Tuesday, July 17, 2012

gang rapist pimp thug dope pushers using white man's burden

there are gangs and criminal organizations that claim they have a humanitarian agenda...to end racism..to fight poverty and people fall for it because these gangstas stole decent identities they may rob someone and if they are white they may claim your people robbed us for hundreds of years..slandering the person and adding insult to injury essentially blaming whites who have also suffered from discrimination...poverty.. and slavery for slavery. that is ignored and they are persecuted because they are white..and also robbed these gangs are extremely racist and then preach against it. one racist black told me whites are responsible for all of slavery for all of history...nevermind the egyptians enslavement of the jews...slavery in china..ancient maya etc etc...no,no its all white peoples fault. fact is a lot of these blacks own slaves today..their bitches and hoes. that they claim theyare educating when theyare robbing and hustling them..their idea o0f educating is brainwashing and dictating

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