Sunday, June 3, 2012

silence of the lames

psychitric abuse in fields where health care fraud exists involves deliberate debilitation of the patient. high doses of drugs in conjunction with abuse combined and abuse that is inflicted while the person is delirious from such high doses impairs thepersons ability to function leaving them exhausted and disorganized. emotional abuse inflicted someone can literaly be emotionallycrippled, degredationetc etc when health care providers or abusive guardians do this they get away with it because the scars from the damage theyinflict are on the the drugs make the victim in a detached state unable to report the abuse because they are unable to think with the drugs blocking certain receptors. if the victim has a case they fish for it or put them in restraints and tell them to 'dropit' literally referring to their case...itsobstructing justice..andpurging the evidence out of their system..if they want their rights and have a case their behavoir is considered bad..only until they drop it are they left alone.. they brainwash them to say the treatment helped them while blocking any of their objections..literally blocking them/ theyliterally get into their heads and make their bodies strung out and sick in some cases they would 'tap' them for drugs and hormones...taking spinal fluids taking testosterone..then selling those and then billing the patient after robbing them. taking these vital bodily fluids also cripples the patient. these doctors are not heros like on er or gray's anatomy. they rip people off.they kill them then try to bill them..theywill say sane people are crazy..

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