Monday, September 30, 2013

religious fanaticism and abusive christians

christians push their religion on people..i know i was raised in a loveless fanatically religious household. a lot of these households are cold and abusive then they teach their abused kids that love is jesus and being heavily religious.  they call people who do not believe their fairy tales non believers who do not have "souls" and are not real people.  they call women who get abortions murderors to their face. they have this air of moral superiority condemning everything from enjoyment of sex to women's rights. these christians act decent on the outside but they boil down to supremacist thugs preaching peace and love for your fellow man then behind closed doors telling their sheep god was a man who created eve aka woman to serve man. serve your king the lord thats what it boils down to. they have oppressed people for so long. they currently push their faith on alcoholics and drug addicts telling them they need to accept jesus and that is the only way they can ever get "clean" END THE EXPLOITATION. on the streets they claims these people are demons. these people say the native americans were "godless savages" to this day. this is the 21st century we are not supposed to be serfs in some holy "kingdom"  if you dont believe their lies then they judge you as the one who is evil.  you are somehow evil for not thinking their way.  they shame people to make them feel terrible for things like masturbation. or for even feeling sexual enjoyment. meanwhile they are molestors.  they have molested thousands to shame them.  when slaves would runaway they were diagnosed as having a type of mania the cure being to cut off their toes so they could not run and whip the "devil" out of them.  yes fear the "red" man he's the devil. they forcefully converted millions of native americans telling them they were primitive savages that needed to serve the kingdom of god. their religious schools, catholic schools were abusive and horrendously strict. they abused the pilgrims turning them into superstitious fanatical pilgrims who were essentially fuedal serfs that were afraid to not be seen in church terrified of being considered slothy for not serving their master hard. if they did not go to church on sunday. told the devil is in the woods and he is a red man. they formed klans when their slaves were freed. christian knights that tormented gang beat and lynched blacks. they have oppressed women and then they take off their sheet and exchange it for a robe and act morally superior.  there are thugs and gangstas pimps on the street all wearing bling bling crosses and getting tatoos of crosses who extort, beat, and rape but the mentality the church teaches "jesus forgives everybody who accepts him for their sins no matter who they are or what they do." these thugs push religion like they push crack. they try to bait people into succumbing to delusional thinking as if that is being wise. then once they get somebodies head under their control then they push their body around. these loveless insane households raise kids who are depressed or who act out then they have these kids committed, loaded up on drugs and they tell them things like you're a demon. often times they fill people with such shame such self loathing that they get the person to reject themselves and then they tell them things like you are supposed to be Jesus on earth.  these people preach to the people that they deprive and impoversh things like all you need is the dont need money, you dont need anything JUST the lord meanwhile they have big screen televisions i phones and homes, but they tell their sheep often their kids you dont need anything and they keep them poor and humble. when their kids starve and finally get food and they are hungry they tell them no no you dont need that. making them feel shame for their own hunger..telling them they dont need their feelings of hunger for food ALL you need is the love of the their hungry when they are starving no no thats wrong..thats desire..its similiar to buddhism were they preach desire is the root of suffering getting someone to repress their bodies "desires" they do this with food, with water, with sex, with knowledge or sleep it is murder....they keep them high in some induced state which is the love of the lord.  love physical contact, a wife a girlfriend no no you dont need that you need to be celibate and live a cold deprived life and you need to tolerate and live like that..that is being good and "devout". the prison they create is within their hosts own body. they say you dont need food then they eat. you dont need books or movies those will give you "ideas" you dont need those all you need is the love of the lord. love thy lord...these is all of course known as BRAIN WASHING...yes it does exist..yes the churches do BRAIN WASH your lord which really means your a servant. be a humble servant. they deny people their entire lives. they deny people understanding, feeling, comfort but they teach them comfort is in your faith your religion. and these religions preach nice things like we should be tolerant of other religions...religions that practice the same thing..muslims that tell their wives you are my property if you show your face i will throw acid in it because you are the wicked is so evil what they do to people. i cannot believe they say this is one nation under god. that religion is so accepted in this country when it is so archaic so feudal so ignorant. the church puts on a decent face for the public they have public relations where they claim to be helping the poor, helping drug addicts and the "needy" do people realize christian organizations like the salvation army take the generous donations of people..things people gave for free and then SELLS those clothes to the poor. they take DONATIONS and then SELL them. helping the needy by making a buck off of them. if you have old clothes give them directly to someone who needs them dont give them to abusiness posing as a "charity" you are the one with the charity not some salvation army...but hell when you donate those clothes there is no cost of production for the seller so they can sell them cheap and still make money.  but im sure this is all blasphemy. believe me i know what these christians are really preaching and it isnt tolerant it isnt loving and it isnt wise.

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