Sunday, July 15, 2012

ihave readers in russia///how awesome is that

russia...iloveyou. let me tell you peoplefirstly how awesome and impressive you peopleare to people are geniuses regarding how fucked up this country actually is. problems like censorship of the press occur here in this country...yet this country criticizes russia for that shit.companies own people. there are churches involved inbrainwashing..these problems arent in the ussr they exist in the usa...some of us are oblivious. ...from sputnik//to the antanov andtyphoon submarines..your country wows me,you people make incrediblee stuff..i am as amazed by your country's achievements as the usas..i never bought into the evil empire bullshit..i think you people have very relevant important things to say about capitalism and problems within the usa that evil doers in this country try to drown out...then they blame their evils on you. they try to get us to not listen to you guys like you're the enemy... when we couldbecomrades. your country has been so slandered to us in the west and im sure you have problems but the west is shit too. we have gangs,monopolies,organized crime,inequalities etc etc the usa is very fucked up as well.. russians enlightenus. iwasnt raised during that red scare i was spared a lot of bullshit...still iven seen numerous films where russians are the bad guys..its fucked up..these charactures of russians..films portray you as these heartless tyrants..just look at rocky4.its absurd. thats not how russian/soviet people are. i think both of our countries should criticize the injustices going on in both of our countries..i hope your country does a better job handling crime than this one..i hope your government doesnt label freedom fighters as criminals or something fucked up or oppressive like that...from what i hear there is a large russian mafia..the us is crawling with crime...there are literally millions of gang members in all us cities...these thugs work with organized crime families that work with numerous corrupt organizations that do business in the us..thiscountry..has one hell of a corruption problem..i hope your country is doing better. cops are killed in this are hooked on drugs workers are traded like stock..monopolies are out of is scamming people..pimps are adored by the rackets in this country..they put degenerate thugs on stage like people to be worshiped...its a mess.the country cant even control the streets. they have a thousand of these thugs and cartels in every town..raping..pimping..dealingpoison..attacking the homeless for christsake..forcingthem to do free labor because they have no safety on the streets. this country is so fucked up

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