Sunday, July 8, 2012

the disgusting healthcare industry

from elderly people sitting for hours in their own excrment...patients being molested..psych patients being tortured...thugs hired as staff and nurses..doctors lining their pockets you know what they are giving the elderly for their pain..pot.. i can godown the street and get pot for 10 dollars right now...but im sure 'medical marijuana is sold at a much higher price'what will the healthcare gangsters come up with next,,,hell give them some malt industry. the reason they give them dope is because it makes them content with the volatile environment they are in...makes them 'clam up' clam baked...happy as aclam..all clammed up. then it makes them lose their memory...makes them forget what happened to their entire social security check...but then that is just diagnosed as alzheimers. lets go to the gas station and get them 40ozs of malt liqour. we'll say its 'medical malt liqour and charge 400percent more than what its worth..healtcare its overpriced and cheap. there are people under the impression that the healthcare industry is doing research on marijuana to see if it has any medical uses to treat diseases..essentially what theyve done was take marijuana and put it in pill form. so now people can pop more more ash or conveinent...when they use it to 'treat' diseases its just like booze numbs someone if they are in chronic pain. people who are under the influennce of healthcare pr have the impression theyre researching marijuana and prescribing it to cure disease..its not curing anything it merely makes the patient high so that they cant feel their pain..these arent miraculous developments...meanwhile they produced marijuana pills aka marinol which will no doubt be a hot commodity. healthcare is cheap but they drain bankacounts for cheap surgeries but guess what..if someone's life is on the line..then they can charge that life savings..they bill the shit out of them. then these asshle doctors that took asacred oath are driving large..while draining peopleslife savings for treatments peoplecould be doing themselves.however these asshols print these medical books in their own convoluted latinized bullshit to make it out of common people's comprehension...theres nothing complicated about it... hollywood portrays these doctors as life savers on er and graysanatomy...its complete bullshit. they arent heros. these abusive nurses are paid to lift a spoon to someone's mouth...somebody who is utterly terrified of them. then they walk around in their crip blue scrubs like they are saving people. ive witnessed how roughly they handle eldry people behind closed doors..dragging them into bathrooms while they scream bloody murder...demeaning them for having an accident...pulling their pants down and aggresively..roughly wiping them for losing their bowels...staff kicking open their doors while they are sleeping. they are so doped from those pills they cnnt even make comprehensible speach..thats no how are they supposed to tell people they are being abused? ever see that commercial with the egg being fried...this is your brain on drugs...they deliberately give them overdoses until there jaw is agape and drool is running down their mouth. then they claim thats just senility...or..insnity plastic surgery is another prime example of how so called experts exploit their patients...essentially charging to deform people with low self esteem and poor self image..leaving them totally deformed...women who want abnormally large breasts and lips etc etc have negative self images brought on by cruel peers and hollywood..which wants them to be barbi dolls..these people are easy prey for plastic surgeons. a doctor should know what is and isnt women abnormally large breasts..deforming their faces..isnt healthy..i thought these doctors took an oath? turns out those deformities finance their Mercedes payments..for every one deformed person...burnvictim...they save theyre are 10 people who they give nosejobs to...100people that they stuff with silicone they will squeese as much out of you as possible..thts what the constrictors symbolize...your life is on the line..sotheyll squeeze out eveything with that fear of death

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