Tuesday, May 29, 2012

comedy thats so insensitive its tragedy part 2

here is a slightly old post from another one of my blogs Bucky Larson is coming out this week, and it is the latest in a long line of films that tease, make a mockery of, and humiliate kids out there for having dorky haircuts, buckteeth, uncool clothes, and other quirks that are deemed uncool by the industry. This mocking should not hurt feelings because hollywoods definition of cool seems to be a drug dealing pimp AKA snoop dogg…orJoe Camel. Hollywood produces these mean spirited works all the time…from Joe Dirt mocking poor kids to Bruno mocking gays and Napoleon Dynamite mocking those kids that just don’t fit in for their clothing or their glasses or the way they talk, and they encourage kids to laugh when those kids are picked on. Numerous films make fun of the mentally retarded like Something about Mary and Tropic Thunder..dave chappel making fun of a homeless crack head…they sure know how to kick people when they are down. This type of comedy is entirely inappropriate not because of nudity or penis jokes, but because it is just plain old making fun of someone. It’s malicious. Bullying is a big problem in America. From kids getting bullied in schoolyards and gangs bullying people on the streets to the elderly being bullied by nursing home staff…the problem is a little bit out of hand when hollywood endorses it. hollywood contributes to schoolyard bullying...and the formula is the same here is bucky larson
here is joe dirte
here is napoleon dynamite
they repeat the formula to a tee and there are many more examples..the idea is the character is made fun of because of their hair, their clothing, other attributes..like their accent, their teeth, their background,their ears, their glasses..whatever etc etc..the joke is on them. the idea is that through heavy scrutiny and harrassment kids are pressured o go buy trendy mall clothes and to get trendy mall haircut styles because if they dont they are teased...thats why the industry produces these movies. these films encourage it. why? kids demand these trendy clothes out of desperation from their parents..they dont even want them they need them..in order to avoid abuse at the hands of their peers in schools. ive witnessed it and experienced it ive been teased and took part in teasing..kids deemed uncool are teased day after day from 8 oclock till 3 monday through friday its not even teasing its bullying..teasing makes it sound harmless...its harrasment. this happens in a place where learning is supposed to be occuring..but instead bullying does..bullying that is untill they change into cool. its disgusting, but the industry doesnt care..the clothes are all overpriced sweatshop made shit as well. another example of the abuse these corrupt industries are engaged in. however no matter how shitty they are they are deemed cool and so people need them because they getmuscled into buying them..or else they get bullied.its how they create a demand for trash. they got some real trendy overpriced sweatshop shit and if you aren't into it you get teased...seems to work on the kids..is there really a choice for them? from my experience the majority of students take part in teasing for these reasons...even good decent nice students do so because its cool because they dont want to be teased..and so it is also considered cool to take part in it. its essentially mob mentality. howeverthis is not to excuse bullies. some bullies are under no pressure, know exactly wha they are doing are deliberatly cruel and encourage/enforce that their cruelty is cool. these "trend setters" bring cigarettes to school toencourage smoking...skip classes undermine teachers undermine learning in general and beat other classmates. these menaces dictate what is cool and they werent under the influence of peer pressure but rather go to school to create an environment of peer pressure...essentially hijacking it from the teachers as a place to learn into a place where they push their business..kids who are bullied emd up distracted misled and deprived of the educational aspects of school and instead become accustomed to a 9 to 5, learn to accept and cope with abusive higher ups..and to focus on smoking or drinking orsomthingas an escape.a populaiur technique used by bullies is to convince those under their influence that school is dumb and uncool meanwhile the bully preaches that cigarettes and cheap beer and the bullies brands are whats cool and in no time that kid will be going nowhere in life and working in the minimum wage field most likely still around bullies. bullying is essentially dominance of another person. in its most extreme forms its used to make someone feel like a second class citizen to even make the subservient or slave like to the bully. kids who are bullied in school for being poor..for being white "trash" for having generic clothing etc etc end up seeing this type of teasing unfold on the big screen. just what is this society. this country regarding them as.  an under class that is free to abuse and degrade?  yep.

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