Thursday, May 17, 2012

legal drug dealers and criminal marketting

a popular kids book
a popular kids character
funny puppets
these are just a few examples and im sure many of you are skeptical or not convinced..that.these are coincidents. i assure you. research drug companies and marketors in conjunction with how they target specific demographics..they also do quite a bit to covertheir own tracks...using subliminal imagery...example:
your not seeing things that arent there folks he is smoking that. tbe smoking blunt is subliminal used to hide the advertizing of smoking to the kids..i mean the targeted demographic. drink responsibly folks despite the fact that companies market binge drinking as cool and or fun
here comes the coor's beer train..throw some coal in its engine to induce vomitting. how much you drank at a party was actually somthing to brag about back in highschool..having a tolerance was considered cool. aka encouraging irresponsible drinking it makes you loose you spend more money and so on deplorable marketting tactics. the marketors responsible for these types of tactics should be thrown in jail if some thugs had a keg they were regarded as cool.,.synonomous with beer as cool. cool by assosciation with beer i started drinking with friends as a teenager. we thought it was cool..thought it was fun...i was impressionable wonder why? big tobacco does the same shit. using cartoon characters to push cigarrettes. they literaly make candy cigarettes with a cartoon characters face on the front..honestly these drug companies are as loathsome as crack dealers alcohol is for 21 and up but big alcohol markets it heavily at teenage demographics..and they make a killing off of the under 21 crowd..and a majority of that crowd ends up fucked up because of big alcohol...from unwanted near rapes, and other accidents big tobacco...used the flinstones,the jetsons, and other cartoon characters to advertize cigarettes to kids. they still do using less blatent methods in order to do so..and thats a whole other story...with big tobacco advertizing smoking using tucan sam etc etc. the point isthese drug dealing rackets need to be exposed for their deplorable corrupt criminal marketting tactics. they operatein a gray area that if you could see in the light of day you would recognize instantly as criminal this intel brought to you by ian e "huenoun"

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