Thursday, March 22, 2012

Environmental and Animal rights activists labeled "Eco Terrorists"

That's right eco about whoring that loaded word around. Here's the thing terrorists aim to TERRORIZE people. They kidnap people and decapitate them and they film it in order to TERRIFY people. They attack civilians in public places like busses or cafes in order to TERRIFY those people. Terrorists use this terror to disrupt those economies and those populaces into not going out and not doing their daily business because they are Terrified. Eco "terrorists" are activists even the most radical ones..they don't aim to terrorize populaces...they dont attack civilians in public places. They protest animal rights abuses targeting companies that experiment on animals or businesses that they believe are bad for the environment. Their crimes include burning buildings, passing out flyers, protesting, tree spiking..tree spiking..Tree spiking is hammering a metal rod, nail, or other material (commonly ceramic) into a tree trunk to discourage logging by attempting to devalue the commercial use of the wood...OOOooooOOO!!!! I'm terrified!!! they were tree spiking!!!...hey government that's not terrorism. terrorism is strapping a bomb to your brainwashed islamic kid and then blowing them up in the middle of a crowded area full of unarmed, peacefull people that are not combatants at all...not defending red wood trees! Call them radical activists but labeling them as terrorists? Holy fucking McCarthyism...what a joke. I'm not going saying some of these activists don;t have shit that doesn't stink. Take PETA for example..PETA takes a bunch of disturbing photos of animals being abused and they show these to people then say you can help this suffering animal by giving us a about a corrupt cheap hustle. PETA might as well be racketeering because they are preying on peoples sympathies and I doubt that money is doing anything to help tortured or abused animals. They're just tugging at our heart strings using them as fishing line for the cash in our wallet. As for ALF or ELF...until they start doing terrorist acts I'm not going to consider them terrorists..I mean how can the government consider these groups terrorist...but not THE BLOODS or THE CRIPS..what about La Costa these groups not:" use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. " Hell yes they they are terrorists...but they aren't not according to the FBI. However, nature lovers are..

That is the official definition of terrorism which is far too broad, but according to that defintion than gangs and crime families all should be considered terrorists, but those guys slide and these green peace flower power environmentalists are considered terrorists...thats absurd. Gangs actually do terrorize people with threats of cruel and unusual assaults on people and their families if they do not do what the gang's say. They terrorize many more americans every year than some Animal Liberaton Front. However, ALF and Elf, the "Earth Liberation Front" are considered terrorist. ALF isn't forcing people to swallow balloons of heroin..ALF isn't robbing and raping people/ ELF isnt sending suicide bombers to Tel Aviv to blow up a restraunt or some nightclub on the West Bank...Terrorists? maybe I'm missing somthing here...but how the fuck are animal rights and environmentalist groups terrorist?! What about racial supremacist groups or mob run companies? Watching out for the environment quite frankly seems like a good cause. With climate change and dwindling resources and population seems like a GOOD CAUSE...with problems arising from extinction and it's effects on the ecosystems web to the damages carcinogens and pollutants have on our own bodies..It's a good cause. Maybe not if you are a coal plant that doesn't want to reduce it's emissions or pay to properly dispose of its toxic wastes, but I'm sure those industries have far more lobbyists in Washington than do these grass roots organizations. These activists do some pretty extreme shit..which is why I would label them as radicals, but terrorists?! Give me a fucking we go with the McCarthyism all over again. History does repeat itself. It's a convenient label for your enemies, but I really don't see these groups hijacking planes or dabbling in anthrax. Let's call a spade a spade. They are radical extremist activists..These guys aren't domestic terrorists

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