Thursday, March 22, 2012

Is Freedom of Religion Supposed to Be a Good Thing

The Puritans couldn't even get away with burning women alive in England. You couldn't threaten someone that they were a witch and have them burned alive..or have them whipped with a stick for being slothy because you did not go to church one day out of the week or for being an adulteress etc etc That shit was just too insane according to parliament. So they sailed here to escape their religious persecution so that they could continue persecuting people as their religion. They felt persecuted when they could no longer persecute people as a religion. Religion is so barbaric..all over the world. I just gave barbarians a bad name. You have muslims telling kids to blow themselves have buddhist monks being brainwashed and told to burn themselves alive. Religion can hijack someone to the point they set themselves on fire..or hijack an airplane and kill themselves thinking that they will have some sort of afterlife where they will be rewarded with virgins. It's insanity. So is it a good thing when a government says come here and you can practice any belief you want. Why should we respect someone's beliefs. A kid may believe that they have superpowers because of a comic book..should we respect those beliefs. Religions seem to be impeding human progress making people that are science illiterate that were forbidden to study evolution. What is ironic is religious groups demand that their beliefs be respected and many of them do not respect other beliefs. They essentially deprive their subjects important knowledge while raising them on cheap fairy tales that hustle them into believing in supernatural mystical bullshit. In this country you have Psychic fortune tellers, people that claim they can communicate with the dead, Scientology groups telling people that they are controlled by aliens. This is the fruit of religious freedom...cons conning people. y

You cannot burn a woman alive for being a witch because she won't serve you, but that's just what these puritans were doing. England wouldn't even let them get away with they sail to the New World and it's like the oldTestament all over again. It's a wild lawless land and they can get away with their superstitions and their barbaric practices like crucifixion...stoning people to death...and burning people alive. These groups demand the right to have insane beliefs that they don't even believe in and then impose on people essentially making them insane..people that they mob into being their subjects. It's a tyrannical practice

Thomas Jefferson himself stated::
Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burned, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth...

And he was right...but if he could see America today he would be rolling in his grave. There is god on the money..Presidents waving bibles.people swearing on bibles.this has become one nation under god. It seems like geniuses like Jefferson are silent in their memorials. There are kids in 21st century schools today that cannot even understand evolution because religious guidance has blocked it from their comprehension when these were scientific insights that people knew of in the 1800s! But modern day american's are deprived of these fundamental insights. Religion demands that people tolerate it's intolerance. Many people are under the impression that the church is doing good things..they have had the wool pulled over their eyes..they are influenced by church PR. Mainstream christianity keeps a lot of what it does secret..a lot of skeletons in the closet..A lot of it's business practices laundered through church public relations. When a church goes on a mission to feed the third world with donated food you believe thats truly a good thing..but when you find out they are going their with donated food to get labor out of the people which they pay using donated food...using donations as a form of currency to get the locals to dig through junkyards or to dig irrigation's not exactly them feeding the third world. The salvation army takes your donations as well and then sells them to the poor and needy for their quarters. They are a business using donations as their product. Not really that decent after all. When they harass women for getting abortions or people for being homosexual..they are yet again forming mobs to harass people into sub ordinance. They violate basic rights in this country and they demand that this country allow them to do so. Even the tyrannical British Empire wouldn't allow those Puritans to run around accusing people of witchcraft for plain old extortion and then burning them alive if they didn't fall in line, but in America they can get away with that bullshit. Before long they are preaching to their fearful brainwashed subservient audiences that there is an Evil Red man lurking in the woods. The free natives which no doubt threaten their enslaved society. Religions are psychopathic sociopathic manipulative criminal enterprises that feed off people's generosity and feed into irrational insane thinking while censoring true this day..much like how they imprisoned Galileo in a dungeon..his crime..he said the Earth wasn't the center of all creation which contradicted the bible..he was right, but they threw him in a dungeon. should we allow an organization that would do this to practice freely? Jefferson even stated that Christianity was the most perverse institution known to man..and he had good reason to state this. He would be rolling in his grave if he could see his country turn into another one of the pope's imperial powers. I have witnessed church mobs outside of abortion clinics calling the women entering them "Worthless whores" calling them "murderors" Protesting homosexual marriages with signs saying "God hates fags" They still stone people but these days they use words because they can get away with those blows. In the middle east however the church is stoning women alive for such grave crimes as SHOWING THEIR FACE IN PUBLIC. Non believers are called demon seeds without souls...because they haven't accepted Jesus Christ. Why would anyone tolerate such intolerable corrupt organizations? They are tyrannical. The church's wealth grew hugely during the colonial period because of the slave trade in which they built lavish churches of gold with great murals painted by the greatest artists because of all those "savages" that they kept in cages and sold on corners.

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