Thursday, October 10, 2013 segregation

no football for the girls
on the job theyre upfront as cashiers
or in the deli or in the bakery
the stock floor is the boys club
the manager deems
no mixed sex teams
seperate those pottys
cover those mamories
we want to sell those
to those gals after our bullies
are through making them insecure about their bodies
pump them full of silicon
her breasts were just fine the way they were
no need for a padded bra
but the scumbags call the girls flat chested boy
till theyre ashamed of themselves
they like them bought and paid for
buy a barbi doll if youre a girl
if you're a boy you get a gi joe
if you want to play with the other sex's model then youre gay
paint them entirely pink or entirely blue
thugs calling them bimbos, and dumb blondes
everytime they say somthing
when they fucking think or ask a question
meanwhile they tell the boys dont you ever cry
thats what girls do..pussy bitch
im so tired of this fuckin' shit
oh theyre at war with us through our sexes
sexually objectifying our bodies
when we're just starting to develop
their pressure works for some plastic surgeon prick
who dares to call himself a doctor
while he's deforming his patients
pumping collagen into their lips
breaking their noses and repositioing them
then charging them ten twenty fifty thousand
for each procedure so he can drive a mother fucking lexus
insecurity it works
all these porn pages with advertizments for drugs
to get a bigger dick
they show pictures of penises so large theyre deformed
as if that's supposed to be good
they do it with both genders
enlargements reductions whatever
they do em
for a charge of course
while they go on telling one girl
she's got no tits they tell another one
your tits are too big looks like you've got utters
you should get those "fixed"
do you see what I'm saying
do you understand it
causing insecurity for a profit

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