Wednesday, October 2, 2013

poem i wrote

show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll tell you mine for sun
and we''ll have twice as many things to discuss

take me on the hunt
lets drink the deer's blood
together we'll be one
and dance
natives from europe
natives from america
we're together again
we'll give thanks
just because
it feels good to be with eachother
it's been a long time
since you went east and i went west
but here we are meeting again
let's make love
before they try to divide us
break up our family again
separate us
with our tongues or our eyes or our colors
we'll be in love
with eachother
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
I'll share mine for sun
and we'll have twice as many things
to discuss
together we'll run
from those conquistadors
I don't want to be puritan
and you don't belong on a reservation
it's been a long time but here we are
you went East and I went west
and I'm seeing us
and I'm in love
let's share metal and maize
have a human family that grows great
I rejoice meeting my fellow man
It's good to see you
after so long
brothers and I'm doing a rain dance
and your shaking hands
we'll beat their thugs their gangs
their klans
I've brought the fiddle you've got the drums
they want this country
to be a holy kingdom
and they defiled europe
believe me they turned it so bad
we had to run
and they'll do it here
all over again
unload their slaves
and rape this virgin
wilderness that they want
for a plantation
for ted turner
so that he can roam his ten thousand acre ranch
while were crammed in a box
they say they only genocided indians
enslaved africans
no that was white
they did that to MY blood
here i am in the trench mud
getting blown apart
while they've got you on your
death march 
they're lynching me down south
and sweating me up north
they've got me fearing their lord
turned me into a servant
in salem
telling me the devil
is the red man
who will try to seduce you
then I guess I am
holy hell
we were getting along once
before they showed up
now were blaming eachother
for what they've done
let's roam
and europe
trade the feathers in our hair
trade spears
ride horses and use bows
you're so civil
and so wild
 they call you savage
as if its a bad thing
how dare
when they've got kids in cages
that they sell for farms
while their reclining in their mannors
fucking pig capos
oh they've got us dying
whether we're black on a plantation
or john the bowlegged on a tuna ship
show me your teepee
I'll show you my hut
teach me your word for moon
ill tell you mine for sun
and together we'll have twice as much
to discuss

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