Saturday, July 21, 2012

my father used his medical license to supply drug dealers with pharmaceuticals

he used to claim that me and my sister suffered from chronic migraines...we did not...we never recieved any codeine for these headaches as well...instead my father sold the codeine to drug dealers. these dealers would then crush it and say it was cocaine to keep people off the trail as a powder it was a powder people thought it was from south amerca when it was really from a doctors office two miles away. he wrote so many prescriptions his practice finally came under he posed as a junky..assumed an addicts identity and claimed all those scripts were for himself...he lost hs medical license but did not go to jail..he was a tricky fuck..and made a lot of criminal connections across wny..on paper he was bankrupt but he hadtons of cash and paid the right people. he made partners with chinese criminls in the restaurant biz who to the best of my knowledge delivered it in adays this typeofcrime is known about..this was in the early to mid 90s prior to the widespread abuse of hydrocodone and is very much like hydrocodone was essentially passable as co-cain visually and was populuar on the still is..and has a moderately high street value..its too bad.fredsjunky routine was all bullshit,,howtheseinvestigaters fell for it baffles me...but he put on quite a show..making deliberate public displays of drunken spread word around town that he was an addict..such as collapsing in a crowded restaurant on a friday night..gettingup and making a scene.or meeting with legitimate patients.disheveled with stubble etc etc it was quite the performance. meanwhile my mother was giving the cash to friends of the family through."antique buys' hundreds of dollars for wooden chairs that were worth nothing then selling themback when she needed the cash..'trading' "collectibles" with complete bullshit worths..theywould use the buy to launder the exchange. then she would sell them for a profit to account for the drug money which was made from selling drugs not because her chair increased in value. these antiques were worth jack shit recorded estimates of pieces ranged from 20 to a thousand dollars depending on the 'condition' which they interpreted for themselves. completely just pretending to be antique trading when it was moving drug cash...sorry dad but fuck those creeps

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