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The violent battering of women in videogames and sexism in videogames

is it just me but dont special forces usually haveshirts under their vests...
From fighting games to the hugely controversial beating of a hooker with a baseball bat in grand theft auto many videogames often have a sexist portrayal of females, not all games, but many feature women with ridiculously large busts in proportion with their waists. whats most disturbing is the stripper esque high heels skintight pants, and tubetop outfits some of these characters have. lets put the spotlight on tekken. the male fighters in tekken are muscular dressed normally whereas the females are in highheels miniskirts, and special polygonal attention is paid to their ts and as. when these characters take a beating from a male character its utterly freaks me out .. it must be horrific for battered pimped women watching a large muscular male beat the hell out of the prostitutish female sure pimps can send them a message with that hoe watch me beat the hell out of someone who personifies you

this woman is pitted against men like this

these women should have muscles...and for fucksake

shouldnt they too be in karate and ninja attire and not prostitute dresses. THEY ARE HOOKERS..AND THE MALE LEADS ARE PIMPS

they are in high heels for fucksake! who doesnt karate fight in highheels when these chartacters take a beating at the hands of some gigantic mass of they get tossed around in their highheels bouncing off he pavement...its a disturbing reflection of reality...when women are beaten and trafficked particularly sex trafficked...and these female leads are basically sexually objectified. not a single strong woman in the roster...everysingle female character is a piece of meat while the males tower over them. they spend time animating their tits jiggling their skirts flapping up to reveal their panties..they bow and bend over in their tight a horny man its awesome but it's also kind of trashy. i mean what the fuck is this.  seriously how bout  a female fighter not dolled up..not in a sexy outfit with some muscle.

there is the argument that videogames are a predominantly male venue...but perhaps thats because these companies have not made any serious attempt to appeal to any female audience besides making the brain damaging ultra pink barbi games which seriously insult any girls intelligence. i just took a look at my old n64 game no mercy. a wwf wrestling game..once again meek females wearing practically nothing are the only female characters to choose from and when they get beaten by large muscular men its disgusting. is it just me but should they have censored it so that males could not beat on the female characters. i mean am i the only one that finds that highly offensive particularly for a t rated this game you take these women in their bras and panties and throw them around the ring and their are all these rapish wrestling grapples..when you arent beating them with objects or punching them in the head..i can seriously see a pimp making his hoes watch him do this in the virtual world to send them a message in the real world.

a male fighter in mortal kombat:

a female fighter:

one is dressed for combat and built for combat...the.other is dressed for belly dancing..and seriously does she even have a hope in hell built the way she is against that type of nice they gave her a stripper pole for a weapon

its sexist not just for women but for men too. this is a skewed view of females
defined by how sexy they are thats about it

and thats also the reality on the streets. when women are muscled by pimps. some of these women are starved and overworked and the pimps are beefing up at the gym while the person who brings home their bacon is passed out from working all night with an empty stomach and his dirty dope in their bloodstream

give those women their dignity back

here is grand theft auto san andreas

in the game these women can be picked up for sex and killed. you can literally beat them to death with a baseball bat and take the money you paid them for sex back.

a real delicate and sensitive handling of the subject by the mob goons that produced this shit.

in god of war the female characters perform sex acts on the thuggish male lead to replenish his health

yet again like grand theft auto interactive female characters take on the role of prostitutes..its nice the mob companies behind this shit have roles for these women. i love kratos their thug gangsta lead

there are a few female leads out there that arent defined by their busts, but the market is saturated with this stripper hooker shit. sex is great but not when its some battered woman being forced to do it for her lowlife pimp master

women who are forced into these fields must really not like watching women like them getting beaten as entertainment this barbi bullshit fucks women up..they are pressured to be like this by and for pimps they are made to be obsessed with their beauty because of the pressure to be liked then when they dont know anything else they are called stupid...'bimbos' 'dumbblondes' etc etc in reality they are just as smart as their pimp man but they wont realize that after being told by these lowlifes who first pose as a boyfriend then shop them around and encourage them to sell themselves because they "gotta rely on their looks"  "god didnt give ya much but he gave you a great ass"  you should hear the type of shit they say to make women consider selling themselves.  meanwhile they get convinced that theyre dumb..cause you know pimps dont want them wandering off and naturally convince them they are brainless and so they see themselves portrayed as brainless as well by these female characters and their only redeeming qualities are that they are 'beautiful' and 'sexy' and they need money so...
come on and work for it baby with your "money maker" thats what they call the ass in these fucking degenerate backgrounds these people come from. now please im not sympathizing with every hooker out there some of these people are just looking to prey on lonely men and milk them and theyre fucking lowlifes that choose to do it..others have pimps who put them to work and take their pay.'duke nuke em' much like kratos in god of war and the grand theft auto and tekken gang is the role of the male as a brutish violent pimp...and the female as the sex object stripper/hooker
duke thinks we should just nuke em...really casual about it..hey duke maybe you should walk around the aftermath of hiroshima and pick up the bodies of dead civilians nah duke is too one dimensional for that..fuckin nuke em he says then sucks on his big tobacco like its bad ass and grabs a cool one from the fridge....oh looky looky an objectified female of course wrapped around his knees. the pimps callous demeanor and his objectification and sexist treatment of women is portrayed as with whatever drug he endorses..big tobacco and beer another staple in these games besides sex and drugs is gambling..gambling simulators so strippers....and poker..who produces these games? tony soprano? are they to generate business for the buddabing?  probably the government at this point..these are probably government games..the american flag the patriotism raising males to shoot...yeah duke is big and tough he gets all the like duke you teenage males..sign up and get shot in the fucking brain.  but hell when the government pays you you can get jack danials..marlboro cigarettes lose it in a game of poker and blow it on a stripper...yes blow your loads. "hail to the king"  an american flag as the background with the words hail to the king in the foreground...thats odd..didn't this country once fight against the king?  oh well duke is the king now..i swear ive been in the ghetto and some of these pimps carry know their pimp cains..and some of them even wear 100 percent serious..they have these cropped beards like a kings and im guessing they make their bitches kiss their rings.  hail to the king? fuck you duke "nuke em"  who the fuck makes this shit? there is that aspect of it then there is the aspect of those dukes just getting milked..i mean jesus you got a tobacco habit you gamble and you love strippers..hey you gotta enjoy life but fuck blow your wad already.  they charge for ass and pussy in this country.  some of these hustler women are hunting for money out there.."gold digging" others are doing it because if they don't they end up putting on their make up to cover their bruises..some do it because they're lazy and found out it's easy to make money off of hard working stiffs by following them around and harassing them trying to get them to want their fucking stinking ass and their big tits like were supposed to need that shit as a crack fix.  other women on the other hand do get told their stupid and dumb and bimbos and practically retarded and not good at anything because they arent smart and they dont have muscle like a man thus they are pressured to earn and guess what conclusion their masters draw for them..the only way to make money is to go out there and work that "money maker"  then these fucks who are probably too pussy to lay a hand on them say come on check out how good i am at tekken..and they pick out a female fighter in her prostitute clothing and beat the shit out of her right in front of their hoe.  a lot of these thugs threaten to hurt somebody and thats all it takes to make someone obey them because theyre scared.  every woman in tekken is dressed like a hooker..not slightly but exactly like a sex doll in victorias secret or some skin tight dress.  meanwhile the men are in full fighting attire..seriously ive seen female body builders why not show a woman who really can go toe toe with a man..nah but these fucks dont show their mentality is 1950..god created eve to serve and please adam.  god is a man the little woman dont need to vote and if she talks back she gets the ol back hand.  they still have a lot of women down in this age..."bimbo" "dumb blonde"  what the fuck..they constantly remind these women that their dumb..mocking their voices..getting angry at them over how stupid they are. then they start to see women as dumber than men and groups of men that use these women love that mentality.  when you watch wwf the women are on the muscle man's arm the crowds cheer for them to show their tits..the only matches they are in are "bra and panty" matches where they fight to rip eachothers clothes off. they basically have two women trying to rape eachother..maybe its arrousing but i dont like seeing a woman struggling while someone else rips off her clothes          
but i mean hell its all in good fun..i mean whats wrong with forcibly ripping a woman's clothes off?  wwf..jesus christ an audience of teenagers stone cold a popular wrestler comes out with a beer truck and sprays the crowd with beer.  he chugs beers in the ring..its all about beer.  yeah after beating someone down i need a beer! kids watch this shit..retards in the ghetto that have ten kids watch the shit with their baby's mamma before lighting up a blunt and hitting the basketball courts  to meet up with their crew to look for somebody to muscle or intimidate.  toddlers watch this shit.  yeah beer and tobacky! and ripping a ladies clothes off! woo hoo!  lets git a gun and nuke dem terrorist sons a bitches so we can afford a dodge hemi!  the people this country arms and gives authority over there...i feel sorry for the iraqis.  dont worry arab women we know you are oppressed in the middle east forced to hide your faces and wear those long robes but dont worry we'll get you tearing eachothers clothes off and obsessed with your bodies in no time.  why don't they have muscular female fighters in tekken? because thats not sexy? like that would keep their game from selling? sex its more like they sell kids..who play arcade games..for a quarter.  yes yes when i was a young man it captured my really did and thats how they try to get those quarters. then we grow up and its time to be a real man and go on down to the strip club only now we work right so instead of lunch money quarters its work week twenties and fifties..and of course there's cheap beer to get us loose and spending.  fucking disgusting. this industry is fucking disgusting..not because there is anything wrong with tits and asses..there's nothing wrong with us loving sex there's nothing offensive about our nude bodies..but to use that human impulse to get money..its exploitation...on both sides by making these women work as sex slaves and to get these men to pay as sex slaves.  what the fuck i mean where is the good government to step in and say wait a minute just what are these assholes using their killer instinct arcade machines for..what is tekken all about..what kind of culture are they raising us in...but i guess in this country its laissez fair hands off the fucking market let them be userp wealth by being manipulative lowlifes...let them target and exploit people. holy shit this is a "fighting" videogame yet not one of these female characters look like a fighter. maybe they dont want these women to know that you actually can fight back..ive seen people stringing together these combos in which the other player doesnt get in a single hit.  they show it off.  and when these female characters inflict damage they scoff.."yeah right" they say.  and its true these women are not muscular they are dressed awkwardly...but women can be just as big as men...but not these little women who starve themselves and become emaciated or who smoke cigarettes because it keeps them from being hungry who spend all this time staring in the mirror stroking their hair feeling like a princess trapped in a castle ol cinderella scrubbing her family's floors.  waiting for her prince to show up in his "dope ride"  his magic pumpkin his white stallion..and to whisk them off to a party. i mean are women even allowed to play football?  ive heard these misogynists mock women's sports.  ive had sexist peers telling girls as if its funny that they belong in the kitchen.  some girls care so much about their looks..they waste money on products and want plastic surgery because of their tits or lips it is fucking not healthy.  they hate their hips or their fucking lip hair..they spend all this time and energy on their makeup and their outfits a large portion of their time is wasted.  they prepare for parties where they are around drunk assholes like it really means somthing. they have to look cool for the approval of these lowlifes that dump beer on them or mock them.  its sad they have fragile self esteems because of these social circles that abuse them casually and they think nothing of it...but once the fun and games are over and they have to make the money to pay the real world rent they find adds in trendy newspapers about being nude models or dancing and the sex industry starts to become a real way to make its some great possibility..  then when these thugs get these women they start handling them roughly..they start treating them very badly..they call it breaking them know putting them in their place making them subordinate..but hey the money is good right so they tolerate the violence..they tolerate being forced to blow some thug who gags them on his dick and slaps their ass hard then pushes them out of the car and says "git off me bitch..hoe you is a freak..dat shit is disgusting!" they call them "hoe, trick, slut, whore, skank, freak, bitch"  jesus fuck you better believe they can break you with words and keep you down..."nasty skeezy is a freak hoe! dats a good need somthing bitch i got sumthin fer yoo hoe and they give them some sex drug"  you should hear how these fucking lowlifes talk to these women and handle them..ive seen enough porn ive seen this shit captured on film how they handle some of these women..choking them as they fuck them..pulling their hair..gagging them on their penis..slapping them spitting on practically gives me erectile dysfunction...  they should have their fucking tongues cut out and their balls lopped off... its a fucked up world people.  i look at these videogames that i paid 60 dollars for as a a teenager and they are cheap pieces of shit..and i came from a poor middle class family and i dished out 60 bucks or my mom did because i wanted these pieces of shit so much because they looked so cool so advanced..and i look at them now and its like those mother fuckers robbed me with this trash and look at the shit in them.  its fucking awful.  sexist..stupid..full of adds..what the fuck shit is this!  the sex industry is in videogames..big fucking see all these games with busty women who sexually serve the male protagonist to "refill his health"  young males play those games and they'll love that shit.  and a lot of these males are fucking warped and exploited as well by these females in the sex industry..they too become sexual objects. this masogynistic shit god of war shows have this violent thug as the hero who murders and murders who snarls and has some asshole demeanor and for a break to increase his life meter he fucks these women then he's done with them.  this shit is fucked.  what can i say i used to go to the arcade after was within walking distance and its basically like somthing carnees must have pay to play these games that cheat to make you lose. there are racing videogames in which you have to make it to the end within the timelimit or else you cannot continue..while driving cars in the passing lane as they pass you..suddenly swerve and hit you spinning you out..keeping you from making them timelimit..but thats ok because if you cant make it in time you can just add another quarter to continue. they have these games that give you tickets and they sell worthless shitty prizes just like at a carnival. and as i said the sex industry is at work here..its a seedy place for kids to be..lurking outside the malls back exit were drug dealers hanging out..drug dealers hanging out in the mall right outside the music shop selling gangster rap..and lets not forget the cool sweatshop clothes right?  its "fun" right.,.like the ol carnival who doesnt love going to the ol' carnival..then you find out the games are rigged the carnees deal drugs on the side and are criminals..the rides arent safe..but this is the bullshit they give us to pay for..for entertainment..what companies took the carnival formula..and applied it to kids games. hell we can fix the games to get them to lose.  what sleezebag came up with that...hell we can put strippers and hookers as the female characters in the games..what sleezeball came up with that one...hell we can put adds in their face while they play..what sleezebag came up with that one?  we can sell the game to them at the store a few shops over for 60 bucks...its like they can play this shitty game thats barely fun for a 60 second dose all the time! just tell them in the videogame magazines that its the funnest game out for that system they bought that hardly has any games..who are these fucking jerks behind this shit?

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