Friday, July 6, 2012

the black panthers in buffalo

the black panthers break down into the bloods and the crips..basically obstructing people by getting in their blood and crippling them..meanwhile for public relatins they claim to be fighting for racial equality and that they are trying to 'educate' people...nope they may find a white person..rob them then say your people robbed us for thousands of years..white man's burden shit..a common socipathic criminal tactic//offense is the best defense..they assault someone..violate them then act offended by that if their victim had done somthing wrong to them.. some fat cats, aint white and they aint in washington 'schoolin' they may call someone white trash, honkey, cracker, if that person responds with nigger then that person who did not start it is them the bad guy these drug dealing,slum lord..pimps rule with an iron fist thats what that fist stands for panthers stalk..they find white kids in the city and they assume different identities to seem decent then they threaten,follow,and harass them 'gang stalking' the bloods and the crips work together..their common enemy is the law their objective is to kill juste police..meanwhile they cause some pc fiasco because of rodney king..preaching to us to be sensitive when they are literally working on killing us!

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