Friday, October 11, 2013

so i went into a "Vape shop" the other day and checked out e cigarettes

"We got all sorts of flavors man MountainDew vapor...Koolaid vapor..rocking raspberRY!"  yeah theyre not trying to get kids on this shit i thought...koolaid flavor!?  or maybe theyre just trying to target my own innner child.  anyways i went along with the sales routine..."so this is safer than tobacco right no tar no carcinogens?"  I asked.  "Absolutely" the kid said...when actually vaping may be just as toxic with chemicals in their vapor such as glycol and propylene. GLYCOL and PROPYLENE..does this help smokers...the guy was really into getting people crazy about "vaping" it rocks man! try a pretty sure they want "vape" addicts so they can cash in on all these flavors of theirs.  im sure they got people vaping like fiends coming in everyday for a new bottle..oh today ill try peach flavored gel..tomorrow itll be "smurf piss"  ha ha how quirky with those names how edgy.  he says to me im not sure how "smurf piss" tastes but ive heard its excellent...excellent he burns and has a plastic like taste..this is fucking great right. yeah man its SAFE..according to my burning throat and the film on my teeth it doesnt feel safe.

Thursday, October 10, 2013 segregation

no football for the girls
on the job theyre upfront as cashiers
or in the deli or in the bakery
the stock floor is the boys club
the manager deems
no mixed sex teams
seperate those pottys
cover those mamories
we want to sell those
to those gals after our bullies
are through making them insecure about their bodies
pump them full of silicon
her breasts were just fine the way they were
no need for a padded bra
but the scumbags call the girls flat chested boy
till theyre ashamed of themselves
they like them bought and paid for
buy a barbi doll if youre a girl
if you're a boy you get a gi joe
if you want to play with the other sex's model then youre gay
paint them entirely pink or entirely blue
thugs calling them bimbos, and dumb blondes
everytime they say somthing
when they fucking think or ask a question
meanwhile they tell the boys dont you ever cry
thats what girls do..pussy bitch
im so tired of this fuckin' shit
oh theyre at war with us through our sexes
sexually objectifying our bodies
when we're just starting to develop
their pressure works for some plastic surgeon prick
who dares to call himself a doctor
while he's deforming his patients
pumping collagen into their lips
breaking their noses and repositioing them
then charging them ten twenty fifty thousand
for each procedure so he can drive a mother fucking lexus
insecurity it works
all these porn pages with advertizments for drugs
to get a bigger dick
they show pictures of penises so large theyre deformed
as if that's supposed to be good
they do it with both genders
enlargements reductions whatever
they do em
for a charge of course
while they go on telling one girl
she's got no tits they tell another one
your tits are too big looks like you've got utters
you should get those "fixed"
do you see what I'm saying
do you understand it
causing insecurity for a profit

Monday, October 7, 2013


racial supremacists are white and black. there are supremacists that teach black kids their own forms of racial supremacisms.  to bash on whites.   the message is to put people down.  black supremacism is basically centered around how whites are inferior that they caused slavery and that they should be humble and serve blacks for what they did to them.  they push that poor whites who are the ancestors of oppressed white immigrants who were too discriminated against were never oppressed that they are white trash that owes blacks for what THEY did to them. this incidentally makes those whites hates blacks which works for white supremacy groups. when those whites bashed by supremacists turn to a supremacist of their race they which teach them to hate whoever they deem the oppressor all blacks, jews, foreign countries and further destroys their humanity.  black supremacists take part in white supremacism laughing at the holocaust claiming" those inferior whites deserved what they do to eachother.  they are barbaric and always at war with eachother" and that whites are keeping africans down..they blame whites for EVERYTHING..crack cocaine cause of whites...nevermind the mexican cartels the colombian drug lords..."white people dihd dat shit"  slavery?  never mind the chinese dynastic rulers or the pharoes of egypt no no  "white people invented dat because they want the whole world kept down"  and they hold that innocent whites who were too owned should be held responsible for slavery and that they should be indebted to those blacks. see white mans burden. their anti white rhetoric which makes oppressed blacks follow this tune of hate.  racists are black AND white. its true.  there are black gangs beating on anyone who is a "homo" they mock men as gays and faggots for crying.  they mercilessly abuse their bitches and their hoes which they make their slaves.  when they say nigger they mean slave. they no longer mean a negro but its rather a term meaning their bitch or their slave or their hoe.  they do this in the ghettos and crime run inner city areas while white supremacists practice this in the rural country and they are both apart of a network of slave owning scumbags..bashing on someone making them into a "humble servant" and then pushing them around as a group to make money off of them.  i have been robbed and told "we takin our money back. you rich off our ass" when i am broke.  they discriminate against women, against men, against people's ethnos.  black supremacists also say when they are racist "no blacks are NEVER racists thats you people." ive been told you whites are incapable of loving other people but yourselves thats why you're all HICK "INBRED" white "TRASH"  hillbillies. they say these things as absolute truths to whoever is under their influence.  they both hate jews...what they drill into the heads of their victims is dont be a dirty jew..that jews covet their money and are greedy the lesson is don't covet YOUR money rather give it to us if you don't you are then a dirty covetous greedy jew.  if you love your fellow man dearly or are disgusted by these men who pimp and sell women you are a sick queer who HATES women and are a faggot...a fairy who likes little boys.  they do terrible slanderous things  their aim is to define you as a monster when they are monstrous.  it makes you look like the people's enemy. gangs...klans..they are the same exact thing. im telling you people they practice the same bigotry on THEIR streets in THEIR communities and they do have slaves black and white. while they turn their victim into them they try to turn themselves into their victim adopting a loving stance one that has brotherly relations in the public eye..someone who is charitable and decent often as a christian movement to promote their organizations so that they appeal to other people.  they throw around the word nigger but if a white says nigger they say no you don't use that word thats our word, censoring you, if you call them nigger for calling you white trash then they call you somthing much worse...racist when you were merely trying to fight fire with fire.

my proverbs

they have people that they hustle. that they fool into parting with their money. then they call those people fools saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" damning their victims further. a fool is someone who is fooled it may not necessarily mean they are "foolish" they may be fooled and told not to do anything foolish by the people who fool them when the definition they are told as something foolish is not in fact what foolish is and they are fooled again. because they are not avoiding foolishness but just being fooled further. foolishness may be forced on someone. they may be pressured to not be so serious, to give it up, to quit, using peer pressure to make them be a fool so that these hustlers can fool them.  then they mock them "YOO FOO!" fooling them into thinking its their fault. a doctor may use trust to make a fool, dress up in his white coat put his degree on the wall and act sincere to fool you into thinking your sick and he's trying to help.  then he takes away your rights and locks you up and puts you on a dose that cripples you.  he will fool you into thinking that he will help you but after his treatment is through you won't even remember your name wont even be able to stop from pissing yourself, you'll be so sick you won't know what to do and he'll have gotten another patient that he can charge for or collect off of.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

abuse of people diagnosed with mental disorders in the usa

companies with pharmacies and treatment centers claiming to want to help the "mentally ill" also incidentally produce prejudice films portraying them as serial killers, maniacs, psychos..people that are violent and dangerous because of little devils on their shoulders...slandering these human beings and aggresively discriminating and stereotyping them

this is how dc comics portrays the "schizophrenic" eyes, sharp teeth..
.this movie depicts people who are ravenous and deranged who attack people..the solution they are put down with shotguns
 horror movies such as jason, psycho depict a crazy "psycho" if crazy people just want to murder people for no reason as if thats the way "crazy" people are.

why do "crazy" people become violent? abuse that goes on behind closed doors, harrasment, and in self "treatment" centers when a patient fights back they are classified as violent and taken down. they are then shocked until they become "docile"

while the media depicts these people as monsters they simultaneously make them the butt of jokes on shows like south park and the simpsons. people on the streets easily get away with abusing these people or threatening them then telling them that doesnt happen you whacko one will believe your crazy lunatic ass.

this is electro shock torture used all over america in "treatment" facilities and wards.  it is horrific excrutiating torture that leaves people mentally damaged and catatonic. this is done when patients refuse their medication or fight back when abused by staff. no doubt all of this should make a person "mad" the threat of this treatment is enough to make people take medication that makes them sick and produces severe symptoms.  overdoses are often prescribed that leave the patient so exhuasted that they end up crippled, this is known as "immobilizing" them.  they cannot even get up they are so weak. these drugs block serotnin and dopamine receptors also known as pleasure receptors so these people live without gratification from anything. they do not enjoy food, they do not feel good. they even loose their own feelings. but they have no choice to swallow those pills or else they will be shocked.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

poem i wrote

show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll tell you mine for sun
and we''ll have twice as many things to discuss

take me on the hunt
lets drink the deer's blood
together we'll be one
and dance
natives from europe
natives from america
we're together again
we'll give thanks
just because
it feels good to be with eachother
it's been a long time
since you went east and i went west
but here we are meeting again
let's make love
before they try to divide us
break up our family again
separate us
with our tongues or our eyes or our colors
we'll be in love
with eachother
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll share mine for sun
and we'll have twice as many things
to discuss
together we'll run
from those conquistadors
I don't want to be puritan
and you don't belong on a reservation
it's been a long time but here we are
you went East and I went west
and I'm seeing us
and I'm in love
let's share metal and maize
have a human family that grows great
I rejoice meeting my fellow man
It's good to see you
after so long
brothers and I'm doing a rain dance
and your shaking hands
we'll beat their thugs their gangs
their klans
I've brought the fiddle you've got the drums
they want this country
to be a holy kingdom
and they defiled europe
believe me they turned it so bad
we had to run
and they'll do it here
all over again
unload their slaves
and rape this virgin
wilderness that they want
for a plantation
for ted turner
so that he can roam his ten thousand acre ranch
while were crammed in a box
they say they only genocided indians
enslaved africans
no that was white
they did that to MY blood
here i am in the trench mud
getting blown apart
while they've got you on your
death march 
they're lynching me down south
and sweating me up north
they've got me fearing their lord
turned me into a servant
in salem
telling me the devil
is the red man
who will try to seduce you
then I guess I am
holy hell
we were getting along once
before they showed up
now were blaming eachother
for what they've done
let's roam
and europe
trade the feathers in our hair
trade spears
ride horses and use bows
you're so civil
and so wild
 they call you savage
as if its a bad thing
how dare
when they've got kids in cages
that they sell for farms
while their reclining in their mannors
fucking pig capos
oh they've got us dying
whether we're black on a plantation
or john the bowlegged on a tuna ship
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
ill tell you mine for sun
and together we'll have twice as much
to discuss