Friday, October 11, 2013

so i went into a "Vape shop" the other day and checked out e cigarettes

"We got all sorts of flavors man MountainDew vapor...Koolaid vapor..rocking raspberRY!"  yeah theyre not trying to get kids on this shit i thought...koolaid flavor!?  or maybe theyre just trying to target my own innner child.  anyways i went along with the sales routine..."so this is safer than tobacco right no tar no carcinogens?"  I asked.  "Absolutely" the kid said...when actually vaping may be just as toxic with chemicals in their vapor such as glycol and propylene. GLYCOL and PROPYLENE..does this help smokers...the guy was really into getting people crazy about "vaping" it rocks man! try a pretty sure they want "vape" addicts so they can cash in on all these flavors of theirs.  im sure they got people vaping like fiends coming in everyday for a new bottle..oh today ill try peach flavored gel..tomorrow itll be "smurf piss"  ha ha how quirky with those names how edgy.  he says to me im not sure how "smurf piss" tastes but ive heard its excellent...excellent he burns and has a plastic like taste..this is fucking great right. yeah man its SAFE..according to my burning throat and the film on my teeth it doesnt feel safe.

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