bad habit...until the word gets out...