Monday, October 7, 2013


racial supremacists are white and black. there are supremacists that teach black kids their own forms of racial supremacisms.  to bash on whites.   the message is to put people down.  black supremacism is basically centered around how whites are inferior that they caused slavery and that they should be humble and serve blacks for what they did to them.  they push that poor whites who are the ancestors of oppressed white immigrants who were too discriminated against were never oppressed that they are white trash that owes blacks for what THEY did to them. this incidentally makes those whites hates blacks which works for white supremacy groups. when those whites bashed by supremacists turn to a supremacist of their race they which teach them to hate whoever they deem the oppressor all blacks, jews, foreign countries and further destroys their humanity.  black supremacists take part in white supremacism laughing at the holocaust claiming" those inferior whites deserved what they do to eachother.  they are barbaric and always at war with eachother" and that whites are keeping africans down..they blame whites for EVERYTHING..crack cocaine cause of whites...nevermind the mexican cartels the colombian drug lords..."white people dihd dat shit"  slavery?  never mind the chinese dynastic rulers or the pharoes of egypt no no  "white people invented dat because they want the whole world kept down"  and they hold that innocent whites who were too owned should be held responsible for slavery and that they should be indebted to those blacks. see white mans burden. their anti white rhetoric which makes oppressed blacks follow this tune of hate.  racists are black AND white. its true.  there are black gangs beating on anyone who is a "homo" they mock men as gays and faggots for crying.  they mercilessly abuse their bitches and their hoes which they make their slaves.  when they say nigger they mean slave. they no longer mean a negro but its rather a term meaning their bitch or their slave or their hoe.  they do this in the ghettos and crime run inner city areas while white supremacists practice this in the rural country and they are both apart of a network of slave owning scumbags..bashing on someone making them into a "humble servant" and then pushing them around as a group to make money off of them.  i have been robbed and told "we takin our money back. you rich off our ass" when i am broke.  they discriminate against women, against men, against people's ethnos.  black supremacists also say when they are racist "no blacks are NEVER racists thats you people." ive been told you whites are incapable of loving other people but yourselves thats why you're all HICK "INBRED" white "TRASH"  hillbillies. they say these things as absolute truths to whoever is under their influence.  they both hate jews...what they drill into the heads of their victims is dont be a dirty jew..that jews covet their money and are greedy the lesson is don't covet YOUR money rather give it to us if you don't you are then a dirty covetous greedy jew.  if you love your fellow man dearly or are disgusted by these men who pimp and sell women you are a sick queer who HATES women and are a faggot...a fairy who likes little boys.  they do terrible slanderous things  their aim is to define you as a monster when they are monstrous.  it makes you look like the people's enemy. gangs...klans..they are the same exact thing. im telling you people they practice the same bigotry on THEIR streets in THEIR communities and they do have slaves black and white. while they turn their victim into them they try to turn themselves into their victim adopting a loving stance one that has brotherly relations in the public eye..someone who is charitable and decent often as a christian movement to promote their organizations so that they appeal to other people.  they throw around the word nigger but if a white says nigger they say no you don't use that word thats our word, censoring you, if you call them nigger for calling you white trash then they call you somthing much worse...racist when you were merely trying to fight fire with fire.

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