Thursday, July 25, 2013

sell, SELL, SELL!

I cannot believe people pay for television.  It is pure garbage.  the price is right?  you're going to show us products after showing us commercials for products..and the object of the game is to guess their prices?! how fucking stupid is this shit!
 So I'm watching a talk show...and in between the long commercial portions they are interviewing a celebrity who is selling a movie.  So you go and pay a ticket to see the movie...and the movie is full of product placements..and is simply a more expensive commercial showing dramatic angles of Ford SUVs and taking time to advertize soda, concession candy, ipods, fast food while selling albums, clothing, automobiles, cellphones, laptops which offer services for watching streams or downloading music where the audience is exposed to more adds or actually buying's almost like the plot is just there to hang adds from as it carries you from start to finish the in between being structured around as many opportunities to place an add or a product placement in the viewer's face,

so im watching the daily show..which in order to watch the show you sit through 15 minutes of adds for a 23 minute broadcast...and the broadcast is actually selling something during it's major the non commercial portions are also you are watching adds for an add
so im sitting through order to watch an add...the substance of the interview is centered around someone who is selling a the non commercial portion is an add for a book
or an add for a movie...if you go see the movie..the movie then is full of adds...after you buy your ticket they proceed to sell you shit..there is just no limit with these fucks there is no conscience..they will sell to kids using kid ive examined so many movies and they basically exist in order to sell to the viewer.  often these movies exist as propaganda or are apart of franchises that have target demographics...these franchises have videogame tie ins book tie ins comic book tie ins music tie tie ins toy tie ins..all selling the franchise whether its batnanr star wars or twilight...the franchise sells the products the products promote the franchise. its a cycle.  I just cannot believe these people have the audacity to hound us with adds during our off hours...or to show us adds after we've paid for our ticket or after we've sat through commercials. there is just no limit to their exploitation.  they put this shit right in our fucking face. they use loud attention grabbing cartoon characters..loud obnoxious actors.  they have the nerve to waste our off hours...putting these adds in our faces.  when we aren't at work they are wasting our free time trying to get our money!  i don't watch television at all anymore its sitting in front of a fucking add box.  i used to watch a lot of television as a kid which concerns me.  it exploits the audience.  they claim to offer entertainment in the form of cheap special effects..offensive humor which is usually focused around making fun of someone..or action that is centered around propaganda..this is what these fucking crooks use the media for? how absolutely mediocre. they could be teaching medicine on these channels..language..showing us foreign culture..they could be showing us so much...history etc etc take history for example there is a history channel but it usually focuses on "UFOs in ancient egypt"  "The miracles of the bible" "america's most haunted places" pure trash things that are not historical...really delusional bullshit that sickens me because theyve got americans that believe this shit.  history channel?  its about encouraging childish delusions..they interview hustlers as if they are credible.  history?    they could be doing so much with the media but they use it to exploit people with their trash!   it is disgustingly destructive and cheap is this shit?  This is what theyre giving us in this country?  what do they want a nation of fucking idiots?! idiots that they can rob and mold...just what the fuck is going on! we work for these companies they pay us jack shit and then they want us to pay them back for fucking garbage.  how low are these standards in this country?! how dumbed down have they made the average American that they actually pay for this type of shit.  oh but watching tv...going to the movies...its all an American pastime.  thats right sitting in front of adds is an american tradition that corporations really want us to cherish.  just what kind of things are these company's preaching with their movies and television shows when they arent rampantly advertizing.  take the batman movie the dark knight rises.  in this movie the demonic...."psychopathic" vicious killer the joker holds the city ransom for millions of dollars.  
he then BURNS the this demon this monster this person they vilified a character of a human being who cannot be bought!? is that what companies say is evil?!  is that the action of this character they go to great lengths to portray as monstrous, vicious, and "psycho" pathic

back to advertising.  it is purely obnoxious advertisers stress noise..volume..yelling their product, repeating their products name.. being loud and in your face..using pop up adds that take up the front of the screen etc etc,  They focus on things like repetition repeating their product name in order to make it stick in the audiences memory using bright flashy colors using loud bouncy cartoon characters and loud is disgusting. the manner in which they sell their shit is disgusting...come on down to state farm! where jenny? state farm! always remember Allstate that is Allstate's stand! and they play the same commercials three times during one 30 minute broadcast..its intrusive.  just look at the adds now flooding the web..covering the backgrounds of webpages..popping the side of the screen..get the fuck out of our faces already we don't want you fucking shit. .  it is an assault on the senses it seizes the viewer grabs their attention then solicits.  television is such a piece of shit...what a waste of such an incredible is a nuisance to have on in the house..when such a great incredible machine could be enriching our lives instead is aggressively ripping us off..flooding our senses with corporate soliciting...corporate culture all demanding we spend what's left in our wallets on their falsely advertised shit. they dont even advertize truthfully what theyre fucking selling. where is the fucking good government to say wait just a minute none of that shit.  nope not in this century. seriously they do things like amplify the volume of their commercials..shout their product name multiple anything they can to grab the viewers attention..just who are these obnoxious corporate assholes?talk about OBNOXIOUS thatwho they hire to make these adds just obnoxious lowlife assholes that think about how they can distract people?!  the television we need to hear shit from the company during hours we aren't working for the company..right?   its basically about how we can give those dollars we worked for back.they already got us working all day lets relax in front of the tv? give the money you made back!!!! its fun to spend it on our cheap yet also overpriced crap..look at how awesome our shit is with all these snazzy adds!  they try to get people craving their fast food..wanting a beer or a mcmilkshake or a fucking energy drink..wanting that type of car..holy shit do they get their foot in the door with that little actually pay for that thing they use to get their foot in the door. as i said the show im watching that thing that has me sitting through fucking adds is just a bigger fucking add.  fuck it already.  my time off of work is only have so much free fucking time im not going to spend it exposing myself to the company's advertisements. is that what its boiled down to in this country? when we arent working our "entertainment" is focused around getting us to give our pay back to those company's we work for.  Hell their CEOS need a third vacation home manager needs a new when im not at work i should be paying for this shit right? i should invest my pay towards a brand new car...a fucking expensive education...a new tablet or some other piece of shit etc etc etc. 

lets talk about product placement....commercials within movies and television shows..basically commercials for cigarettes or beer or diet pepsi whatever..take the hit award winning show breaking entire subplot is dedicated to Walter White buying his son a brand new Dodge this commercial is basically 30 minutes of the show in which they show closeups of the car...the protagonist doing donuts in a parking lot...all this airtime focused on this car...product placements are no longer just "placements" of the product on screen but rather entire plots are built around them... whats not to like about this shit coming from their perspective right? im sure this exploitative shit is considered the best thing in the world right? lets get a shouting neon rabbit that jumps around the screen to sell shit to the kids..lets get them sitting in front of that television at an early age so they do it for the rest of their a bad habit.lets get them smoking or drinking like its the best early on so that they do it for life. if you watch youtube..the adds are so're wathcing somthing and you're giving it your full attention when the feed cuts and they start playing some loud ass commercial..jesus fucking christ i dont want any fucking subway get that shit out of my face.  how much of my free time are they trying to steal.  and they shout these fucking slogans" HUNGRY!? GRAB A SUBWAY MELT!"  its gotten to the point they just tell us what to do.  "FUCKING BUY A SANDWHICH NOW!  GOOD FOOD! WERE THE BEST!"  thanks monstrous conglomerate.  interrupt me when im watching somthing and put your shit that i dont want right in my face and push it on me.  fucking unbelievable.  maybe they could get a guy with a bell who walks up and down the neighborhoods at dusk and rings his fucking bell and shouts adds to the know as a service to the people.  "CLANG CLANG! there is A SALE AT MACY'S!"  "DING DING! COME ON DOWN TO PADDOCK FORD and BUY A BRAND NEW FORD FIESTA!  RING RING did you know JIMMY DUNKINS HAS A 5dollar combo!"  you know he can do that right at dusk when things start to quiet the summer when our windows are open. nah we dont need a guy to do that we're all in front of television...watching the evening news.
some assole from verizon actually stopped me on my way out the doorto work while he was stalking up and down the neighborhood and started asking me questions.."what apartment do you live in!?"  fuck off you company leach.  no thanks verizon I could give a shit about your coverage map or how cool those stupid fucking phones are supposed to be.  most advertizing is aggressively soliciting.  they solicit to kids..they dont care.  they just dont care at all there are no moral objections no consciences concerned..nope.  what are we to these people? target demographics? human resources?  just dollar signs to these corporate sharks. they falsley advertize their shit..they lie about how great this stuff is how cool it make you want it! its psychological warfare people..they fact is after you make your money they want you to spend it so they will harrass yes HARASS is the word im using they will harrass you to get a piece of it.  the way i see it is my time is precious my time not working is even more precious and to be distracted and harrassed during my precious free time so that some company can waste minutes of my life to solicit..its enough to bring me to the conclusion fuck tv!  what the fuck is tv good for!  what am i going to watch adds during some talk show to hear those cheesy bullshit jokes those hack writers came up with so that some actor or actress can sell me scientology and their new fucking blockbuster.  its bullshit people.  i have surfed and spent time watching that thing and there is nothing good or redeemable about tv. the news is a joke. they fucking advertize during the news..then show adds in between their bullshit. sports games? yeah no advertizing during that bullshit...sarcasm.  seriously my tv has been off for some time and whenever i turn it back on I watch about ten fucking minutes before my disgust leads me to shutting that idiot box off.  people pay for those services? jesus christ i guess some people have disposable incomes...or theyre fools with their money.

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