Saturday, October 5, 2013

abuse of people diagnosed with mental disorders in the usa

companies with pharmacies and treatment centers claiming to want to help the "mentally ill" also incidentally produce prejudice films portraying them as serial killers, maniacs, psychos..people that are violent and dangerous because of little devils on their shoulders...slandering these human beings and aggresively discriminating and stereotyping them

this is how dc comics portrays the "schizophrenic" eyes, sharp teeth..
.this movie depicts people who are ravenous and deranged who attack people..the solution they are put down with shotguns
 horror movies such as jason, psycho depict a crazy "psycho" if crazy people just want to murder people for no reason as if thats the way "crazy" people are.

why do "crazy" people become violent? abuse that goes on behind closed doors, harrasment, and in self "treatment" centers when a patient fights back they are classified as violent and taken down. they are then shocked until they become "docile"

while the media depicts these people as monsters they simultaneously make them the butt of jokes on shows like south park and the simpsons. people on the streets easily get away with abusing these people or threatening them then telling them that doesnt happen you whacko one will believe your crazy lunatic ass.

this is electro shock torture used all over america in "treatment" facilities and wards.  it is horrific excrutiating torture that leaves people mentally damaged and catatonic. this is done when patients refuse their medication or fight back when abused by staff. no doubt all of this should make a person "mad" the threat of this treatment is enough to make people take medication that makes them sick and produces severe symptoms.  overdoses are often prescribed that leave the patient so exhuasted that they end up crippled, this is known as "immobilizing" them.  they cannot even get up they are so weak. these drugs block serotnin and dopamine receptors also known as pleasure receptors so these people live without gratification from anything. they do not enjoy food, they do not feel good. they even loose their own feelings. but they have no choice to swallow those pills or else they will be shocked.

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