Monday, October 7, 2013

my proverbs

they have people that they hustle. that they fool into parting with their money. then they call those people fools saying "a fool and his money are soon parted" damning their victims further. a fool is someone who is fooled it may not necessarily mean they are "foolish" they may be fooled and told not to do anything foolish by the people who fool them when the definition they are told as something foolish is not in fact what foolish is and they are fooled again. because they are not avoiding foolishness but just being fooled further. foolishness may be forced on someone. they may be pressured to not be so serious, to give it up, to quit, using peer pressure to make them be a fool so that these hustlers can fool them.  then they mock them "YOO FOO!" fooling them into thinking its their fault. a doctor may use trust to make a fool, dress up in his white coat put his degree on the wall and act sincere to fool you into thinking your sick and he's trying to help.  then he takes away your rights and locks you up and puts you on a dose that cripples you.  he will fool you into thinking that he will help you but after his treatment is through you won't even remember your name wont even be able to stop from pissing yourself, you'll be so sick you won't know what to do and he'll have gotten another patient that he can charge for or collect off of.

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