Thursday, March 15, 2012

Comedy that's so insensitive it'sTragedy

Is there a reason why, at least coming from where I come from, that the mentally retarded are laughed at, mocked, and considered to be hilarious. Is it just a symptom of the extremely desensitized environment I came up in as a youngmanin high school? I had friends that would imitate the mentally retarded coming up with names for each on of them like: "Groover" and "Bugs" For the way one of them would move their head around. It makes me sick to my stomach and pissed off at myself for laughing at that, but it's not just us who are to blame. I didn't comprehend the pain those individuals were going through. I used to watch howard stern everynight on E! and he used to have mentally retarded people on his show playing "Retard Jeapardy" and these people were his puns. Howard Stern is a lowlife pimp sleaze ball but as a teenager I thought he was edgy. Comedy Central has a show called "Crank Yankers" in which the puppet "Special Ed" makes prank phone calls and acts retarded. He wears protective headgear and says the same thing over and over. This is considered comedic according to Viacom and Comedy Central that also use retards as puns in the show South Park in which the characters "Timmy" and "Jimmy" are mocked for their handicaps. In one episode they have a fight in an alley a "cripple fight" and this is supposed to be comedic gold. Fox's Family Guy also makes fun of the Handicapped. The character Joe Swanson is mocked relentlessly for being in a wheelchair. There are scenes in which his wife changes him like a baby in diapers which is considered funny. So my insensitive behavoir was in part fostered by bigger monsters. My friends mocked the retarded, my older brothers mocked the retarded, media mocks the retarded..It's very disturbing. I just got done watching "Tropical Thunder" In which Ben Stiller plays an actor that has an award winning portrayal as a retarded person which is meant for laughs. It's really terrible. It's not acceptable to mock someone with a blown off leg by hopping around on one leg why then do people find it ok to make fun of the retarded. People conceal that tragedy by covering it up as something funny..when it's a bloody tragedy. It's soberingly tragic why there is a mob that mocks the retarded or depicts them as hilarious is disgusting. Young men aren't particularly sensitive I suppose making racial jokes, gay jokes, jokes about abortions, and jokes about the retarded. playing contact sports and video games about shooting things listening to rap music. I wish I was as mature then as I am now. Laughing at the suffering of others is what is retarded, but the problem isn't just us and our behavoir but the malicious people that foster such behavoir that elude judgment and evade responsibility and encourage this behavoir that is detrimental for humanity as a whole. Howard Stern, Comedy Central, and Family Guy is sick dangerous extremely offensive mob sponsored entertainment. is it just me laughing at a paraplegic cop that was crippled in the line of duty just isnt funny to me..perhaps thats funny to all the scum out there. They essentially STEREOTYPE THE MENTALLY RETARDED. Stereotyping is systemic in their malicious programming. The producers and creatora behind this malicious shit claim they are diversifying their casts with handicapped or crippled characters...sounds nice when in reality they make one cheap shot joke after another making fun of the retarded or even the crippled...using these chracaters as punching bags and inappropriately making jokes of their handicap. comedy central also has a show called Chapelle Show in which Dave Chappele has a character that is a homeless crack head that is mocked and laughed at. Holy shit talk about kicking people when they are down. At some point while watching this with friends who were laughing their asses off at this character and his crack addiction..apart of me snapped out of it and I realized while half laughing that the show everyone was raving about how hilarious it was..was actually horrible, cruel, unusual, stupid, and degrading my fellow man. Why are these shows mocking the retarded, the crippled, the homeless. They're awful. Howard Stern mercilessly picks on his guests sometimes who are usually drunk strippers. In high school we laughed when kid's picked on other kids. It's wrong but we do get it from somewhere. It's funny how far you come from being removed from a volatile environment like high school. You actually grow up. The culture I was immersed in was just plain wrong. In many schools across the country you have entire student populaces being dominated by gangs. Criminals and bullies in my high school preyed on other students and we laughed along..I laughed partly because I was too afraid to stand up for people that I sympathized with and had to watch them being hurt in front of me by scum. Kids that were considered cool that ganged up on people and that came to school with cigarettes and spread that disease around or that tried to get us to think that being drunk was awesome etc etc How can people learn when they are harassed. Kids that dealt drugs and that beat on other students were considered cool in this place where I'm from. A place where the mentally retarded are LAUGHED AT! Who would take that enormous suffering from someone who is retarded..and to then laugh at it?! That is so wrong.. Is so warped..It's as insensitive as nazi's hauling off jews. It really is that bad. I was desensitized by the culture I only started to come out of it after being away from the clique I was in in high school and getting out there on my own. FORMING MY OPINION.. They can teach us how to cross our Ts and dot our Is and how to differentiate and perform logarithms and they can tell us who ruled in ancient persia...but some other more important lessons are totally missed. Why are the retarded laughed at? I don't know why..., because we can't comprehend the tragedy done to us. Those kids in my high school aren't special education or remedial or mentally retarded they are my fellow human being and the plight and suffering they endure is our plight not just theres..its a tragedy..why someone would laugh at that is bizarre...cruel..and unusual. Shouldn't the FCC keep howard stern from having mentally retarded people on his show and then using them for cheap laughs because that is essentially what he gets away with as does south park. Shouldn't they do something when comedy central comes up with a character called special ed whose mental retardation is a pun. It's far more inappropriate than the F word or a nude body. It's cruel and unusual. The retarded are us. they may be segregated but those suffering people are you and i when some fucking chemical mutates our dna while we are in the womb They are us suffering from damage...complications in the womb...a genetic abnormality from a damaged chromosome from an environmental toxin...from head trauma from some asshole that shook his baby...i dont know but what i do know is it isnt fucking funny... It isn't funny when we suffer...those people arent the retards in their own segregated classes in some other corner of the world. no thats us. Perhaps a sadistic bully believes it is funny to laugh at us when we suffer, but it's not funny its a fucking tragedy. Bully's aren't exactly sensitive and they do desensitize people trapped under their influences. Mentally retarded people are not puns or mockerys..or funny they are suffering enough from their affliction they don't deserve to be disrespected on top of that...Its awful. People would make fun of the way they sounded when they talked...the way they walked..toxic leaders that teach people to take part in that inappropriate behavoir. There was a foreign kid in our school as well. He was from England and had a British accent, and within 10 minutes of his first day people were mocking his accent in droves. Here was somebody from an entirely different country. Interesting. It would be great to discuss with him about where he's from etc etc. But unfortunately nobody can get passed his accent and for the rest of his time in school people would mock him. They called him "Pip" they wouldnt even call him by his name. He was picked on in class..after one wanted to be his friend because that would make them uncool by the mob standards..and in no time he was flunking all of his classes and miserable. Sorry pip welcome to this ignorant corner of the world. The poor were also mercilessly picked on for not having designer clothing from the mall...A friend of mine who was a son of a cop used to call them "grubs" People would mock kids for being dropped off in taxis at the beginning of school because their parents couldn't afford a car. It's a volatile environment. Kids that didn't want to be picked on followed suit and bought designer pants at the mall regardless if they liked them or wanted them...not bad for the mall's business;..and this same formula works that wasted their money on designed pants that were stupid and that they didnt want but needed to avoid someone who decides to start smoking or drinking because again it's what is being dictated to them as what is cool. that shit isn't retardation isn't funny. Delinquents and degenerates set those standards...the best of us should lead not the worst

viacom/comedycentral's pun special ed

why thats funny?..i dont know why thats meant to be laughed at...nor this

comedycentral/viacom's tyrone biggums

nothing is funnier than a homeless person addicted to crack...

i mean between the crippled guy and the retarded person...what could be funnier than that..why a destitute person addicted to poison. that's comic gold..thats sarcasm

what scum is behind this shit?

perhaps the same people that say shit like this is cool:

homeless drug addicts are made a mockery of and a laughing stock but the drug dealers the drug pushers that destitute those people...oh why those guys are cool

organized crime and hollywood

thanks viacom....

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