Monday, July 9, 2012

i had friends in high school that made fun of the mentally retarded

what the hell is wrong with us?  my friend laughed his head off mocking the special ed kids.laughing at how they walked and moved..often imitating them./meanwhile he is able bodied.. only now i understand..' how fucked up and how much pain those'retards'must be facing.everysingle fucking day. theres nothing funny about it it's actually mortifying... sounds pretty obvious. but not back then.

...but i come from asshole land a hugely insensitive background with lowlife peers pushing drugs and teasing people. kids that talk aboutbhow great shitty gangsta rap is. gangsta rap..mocking the retarded hailing cheap beer and eating up asshole gangsta pimps on the radio. im from a degenerate delinquent mob run shithole. kids that make fun of other kids for being retarded or for being poor or uncool should be SUSPENDED. thats what happens in this shitty fucked up country..these schools are warped.  .kids making fun of retarded people. what the fuck!?  but it's not just us.. howard stern did did comedy central...its utterlydisgusting.seems this behavoir is prevalent in america. stern would laugh at real life mentally retarded people he would have on his show...he also mocks pill popping drunk strippers and porn stars..its fucking horrendous.... those are the types of atrocities that happen in this for the retarded or brain damaged they are segregated from the rest of us..given blocks and coloring order for us to understand these diseases without being spoonfed bullshit from some company book we need to be with these people ...we need to interact with them..not segregated from them...the scary fact is they are just like us only suffering horribly..the fact that groups of kids mock,tease,and stereotype these people is essentially as cold hearted as hitler youth beating down jews..but more disturbing why are adults in the media getting us to laugh at these people...howard stern. well what can you expect from that fucking sleeze bagretarded people as butts for jokes..from somthing about mary, private parts, tropic thunder..there are many more examples..this is what these adults are producing for us..movies teasing..mocking the retarded. what kind of warped shit is that?! howard stern . he had "retarded jeopardy" featuring real life mentally retarded people. in school kids made fun of these kids used retard as a derogatory insult.and hollywood encourages this shit..//these are grown adults making fun of retarded these stupid movies.and shows I go into it further in another one of my posts called "comedy thats so insensitive its tragedy".what in the hell.they should be hung for that shit. howard stern is such a scumbag mob fuck and he frequently used retards for cheap laughs on his e show..from retard jeapardy to hi pitch eric to "beetle juice"  .that shit trickles down.I watched howard stern's e show in high school and laughed at that trash...and we took part in that fucked up inhumane behavoir..i had a manager who made fun of anther retarded employee..the culture and society im from is fucking degenerate and delinquent.

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