Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oppression of jews in this country

bigots and supremacists in this country have many criminal conspiracies blaming the worlds problems on rich jewish bankers. jews are mercilessly stereotyped on television..and supremacist power groups are adamantly racist towards jews. christian whitepower power islam groups beat on the jews.these american nazis are just as intolerant towards jews as the nazis...they look at jewsas peopleto rob...and these lowlifes are often associated with the christian church. comedy central mocked t he something to laugh at it doesnt get anymore sadomasochistic than that ive heard thse lowlife delinquent racist thugs claiming that the holocaust was a about disgusting. it seems like nazis are still holding power...and in america! these christian mobsters will assault jews harrass jews then tell their victim 'you killed our lord' many of them are black power fucks who say this stuff as christians then say more slanderous things as muslims...both christian and muslim "you killed OUR lord?" firstly...notheydidnt this is a common con artist tactic they attack someone then they say its somthing that person did to them..theycover their tracks..playing 'offense' they assault someone then get offended by them..offense is the best defense for these sociopathic violent scumbags.. they are the ones abusing people not the other way around...these criminals know this..its apart of their sociopathic manipulations the jews didnt kill jesus...thats antisemetic propaganda these christian mbsters that preach their shit are generally sexist,racist,classist theyre carrying out inquisitions and pogroms today in america..its ironic because when you look at black power its a racial supremacy movement in which theyre all raising their fists in the air in unison just like nazis and they DO GO AFTER JEWS...hmmm kind of a coincidence right? i have read their propaganda its all about how jews are rich and jews rule the world..its not some white supremacist that writes this shit its some crip or blood..its very odd. they preach that stuff and people in the ghetto listen. theyll preach that the cia is spreading aids to kill the black man etc etc or that the government deals crack when thats what theyre doing and yes they attack jews with racism and god knows what else

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